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Paint It Black with Bluefly’s CEO


PaynerMelissa Payner, the chief executive of online clothing retailer Bluefly, visited the Reuters Consumer and Retail Summit on Wednesday to talk some shop. I was more interested in talking about her predilection for wearing, despite the azure tint of her company’s name, nothing but black clothes. Here’s what she said about that.

Everything in my closet is black. Every single thing. They’re organized by shades of black. There are many shades of black. People sort of kid about that all the time, but no one more than my husband, who can’t understand whenever I buy something new.

His comment? “I think you have that,” she said.

My question: What happens when you get invited to a summery event that encourages wearing lighter, more summery colors. What happens if she gets invited to be the bridesmaid in a wedding and everyone’s wearing, say, lilac?

I probably either couldn’t go, or I’d have to wear black. I have not been in a situation where anyone has asked me.