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Kinder: wind, solar not the answer to U.S. energy needs

Rich Kinder, CEO of Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, says the Obama Administration’s push to develop alternative energy sources such as wind and solar are not the answer to reducing the nation’s dependence on oil or reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Click below to hear where Kinder thinks the U.S. should be focusing its attention.

Kinder: wind, solar not the answer from Reuters TV on Vimeo.

A cartel for gas, how useful is that?

The Reuters Middle East Investment Summit team asks Majid Jafar, executive director of UAE’s Crescent Petroleum and board member of Dana Gas, what he thinks of the idea of an OPEC-style gas cartel? He says that it would definitely benefit the whole industry as OPEC does to its members.

But he warns the cost of transporting gas would be one of the challenges as opposed to oil, which is traded with ease as many tankers wander the waters of the world.

Will environment be forgotten in crisis? OMV says no.


wolfgang_ruttenstorfer.jpgThere are some who say the economic downturn means ambitious plans to fight global warming should be put on ice.

But Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer, the head of Austrian oil and gas group OMV, reckons cutting carbon emissions is inevitable in the long run, despite the financial crisis and its impact. 

AUDIO – Gazprom: “We are mutually dependent”

GazpromA quarter of the gas that heats European homes and powers European industry is piped in thousands of kilometres from the Russian tundra. By 2015, Russia’s share of European gas supplies will rise to at least one third. That powerful lever of influence over Europe’s economy raises the stakes in its confrontation with Russia over its invasion of Georgia.

But Alexander Medvedev, deputy chief executive of Russia’s state gas export monopoly Gazprom, opened the Reuters Russia Investment Summit on Monday with a reminder that¬†even the mighty Gazprom is not invulnerable to Europe and the West, relying as it does on foreign revenue and capital.