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HP: Think before you ‘dis’ print(ing)

All those reminders to "think before you print" and the use of the email for most official correspondence might make you believe the office printer is no longer so important. The reality, however, is that we print more than ever, according to Vyomesh Joshi, Executive VP of Hewlett-Packard's imaging and printing group, who sat down with the Reuters Global Technology Summit in San Francisco.

The truth is, even company executives don't realize might be surprised much printing and printing-related is going on, he says.

IT managers will have absolutely no idea how much they spend on imaging and printing... On average, 6 percent of their revenue is spent on imaging and printing.

There are 50 trillion pages printed every year. A lot of people think we're going to the paperless office... 1984 was the first article about the paperless office and the reality in 2010 is 10 times more paper is used than in 1984.