Summit Notebook

Exclusive outtakes from industry leaders

VMWare’s orator: Tod Nielsen


Tod Nielsen certainly has the gift of the gab. VMWare’s chief operating officer, who was once videotaped by a reporter in the hope that he would turn out someday to be “famous” (and a royalty generator), waxed lyrical at the Reuters Global Technology Summit about everything from British CIOs and magic crystals to PCs .

Here’s a sampling of his colorfully phrased — though occasionally puzzling — views.

On VMWare’s Q1 performance:

“We should walk down Wall Street and get the tickertape parade.”

On how the company has to keep up relationships with every hardware vendor out there:

“Part of my job is to be Switzerland and be great friends with everybody.”

VMWare’s Diane Greene staying put


With one high-profile female Silicon Valley CEO swapping her executive office for a more political challenge, another — VMWare co-founder Diane Greene — says she’s sticking around.

I have built VMware. I am really excited about where we are going to be able to take this company and I am quite engaged in doing that. I am here for the foreseeable future.