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Nokia: Messy geeks (like me) kill the environment!


nokia-cfo.jpgGoing green, in the literal sense, starts at home, Nokia CFO Rick Simonson tells us.

Asked during the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecom Summit what he’s doing at home about the environment, Simonson joked, “One of my daughters has just gone vegan. I haven’t figured out what’s the carbon footprint of that.”

As it turns out, three out of his five kids are vegetarians. His son, however, jokingly calls himself a “Meatatarian,” said Simonson. “Maybe it’s just to get out of eating vegetables he doesn’t like.”

On a more serious note, Simonson told Reuters that one of the biggest enemies to the environment is actually those who are also most likely to boost sales — consumers who have a hard time letting go of old devices. (I think he’s talking about me. I have separation issues when it comes to old tech.)