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Apr 30, 2015

State Dept says extra Benghazi info does not change facts

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The State Department said Thursday that the new trove of documents it has provided Congress from its own investigation into the deadly 2012 attack on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya do not change the “essential facts” known about the attack.

The facts set out by the State Department’s “Accountability Review Board” (ARB) report, released in December 2012, did not find former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — now a Democratic presidential candidate — responsible for security lapses in Benghazi.

Apr 22, 2015

Democrats blast U.S. House Benghazi probe as out to get Clinton

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Congressional Democrats on Wednesday criticized a Republican-led probe of the 2012 attacks on U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya, as a political assault on Hillary Clinton, citing a possible delay in its final report until 2016, while a related State Department letter seen by Reuters stoked further controversy.

The letter described the investigating committee’s “top priority” as collecting Clinton’s emails about Benghazi, a disclosure likely to fuel Democratic complaints that the focus reflects a desire to undermine her campaign for president.

Apr 20, 2015

Seeking Obamacare alternative, U.S. Republicans eye tax credits

WASHINGTON, April 20 (Reuters) – If the U.S. Supreme Court
blows up the tax subsidies at the heart of Obamacare in June,
Republicans hope to deliver on their promise to offer an
alternative healthcare plan.

But key parts of it may resemble the one President Barack
Obama delivered five years ago in the Affordable Care Act,
partly reflecting Republican concerns that they could pay a
political price if insurance subsidies are yanked from millions
of Americans later this year.

Apr 15, 2015

Congress approves formula fixing Medicare doctors pay

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Congress on Tuesday approved a bill to repair the formula for reimbursing Medicare physicians, marking a rare bipartisan achievement just in time to head off a 21 percent cut in the doctors’ pay.

Final action came as the Senate voted 92-8 to approve the so-called “doc fix”. The House of Representatives had acted over two weeks ago. The bill now goes to President Barack Obama, and he is expected to sign it into law.

Apr 14, 2015

Senate’s McConnell optimistic on swift Medicare ‘doc fix’

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – With deep cuts in Medicare payments to U.S. physicians looming, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday he was optimistic that a bill would pass before midnight to avert the cuts and permanently fix the way Medicare pays doctors.

If the Senate approves the bill and President Barack Obama signs it into law, it would shape up as the first substantive legislative achievement of the 2015-2016 Congress, suggesting some progress toward easing years of gridlock on Capitol Hill.

Apr 12, 2015

Kerry says he stands by presentation of Iran nuclear deal

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry defended on Sunday his presentation of a framework agreement on Iran’s nuclear program after a different interpretation was offered by Iran’s supreme leader, and a prominent U.S. senator said Kerry was “delusional.”

“I will stand by every fact that I have said,” Kerry told ABC’s “This Week.”

Apr 10, 2015

U.S. conservatives threaten delay to fixing Medicare doctor payments

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Conservative objections over spending are raising doubts over whether the U.S. Senate can quickly approve legislation fixing the Medicare physician payment system, in a possible setback for Republicans keen to show they can get things done.

Some Senate conservatives are threatening to insist that the measure be fully paid for, after the House of Representatives passed a version of the “doc fix” bill two weeks ago that would expand the federal deficit.

Apr 7, 2015

Obama faces Democrat defiance in Congress over Iran deal

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrats are aligning with Republicans to support a bill giving Congress the opportunity to approve or reject sanctions relief in an Iran nuclear deal, and are close to forming a veto-proof majority that U.S. President Barack Obama says could undermine the delicate final stage of negotiations.

The support for the legislation by lawmakers in Obama’s party illustrates the depth of concern in Washington over the threat posed by Iran and the concern of many lawmakers that they are being shut out of the process to contain it.

Apr 7, 2015

U.S. senators propose fix to controversial education law

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Two senior U.S. senators released a
bipartisan proposal on Tuesday that would shrink federal
influence on U.S. elementary and secondary education, keeping a
mandate for annual tests, but letting U.S. states decide how to
use the results.

The proposal is a rewrite of No Child Left Behind, a law
signed in 2002 by then-President George W. Bush. It required
that U.S. children take annual standardized tests, and
sanctioned schools that do not meet performance targets.

Mar 28, 2015

Senate Democrat Reid to retire; wants Schumer as next leader

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid said on Friday he will retire next year and threw his weight behind New York Senator Chuck Schumer to replace him as leader after he leaves office.

Reid will stay in his post for another 22 months but his announcement positions Schumer, a New Yorker and Wall Street ally, as his heir apparent as the party gears up to try to regain control of the Senate in elections next year.