Huckabee seeks Catholic support

January 7, 2008

CONCORD, NH – Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee sees his conservative religious base as reaching beyond evangelical Protestants to Catholics as well.rtx5b7d.jpg

Huckabee, an ordained Baptist preacher, won the Iowa caucus last week which kicks off the nominating process for the November presidential election, largely because of support from the state’s numerous evengelical community.

While campaigning in New Hampshire — where he is hoping for a solid third place finish in the state’s Tuesday primary — Huckabee told reporters on the bus on Monday that he felt his broad message resonated with many Catholics.

“Catholics were a major source of support for me in Arkansas. And they have been nationally. And it’s not only because of the pro-life and pro-family issues,” he said, refering to his opposition to abortion rights and gay marriage.

“I certainly believe that Catholics are right about talking about poverty, disease and hunger. Things I talk about … I think a lot of evengelicals have not talked enough about it quite frankly,” he said.

Huckabee’s remarks point to a strategy that sees a broader coalition than the old “Religious Right” — one that unites not only socially conservative Catholics and evengelicals but also those who see Biblical sanction for helping the poor.

Huckabee said that much of his campaign staff was Roman Catholic — so much so that when he looked at the list last August he said he thought “we need some Baptists in this bunch here.”

He also said that he believed that he was “one of the few people who as a Baptist pastor actually spoke in Catholic churches. My church used to have a joint service with a Catholic, Methodist and Presbyterian Church twice a year.” 

Huckabee’s mix of economic populism and  social conservatism also seems to be aimed at the “new evangelicals” such as Rich Cizik, vice-president for governmental affairs with the influential National Association of Evangelicals (NAE).

Religion plays a big role in U.S. politics where rates of belief and church attendance far exceed those that obtain in Europe. And with 60  million evangelcials and close to 70 million Catholics in a U.S. population of 300 million, they are two groups that no politician from either party can ignore.

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Posted by Catholic Radio Now! | Report as abusive

FACT: FACT: Mike Huckabee is an ordained evangelical baptist minister of the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention).

Its not secret that the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) doesn’t like mormons. In fact, you can find some of their anti-mormon propoganda on their website. (Source: e.asp?cmd=search&SearchForm=%25%25Search Form%25%25&indexcode=SBC%2C+IMB%2C+NAMB% 2C+ANNUITY%2C+LIFEWAY%2C+WMU%2C+ERLC%2C+ SEMINARIES&fuzzy=&stemming=&phonic=&natL ang=&maxFiles=10&request=mormon&Submit=S earch )

In 1998, Mike Huckabee was the keynote speaker at the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) annual cult-awareness meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Source: abee_slings_some_mud.html )

In addition, it’s clear that Mike Huckabee as problems with catholics too. (Source:, Mike Huckabee’s Anti-Catholic Problem, Deal W. Hudson, 1/02/08)

It’s painfully apparent that Mike Huckabee may just be an intolerant bigot

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Go Huckabee! Go FairTax! Both would be great assets for all Americans and the American economy!

Posted by ELECTIONREFLECTION | Report as abusive

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Posted by Culture Warrior » Blog Archive » Dept. of Nondenominational Pandering: Huckabee hearts the Catholic vote | Report as abusive

Huckabee is wrong on the flat tax. Unless he means a sales tax.

The demographic winter is coming to the US.

Aging workforce.

Posted by Solange Miller | Report as abusive

Veterans Incarcerated combat documented PTSD foundational to their use of drugs and alcohol which results in felony convictions?

What a needed John l4:12 “Greater works will you do than I for I go to My Father” paradigm shift
The War Widows
Lakewood CO
303 238 1456

Posted by CHaplain Mary Murphy | Report as abusive

Huckabee is an ‘Isreal firster’. As that, we will be fighting in the Mid-East forever. There is NOT A SINGLE ISRAELI TROOP IN IRAQ NOW. Far as I can see, all the Republicans are pro-war – exception Ron Paul. They have become the wacko party.

Posted by Virginia Piccininni | Report as abusive

I am a Roman Catholic and I promise you I will NOT be supporting Tax-Hike Mike. The Man is a complete fake as far as I’m concerned. What you call “reaching across the religious borders” is the what I call “being a politician”. Huckster wants to play the “christian” card but I’m not buying it.

Both John Paul II and Benedict XVI condemned the invasion of Iraq and the doctrine of so-called “preventive warfare”. This sort of “imperialism for jesus” or “spreading democracy” Woodrow Wilson style (with bombs) has no place in Catholic discussion. Neither for that matter do sanctions and trade embargos that starve nations and kill the weakest members of society. Incidently “catholic concern for the poor” etc, means Catholic action. If you meet a Catholic who thinks it means “welfare state that takes care of the sick for me” than that person has seriously misunderstood Catholicism. Societies members do have an obligation to take care of the poor and sick, but welfare states just exacerbate those problems and displace personal responsibility.

Huckabee is nothing more than a “Republican” Bill Clinton and his voting record as well as his campaign tactics(and his collectivist understanding of patriotism) consitute a grave danger to authentic religion and true American freedom. I am sore at heart to see how many of my Christian brethren have been completely duped by the Neocons and Theocons. There is only one candidate in this race whom a Catholic American Patriot can vote for, but he is not one of the “front runners.”

Can you guess who it is? Give you a hint: Huckabee has been progressively trying absorb his message in order to make himself sound more “conservative”.

I’ll let you do the digging.

Posted by Joseph | Report as abusive

I find it really difficult to accept that B16 or JPII had all of the top secret information known to our gov’t about Iraq. They have advisors who guide their statements on issues such as these and are more inclined to err in favor of peace. The Popes are not infallible on matters of prudential political decisions. It should be something to be taken into consideration when two pontiffs condemn US actions, but it’s not an absolute.

No Catholic I know is voting for Huckabee.

Posted by Suzanne | Report as abusive

I am a practicing Catholic and will be voting for Mike Huckabee. Back in November 2006, Pope Benedict XVI issued a plan to help Catholic voters with the decision-making process. Pope Benedict’s three-point agenda is pro-life, pro-family, and school-choice. Not only is Mike Huckabee the only candidate that encompasses all three points, but he also wants to help the poor and middle class. He is clearly the “most Catholic” presidential candidate.

Huckabee and Catholics l_story.php?id=26186

Governor Huckabee Speaks with Catholic Online l_story.php?id=26206

Should Catholics Like Mike? hp?option=com_content&task=view&id=1181& Itemid=48

Posted by Grant | Report as abusive

The two most important human rights issues are to try and protect the life of the unborn and to protect the traditional family. The Catholic Church has spoken clearly on these issues.The killing of innocent human life and the effort to promote same-sex unions as marriage are direct attacks on the basic foundation of society, the traditional marriage of one man and one woman that can lead to children. Mike Huckabee, on these two most important issues, has a proven track record that is better than any candidate from any party.
As a Catholic, who can see over my own self interest, I am supporting Huckabee. We all need to. Send him a donation so that the message can get out.

Posted by Henry | Report as abusive

Huckabee wants Catholic support even though he thinks Catholics are going to hell. Interesting.

Posted by D. Black | Report as abusive

Joseph may have some points but he will need to look at the alternatives and find the ‘best fit’. To succeed in politics being a politician would be necessary. Any other expectation would be realistic. However it would be imprudent to react against that fact and vote in something less Christian.

I am a Catholic and agree with Henry. There is a need to have priorities.

Finally, even if D Black is correct and Huckabee believed I was heading for hell it wouldn’t change anything. I want him as an elected representative not as a buddy.

I’d rather vote for someone who is (hopefully) mistaken about my destiny rather than one who contributes to a society that kills kids and undermines civilization. Such a society would also experience collateral damage. It would be harder for many to find eternal salvation as a result of submersion in an anti-Christian environment. Am I expected to ignore all that for the sake of my ego?

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

There sure are a lot of comments that do not sound very Catholic. Huckabee is pro life, pro family, supports the fair tax. Not bad for a candidate that a Catholic could consider. He is a contender because of his personality and quick wit in the public forum. If, in addition to the above attributes, he has a rational position on defense and terrorism, he will be a formidible candidate.

Posted by Al | Report as abusive

Tax-hike-Mike is a phony if ever I saw one. Ron Paul is the only candidate going up against the corporate machine and the enemies of US sovereignty. In a totatitarian regime pushing for life will be a moot point, as our freedom and personal liberties will be stripped away. Ron Paul the quiet, modest, christian is pro-life and is also the last hope for this country. Turn off your TV, look up the good doctor Paul on the internet. As an ob/gyn he brought 4000 babies into the world!

Posted by C Kelly | Report as abusive

I am Roman Catholic and I fully support Huckabee. Mike Huckabee is more “Catholic” than most of our fellow Catholics. Did you hear his answer to the marriage question Thurs night? It was excellent! He needs to come and give that mini-sermon at our Catholic parishes. If only our priests would give more “to the point” homilies on the sanctity of marriage. I would vote for Huckabee before I would vote for most of the bishops.

Posted by kristin | Report as abusive

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Posted by What’s The Deal With Catholics And Huckabee? « | Report as abusive

Please delete the prior two comments I sent over … there were coding errors in them.

We are Roman Catholics that are endorsing Mike Huckabee for President. There are others on this Catholics for Huckabee blogroll: rhuckabee.html

And here are three posts addressing Catholics that have gone against Mike Huckabee: 01/missing-shea-cant-you-see-that-huckab ee.html 12/take-chill-pill-bill-donahue-out-of-h is.html 01/monaghan-endorses-mitt-money-romney-f ox.html

And here is a link for women who regret their abortions and want to see Huck at the Helm: 01/ms-fits-confession-of-faith-in-huckab ee.html

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