Clinton makes fun of Obama’s lofty rhetoric

February 24, 2008

hillplaneblogpix.JPGPROVIDENCE, R.I . — Hillary Clinton can work a crowd too — especially when she takes a jab at her rival Barack Obama whose rallies sometimes resemble a rock concert or a megachurch service.

At a rally in Providence, Rhode Island, that organizers said drew some 5,000 people to an indoor track at Rhode Island College, Clinton fired up her supporters by mocking Obama’s passionate rhetoric.

She said the problems facing the next president would not be easily solved.

“I could just stand up here and say ‘Let’s just get everybody together, let’s get unified.’ The sky will open, the light will come down, celestial choirs will be singing and everyone will know we should do the right thing and the world will be perfect,” she said.

“Maybe I’ve just lived a little long, but I have no illusions about how hard this is going to be,” she said, adding that a president can’t just “wave a magic wand” and get things done.

Rhode Island holds its primary on March 4, the same day as Texas and Ohio where the results could be crucial to Clinton’s White House hopes.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Claudia Parsons (Hillary Clinton talks to reporters on her campaign plane during a flight from Washington D.C. to Providence, Rhode Island, Sunday, Feb. 24)


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“… a light will shine through that window, a beam of light will come down upon you, you will experience an epiphany … and you will suddenly realize that you must go to the polls and vote for Obama” – Barack Obama Lebanon, New Hampshire.
January 7, 2008.

Posted by 4tehlulz | Report as abusive

Wow- this is really un-Presidential of her.
I really wish she would stick to her own platform, I’m sick of her politics of destruction.

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for additional campaign discussion please link below to:

Posted by tom abrahams | Report as abusive

Mrs. Clinton is right. I too am tired of watching the “pep rallies” for Mr. Obama. Rhetoric will not solve the problems a new president will face. It is going to take a lot of determination and intelligence and working behind the scenes and standing in front of a cheering crowd will be a distraction–not a solution. Crowds will not help when the “buck” needs to be stopped in the Oval Office.

Posted by Lula | Report as abusive

Hillary Clinton should get out of the race now. She will probably lose and in the process burn her bridges and spend all her political capital. On the odd chance she wins the Primary with these desperate tactics, she will have alienated the Obama supporters. She will do no better against McCain than she polls now. She will lose. She will split and sink the Democratic Party. She should show some leadership, like she did at the end of the last Presidential debate.

And she is wrong about Barack. Here are a few examples.

1. Unlike most other Democrats, Obama had the guts and judgment to come out against the Iraq war when it counted.

2. He doesn’t take lobbyist money. The others in the race do.

3. Barack is for transparency and ethics in government. He puts his money where his mouth is. He sponsored key ethics legislation. Lobbyist bundling is now on the Internet for all to see. All our taxpayer dollars that go to contractors also are accounted for down to the dollar. He has disclosed his own tax returns in this election.

4. He doesn’t have a history of going for tens and tens of millions in personal wealth. He and Michelle are worth less than 1/30th of the Clintons, who have socked away Dick Cheney level wealth from their government service, not to mention their half a billion dollar charity. Obama never served on the Wal-Mart board like Hillary Clinton, who was silent on discrimination, union and import issues when she did and then the Clintons opened up trade to China and Nafta. He doesn’t have a history of so many scandals (I know I know, the Clintons are completely innocent of course).

5. Obama has shown great management ability in running a steady, well funded consistent campaign against huge opposition. He has been consistent, tried to refrain from cheap shots like the Jessie Jackson comment or Hillary’s fearmongering that the terrorists will attack if we elect Obama, that Hillary Clinton is not ready to be President, that she needs to “get real”, or that he is a plagiarist when she has borrowed just as many words from others.

6. Barack understands that we need to reach out to the world. He knows America can’t just sit back and wait for the world to prove itself to us by fulfilling conditions we dictate after we have done so many things to diminish the world’s respect for us. We need preparation and an agreed upon agenda before our next President meets with our enemies, for sure, but we don’t need to go demanding how they should run their country before we even sit down to discuss our demands in an agreed upon agenda.

7. He has a tremendous, broad base of support. He gets Independents and even some Republicans. One of John McCain’s campaign managers even said he would resign before he helps McCain to run against Obama. He drives a ton of young people to the polls.

8. He has charisma. The “cult” attacks on him are silly. We want a President with good ideas who is popular. Not a President with good ideas who is not popular, like Carter.

9. He has a plan in foreign policy. Get out of Iraq. Shore up Afghanistan. Focus on getting bin Ladin and his henchmen. Stop nuclear proliferation – he would buy up the rogue materials that Bush refuses to buy up so that the likes of Warren Buffet are left to give handouts to do it.

10. He is the most electable. According to most recent stats, he polls 3 or 4 points ahead of McCain, while Hillary trails McCain by about the same.

There are no guarantees. To me he shows the most promise of any Presidential candidate for a long time.

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Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton often boasts that she has a long resume — 35 years long, to be precise.

“I have 35 years’ experience making change,” she said in a TV ad.

“I’ve gotten up for 35 years every day and tried to figure out what I could do to help somebody else,” she said in a TV interview.

Asked about the difference between her and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama , she replied, “Well, about 35 years of experience.”

She has used the phrase “35 years” in at least 55 speeches, debates and interviews since 2004, according to our search of a public statements database maintained by Project Vote Smart. So it’s no surprise that a Google search of “Hillary Clinton” and “35 years” yields 515,000 hits.

Next they determined if her claims were true:

In simple terms, any experience counts as experience, but it’s clear from the context of Clinton’s remarks that she’s speaking about public policy experience, so that’s how we have focused our examination. We’ll start with the math.

Clinton is 60, so if we assume that her 35 years were consecutive, they would have begun in 1973 when she graduated from Yale Law School at age 25. That year she joined the Children’s Defense Fund, an advocacy group for children.

But her math was way off when she claimed the difference with Obama is “35 years of experience.” By our count, Obama, who is 14 years younger than Clinton, has three years of experience as a community organizer, four years as a full-time attorney handling voting rights, employment and housing cases, and 11 years in the Illinois Senate and U.S. Senate. That’s a total of 18 years. So the difference between Clinton and Obama is really 17 years. We rate her claim False.

Has Clinton really awakened every morning for 35 years and “tried to figure out what I could do to help somebody else,” as she claims? We can’t read the senator’s mind, so this one’s not verifiable. If she’s like us, our first thought every morning is about coffee, not helping mankind.

Clinton has some experience during the past thirty-five years but it is hardly sufficient to consider her more qualified to be president. Often the experience consisted of assignment to part times posts while she was primarily working in corporate law. This included sitting on the board of Wal-Mart as they fought unions. Her years as first lady are of some value, but again are hardly sufficient to qualify her to be president. I’ve previously noted reports that Clinton did not have national security clearance as first lady. Her major action as first lady was on health care, which didn’t turn out very well. In contrast, Obama was successful in his efforts at expanding health care in Illinois. It is also notable that, although she is running on her experience, she is keeping the records from her years as first lady secret until after the election.

If we are to count every year since graduation from law school, Clinton does have more years with some experience. What is more important is the type of experience and what was done with it. While Clinton’s experience was frequently based upon seeking government solutions to problems, Obama was involved as a community organizer. This might partially explain why Clinton concentrates on imposing government solutions for problems while Obama also considers ways in which people can help themselves.

While Clinton was practicing corporate law, Obama was teaching Constitutional law. This has had an impact in his strong support for separation of church and state and the differences in their views on presidential power and executive privilege as Clinton supports decreased transparency and would be more likely to continue, and I fear abuse, the powers taken by George Bush.

I’ve noted Obama’s legislative record in another post this morning. In contrast, Clinton has supported the Iraq war, voted for Kyl-Lieberman, opposed needle exchange programs, favored strict sentences for drug use (while Obama has favored retroactive changes), supported legislation to ban flag burning, supported censorship of video games, and opposed the banning of cluster bombs. These are just some of the areas where I feel Clinton was wrong and Obama was right. Clinton’s experience certainly does not mean having better judgment on the issues

Posted by dave | Report as abusive

I have often shared the same sentiments about Obama. I whole heartedly agree with these comments. Even if they were said in jest, they have bite because they strike a very real nerve.

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

Hillary thinks she can win by mocking people who vote for Obama. i wonder who is advising this lady. Even including FL and MI votes, she still trails him by 300,000 votes.

Posted by Andres | Report as abusive

That is some dissection. I especially loved the part where the breakdown of roles, for Obama, were compared to be the same type of time as Hilary’s 35years total span. I’m all for Hilary, I don’t want another godsend, which will create a promising failure. I want someone who will be able to better move through the political role as president. To throw it in a new direction she reminds me of Hermione, from Harry Potter. Enough said.

Posted by B | Report as abusive

Hillary’s experience has been that she has won by being nasty, so h-e-r-e we go! We’re going to experience some turbulance, folks.
I’m holding steady and working for Barack Obama to win!

Posted by Greta | Report as abusive

Another biased assessment of Barack Obama’s rosy record and a distortion of Hillary Clinton’s. You speak reverently concerning Obama’s record as if it was lined with gold edges and folded into a bible, yet you speak concerning Hillary’s as if none of what she did truly matters.

It is unfair how this shaded distortion in favor of Barack as if he walked on water was the storybook telling of a newly-anointed king.

Barack at best lies concerning things like NAFTA and the Healthcare debate and dishonest people like yourself continue to coddle him.

There will be a lot of empty promises just like media persons embrased the last trash of a President we had (GWB) and praised and groveled before him.

Today, after 7 1/2 grueling and shameless years we all (media and clowns like you) groan to see his tenure end. Unlike you ignorant biased anointers the commoners who study the candidates and issues know the difference between substance and fluff.

Here we go again with a fluffy candidate and another shameless media darling that can do nothing less than call done fire from heaven.

Get on the sideline and stop misleading America with your biases!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Harry | Report as abusive

soon hilly song will be “i’ve fallen and I can’t get up” wher’d that sofabrother billy go dubaii

Posted by jake | Report as abusive

The Democrats have better get their darn act together or we will have John McCain and a nuclear war on our hands.

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

Dave..(comment #6)
This Canadian reader would like to let you know that your analysis is one of the best logical deduction I have seen from a casual reader..

Posted by S Elie | Report as abusive

I wish Obamans would stop twisting the facts to suit them and their candidate. Obama was NOT in the US Senate when he verbally opposed the war in Iraq. It is easy for him to be LOFTY about taking a stance – he didn’t have to vote on pressuring Iraq to accept investigators! Just because his oratory is great doesn’t mean he will have what it takes to get down to the nitty gritty of stopping the buck at the White House. But he will make a great VP. It’s time the Party rallies around the winning DREAM TEAM that will sweep the country: Clinton-Obama ’08 !!!

Posted by Observer | Report as abusive

Hillary’s wasted all her multi millions in campaign contributions on an bunch of lousy, gutter-prone advisers.

How is that for experience?

If she can’t even run a campaign – how can she run our country?

Posted by WaterMan | Report as abusive

Hillary has wasted all her multi millions in campaign contributions on an bunch of lousy, gutter-prone advisers.

How is that for experience?

If she can’t even run a campaign – how can she run our country?

Posted by WaterMan | Report as abusive


Hillary All the Way!!!

Posted by Hillary All the Way!!!! | Report as abusive

Hillary, please, just stop. You are so tiresome, mean spirited, snobbish, not presidential. Please just give it up.

Posted by Terri | Report as abusive

Any Democrat who actually wants their party to win the White House in November will stay as far away from Hillary Clinton as possible. The Republicans have been licking their chops for years to go after her in a presidential run. Fair or not, they have 15 years worth of history that they can sling at her and bury her with. With Obama, the GOP might actually be forced to discuss the issues and not Lewinsky’s blue dress and Whitewatergate. Get your heads out of your rear ends, Ohio and Texas Democrats! Her ship has already sunk.

Posted by Seth | Report as abusive

Democracy works when people know and understand how things are going and what they are doing. A bunch of crazy young kids yelling out solve problmes? You better go back to your dorm and get some sleep from your hungover.

policitians are all dirty. Who has not taken money from the special interest groups?

Posted by Kevin | Report as abusive

Hillary keeps disappointing me! I’m not an Obama fan but her comments about Obama’s message is so cheap. People expect a lot more from her but she keeps disappointing. She’s getting really desparate and I feel so sorry for her. She’s loosing the election and she’s about to lose her political career as well. How sad!

Posted by Jacob | Report as abusive

Also, I’m quite tired of Clinton’s constant harping on her so-called experience. She repeats this mantra as if being a career politician with a severe case of self-entitlement is an accomplishment worthy of a medal. My goodness, the woman and her husband are so transparently ambitious for power that they don’t seem to care about the potential damage they could do to the Democratic Party with all of this finagling of delegates and so on.

Posted by Seth | Report as abusive

Hillary is a power hungry crook that will say or do ANYTHING to get elected.It won’t work this time.
Senator Obama has integrity. He’s honest.He speaks from his heart. I trust him. Hillary will be defeated and so will John McCaine.

Posted by Doug G. | Report as abusive

Both sides leave out a part of the other candidates experience. I have looked at both of their records and I find them largely equivalent. Yes, the number of years differ, but their accomplishments are about the same even given the large difference in number of years of service.

Of the thirty-five years of service that Clinton claims, only some of those put her in a position to determine policy. I admire her history of public and private service, but I do not grant the same experience level to some of these years that I would grant if she was actually making the decisions herself. I also am reluctant to grant her claim of experience being an activist when she will not admit that Obama also has experience as one.

I find they are the same because she has been on the edge of things, but with little power herself. She would be a fine candidate if she was chosen. For those of you who are following Clinton like a very cult like stubborn manner, the same can be said of Obama as well. The Democrat’s field is very strong this year.

I wanted to stay above all this, but I am drawn to say calling someone dumb because they do not like your first choice is dumb. I also call on both sides to actually look at the others accomplishments. They are numerous you will need time to look at them.

Oh, one more thing. I know the vote on the ban on flag burning amendment has been take repeatedly in the Senate, but the last time it came up she voted against it. I can not speak for the times before as my research is still on going.

An analogy. This election is like kids picking out ice cream. They all agree that ice cream is good, and getting some is better. But they can not agree one flavor. The flavor may or may not make it more palatable for some, but it does not change the end result. In the end any choice made will be good.

Posted by Mike E. | Report as abusive

I had considered voting for Hillary, but mocking someone when they aren’t around to defend themselves, when she had the chance in the debate? Is this what she is going to do as President? I couldn’t watch Mean Girls, and I won’t watch any more of this.

My vote goes elsewhere – either McCain or Obama.

Posted by Conn | Report as abusive

We have to put Barack into the white house we can’t let the Clinton/McCain nonsense rule. Both of them benifited from the S&L debacal. McCain interfered with regulators when they were rightly suspicious of Keatings wrong doings how much American taxpayer money could have been saved if this naive Senetor would have stayed off the phone. Hillary stole money for her and Bill durring white water. Just because they were able to game the system so they never got procecuted does not change the fact that they made money and the American people got to bail them out. On the other hand you have the Obama scandles associated with someone sometime that did something wrong. That is entirely diffrent for being the wrong doer.

Posted by Jon Cox | Report as abusive

to hell with hillary clinton an bill clinton one clinton in the white house look at that record change is what is needed vote obama

Posted by b young | Report as abusive

Mean Girls wasn’t all that funny as a movie; even less so as a potential President.

Posted by DC | Report as abusive

She voted to go to Iraq. Do we really want someone with that lack of judgement in the white house?

Posted by Doublespeak | Report as abusive

She is every bit as divisive as she is “experienced”. 4 years of Hillary will be another 4 years of bickering in Washington. If you think that she is going to get elected and do anything but continue with the status quo you are sadly mistaken. If her last name wasn’t Clinton she wouldn’t even be running. 20 years with the two families in the White House sounds like a monarchy to me. “Press!!! Don’t talk to Chelsea, but we will use her to campaign for us because we are lagging in the polls!” Do you want me to continue to hurl insults while you squirm in your seat? “Ask not what your country can do for you…”, was pie in the sky at one time to. I would rather vote for a dream and an idea than a carpet bagging Washington insider. You want to change my vote start talking about your positions, not about how much better you are.

Posted by tjminden | Report as abusive

Harry, unlike the “ignorant biased anointer” you attack, you fail to provide any type of evidence. I especially enjoy how you say Barack is lying regarding healthcare? That’s quite a charge, where is your support of it?

Posted by Travis | Report as abusive


Another biased assessment of Barack Obama’s rosy record and a distortion of Hillary Clinton’s. You speak reverently concerning Obama’s record as if it was lined with gold edges and folded into a bible, yet you speak concerning Hillary’s as if none of what she did truly matters.

It is unfair how this shaded distortion in favor of Barack as if he walked on water was the storybook telling of a newly-anointed king.

Barack at best lies concerning things like NAFTA and the Healthcare debate and dishonest people like yourself continue to coddle him.

There will be a lot of empty promises just like media persons embrased the last trash of a President we had (GWB) and praised and groveled before him.

Today, after 7 1/2 grueling and shameless years we all (media and clowns like you) groan to see his tenure end. Unlike you ignorant biased anointers the commoners who study the candidates and issues know the difference between substance and fluff.

Here we go again with a fluffy candidate and another shameless media darling that can do nothing less than call done fire from heaven.

Get on the sideline and stop misleading America with your biases!!!!!!!!!!!
# jake says:
February 25th, 2008 at 10:58 am GMT

Jake attacks jeff and Obama, but not once does he try to defend Jeff’s assessment of Clinton. Instead he attacks first then compares Obama to Bush in a way of trying to make people scared of Obama. When has Obama lied to America, I can give you 50 plus times Hillary lied to the court.
(Whitewater; she repeated ” I don’t recall” more than 50 times)

Posted by james | Report as abusive

Tom, your a moron! McCain does not equal nuclear war. McCain = Clinton + Insight + Common Sense

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are both more dangerous than the mob of free thinkers can imagine. Clinton for being a person who will do things for our own good or Obama for being Jesse Jackson with Tony Robbins as a speech writer and without the speech impediment.

Posted by Tim | Report as abusive

All canidates should be more direct with their “Talk”… ok, you want to impress me??? How about this for a platform:

1. Within 2 years you the compaines selling in the US must be based and manufacture said goods in the US using American labor paying no less than minium… or you cannot sell it here. America still buys 60 to 70% of the goods the world makes.

2. Raise the minium wage to 10.50 per hour.

3. Terrif all imported goods and use this money to rebuild the US infastructure.

4. Increase funding with strict aduiting to the military… increase the front line soliders wages and improve their equipment.

5. Impose a flat tax of 14% and eliminate the current tax systems.

6. Place a hands off on social security and allow it to go to those who earned it.

7. No person or persons over the age of 65 making less than 30,000 should pay any tax.

8. Any politician who is convicted of corruption shall get 20 years hard labor with no plea agreement or parole.

9. The pleadge of Alligence including one nation under GOD will be restored in all school systems with manditory courses to be taught in Patriotism, Honor and manners to start.

10. All foreign spending stops at once… the money will be spent in our country enriching the lives of our citzens.

11. All illegal immigrants will be deported with areas set up on the borders to assit any persons wishing to legaly become an American citizen.

12. State publicaly that this is America and will not now or ever be part of this so called North American Union.

13. Place the US on the Gold standard now and forever to ensure our econnomy.

This would be a good start I and many many others I’ve spoken to feel.

Posted by The Patriot | Report as abusive

You know a canidate is drowning when they’ve to resort to attacks like these. She has nothing in her arsenal against Obama so she’s resorting to low attacks that seem childish. Hasn’t she noticed that every time during this race a canidate goes on the attack their poll numbers drop?

Am I the only Democrat that had enough of the Clintons all the way back in 1996?

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

A vote for Obama is a vote for McCain.

Obama will run into a brick wall in the national competition against McCain. Obama is simply too inexperienced and lacks the background to have proper judgement regarding military and foreign affairs. We DO NOT need another prsident who is going to learn these critical skills on the job. That will be very evident when MCain buries Obama.

Obama does not stand a chance – Clinton does.

Mark my words – a vote for Obama is a vote for McCain.

Democrats: You have been warned.

Posted by John Smith | Report as abusive

“Maybe I’ve just lived a little (too) long, but I have no illusions about how hard this is going to be,” she said, adding that a president can’t just “wave a magic wand” and get things done.

Yes, Hillery. It is hard to lose and you can’t wave a magic wand with 527 special limosine liberals paying to spread your lies with mortage- backed securities outlawed by the Glass/Steagall Act of 1933 which your hubby and Robert Rubin repealed with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act just before Rubin took over at Citigroup.
A million ordinary people have given their hard earned cash to defeat your delusional ego-centric power quest and it gives this 100% disabled veteran pleasure watching you and your draft dodging, phony, philanderaning, louse spouse go down in flames.

Posted by Kenneth | Report as abusive

Pat Tyler claims Mr. Obama does not take money from lobbyists, but the facts say different.
According to The Capital Eye:”The Obama campaign had collected nearly $34,500 from 29 registered lobbyists by the end of the campaign’s first nine months of fundraising, according to FEC reports. The Obama campaign did not respond to several requests to review those records.

Obama and Edwards also refuse money from political action committees controlled by corporations and other interests, but they and every other presidential candidate accept money from employees of corporations and other interests that employ lobbyists. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, 14 of Obama’s top 20 contributors employed lobbyists this year, spending a total of $16.2 million to influence the federal government in the first six months of 2007.”

Barack is a good candidate, but anytime someone raises a legitimate question about him they are accused of dirty politics.

Posted by Steven Mather | Report as abusive

“The Democrats have better get their darn act together or we will have John McCain and a nuclear war on our hands.” Tom

How astute. John McCain = Nuclear War.
This really is an Algonquin Roundtable give & take.

Posted by Steve Cashman | Report as abusive




Posted by er | Report as abusive

Hilary lost a vote from Philadelphia,Pa and that vote was mine. Why make fun of voters that want to vote for another and not you.. Hilary is a jerk 90% of black voted for Obam and i hope the 10% that voted for hilary go to Obama to make it 100%..

Posted by MARCUS | Report as abusive

Hillary and bill will say and do anything, including playing the “Racist” card. It’s time to show them the door!

Posted by Warren | Report as abusive

In looking at these comments and going past emotion to facts, it appears that obama has approached problems from the idea that people should help themselves while hillary wants to spoonfeed from government. i was shocked to see her attacks on obama for style and elequence. how would she have attacked fdr, webster or anyone who has educated themselves? use of snipeing is for those who cannot put together a viable paragraph. if this is all that she has learned in her years of public service, i would never hire her to manage our republic.

Posted by bill | Report as abusive

There is a lack of intelligence in America in the 21st century. This was evident with the election of George W Bush, an idiot and liar, who became president only thanks to the help of his CIA dad. Now it’s happening again. Barack Obama is seen as the better Democratic candidate because he makes talks like Martin Luther King. Hillary is right, he’s just full of lofty speeches and nothing else. There seems to be a prevailing notion that a black president would be a sign of real change. But Obama is almost white! If elected he will be just another man in the oval office.

Posted by Ral | Report as abusive

Hillary, i find your statements funny, if Obama gets the DP endorsement, will you support him? You call him a dreamer, inexperienced, not tested, not able to be Commander in cheif ….bla bla.
But if you lose, it will be incumbent upon U to stand behind him. What will you tell voters about him? That he is now mature, tested, experienced, not a dreamer, capable to BE a Commander in Chief of the US FORCE, All in such a short period?
Hillary be serious, America has many problems that you can talk about than Obama. Good enough, he doesn’t portray you the way U do, is it because is a true leader or he doesn’t see your negatives.
Hillary, save Obama, fight you own battle.
Long Live the universe, the time will tell. Kiganda Ssonko

Posted by Kiganda Ssonko | Report as abusive

Obama is fluff, no stuff.

Posted by qster | Report as abusive

Hillary continues to prove she has absolutely no class, a sore loser and a cry baby. Hillary’s way or no way…no thank you, Mrs. Clinton. She is setting a bad example of how women shuld act in public office. Shameful and ridiculously embarrassing.

Posted by anne | Report as abusive

Clinton is a fascist – quite literally. I challenge you to truly research fascism, its history, and read translations of Mussolini’s speeches if you don’t believe me.

Clinton is just as dangerous as McCain.

Obama is really the only good candidate we have. And he’s pretty good anyway. I agree with the Kennedys.

Posted by Johnathan | Report as abusive

I love this number 13 comment. “Or we will have Nuclear war on our hands”. Who do you think we are fighting over there. These people we are fighting our going around killing innocent people, their own people for that matter. Trying to take over the countries next to them and so forth. Guess what happens if those people ever manage to get big enough and have nuclear weapons? They will use them. They attacked us when they didn’t have anything to back it up and we called their bluff, what would make you think if they get a nuke they won’t send it our way? Thats exactly what we are trying to prevent over there. Terrorist are the bullies of the world.
Going around killing innocent people just because people don’t think like you isn’t acceptable. And i think its safe to say that we can’t talk our way out of this anymore. We tried it and they just took more and more advantage of it. And it shouldn’t just be us we (USA), I am saying we as free people should eventually set some morals and guidelines we should all follow. And I would like to hope that one of those morals is not to go around killing people because they don’t think like you. We aren’t in this war because we want to kill these people. But because eventually you can’t let people just go around killing people for no reason, which is what these terrorist are doing. And if your helping a terrorist, that good ol saying guilty by association, should apply to you too.

Posted by Mod08 | Report as abusive

The people of Ohio, Texas and every other state that has not held their primaries or caucuses deserve the right to cast their votes. We are all still United States citizens and it is our right to vote regardless of what the media or talking cable heads want you to believe. So just step off and let the process play out.

Posted by mary reilly | Report as abusive

I am glad she is speaking out. Obama does it too, but he just doesn’t get the same attention when he attacks her. What she is saying is so true. I am overwhelmingly proud that such a strong leader is representing America now, in the face of our 7 year tragedy. I am also glad that she isn’t taking the race in a doobie-induced lackadaisical state for other’s listening pleasure. Call it like you see it – no need to save face. Two-faced politicians are one too many.

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

Obama and his platform are form without function. Style without substance. 10 coats of cherry-red over rust.

His stance on univeral health-care is do-nothing. Build a more prosperous America and everyone with be able to afford health care! Corporate tax cuts don’t help those living under bridges. 4 years later, nothing will have been ‘changed’.

Obamamania! Young democrats and left-leaning have-not-wanna-bes screaming like smitten high school girls. Jesus and Elvis arisen!

Several Obama campagin offices sport posters of Che Guevara. Obama is likened to a communist murderer who rounded up and massacred Cuban intellectuals and artists?

Change! Change is in the air! Where’s the midget with the broom? “A clean sweep for the little man!”

Lesser of Evils.

Side with Pappy O’Donnell and the Soggy Bottom Boys. Better the Devil you know.

Posted by Frank | Report as abusive

Can she put the magic wand and expect things to fall in place and do whatever she can as a president. It is already showing on her that she is not a capable Leader. As a leader whether leading or opposing you bring people together and not throw a rhetoric to win the nomination. She is nothing more than a washington insider who hung to Bill inspite of the Monica scandal. No sane women would hang on except that she has smelled what Power meant.

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While Hilary does have an understanding of how difficult the job is, who is better suited to pass proposals? Hillary supporters have to know that there is no more divisive candidate than she, which adds to the complexity of encouraging change. Throw Bill Clinton into the mix, and we’d be in for quite a ride. He’ll be out for political revenge, insuring a 2012 Republican president.

Regarding the Iraq war, neither candidate will be able to force an immediate withdrawal of our troops. Sad to say, we are stuck with it for longer than I’d like. If we force an immediate withdrawal, what do we tell soldiers who have served there? That their time was a complete waste? That will work wonders for enlisting/keeping soldiers for future conflicts, necessary or otherwise. I haven’t heard anyone comment how such an exit would affect stability of that region either.

Obama is certainly more equipped to fulfill his other campaign promises. He has much more support across the political aisle than Clinton could dream. If elected, she’ll be lucky to deliver on a quarter of her promises

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I can’t believe all you brain washed people… I really hope you guys are kidding. Do you really believe a man (Obama) who grew up and sold drugs on the street? Have you read his book? He will lead to the final downfall of American culture and all that we and our forefathers stood for.

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I haven’t seen a viable post by the Hillary camp that would oppose post #6 in any respectable way. All you post is propaganda rhetoric. If you want to establish any kind of viable response you will have to provide some example, not just talk about how wonderful Hillary, the nitty gritty and a buck stopping at the white house. explain WHY you think Hillary would be better instead of just jumping up and down and stomping your feet.

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Hillary tells it like it is. Some people just don’t like the truth. She is best equipped to handle our foreign policy disasters and is fully versed on our domestic issues. It is my opinion that Barack Obama is too green for the job.

Barack Obama likes to talk about how he was against the war from the start and “spoke out”. Yet he was not in the Senate at the time and did not have to make the hard choice of whether to vote for it or not. On top of that he has done nothing but vote for the war since he joined the Senate. I feel that he is all talk and no action. That he will say what he needs to in order to become president.

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How is it that an “inexperienced, all-talk, no action” candidate has run a campaign that has come from behind and overtaken one of the most powerful, entrenched political shoe-ins of our times? Without using negative tactics or corporate financing?

I don’t hate Hillary, but her claims of Obama being “all-talk and no action” are so hollow it’s laughable. Proof is in the puting and she’s getting beaten.

Who’s all rhetoric now?

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She has a great point but it probably too little too late. She should have called him out for being the cotton candy canidate weeks ago.

Obama keeps mixing up the kool aid and his the number of members in his flock to get a cup continues to grow.

They love his vaporous Dr Feelgood speech “Down and Out in America/Hope & Change” .

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I’m voting for Obama. At least he won’t have to spend a good deal of his Presidential time worrying about what “intern” his wife might be seeing. It seems to me that Hillary has always had to worry about what Bill is doing…how can she keep her mind on her job?

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Huh. what everyou said oh!! Ohbama supporter. He is another Bush with no logical sense. Bush also wants change and in the turn changed our country totally. Obabama knows how to fill filthy in our minds. He just fakes and thinks another MLK. He is neither MLK nor JFK. But ofcourse he is a JFK (Just Fake King). He has no people policy and it took ages for him to come out and say something about health policy. He is the one who started the RACE policits by entering into presidency though he is trailing very low then. The only reason he thought being a BLACK, all of us will vote like idiots no matter. we gave him the race confident and later we will repent him seeing as another bush.

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If you want to see how Hillary would run the White House, as she did the first time, read the book, “Unlimited Access” by Gary Aldrich. I’m thinking it would be much the same.

In comparison with Hillary, how would Barack Hussein Obama conduct the White House? It’s hard to say, but I think his wife would be a co-President as Hillary was, and unelected at that. With the praise of Farrakkan and his ilk, I imagine Obama would have to install some of that type of character into his administration, which is scary. Truly.

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Restoration of constitutional government should be the demand of every voter. It is quite likely that unless drastic measures are taken to undo the damage that Bush/Cheney have done, their executive orders, legal opinions, etc. will stand as precedents for future administrations.

Impeachment is the remedy.

But with the exit of Dennis Kucinich, no Democratic candidate has made impeachment of Bush/Cheney a campaign issue.

And we know why. Advisers and pollsters tell the candidates that that issue will turn off voters. It’s the past…let it go. Win this campaign and you can make a real difference.

But what have we heard from the major candidates? What about the candidate that taught constiutional law? You know, the one that is so qualified to bring about real change that he doesn’t need to adduce any evidence for it??

Or how about the one who knows the ropes so well that she will be ready on “day one?”

Neither Obama nor Clinton have promised to totally abstain from the egregious practice of “signing statements.” Neither has promised to undo the unconstitutional precedents implemented through executive orders that Bush has issued during his time in office. And neither dare utter the word “impeachment.”

By their failure to make this a central issue, these craven cowards practice manipulative, Orwellian politics as usual. Both candidates have run campaigns that insult the intelligence of Americans and endanger the liberties of us all.

Put all the other sins of this administration aside: pre-emptive war, imperial overreach, economic mismanagement, corruption that would make Harding and Nixon blush, etc., etc. There is one issue that stands above all the others: the restoration of constitutional government.

And no candidate will get my vote without making this an important emphasis in his/her campaign.

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In the unlikely event that she manages to win the nomination, does she really think Obama supporters would vote for her after she trashes them like this? She is the idiot-politician. No wonder she’s getting her clock cleaned by Obama. Geez.

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1) Hillary doesn’t care about Bill’s life 0.00001 as much as you think.

2) Obama supporters love to say that Clinton is petty or snobbish when she is debating and making a point against their candidate, but when Obama does anything negative it’s just music to their ears and all done for justice and goodwill.

3) Most of Obama’s supporters have been following him for less than 3 years, while most of Clinton supporters have supported her for over 15 years. Maybe it’s not just experience, there’s a reason why people stick around.

4) When Obama’s words truly become rhetoric even to his fanbase, it will be a horrible horrible time for the US.

5) McCain or Obama? Do you know ANYTHING about McCain? He is pretty much the most awful contestant for the Republican Party in past years, and has never been able to go to the top.
He has just come out on top this time because all the better candidates of the Republican Party know this will probably be a loss and they don’t want to lose face.

6) Has anyone never noticed that no one is saying Barack Obama is truly awful? Obama’s supporters love to say that we are insulting him to the ground, but all we are saying is to Face Reality – your contestant is by no means a Godsend, he is just another guy who wants the position.

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I have been a long time supporter of the Clintons and liked all three of the leading democratic candidates. It is critical that the Democrats take back the White House to put our government back to work for the best interest of the citizens, and not the business interest of the influential elites, not to mention restoring the ideological balance of the Supreme Court.
It is unfortunate that Hillary Clinton has decided to make issue of Obama’s the use of effective and motivating rhetoric given that such rhetoric is exactly what Democrats need to expand and motivate the party’s base. Effective rhetoric has been the pre-cursor the most dynamic political action; including the civil rights movement and the very formation of this great nation.
Despite my affection for, and gratitude to, the Clintons, I must say that I am disappointed by what appears to be a series of recent attacks apparently motivated more by desperation than merit.

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HRC is right on the money with this comment. Mr. Obama with four years in the Senate three of which he in his own words has been running for the presidency has virtually no experience. The conservatives in the Republican party are not going to just line up behind his proposals because he runs around saying that he is a uniter Hope gange. He is nothing but a gasbag. Also the independents and republicans who have been voting for him in the primaries are going to disappear in teh general election and he will never get elected in the first place. Please please dems go out and vote foe HRC she is the party and the country’s only hope to lead this country in some sort of intelligent, expereinced and rational manner.

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A Memo to Senator Clinton:

On a July day President Lincoln offered in two and half minutes a speech that had no specifics but is considered one of the finest, if not the finest speech ever given. It spoke of and to the soul of a nation, he was vilified by many for giving it.

FDR, JFK, Jefferson, Lincoln are all men who are noted not for the specifics of their speeches but the overall content that called each of us to higher purposes and the commonality of humanity.

Senator, I along with you know that the specifics of you plans, while slightly enlightening to how your subordinates followed orders, have little to do with legislation that will pass in Congress. In Congress you will need to deal with those who
have political differences, and at that time all those who are at Senator Obamas speeches, those who attended his church or concert may help in passing legislation.

History has taught for many years that he who has the mob has the power. This is how the republicans steam rolled in some of the most damaging legislation of our countries history in the 1980’s. Its also what derailed your ambitious Health Care plans in the 1990’s.

I can assure you and your staff that I support Senator Obama because of those lofty ideas, I believe that we cannot long survive as red and blue states. Just as I believe that: “The only thing we have to fear…” or that “Government of the People…” and “Ask not what your country can do for you” are not just lofty goals or good words in a speech but worth all of our efforts to make reality.

A long time it was written “Do unto others” I dont need specific plans on how to do that, and they are still very good words.

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I am so sick of Hillary, I wish she would just drop out of the race already so that the real election can begin. All of this in house fitting is aweful. Hillary is without class or tact. Who goes on television and rants like a lunatic, remember how helpful that same stunt was for Howard Dean. She is going down in flames, too bad those “35 years” of experience did not offer her any common sense.

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At least there is the prospect of change with Obama.
Hillary gloats that people can’t point to Obama’s accomplishments and continues to do so after he lists them. But what has Clinton accomplished in the 35 years of experience she always boasts of? The one signature program she was in charge of –medical care- was a sell-out and a failure. She has had an unremarkable career, significant only in her association to a former disgraced president. Add that in order to innoculate themselves against Right-wing attacks, the Clintons lost the farm for short-term gain and triangulated the center to the Right. More than anything the promise of a Clinton candidacy mobilizes the fractured, floundering Republican base and because the Clintons were complicit with and enabled so much of the Right-wing agenda they are unable to lauch as effective attack as another nominee with less baggage.
Clinton is a liability and a ball and chain on the future.

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If you want to know what kind of people Obama would bring into government, just look at the team of respected professionals he has as advisors in science, economics, foreign affairs, etc, already in place. For example on foreign policy, he has Anthony Lake, a former national security adviser. Former Assistant Secretary of State Susan Rice. Former counter-terrorist czar Richard Clarke. Human rights scholar Samantha Power. Dennis Ross, who was a Clinton special envoy to the Middle. The difference between Obama’s advisors and Clinton’s is that Clinton’s were pro-war on Iraq, while Obama’s were mostly against.

As for the candidate that has been pandering the most to the Farrakkan type characters that are scary, it is Clinton, not Obama. Types like Rangel and other’s endorsed Clinton, not Barack. (Take a look at who has endorsed Obama, moderate Governors like Sebelius and Kaine.)

Also look at who is running his campaign. They are effective, they are not lobbysts, and they are not paid as much as Clinton’s losing team.

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Hillary, go home to Bill. Barak Obama has so much more class than you do. When you irrationally said “Shame on you!…” Obama COULD have said “SHAME ON YOU, HILLARY CLINTON”, but Obama has so much more class than you will ever have. Go OBAMA!!!

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Barack Obama will make an excellent president and will represent our country well. I am so tired of Hilary and I wish she would just concede gracefully and go away. If for some reason Hilary should win the nomination, I will vote for Ralph Nadar.

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________________________________________ ______
The proof is in the pudding. I’ve never voted democrat until Barack Obama came a long. He’s the first presidential cadidate I’ve actually really liked.
Hillary’s rhetoric is bringing out her true colors and if she somehow manages to get past Obama in the primaries I will vote for McCain.

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Clinton had a mixed record: pretty good domestic policies and disaster abroad, which ended up in bombing civilians in Yugoslavia and paved the way to 9-11.

But the candidates who came after him – Gore, Kerry, and now Obama or Hillary – are not even remotely presidential material. Absolutely ridiculous figures.

What’s wrong with the Democratic party?! Why can’t Democrats come up with a decent candidate?! People, please! We need some real opposition to Republicans

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If Hillary is actually interested in having a positive impact on the future of the USA, she should resign and throw her support to Obama. He’s served her 11 straight losses and risen above her in an unlikely run that nobody expected to be as successful as is has been. He has the record, the platform, and the proper sights set for positive change. Especially now that Nader is in the mix, she’s just creating a recipe for disaster by constantly attacking a fellow Dem.

Hillary… wake up, it’s over!

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In all this fracas Hilliary is increasingly shrill and undignified, while Obama remains both calm and dignified – you know, PRESIDENTIAL.

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Whatever respect I had left for Hillery just went out the window. That tirade was simply nasty, and she should be mortified at her own lack of dignity. How sad that she had to end it like this. I’m embarrassed for her.

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Let me say some harsh words about the Cult Lord Obama. If a person pretends to be a “UNITER” yet he’s dividing his own party so badly, this person must be a fxxxing bad liar! Hey, even the liar Dubya only lied about being a “UNITER” in 2000 without dividing his own party.

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I don’t see anything presidential in the way Hillary Clinton has conducted herself and the manner in which she has run her campaign. Her angry and hysterical reaction to the mailers from the Obama campaign regarding the health care and NAFTA issues is very unbecoming of someone who claims that she’ll be ready on day one. Her “celestial choirs” harangue is simply wild and out of control. Is she really the one fit to be commander-in-chief from day one? Her negative attacks are counter-productive and betrays her desperation with the way things are going for her.

Her handling of her campaign is extremely disorganized and her campaign funds have been clearly mismanaged. Can we reasonably expect her to do better with the US government, which is so many times bigger and a much more complex organization? Most likely not.

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Anybody who asks Hillary to quit so that she could support Obama must be on drugs. This little “pussy” (as quoted from Edwards) is running a free rosy ride of the mainstream media, which represents the interest groups Obama promises to fight against. If he’s nominated, then GOP will eat him alive piece by piece. He has too many vulnerabilities, and his Cult followers won’t follow him all the way through the marathon.
Obama has no chance to beat McCain. That’s the most important reason so many Republicans have voted for this fairy tale. I personally know 2 such Republicans who said they would never vote for Obama in General Election. They voted for Obama in primary simply to pick a weak opponent.

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Easily the most damaging things Clinton could have done…the comparison is staggering. She blasts Obama for (of all things) being a good speaker and working a room, and now she tries to work the room. the comparison, unfortunately for her, is that he moves a room by inspiring people to believe in the good of this nation and hope for the future, and she makes them laugh by making fun of her running mate and subsequently all his supporters (whose votes she would need if she won) How STUPID is this woman?? The democratic party needs to get rid of her fast or a least put of muzzle on that foul mouth of hers.

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Well I for one am glad as hell that she is telling the truth. The truth hurts huh Obama supporters. I think it’s hilarious. It’s funny how divisiveness became an important word only because Obama said it was important not to be. He is the divider. I certainly don’t see any uniting with him or his supporters. I’ve seen a hateful bunch posting hateful, hurtful things about a woman who has done a lot of good in the world. Ya’ll should be ashamed of yourselves and I hope she keeps it up. He deserves it with his hypocritical attacks and charges and lies. Let’s see how he takes the heat. She might look ugly while she does it, but I wouldn’t want to elect a woman that was too soft and pansy. If she were too soft and pansy that would be a problem for everyone as well I’m sure. She’s a woman, she’s running for president…it’s not always pretty fellas, get used to it.

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The Press has been ridiculously pro-Obama especially CNN which should just be on Obama’s payroll. I will never again watch CNN again because of their overt bias and will convince 1000s to do the same. Trust me this will multiply. The charge made today by the Clinton campaign that much of the media praises his attacks on Hillary while being shrill and negative about any anti-Barack remarks by the Clinton campaign is absolutely true. Perhaps this country is destined to be third world afterall. Good luck in the once great United States where the only thing that matter is the entertaining Fourth Estate, but most of the public is too stupid to understand.

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I believe Hillary is the one to understand and take us to a better level of international agreement with the world. I cannot recomend the pleasinging of her voice, however a voice that is more pleasing without substitance is a voice without power. We need power!

she has the committment to achieve this most

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I think Hilary is desperate. Until now my vote was for her. But after I heard her screaming on TV “ Shame on you obama” and showing a different face than the Texas debate. I will not vote for her. I WILL BE VOTING FOR OBAMA IN OHIO.

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I feel so sorry for Hillary…She used to remind me of my mom and I used to be so proud of her…Now- I cannot believe how my feelings have changed for this woman… sad I voted for her in NYC

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It is the time of speeches. Louis Farrakhan is speaking in support of Senator Obama and in his recent speech has said, “This young man is the hope of the entire world that America will change and be made better,” he said. “This young man is capturing audiences of black and brown and red and yellow. If you look at Barack Obama’s audiences and look at the effect of his words, those people are being transformed.” Notice that the color white is missing from his list? Well when Senator Obama spoke in Boise, Idaho the supporting crowd that was transformed by Obama’s words was mainly the color missing from Farrakhan’s quote. It is saddening to see people divided this way by Farrakhan and perhaps it’s time for him to become a uniter. Senator Obama has spoken about uniting people, and I can now see why he has been cool about support from Louis Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam.

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What is the value of words?

Sen. Barack Obama defended the value of words recently with a “line” given to him by Gov. Deval Patrick: “Don’t tell me words don’t matter. ‘I have a dream’—just words? ‘We the people hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal’—just words? ‘We have nothing to fear but fear itself’—just words? Just speeches?”

Sen. Obama often quotes great men, giants of humanity like Martin Luther King, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, men like our nation’s founding fathers. Were their words, just words? Oh no, not hardly, these are the words of men, who risked their very lives for the ideals and principles their words represented. Men who faced down tyranny and hatred, faced down muskets and Japanese destroyers in the horror of bloody war and battle, faced down firehoses and billy clubs, with the courage and conviction to not only speak those words but heroically defend the principles they espoused, principles such as freedom and equality. Their words have value and meaning and resonance because of who they were, what they’d risked, what they’d sacrificed, what they’d achieved, and what they fought for. No those men, their words weren’t merely eloquent and inspiring. They weren’t merely words. Sen. Obama is correct about that. Those men’s words were the embodiment of all that is fine and noble in the human species. Their words are as heavy and as solid the as freedom they represented.

When John F. Kennedy wrote Profiles In Courage, it wasn’t fine merely because of the eloquence of the words, but because of the valor and sacrifices he’d made on behalf of the ideas his words embodied. When Dr. King made speeches, those speeches were anchored with the mighty weight of unflinching courage, in bold defiance of oppression and prejudice. The very speaking of these words subjected him to jeapordy, as did the founding fathers’ words.

These men’s words Sen. Obama quotes weren’t vague or manipulative or self-serving or hollow, and quoting the words of great men, doesn’t make one great, or right, or noble, or worthy by association. Those things must be earned, as they earned them.

So yes, words matter, but not merely the words themselves, but the men who speak them matter just as much. Perhaps one day Sen. Obama’s words will have earned that stature, but not yet.

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Don’t any of you people feel kind of stupid with all the Hillary bullshit you were naive to believe ? Man, I would if was you. Whatever, just find another political or social question to delve into and I’m sure you’ll be wrong about that one too. and the one after that, and the one after that, and the one after that, etc, etc, etc, YOU GO HILLARY ! ! ! LOL

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