Everything you never wanted to know about Obama

February 28, 2008

Forget the Iraq war, universal health care or the worsening economy. US Weekly peppered Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama with questions it says only a celebrity magazine dare ask.

Are you a cool dad?

barack.jpg“I think I’m pretty cool. I’m sure I could embarrass my girls, but I choose not to,” said Obama, who has two daughters, 6 and 9.

The Illinois senator said that even when he danced with entertainer Ellen DeGeneres on U.S. television: “I thought (my moves) were pretty sweet. That’s why my 9-year-old isn’t embarrassed — because I can ‘bust a move’ as they say.”

Do Malia and Sasha ever ask about Britney Spears?

“They’re pretty down on Britney and Paris and all of that. They think they’re very ‘yuck,'” Obama said. “They’re way more into Hannah Montana and Beyonce.”

Do you ever get starstruck?

“I don’t really get starstruck,” Obama said. But George Clooney is a friend and he worked with the actor on Darfur issues.

Does wife Michelle Obama have a celebrity crush?

“She loves Stevie Wonder.”

Your favorite foods?

Chili and cobbler, the senator said. Wife Michelle says Obama makes a mean chili.

Boxers or briefs?

“I don’t answer those humiliating questions. But whichever one it is, I look good in ’em!”

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Photo credit: Reuters/Matt Sullivan (Obama speaks at Ohio State)


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Finally! A politician that isn’t affraid to show a little personality!

Posted by Drew | Report as abusive

I just would be the happiest if Obama becomes president of the United States. Reasons being;
– He is advocating for change in many areas that really requires the change,
– He is never racist
– He is just down to earth.

I therefore urge the Americans to vote for him.

Posted by ABONYO MONICA | Report as abusive

The only change I will have is in my pocket after he gets through with everything in my bank account and wallet. Look at everything he’s promising, it costs, big time.
His church honors Mr Farrakan as a wonderful person and bestows honors on him and he’s not racist. Hard to believe.
Down to earth, nope, if he’s running for President he has an ego and a big one.
He’ll set this country back big time.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

Obama has repeatedly denounced Farrakan. If anyone has set our country back, it would be GWB. We are on the verge of a recession, at war, and constantly reminded that we are at a high risk of terrorism.

Posted by Eric | Report as abusive

Just to make a point, just two days ago at the Ohio Democratic debate, Obama quite clearly stated that he denounced Farrakhan’s support. He stated this several times.

Also, I couldn’t help but notice how respectfully he speaks of his competitors, including HClint, AND McCain. He seems to value their relationship despite the competition. I can certainly see this same peaceful characteristic as a necessity for America’s global relations.

Posted by Connie | Report as abusive

Obama rocks!

Posted by Tasha | Report as abusive

I am so proud of Obama, so thrilled that I’m alive to experience this point in our history. I can’t wait until he is President; I look forward to the fresh, healing breath of air he will be for our country and the rest of the world. Hard as the media etc keeps trying (on Morning Joe, Pat Buchanan advised Hillary she should ‘drop a bomb on him’!) they can’t stop him – because they cannot stop the hopes and ambitions of the American people; those hopes and ambitions are what Barack is going to empower. Finally, we the COMMON people will also have someone in our corner – all across America we are COMING TOGETHER despite all the fake bomb scares Barack’s adversaries can contrive.


As the composer, Bjarne O., writes:

“I combined Latino Rhythms, Chinese Erhu, African- and Native-American Voices with the Contemporary Symphonic Orchestra – in the great spirit of Unity – for this Song in support of Obama’s great and true message: “Our Time Has Come; We the People are the Change we’ve all been waiting for. We are the Hope for the Future – YES WE CAN.”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCQYTu8u7 Sg

Posted by annevilla | Report as abusive

obama is ok .. not experienced .. but ok .. Clinton is a little stronger but not as dynamic still my first choice

McCain is decent .. but no way can I vote republican after this mess of last 8 years

Posted by MURRAY | Report as abusive

With all due respect to the person who commented about only having change in his pocket if Obama is President…most of America is going broke right now thanks to the current Administration. GWB’s tax cuts haven’t helped anyone except the wealthy, he has done hurt the economy, and he is completely out of touch with the lives over every day people.

You think 100 years of war as John McCain is saying might happen will leave you with anything in your pocket? Have you seen how much this war is costing us? Seriously. Trillions.
Why is it Republicans can “find” the money to line the pockets of defense contractors and to kill people overseas, (as well as our own troops), but Republicans never want to actually invest IN America. Are we not worth our own tax dollars? Republicans seem pretty fond of throwing money to many of our half-hearted allies, billions.

If we focus on domestic issues, if we take a look at America for awhile, we will have a chance to find ways to cut costs in areas where we are currently wasting money. Then we can use what was wasted to fund programs that ARE needed.

Barack Obama isn’t trying to just win the Presidency, he isn’t just trying to get elected, he’s trying to find ways to fix all the things that so many of us in both parties have complained about for so, so long. He’s trying to change the way things get done. He’s trying to bring us together to solve OUR problems, because whether you realize it or not, Democrats are Americans too, the GOP aren’t the only ones with that honor.

OBAMA ’08!!!

Posted by Barackin’ In The Free World | Report as abusive

I would never vote for this anti- american. He has refused to salute OUR flag during OUR nation anthem. He has said that wearing a flag on his lapel of his jacket does not make him feel honored. Who is he honoring himself or OUR country and TROOPS.He has continually changed his mind on all the issues as to help whatever group he is speaking with. He is a liberal and a far left liberal at that. If elected our country will go so far in debt and backwards that we could not even hope that our great grand kids would be paying OUR bills. If the people of this country elect him then we are well on the road to follow the Roman Empire to ruin.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

Get latest election news, videos and commentaries

http://www.seferm.com/news/us/governemen telection/elections.asp

Posted by Ken | Report as abusive

I’m a Cuban, an American Citizen and a very proud Latina woman. I believe in this man. His message of Hope and his commitment to public service means everything to me. I know God knows what’s right for this country and I pray that person is Obama. Stay strong. Peace my friend.

Posted by Carmen Elliott | Report as abusive

Obama may be better than JFK – he’s visionary, candid, respectful of all (even GWB!!), and charismatic. Our country’s soul needs hope, and our national body needs fresh air untainted by self-serving platitudes and empty words of GWB, followed by self-serving betrayals of the public’s trust. Obama has stirred up the adrenalin generated by the great men of our age – MLK, JFK, RFK. (His full name may allow us to be a little more ecumenical, too!!) He has my vote.

Posted by Jim L | Report as abusive


Posted by DORIS RICE | Report as abusive

To the guy who talked about Obama being unpatriotic– you obviously haven’t heard that literally EVERY example you cite has been repudiated by independent news sources as propaganda from the Republican Slime Machine. When are you going to listen, read, and think for yourself instead of just reacting with hostility to inneuendo and lies? We finally have an opportunity to elect a MAN WHO THINKS, who is real, who is “cool”, and who cares about this country outside the cliches and shows of the fake patriots who have landed us in the worst mess in our history. How can you be so stupid???

Posted by cheryll | Report as abusive

Doris Rice– change your new sources because everything you’re worried about is untrue trash.

Posted by cheryll | Report as abusive

I can hardly wait to say it. Oh what the hey, I’ll say it now, cause it is coming true.

President Barack Obama. President Barack Obama!

It feels great to finally have someone I want to vote for in the coming election. What a new sensation! I think he will listen to us and help us work with government to be the change. Yes we can have a safe and abundant world for ourselves and future generations. We are all in this together. One planet, one people, one race.

Posted by Adnora | Report as abusive

Doris, he’s a Christian.

Posted by soda | Report as abusive

I’m old enough to remember the Kennedy campaign of 1960 and Barack is the first candidate to really excite people since then. Just like Kennedy who was critized was being too young and being Catholic (The charge was that the Pope would run the country), Barack is facing outrageously untrue, ruthless attacks. The e-mail that said he is Muslin and won’t salute the flag is one example. Apparenly people don’t bother to check out the real facts. Doris Rice and Robert are amoung our populace who don’t bother to find out anything about the candidates and believe all of this internet nonsense. Thank God for those of us who know the real facts and Thank God for Barack making politics meanful again.

Posted by Lew | Report as abusive

Obama unites, Clinton divides.
Too many people confuse politics with team sports.
I want a president who can listen to ALL sides of an issue, and LEAD us to a consensus, rather than making questionable decisions based on faulty information or partisan bias. I want a president who will keep their emotions, their sarcasm, and their personal baggage out of the White House. I want a president who can inspire expert advisers to strive for excellence in providing information and analysis, rather than someone who fires anyone disagreeing with presidential opinion. I want a president who recognizes expertise, and leverages the experience of others to find lasting solutions, rather than someone who’s already convinced themselves that THEY are the only expert who matters. I want a nation united, not a bitter 4-year partisan conflict.
In short, I want a president who can lead, rather than one who must command. I want a president who doesn’t need to veto major legislation or water down laws he dislikes with “signing statements.”
I want Obama in ’08.


Posted by rhoadie | Report as abusive

Policy is important on current issues and problems that we as a nation face, this is true. And there really isn’t a major difference between the two candidates when it comes to policy. But it is not most important. We cannot predict the future, and therefore must trust in the wisdom of our president to handle the situation with good judgement. When I ask myself why I feel so strongly that Barack can and will “change” our nation for the better, it is largely based on his passion for the people, his ability to make things happen in spite of strong opposition, and foremost, that he is real. I trust him.
Do we really want a candidate that boasts exerience in the failed and underhanded wisdom of our current administration? Or would we rather have a fresh and ambitious advocate that will approach things with a new perspective? Crossing the parties and transparency in practice are not just words, they are ideas of change that older politicians are afraid of. How will they function if not for the hidden favors?
Barack rises above by his actions, does not get caught up in the game, and sticks to the facts. I trust in him, and he is the one that I want answering the phone. We finally have a chance to fix this mess that our country is in, and hope in mending our position in the world. We finally have a candidate that “can.”
p.s. lookup “denounce” and “reject.” Barack clearly chose the stronger and more appropriate of the two, exhibiting superior command of his language, and also conceding to Clinton’s point rather that getting caught up in the cat fight. That is a president.

Posted by Deni | Report as abusive

For those who wonder why some feel so strongly negative about the Obamas, it’s because their strategy is to sell a sense of shame (re: Michelle Obama’s comments about being proud of her country for the first time) and lump the Clinton years with those of Bush (otherwise, why wouldn’t people want a return to the prosperity of the 90’s). It remains to be seen if their strategy will work. If it does, then voters in our country will again get what they deserve. Just think about the past 7 years.

Posted by wowinca | Report as abusive

I am a Catalan, writing from Barcelona. May I give an outsider opinion on March 4th? Obama seems the sort of presidential candidate that happens 2-3 times per century, and the best endowed with all that’s required to lead real change both at home and abroad. America is diverse and so is the world. Who else could be more representative and wisely responsive to that? Who is more likely to be listened to worldwide, especially with a hopeful nation behind him? Who else has got the natural talents that he’s got, to travel the world and rebuild the American leadership that we ALL need, to negotiate world change successfully? Who else has got the personal skills, the drive to serve, the transparency and credible empathy, the genuine, CALM passion that Obama irradiates? Charisma, which is so convenient in politics, springs from all these human qualities. Today’s challenge is about a leap that needs be taken, which is coming anyway and that we don’t want to miss. Just ask yourself what candidate looks more likely to take it successfully and, in future, be remembered and revered for an historical, beneficial impact in the USA and world politics.

Posted by Artur | Report as abusive

To the proud American people: The world is tired of George Bush’s wars, tired terrorism rhetoric, and failed and destructive foreign policies. Mr McCain and Mrs Clinton seem to offer, at least in their stated foreign policies, nore of the same. Mr Obama is like a breath of fresh air that the world has been gasping for. At least he speaks of peace and changing the war mindset. The world is looking to you, the American voter, to bring in the change the world wants. God Bless.

Posted by Sammy from down under | Report as abusive

For all the Obama supporters, I would suggest you research his “Global Poverty Bill” that is traveling through the Senate. The House has already passed a similar bill. His bill if passed, will cost American taxpayers about 65 billion dollars a year. Your money will be sent to the United Nations for their disposal.

He is also sponsoring a bill that pertains to the Law of the Sea Treaty which will strip our sovereignty on the high seas and will also give the United Nations authority to tax American citizens. Google “Law of the Sea Treaty” and Senate Bill-S 2243 so you will be well informed as a voter.

This is not my idea of helping “We the People” aka American citizens.

While you are at it, I suggest you google “World Net Daily” for two articles written by Aaron Klein pertaining to “Muslim Photos and “Obama Worked With Terrorist.

For all of you especially young voters out there I have a few voter commandments you should follow before your step in the voter’s booth to vote on all levels of government. It can make a difference.
1. Beware of emotions-they can get in the way of rational judgement.
2. Beware of charisma: all successful “con artists” are charismatic.
3. Beware of propagandists and learn their tricks.
4. Beware of ideologues with “blinders”, “tunnel vision” or “closed minds”.
5. Know for yourself. Test the validity of the claims made by, for, and against the candidate.
6. Beware of the candidate who parades his “false
patriotism”. Dr. Samuel Johnson quote,”Patriotism
is the last refuge of a scoundrel.
7. Beware of a candidate that parades his piety, for religion may be his first refuge.
8. Evaluate the candidate on the achievability of his promises.
9. Beware of the candidate who has all the solutions before the problems arise.
10. Refrain from single issue voting. Instead give top priority to the major purposes and responsibilities of government.
11. Poll yourself on these questions: Is that which is good for me good for my country? Does my party loyalty deny me freedom of choice?
12. Lord Acton warned that “power tends to corrupt and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive


Thanks for pointing out those two bills. I was a strong Obama supporter before reading them, and now I’m twice as strong a supporter. Do you really believe that we can continue to live in a world fueled by nationalism? The same nationalism that lead to both world wars? The prevalence of high-speed global communications systems is rapidly bringing us to a new era in human social organization. Whether we like it or not, nationalism is on it’s way out and globalism is on it’s way in. The United Nations is a vessel designed to promote this. There are certainly many problems with the way the UN is run, but unless you have an alternate approach that is easier to implement than fixing what we have now, I suggest you support someone who will help us to improve what we already have. You might think we of the United States are strong enough not to need to band together with other countries, but look to the EU and the rise of the Euro against the dollar. The African Union is also beginning to work in a cohesive manner. Please, let’s skip Regionalism and help expedite the process of developing an effective global government. (I’m not advocating a loss of the right of a country to pass it’s own laws, but merely advocating a system in which a global government functions the way the federal government does in relation to the states of the US). If Sen. Obama supports the United Nations then I support him.

Posted by Jimmy | Report as abusive

It seems that the ‘commandments’ you preach are ones you cannot adhere to yourself. If you cannot practise what you preach, why should anyone listen to you? Here’s why:

You say voters should not be emotional, yet you judge Obama by a few photos and his racial color.

You say voters should be resistant to propaganda, yet you believe that Obama is a Muslim despite evidence to the contrary (he’s been a practising Christian for the last 20 years+) (he never practised Islam at any point in his life).

You say voters should not be sucked in by ideology or those with “tunnel vision” yet you are persuading readers based on just two Obama bills which you have strong reservations against.

You say that voters should test claims with evidence yet you are still saying Obama is Muslim despite evidence to the contrary.

You say that we should beware of “false patriotism” yet you think that anybody who doesn’t support America’s defiance or dominance to the global community (e.g. by the UNCLOS treaty) is really beneficial for America in the long-run.

Those are only based on your first six “commandments”. Need I continue further?

Posted by John Walker | Report as abusive

Jim (in addition to my last message),
Please tell us where in the UNCLOS treaty it says that American citizens will be taxed further. I cannot find such a provision. I’d also like to know where it says the US (or any country who is a party to the Treaty) will lose its sovereignty on the high seas.

If you are such a nationalist and supported democracy, then you ought to support diversifying power, not concentrating it to a few individuals. If you respect sovereignty so greatly, then why do you not respect another country’s? The US is not the dictator of the world. It should set an example of why liberal democracy has been so successful, instead of forcing it on people, then justifying unlimited wiretaps – a measure that should have died out with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Posted by John Walker | Report as abusive

This Primary is about facts, not fluff. That’s why Obama is winning.

If you are a Democrat or Independent, please consider voting for Barack Obama.

This is not a case of Obama’s judgment versus Hillary’s experience. It’s judgment versus weaker judgment AND weaker experience. Hillary Clinton has run a nasty low blow campaign. Her latest fearmongering “red phone call” ad really takes the cake. When her thug in chief Marc Penn was asked to name one “red phone call” moment he couldn’t. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/02/opinio n/02dowd.html?_r=1&hp&oref=slogin

But Obama did. Her Iraq war vote. That was her test. She failed with flying colors. And she has the nerve to fearmonger on Obama about his experience! She can’t win on the merits so she’ll try anything, including winning by scaring people. She said that Obama is like Bush, and once again it’s the pot calling the kettle black.

Contrary to her claims, America doesn’t need experience like Hillary Clinton’s. Everything big Hillary Clinton has done has been a failure (except covering for Bill’s indiscretions, that is):

1. Health care non-reform in the early 1990s. Funny how she claims to be such an expert at this when she failed at it so badly that the crisis is still snowballing 15 years later!

2. Her support of Bush’s war in Iraq was a huge mistake. She picked up the red phone and said sure Mr. Bush, you can take us to war before the inspections process finished and before we finish our business in Afghanistan. Her mistake on Iraq extended way past her vote in her ongoing support for the war until November 2005, long after most Democratic politicians who voted for the war woke up to what was going on. Now she says Bush duped her. Nice spin. Last Fall, once again she voted for another warmongering Bush bill, this time against Iran. Is that the experience we need? Heck no!

3. Hillary Clinton’s current campaign is another example of her underperformance. The Clintons were the clear favorites. Yet they ran out of money. They had no plan B after not winning on Super Tuesday (reminds me of Iraq). She has had to fire a string of people for low blows and poor performance. They change their message every two weeks.

Obama, in contrast, has been level headed and steady in his positive message of bringing people together. He knows that the fight fight fight attitude will work no better than last time Hillary tried it at health care reform. Obama is tough, but knows how to use his toughness to lead rather than divide. He has fought and passed ethics reform in Washington, as well as transparency in government. He exposed the atrocities in health care for our veterans and passed laws to address it. Obama is the steady performer with better judgment who can get things done.

Posted by Duck Soup | Report as abusive

obama is no different than the cheap crap they sell on TV at 1AM in the morning. All glitter and no substance. Ironically like Kennedy obama will probably suffer the same demise.

Posted by RCB2875 | Report as abusive