McCain distances himself from evangelical pastor

February 29, 2008

rtr1xqmj.jpgROUND ROCK, Texas – John McCain on Friday distanced himself from evangelical leader John Hagee two days after the Republican presidential front-runner appeared with the controversial preacher to receive his endorsement.

“When he endorses me it does not mean that I endorse everything that he stands for,” McCain said at a news conference. “I don’t have to agree with everyone who endorses my candidacy.”

Hagee, who leads the 19,000-member Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, is best known for his unwavering support for Israel. In his books, he describes a blood-soaked apocalypse in which the anti-Christ turns out to be the head of the European Union.

Hagee has also written some not-so-nice things about the Catholic Church. In his latest book, “Jerusalem Countdown,” he accuses the Church of conspiring with Adolph Hitler to destroy the Jews.

McCain declined to comment when asked about Hagee’s writings on Wednesday.

But after several Catholic groups objected, McCain said he did not necessarily agree with some of Hagee’s more colorful opinions.

“I am very proud of Pastor John Hagee’s spiritual leadership to thousands of people and I am proud of his commitment to the independence and freedom of the state of Israel,” McCain said. “That does not mean I support or endorse or agree with some of the things that Pastor Hagee may have said nor positions he may have taken on other issues.”

We’ll see if Hagee appears at any events with McCain when the Arizona senator returns to San Antonio next week.

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Jessica Rinaldi (McCain during a town hall meeting.)


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Pastor Hagee,

Aren’t you glad you threw your support towards McCain, now? I know I am

Posted by Huckabee Supporter | Report as abusive

It seems there will be no Democrats for McCain after all…

Posted by MauricioSavarese | Report as abusive


Apparently, the “Politically Correct Hypocracy Has Far TOO -Much Bearing on TRUTH in The Matter of MEDIA, and ‘MEDIAS’ Expressing itself!

Therefore, it May Indicate that Some Facets of the Global Media is So INSECURE, It DEMANDS that Political Leaders and Civic Pundits WILL Conform to a Fear-Based Logic & Apparently,

the ‘ISLAMOFACISTS’ have won a Discive Victory in the Global Media. In turn, this could be due to their sordid Intimination Tactics and warped demeanors! SAD… Why don’t people stand –up to a NEO — COMMUNIST Left and (the alleged ‘Moderate’) as an AMERICA of the 50s’ & early 60s’Did! Not all Evangelical Pastors May Be Considered as “Periahs” or Pastors the like of “Father Conglin” a Catholic in the radio age of
the late 40s’! And even HE wasn’t Wrong ALL of the Time!

Hagee is a Good Man, He Love God, His Congregate, His Town of SAN ANTONIO TX., and his Country!
Hes’, Not Right ALL the Time …EITHER! However, you,I, or the “sainted,Absolute” Media aren’t Omniscient/omnipotent/or “RIGHT” all the Time …EITHER! Only The HOLY BIBLE IS RIGHT ALL the time! I For One Will Boast about its TOTAL Inerrancy — ANYTIME !! –30–

Posted by HERB SHANAFELT | Report as abusive

I can’t speak for others but I don’t like evangelicals because they seem to always be against rather than for. They support all wars. They spawned Bush and probably still support him. They consider themselves the chosen ones as do the radical Islamists who will kill for their beliefs. They are famous for their intolerance of others who do not believe as they do, just like the Islamist extremists. They do not understand democracy and push for legislation to support their faith to the exclusion of all others. They seem to be working towards a Theocracy in the United States and if successful I expect will continue to persecute those with slightly different beliefs and lifestyles as they do Homosexuals and other “sinners” now.

I applaud McCain’s diplomatic rejection of Hagee who appears to be a run of the mill angry evangical nutcase As with all hate groups evangicals need to be contained and thank God they are gradually losing favor with Republicans and the public at large.

Of course I just attracted a lot of people who will call me names and hate me.

Posted by Kelly La Rue | Report as abusive

During the nazi reign of terror, it was said of Pius XII: “Pius XII had understood that Hitler would not descend to pacts with anyone, that his madness was of the type that could explode in any direction, in the massacre of German Catholics or in the bombing of Rome, and he acted in the light of this knowledge. The Pope was like a person constrained to move in solitude among the lunatics of an insane asylum.” More at iew.cfm?recnum=1067

Posted by Just some protestant | Report as abusive