Huckabee backs McCain, but will his followers?

March 5, 2008

rtr1×9fr.jpgDALLAS – Former White House hopeful Mike Huckabee endorsed Sen. John McCain as he dropped out of the Republican presidential race on Tuesday night. But the million-dollar question is: will his network of evangelical supporters follow his lead?

Evangelicals not only lean heavily Republican, they are also among the party’s most energetic activists and Huckabee tapped networks that any GOP candidate could use in a close race.

The Huckabee machine included “homeschoolers” who volunteered for him in droves. The energy of those conservative Christians — who as their name suggests educate their children at home in part to shield them from the secular world — would be welcomed by the McCain camp.

Young conservative bloggers formed another part of Team Huckabee, getting the word out to Christian circles when he was still a relative unknown, and it will be of interest to see where this chattering class now tilts. 

As the Republican field narrowed, McCain picked up a larger share of the evangelical vote in the state-by-state nomination battles suggesting that he already has made inroads with this group.

But conservative Christian heavyweights such as James Dobson, founder and chairman of the advocacy group Focus on the Family, has already said that he won’t vote for McCain because of his support for stem-cell research and other positions that are beyond the Religious Right’s pale.

One thing is certain: this is an area that will be keenly watched. 

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McCain-Paul in 08?

Posted by odaravlaac | Report as abusive

How arrogant to assume McCain will automatically “inherit” Mike’s grassroots network! As an original member of Huck’s Army, and homeschool mom, let me assure you he will not!

Posted by Susan | Report as abusive

I never thought there would come a day when I would support someone like Ralph Nader, but that day has come. Has anyone asked themselves where McCains support suddenly appeared from last fall?? I was waiting for him to drop out of the race as his campaign was clearly on its last legs, and look where we are now. It wreaks of corruption. It seems that the current administration cherry picked McCain and has put its powerforce behind his candidacy. I tell you… I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but I will not support this man. Go Nader!

Posted by eCharleen | Report as abusive

Re: odaravlaac McCain-Paul in 08?
Interesting theory. It surely won’t be Pukeabee though. McCain and the Republican’t party would be shooting themselves in the foot.

Posted by kiber | Report as abusive

Conservative Christians oppose embrionic stem cell research, not all stem cell research. Please get the facts straight. BTW, I was a Huckabee supporter, I will not be voting for McCain.

Posted by Joni | Report as abusive

As a conservative I cannot stand behind Senator McCain. He will not get my vote. His values on human life and amnesty are not in line with most conservatives. His record in “serving the people” is dismal! John McCain has missed 271 votes (56.6%) during the current Congress. He has the worst record of all Senators. I am sure this is a strong indication of how he intends to serve the people as President.

Posted by A Real Conservative | Report as abusive

* Homeschoolers don’t “shield” their children from the secular world. They are teaching truth, while the rest of the sheeple just submit to a much larger world population control. Is anyone paying attention to who finances the AMA, the humanists (dominating schools’ policies), owns the textbook publishers, owns the newspapers? And owns Reuters and the AP?

*Second, I am one of those mislabeled as “evangelical” (a made up term created to purpose an ability to define them as kin to terrorists, bigots, and uneducated.) I will NOT be voting for McCain. Each human will explain each word to God on Judgement Day. Did you back one of evil’s workers?

Posted by Robert in California | Report as abusive

I think the GOP settled on a ‘Hafta’ (rhymes with NAFTA) strategy for the Republican Nomination from the get go.

At the first possible inkling of pro-Iraq-warmonger McCain as a front runner, the GOP closed ranks and annointed McCain the nominee, with the underlying premise being, “Republicans are going to ‘Hafta’ vote for McCain. Who else are they going to vote for, Obama or Clinton II?”

I foresee little support for McCain from Huckabee’s diehard evangelical supporters. I’m guessing they will write in Huckabee as a protest. That’s what I would do in their shoes.

Me, I am a Ron Paul supporter. From my perspective, Paul is the only credible candidate for president. The others, Democrats and Republicans, can all be lumped together in one mutant mass. If Ron Paul doesn’t get the Republican nomination, I WILL vote for either Obama or Clinton II (prefer Obama), to best use my vote to keep McCain out of the Oval Office.

Of the three, McCain is the worst of three evils.

Though only a Plan B candidate to me, frankly, I’d be interested in what Obama could do if I as a ‘coach’ sent him into the game as a 2nd-string replacement for a starter.

Posted by dom youngross | Report as abusive

I am a Christian conservative and Huckabee supporter. I will NOT vote for McCain in November unless Huckabee is VP. I will instead write in Huckabee on the ballot.

Why? I cannot compromise my beliefs and vote for McCain. If Huckabee were on the ticket, then I would feel more comfortable because he would have some influence over the direction of our country.
Also, the media and Republican Establishment have treated Mike Huckabee so unfairly. They have discounted him and grossly misrepresented his record as Governor and his plans for our country every single step of the way.

I now have absolutely no allegiance whatsoever to the Republican party because they disrupted the fair election process by trying to coronate McCain before the race was over. And, before that tried to shove Mitt Romney (a liberal in conservative clothing) down our throats. I’m sick and tired of the media, Washington, and corporate America trying to tell me how to vote and blatantly trying to destroy the campaign of the most decent, honorable, and principled man in the race- Mike Huckabee.

Mike Huckabee didn’t lose last night, the American people lost. And the saddest part about it is that most of them don’t know how much they’ve lost.

Posted by Michelle | Report as abusive

Ed Stoddard… what planet do you live on?

I don’t home school my for kids, but I still take offense at your statement that “The energy of those conservative Christians — who as their name suggests educate their children at home in part to shield them from the secular world — would be welcomed by the McCain camp.”

What exactly are you implying about “those conservative Christians”. Are you a bigot or what? You make them sound like the Jim Jones followers. They are not. They are simply people of strong faith. And to be honest, 50 years ago, most of these ‘conservative Christians’ would likely be considered very liberal. But they are obviously not to your liking, eh? Did it ever once occur to you that, perhaps, “those conservative Christians” are home schooling their kids because they live in areas where the public schools are lacking? And maybe they can’t afford a private school like others can because one of the parents has chosen to stay at home. I am fortunate enough to live in an area with good schools. Any Real Estate mogul will tell you that the school system is one of the primary drivers for parents deciding where to live. Why is that? Because parents are not stupid. They know that not all public education is up to snuff.

If parents live in an area with poor public education, basically have four choices. 1. Send their kids to a poor and perhaps dangerous school. 2. Try to pay for extremely expensive private schools. 3. MOVE. 4. Home schooling.

I’m guessing your vast knowledge of the public school systems qualifies you to make judgments on these families, right?

My wife was a public school teacher. Several of my friends are teachers. And they all FULLY UNDERSTAND AND SUPPORT parents who chose to forgo what are, in some instances, out of control public school systems where, in many instances, administrative incompetence and bureaucracy rule the day.

Further, you suggest they do this to ‘shield them from the secular world’? Are you kidding? So, they are sheltering them from the world by getting their families involved in a grass roots political process where their kids learn about the issues of the day and the political process?

Do you even read your own material before you print it?

Yes, you struck a nerve on this one. As long as we force a ‘one size fits all’ education system on our society, we’re gonna be stuck with a poor education for many, many children.

Your patronization of this segment of our population is fit for tabloid extremist journalism, but not for Reuters.

Posted by sc | Report as abusive

Hey eCharleen, your 4:19 pm post wasn’t up when I wrote my 4:54 pm post.

I know what you mean!!! In the same way you’re amazed that you now support Nader, I never even entertained the possibility of voting for Obama or Clinton II, before McCain.

It was fishy how McCain went from almost running out of money to campaign with in December 07 to then become the Republican’s annointed one!!!

Posted by dom youngross | Report as abusive

I can not back McCain, he is not conservative enough, nor has he proven he is for faith and family. No Huckabee, no voting for me.

Posted by Connie Hackler | Report as abusive

As a Huckabee Ranger who actively campaigned for Huckabee I am debating whether or not to join McCain. If John McCain selects Mike Huckabee as a running mate it would be much easier for him and he needs all the help he can get.

By the way, I am a junior in high school who has been homeschooled all my life. “Sheltering” is a completely innacurate term to describe the reasons parent homeschool. My parents are not “sheltering” me, they have chosen to teach me at home for various reasons. One of those reasons was so that I could get a better education. The school that I would attend were I not homeschooled is one of the best in the area, and their depth of content in appalling.

I am a conservative Christian and I am not going to let the Republican party override my conscience.

Posted by Bruce Walker | Report as abusive

Notice the headline reads: “Huckabee’s Followers” Rather than supporters.

I think you can divide up the Huckabee camp to fall in about the same pattern as all other conservative Republicans.

The only difference between Huckabee supporters and other conservatives is the latter never had the chance to hear, see, or read enough about Mike.

It’s true, most all Huckabee supporters just somehow stumbled onto this guy and next thing they new they were hooked “Ask Chuck Norris about that”. I’ll admit it, I stumbled over Mike while following up on smear videos from the Romney campaign. I plan to continue to support Mike Huckabee in any way I can but it’s not the man I believe in it’s the message and he strikes me as an honest messenger.


Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

I am — not “was” — I am a Mike Huckabee supporter and I cannot in any kind of good conscience vote for McCain. I will write in Huckabee and wait patiently for 2012 to arrive so that he can run again and win this time. His supporters are the best people I have ever come in contact with and, although I did not do half as much as any of them did for Mike, I am honored to be in their company.

I will write in Mike’s name very proudly on Election Day. There is no other vote I will cast. Huckabee is a good man and the American people who did not give him a chance have no idea what they lost.

There was absolutely no fair and balanced coverage of this primary. None.


Posted by Barb. K. | Report as abusive

It’s interesting to read some the comments here. They are extremely inconsistant. One one hand you have some saying they are a Christian and on the other hand they are insinuating that John McCain is more evil than Mike Huckabee. Go back and take a few classes on basic doctrines in Christianity. WE ARE ALL EVIL. Every single one of us. I sure I read somehwere that some said, “there is only one that is good, your Father in heaven.” who was that? Oh yeah JESUS. With all the finger-pointing and judgemental postures of the vast majority of today’s Christian church, no wonder we have a bad name in our culture. It’s one thing to disagree with someone repectfully…it’s anbother thing all together to declare them the harborer of evil as if ANY OF YOU could be a better canidate than John McCain. yeah…Labeling non-Christians “sheeple” thats productive. I thought WE as Christians were the sheep…or was Jesus wrong about that? If the Christian church cannot get rid of this self-rightious, holier-than-thou, “everyone has to agree with me”, attitude then we are in danger of becomeing like the Pharasies. Actually, many “Christian” organizations are already there. Can’t we just love people like Christ did? With compassion and ACTUAL effort not just say, “I love you and thats why I’m telling you how bad of a person you are” It’s sad I think. Lord, help us be like You.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Huckabee and his supporters are not simply “Evangelicals”. True, Mike and many of his supporters are proudly Evangelical, but referring to the group uniformly simply as “Evangelicals” appears to be a not-so-subtle attempt to pigeonhole a broader phenomenon. I hope Governor Huckabee will serve next in the Senate. I think serving in the Senate would help broaden the public’s perception of Governor Huckabee, making it more difficult to marginalize his future influence upon national politics.

Posted by Defoe | Report as abusive

I would have liked to have the chance to vote for Mike Huckabee in the Idaho Republican primary May 27. Unfortunately, I will not get that chance. My prayers are with Mike Huckabee. He’s a decent man. This seems rather unusual in American politics.

Chances are that Mike Huckabee will not be the vice presidential pick for John McCain’s running mate.

Thank you, Mike Huckabee for being an inspiration and a good sport. You had a good campaign and represented us well.

Congratulations, John McCain, for your friendship in the campaign. Though I disagree with you on several key issues, I respect you and your history of service to this nation. I do not dislike you. I just disagree on several issues.

Mike Huckabee spoke very well about unifying the Republican Party. Hearing him speak made me want to stay. But I will move on. The Constitution Party holds the most promise for me.

Keep up the good work, Mike Huckabee. Your support of the Republican Party nominee will certainly help to bring many of us to his aid. I will listen to you in respect, though I will follow my conscience in supporting the best candidate and the best party in each race.

Most importantly, your effort may boost social conservatives who run for public office.

Thanks again, Mike Huckabee, for fighting the good fight. I’ll see you around.

Now my focus will turn to the Constitution Party. The party convention is in mid-April. I still know little about the party, but what I do know, for the most part, I like.

I just made my first contribution to the Constitution Party.

I have long talked about the need for a third party. Now I am putting my money where my mouth is. Though I know little about this new party, what I have seen appears to represent the best of American ideals. These ideals are not found in the presidential candidates in either the Republican or Democrat parties in 2008.

The alternative vote is for the Constitution Party.

Posted by scottwww | Report as abusive

why would ron paul unite with paul. paul doesn’t not support the war. paul doesn’t support increased government spending. paul doesn’t support an all powerful federal government. paul does not support devaluing of the currency. mccain is the opposite on every one of those.

mccain-feingold (increased fed power)
supports expensive war (currency, government spending)
against tax cuts

mccain only selling point from his supporters is an emotional response of “he’s a war hero”. if that’s the case ill take colin powell.

Posted by jobe | Report as abusive

McCain is the only candidate I have seen in politics that isn’t a puppet. I don’t agree with everything he does but he does think and will change his opinion and actions based on circumstances. He tries to build consensus and real solutions to hard problems instead of shoving ideals down the throat of those who disagree.

I am sick of the “Christian Block” of voters blackmailing the Republican party. In their opinion if you aren’t a bible carrying, anti-woman rights, and anti-gay, you can’t be a Republican! When “their candidate” didn’t win, they storm off like a child who didn’t get his way.

McCain will have a better chance of winning if he embraces the center and independents than changing “who he is” to try and satisfy a group of people who-will-cut-off-their-nose-to-spite-the ir-face

Posted by FiscalConservative | Report as abusive

Huckabee has a definite likeablity factor and a “young soul” that McCain’s camp desperately needs. Plus, Huckabee’s supporters don’t just like their candidate, we love the guy!!! McCain needs this type of enthusiastic, loyal group to go to work for the Republicans or he will not win in November. Huckabee supporters will support McCain if Huckabee is on the ticket. We want our man in the White House. If he is on the McCain ticket we can wait 8 years. If not, we are hoping for 2012!!!

Posted by Linda Rayborn | Report as abusive

Hey John

Christ and the apostles WERE! Pharasies. Nice rant, you sound like Bill Clinton quoting scripture.

No classes on Christian Theology teach “WE ARE ALL EVIL”

“Can’t we just love people like Christ did?” good closer. You forgot when he took up the whip, hope McCain wouldn’t get offended by that, can anyone say ‘torture!!!!!’


Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

I cannot support McCain either. When he expands the war into other countries, he will bring down more hot coals on our heads. (taken out of context, I know).

I will “write in” the name of the only canditate who addresses the CAUSE of our problems and has solid plans to fix it. Ron Paul.

Posted by WillieMakeit | Report as abusive

This article reflects the very reason Mike Huckabee did not get the GOP nomination: the consistent media stereotyping and marginalization of his campaign.
I AM A DEDICATED HUCKABEE SUPPORTER. I am NOT a Christian conservative. I am not even a churchgoer. What I AM is someone who wants passage of the FairTax (the best plan for tax reform we’ll see in our lifetimes), NO amnesty for illegals, STRONG border security, a rejuvenation of America’s economy, preservation of Second Amendment rights, American sovereignty, and complete transparency in government spending.
What I AM is someone who wants a President with executive experience that reflects all levels of government, thus preparing him (or her) properly. What I AM is someone who wants a brilliant communicator who is capable of uniting and inspiring this country.
What I AM is someone who will never vote for McCain unless serious concessions are made on the issues listed above, preferably with Mike Huckabee as VP.
If the American people had looked beyond the “Baptist preacher” stereotype, they’d have seen Huckabee’s stands on the issues, and how much sense his ideas for the future of this country make. Instead, thanks to the image the media spoon fed us for months and their inattention to his campaign, we’re stuck with McCain, Hillary or Obama, none of whom bode well for ANY of the problems facing this country.

Posted by Beth | Report as abusive

The Huckabee supporters I spoke to say they will be shifting their support to RON PAUL. I was shocked but they explained that PAUL shared many of their views. They liked his stance on immigration, TAXES, and schooling.

So I too am supporting RON PAUL!!!

Posted by MJ | Report as abusive

I am a Huckabee supporter who will not be backing McCain unless he (for some reason) chooses Huckabee as VP. I want the the Fair Tax in place and the borders closed. Neither will ever happen without Huckabees voice.This whole primary process is flawed. I never even got a chance to cast my vote for Huckabee.

Posted by Sarah | Report as abusive

I backed Mike Huckabee, I will not vote for McCain, nor a Democrat, the media was very unfair in there support of McCain literally marking Huckabee out, first they supported Romney, when he couldn’t win, they switched to McCain, so much for fair, honest reporting, I feel this Country is in serious trouble with the Candidates we now have for 4 years, hopefully the next election will produce better.

Posted by Sue Bisse | Report as abusive

Would any of you that supported Mike Huckabee (I am a “Ranger” for Mike) be more inclined to support the Republican ticket if Mike was asked to be the vice president?

Posted by EuropeanTraveler | Report as abusive

Ed Stoddard,
I’m amazed how you along with most in the wires NEVER credit Huckabee’s support for the FAIRTAX not the support of Evangelical Christians! MILLIONS OF PEOPLE supported him on the basis of his stance on the Fairtax. Get it straight. Shame on you. I have added and excerpt of Neal’s Nuze below. Just this fact allowed him to tap into the a very large Libertarian base whom I closely align myself with.

This is an excerpt from Neal Boortz.

First … you’re going to hear that Huckabee won those Southern states because of evangelical Christians. That’s the easiest explanation for the media, so that is the one they will run with. Fact is that Romney, McCain and Huckabee pretty much split the evangelical vote evenly in Georgia. Perhaps there was some other factor working for Huckabee in this election.

Listening to CNN this morning I must have heard the words “conservative talk radio hosts” used a dozen times. The general line was that even though all of these conservative talk radio hosts “hate” John McCain, and were pushing their listeners to vote for Mitt Romney, it didn’t seem to do any good. Mike Huckabee still won the primaries in the South .. in Georgia and Alabama.

Funny … Here I thought I was actually pushing Huckabee yesterday. Then again, I’m not a conservative, I’m a libertarian. Besides … when the media talks about “conservative talk radio hosts” the list is two deep.

Back to this “hate” thing for a moment. They’re not going to change their tactics, so I just want to remind you that every time you hear someone in the media say that so-and-so “hates” someone, what they’re really saying is that so-and-so actually “disagrees” with the other party. “Hate” has become a synonym for “disagrees with.”


As I said above, the media is reporting that Huckabee won the South because of those pesky evangelical Christians. That’s somewhat hard to support considering the fact that Romney, McCain and Huckabee pretty much split that vote, at least in Georgia.

Could Huckabee’s support of the FairTax be a reason here? While that may be so, you sure aren’t going to see the media report it that way … not if they have something else, like evangelicals, to put the blame. Remember – the FairTax would bring a massive transfer of power from the government to the people. Transferring power from government to the people is a concept that you won’t find many liberals supporting; and if liberals don’t support the idea, you surely won’t find the mainstream media supporting it. The FairTax is a revolution that cannot depend on media support … or recognition, for that matter. tml

Posted by Fidel | Report as abusive

HELL, NO! MCCAIN WON’T GET MY VOTE! THAT SOB IS IN SORO’S POCKET- CHECK IT OUT! HE IS JUST ONE OF THE THREE LIBERAL CANDIDATES ON THE TICKET AND HE’S SET UP TO LOSE! WAKE UP AMERICA- THIS HAS ALL BEEN ABOUT GETTING HILLARY ELECTED- THE MERCURIAL RISE OF OBAMA wasn’t expected, but he is also slated to lose! Just wait and see! HILLARY KNOWS BECAUSE SHE HAS THE SUPER DELEGATES IN her POCKET. I think they set Obama up as a candidate thinking he would run against Hillary and get beat, and then he would be ‘allowed’ to be chosen as her VP; but, he started to get all the attention and I think he got a little too big for his britches and Hillary was pissed because the media wasn’t following the plan and was then playing Obama up and giving her negative pr! She had to call in her markers to make sure the plan was going as orchestrated. Think back- the next to the last debate: Hillary was on the defensive, she stated that no matter what happened she would be okay; she wore a look of intense resentment and her body language was that of someone who had been betrayed. Not by her supporters, but by Obama. Then something changed that restored her ego maniacal confidence. By the second debate, she had her old demeanor back; she was genuinely at ease! You can tell when Hillary is faking it and she was just too sure of herself from that time on. And if you noticed the change in Obama’s demeanor it was resolute, but he had a more despondent look as though he had relented to King Hillary! I think they offered him the Presidency in 2016 and it is my guess that after she wins the primary, she will ask Obama to be her running mate, (as planned) Then, the Canadian/NAFTA story was released, right after that and guess what… the media got back in line and started downplaying Obama and building up Hillary! Oh now she was gaining in the polls and the 24 hr question was now “What if Hillary pulls this off?” Not, “Hillary can’t win!” Hillary this and Hillary that and guess what? The outcome went as planned! Now Obama, even though he knows the outcome is already planned, (the fix is in) keeps on campaigning, looking very Presidential, addressing McCain as if he is really going to be in a race against him! What a laugh! McCain also knows he is not going to be the next President, that’s why he is just going through the motions! We Americans are being played like a drum, people! When are we going to wake up? Republicans and Democrats alike-do you really just want to be puppets of billionaires and special interests like Soros, being manipulated into believing and acquiesing to their goal of molding America into their image? Are your heads buried in the sand so deep that you don’t realize how corrupt these people are? We are a Republic and must remain so! America needs the values and principles that this country was founded on to remain intact. If we keep letting our rights and freedoms be subtly infringed upon and taken away, if we allow evil people to turn the country against Christians, and against Israel, this country, the great United States of America will be no more! Don’t you see? They want to auction it off to the highest bidder! There won’t be an Arizona, Florida, Montana, Texas or a California. We won’t have our country or our freedom and it could be the North American Arab States! You don’t think it could happen? Clinton, Obama and gutless, ‘Songbird’ McCain, the ‘bought off’ media and the elitists in Washington want to change America, starting with Socialism and then who knows? The President can sign treaties with foreign nations without the consent of the people that can give away our sovereignty!
Wake up – you sleeping Giant! Wake up!

Posted by T.Barnes | Report as abusive


Yea ho!!!

If Mike keeps his promises who would say no?


Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

I cannot support McCain. I still am a Huckabee supporter. It has become clear to me that the Republican party has used Christian conservatives to get their vote. We are a Big voice and we will not be silenced. We all must stand up for Christian values. It has also become apparent to me that the right wing cares little about Christian values. They did nothing to help Huckabee. Huckabee’s campaign made me realize that it I must be more involved. I will stand up for my convictions. If I don’t have a choice then I will not vote or else write someone in.

Posted by di | Report as abusive

My husband and I decided to write in Mr. Huckabee’s name on the ballots. McCain is not totally pro-life so he will not get our votes.

Posted by Maria | Report as abusive

I am an academic and a Christian. My children go to public school. I voted for Huckabee. I am a conservative first and a republican second.

Reuters and the rest of the media boxed and quarantined Huckabee as the “evangelical candidate” and ignored his message.

McCain is a bitter pill to swallow. Only Huck will sweeten Mac. If Huck is not the VP candidate, my wife and I will take the general election day off to pray for God’s grace to live with a second Clinton administration or an Obama administration.

Posted by Sid | Report as abusive

Nope..won’t be voting for way, no how.I will continue to support Mike Huckabee, until I write him in on the ballot in November.Can’t hurt to dream.Can’t support a man who wouldn’t give us the debate, that thousands of us asked for..Sure doesn’t bother him to ask us for our support though does it.heh..stand your ground folks.
For the record,I am just a regular jane..don’t call myself a Christian,although I do believe..I voted for Mike because he is REAL people..not someone with a plastered on smile,that never seems to reach his eyes (like McCain).

Posted by Rita | Report as abusive

There is only 1 way for Mccain to get my vote:

Huckabee as his running mate.

I will vote mccain for Huckabee if he is on the ticket, otherwise forget it McCain. You will not get our support.

Posted by Dan Campbell | Report as abusive


Posted by mark | Report as abusive

McCain????!!!! You’ve GOT to be kidding! If we once again compromise our conservative vote, we will once again get a compromising president. Even more so with McCain! Read this: php?p=3817#post3817

The Republican Party has jumped off its platform. ALAN KEYES will be going third party. Keep an eye on the website:

Posted by Katrinka Yobotz | Report as abusive

John McCain will not get my vote; he has stated that he will leave Roe v. Wade as it is. He doesn’t want it overturned, so where are his real convictions? And what kind of judges will he appoint? I also don’t want a man for President who has such little regard for morality that he had adulterous affairs while still married to his first wife;(who by the way, waited for him the whole time he was in Vietnam, and was disabled in a car accident while he was there. But John McCain didn’t want her anymore after that.) He had numerous exploits and started an affair with the daughter of a rich beer magnate, then divorced his wife and married, his now current wife, a month later! That is not the morals of a man who should be a role model and leader of our country! He may think he has our support, but he is badly mistaken! Look at the numbers, Mr. McCain. There were big percentages of the votes that you didn’t get! And without us, YOU CAN’T WIN!

Posted by Karen | Report as abusive

I am a Huckabee supporter. I have never gotten involved in politics before, but i consistently supported his campaign financially.

I have voted Republican for years, but the party has lost me with their treatment of Mike Huckabee during the primary season. The only way I will vote for McCain is is he picks Huckabee as his VP.

Otherwise, someone else will get my vote, and Huckabee will get my fervent support for 2012.

The media needs to wake up, the real story on Huckabee, which they completely missed, was his ability to attract and inspire regular people who never felt any real connection to big money politics before. He reawakened a political consciousness among conservative people that really care about the USA.

The other story is the unveiling of the corruption of most media outlets, particularly FOX and several conservative radio hosts. Those of us who passively listened before, are now voting with the remote and the dial, turning off their arrogant voices, and finally starting to think for ourselves.

If you spent the time to really explore Mike Huckabee, you would have become a supporter also. There you have it.

Posted by Mary Lou | Report as abusive

I will back McCain if Huckabee is the VP.

Posted by cons3rvative | Report as abusive

Remember the ALAMO!!!


Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

I agree with the majority of the commentators here and will not support John McCain, unless Mike Huckabee is on the ticket as V.P.
This Primary has taught many that we the people beleivd we had a free election, but all that happened is the Candidates that will keep the Washington machine alive were pushed through. We finally met a man who believes Government should serve the people, instead of the people serving the government. A miracle did happen, for the first time in my life, I witnessed Hope come back to America and that can’t die. We the people, of the United States, will no longer settle for politicians to lead us, but from now on will only vote for true leaders with a heart to serve the people. My vote will remain with Mike Huckabee until he becomes the next President of the United States.

Posted by Olga H | Report as abusive

Senator McCain would do well not to ignore the 32%of the Republican Party who voted for Mike Huckabee, against Media and Political endorsements. He already proved himself to know how to do a lot on a shoe string budget. Just think if the GOP and all their glamorous governers and Senators had thrown Mike Huckabee some bones.

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I am a Conservative Republican and I will not support McCain the way our family supported Huckabee…

It is too bad that the GOP party doesnt want to see our party to stand for the issues we value as Republican….and the way Huckabee reach to the young Republican and voters really made Huckabee the one should’ve been or Nominee…

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Member of Huck’s Army, a christian, & a radical right wing member of the GOP (as is most every member of the GOP as compared to the standard bearer, the self-proclaimed “Consvervative Liberal”, party nominee McCain.)
I will not vote McCain because he has tried to curtail American citizens 1st & 2nd ammendment rights. As a member of the Gang of 14, he tried to block Bush’s tax cuts. He was callous in his proposal and backing of the Senate Select Committe on POW & MIA Affairs. He favored the Kyoto Protocol and co-sponsored the balonified Liberman-McCain Climate Stewardship Act. He embraced the Kennedy-Edwards-McCain Reimportation of Drugs bill. He is pro Roe v. Wade, which is document out of his own mouth on a TV clip available on YouTube. The Kennedy-McCain amnesty bill rewards not only illegal behavior and disregard for the law of this land, but it FAVORED illegal over American citizens.
He has proven himself willing, eager and proud to reach across to the Democrats. Likewise, he has proven himself to distain constituents of the party inwhich he is suppose to REPRESENT. This “hetrodox maverick” is not afraid to condensendingly tell citizens of his party to “shut your political pie-hole” or to “calm down”. Now, he says “friend” let’s come together, unite for the party’s sake, and vote for me. Fat chance. McCain did more than ignore his base, he spit in her face.
He has a well known temper. Why should I want that man in charge of the red alert button? He keeps pissing off conservatives, and gerrymandering to/with liberals. He is in my opinion egregious, condescending, and arrogant.
I will vote in November, but not for any of the top 3 dogs in the presidential race.

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To: Jim says:
March 5th, 2008 at 5:53 pm GMT

I totally agree w/ you about getting ‘hooked’ on Huckabee by accident. I stumbled on Huckabee during the SC debate. I thought you know, I better watch this debate so I know who I should vote for. I knew immediately I liked Mike. He was articulate, caring, passionate, clear, funny, & defintely had a game plan. I was ‘hooked’ from there on out…I started doing my own research. I’m sooo thankful that I did because the Conservative Talk Shows were misleading people about Romney (he is truly a flip-flopper). And the MSM was misleading people regarding McCain… if people would do their research they would know this man is NOT good for America!

Huckabee was my choice from the first. And he will continue to be my choice. I truly do not know if I can support McCain….I just don’t know if I can in all good conscience vote for this man.

I am truly grieved for our Nation that they did not clearly see that Huckabee is the answer for America.

We love Mike & will support him in 2012!! We have not seen the last of him!

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Vote for McCain??? …uh….NO THANKS!

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I just heard Mike Huckabee on the Larry King show. Mike Huckabee sure does have class. That is why his supporters LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

While Mike has pledged to support McCain, and he just did on Larry King… I’m sorry, My Husband and I cannot and will not support John McCain. Yep, Mike is right, no one is perfect but a vote for McCain, sorry to say this (Mike is wrong on this one) is a vote for Hillary Clinton and Obama. There is no difference between them.

The main reason we will not be supporting John McCain is because of the Keating 5 scandal. McCain is a crook, thief. What about the Americans that lost it all because of the Savings and Loan scandal? McCain has many other scandals in his closet that will all come out in this election.

I want to congratulate the Democrat Party right now. They will win in November. Its gonna be pretty ugly too. McCain will lose by a landslide that will be for the record books. Can anybody spell ‘Guinese’ (oops, I cant but you know what I mean)

We, my Husband and I, pledged a long time ago that if Mike did not get the nod, we would be writing Mike Huckabee in come November. The GOP media elitists and Liberal part of our party, greedy biggots, will never take my vote for granted ever again, we will not let them. They continue to do it, then they will continue to lose my vote. Give me liberty or give me death. My Party has LEFT me.

The way they treated Mike Huckabee has left my Husband and I numb. I used to be a huge fan of Fox News. That has come to an end as well. I hope they are satisfied with their nominee. He wont make it for them. Newt said one word that stood out to us and we knew it was a comin…
CATASTROPHY…FOR THE GOP. Blinded by greed and biggotry is their undoing. That blindness made them uncapable of seeing Mike Huckabee and the real conservative of this race that he is and will continue to be.

I did have the honor of voting for Mike here in the Primary here in Ohio. I weep for WE THE PEOPLE of the other states that were waiting to vote for Mike too. They now think that they cannot BUT THEY CAN. Mike will still be on those ballots. All the other GOP candidates that dropped out of the race (Giuliani, Romney, Thompson, etc…they were on the Ohio Primary Ballot too. So, Mike will be on those other ballots. They will not have enough time or money to take Him off those ballots, they usually dont anyway. ANYWAY MY POINT BEING…MIKE HUCKABEE SUPPORTERS THAT WANT TO VOTE FOR HIM IN THEIR PRIMARIES AND THINK THEY NOW CANT, WELL THINK AGAIN. SEND A LOUD MESSAGE TO THE GOP. THEY CANNOT TAKE US FOR GRANTED ANYMORE. GO TO YOUR POLLS AND VOTE AND VOTE ONLY FOR MIKE HUCKABEE. SEND A MESSAGE FOLKS. IF YOU DON’T THEY WILL CONTINUE TO DO THIS TO WE THE PEOPLE.

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What is remarkable about Mike Huckabee is that even to the end with all of the media mocking him and drumming the ‘NO mathematical possibility’ Line ‘lie…McCain still does not have the delegates needed’, ad-nausium for weeks following Super-Tuesday contests, he not only finished the race but finished it with 34% support in ‘Nation wide polls’ compared to John McCains 56%.

In states that had already held primaries as well as those that unfortunately had no voice, Huckabee had a third of the people pulling for him over McCain’s less than 2/3. Note nationwide polls include the East and West Coast that are not players in the Republican plan and skew the final percentages greatly.

These were people who had already been told time and time again to just drop it ‘it’s all over now go home!’

I think he still holds the same numbers today because his supporters ‘I am one Myself’ respect his vision to ‘never give up until the bell rings.’



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Now that McCain has secured the needed delegates, and Mike Huckabee has endorsed him; people in remaining States can feel free to vote for Mike and still fully support the GOP!!!


Please be encouraged to continue to show your support for Mike by carrying MISSISSIPPI!!!

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I still stand by my 2 pledges to VOTE ONLY FOR MIKE HUCKABEE and to Vote Only For a Pro-Life Candidate.

I will be voting for Mike Huckabee in June (Montana)and again in November.

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In the almost 46 years I been in this country, never seen primaries like the ones in 2007-2008.

The Republican Party much to their shame has installed a person as their candidate that does not represent what The Party used to be…..good contrast to a sick Democratic Party.

But today, unfortunately our party is not much different in integrity to the Democratic Party and that is mainly why their leaders set up McCain as their candidate.

The end result of this sad state of affairs is that a very harmful to the country person is going to be elected president in November with a landslide which probably will equal the Johnson-Goldwater debacle.

Y will write in Huckabee as I will not let my conscience to be controlled by the lesser of two evil lie.

The lesser of two evils is evil.

This is easy to discern whether you are a Cristian or not.

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