Ohio exit poll uncovers more evangelical Democrats

March 7, 2008

DALLAS – Another exit poll has uncovered more evangelical Democrats and indicates that their agenda seems to be moving beyond the “God, Guns and Gays” focus of the Religious Right’s old culture warriors.

An exit poll commisioned after Ohio’s Tuesday primary by Faith in Public Life, the Center for American Progress Action Fund and Sojourners asked both Republicans and Democrats if they were evangelical or born-again Christian. Almost all other polls have only asked this of Republican primary voters as this group is widely regarded as a key base for the GOP.

The poll, conducted by Zogby International, found that 43 percent of white evangelical Ohio primary voters took part in the Democratic primary and 57 percent in the Republican one.

Other national polls still show over 60 percent of white evangelicals firmly in the Republican camp but analysts have said they do not expect them to play quite the same role in this November’s election as they did in the 2004 White House race, when by some estimates  around 78 percent of those who cast ballots did so for President George W. Bush.

The Tuesday poll also found that 42 percent of Ohio’s white evangelical voters ranked jobs and the economy as the most important issue area in deciding how to vote versus 14 percent who ranked abortion and same-sex marriage as the most important issue.

Such a finding may not be surprising in a Rust Belt state like Ohio, which has been shedding manufacturing and other jobs.  But the poll also found that 54 percent of white evangelical primary voters surveyed wanted a broader agenda such as ending poverty and protecting the environment.

The poll had a fairly wide margin of error of 5 percentage points.

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Oh God not the evangelicals! No wonder Hillary won. Arent these the same enlightened people who brought the country 8 years of George Bush and ushering in this lovely 25 year conservative movement that equates to only “whats in it for me?” and that special “your not like me so God hates you brand of bigotry!”

Please…stay with the republicans! I dont want your hatred in my party.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

Robert apparently confuses Evangelicals with the Religious Right.

The Religious Right is a socially conservative political movement, some of whose leaders are ministers. Evangelicals are a diverse segment of Christians who are typically theologically conservative. These are overlapping groups, but they are far from the same thing.

An increasing number of moderate Evangelicals have been coming to the forefront in recent years–two of the better known ones are Rick Warren and Jim Wallis. They have helped to significantly broaden the agenda that Evangelicals are interested in when engaged in politics these days. Robert needs to broaden his education.

Many Democrats are realizing that previous candidates for national office in their party made significant mistakes by writting off the Evangelicals and the Catholics. Clinton and Obama are both working to reverse that stupid approach.

Posted by Asinus Gravis | Report as abusive

I think this is actually interesting.

While “separation of church and state” seems to be a token catch phrase amongst we Americans the depressing fact is that campaigns have to factor in those who vote with what ever religion, be it self-righteous or not, they choose. Honestly it carries an oxymoronic tone like “Jews for Jesus” to me. Even more interesting is the truth amongst the Protestants, Fundamentalists, Puritanical Christians & etc. is that they are all spin-offs of the Catholic Church who are the masters of creating a governed religion completely maintained by instilling fear in their flock.

Anything sound remotely familiar?

Posted by reality based | Report as abusive