Clinton heads to Michigan to press case for re-vote

March 19, 2008

WESTCHESTER, New York – Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has made a last-minute change to her campaign schedule, adding a stop in Michigan on Wednesday to push lawmakers to organize a re-do of the state’s primary election.

The New York senator’s campaign decided late on Tuesday to add a stop in Michigan so she can push for the re-run, a move that could help her presidential bid.rtr1rrob.jpg

Michigan Democratic Party leaders said earlier a proposal to redo the primary in June was stalled and unlikely to be approved before a deadline this week.

Opposition from lawmakers backing Illinois Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign seemed certain to scuttle any proposal.

So Clinton is going to Detroit, where she will hold a morning event to draw attention to the cause.

“She wants to press the case that every vote should count, that the people of Michigan should be a part of this process, that no one should be disenfranchised,” a spokesman said.

“Senator Obama is standing in the way of that opportunity,” he said.

Clinton won Michigan’s Jan. 15 primary, which had been moved up earlier in the year despite party rules forbidding the early date.

Obama removed his name from the ballot and neither candidate actively campaigned in the state.

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Rebecca Cook (Supporters for both candidates rally in Detroit last year.)


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We cannot hold one person accountable for another’s views or actions the same as we cannot for anothter’s thoughts. I will continue to support Obama because of his views and comments just like any true supporter would.

Posted by Redell McGirt Jr. | Report as abusive

Let’s remember that the Rev is a LEADER with FOLLOWERS (one of which is Obama) and that he TEACHES his beliefs TO his followers. If one continues to follow and believe, that is thier CHOICE as an American. I CHOOSE not to trust someone because of their beliefs that they are taught.

Posted by Previously Supportive | Report as abusive

this is said dayin michigan!

Posted by judi | Report as abusive

You can’t have a redo of all the people. You get one vote and don’t get a chance to change it when its over.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

Look, Michigan democratic leaders knew the rules when they changed the date. Shame on them. You can’t have a revote and let people change their minds. I got 1 vote and now with I could change, but I can’t. tough luck michgan democrats, but your party screwed up.

Posted by Joey | Report as abusive

Elected officials behavior should NEVER take away the rights
of the citizens. Anything other than that is bull.

Get rid of the political ideas people.

Posted by Kathy | Report as abusive

I live in Florida and I want my vote to count. Since both candidates were on the ballot, use the results of the votes and give the delegates to the candidates.

With regards to Michigan, just put out a ballot with Obama’s name on it and let people that want to vote for him. Then give both candidates the delagates they deserve.

This is an easy solution to a very complicated situation.

Posted by Patty | Report as abusive

A quote from Senator Clinton:

“It’s clear, this election they’re having is not going to count for anything,” Clinton said Thursday during an interview on New Hampshire Public Radio’s call-in program, “The Exchange.” “But I just personally did not want to set up a situation where the Republicans are going to be campaigning between now and whenever, and then after the nomination, we have to go in and repair the damage to be ready to win Michigan in 2008.”

When she was the presumptive nominee of the party, counting the Democratic votes in Michigan mattered little.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

This so very typical of Clinton and many “inside the beltway” politicians today…she knew the rules before the primaries…Michigan knew the consequences of holding an early primary…now she wants to change the rules because her campaign may depend on the outcome! Is this what we call leadership? Change the rules when the going gets tough? Give us all a break Hillary! Go back home and bake your cookies!!!!

Posted by bluehen80 | Report as abusive

The Reuters poll was off (Wrong) because they only polled democrats, well guess what, Independents and republicans like Obama better. We are also very much agenst the media putting her up front and photos of her only, and only bad press for Obama and nothing of his message.

We need line item veto in Washington. Governors have it, why not the president? Those that say it would change the balance of power should think of some limits that could be put in place so we can get this DONE!

Posted by Robert Preston | Report as abusive

for more on the impact of the war on this campaign…and where each of the candidates really stands…please link below: -war-stu.html

Posted by tom abrahams | Report as abusive

I think people need to understand that the war in Iraq and the economic struggle we are facing are linked tightly together. I saw the amount that we will eventually face helping Iraq(40 trillion dollars)isn’t this sad! Meanwhile 900,000 americans are losing their homes and jobs. This is why the issue of iraq is so important. We need to face reality and be angry at the fact that the people we trusted with our money has selfishly taken it and will not give us any truth as to why. Americans are searching for honesty. The are searching for unity, the want a president to acknowledge their struggles and bring all of us together to fix these problems. Stay strong Barack.

Posted by Melynda | Report as abusive

does it matter who wins the economy is beyond repair bad trade deals we need a balance of trade not free trade and should not trade with china at all.

Posted by clyde greathouse | Report as abusive

“This is a crucial test [for Obama] — does he mean what he says or not?” 3/20 HRClinton

Perhaps Hillary has developed Alzheimers…back when the NH primary was in full swing, she stated that the MI vote “wouldn’t count”….how do you explain this OBVIOUS CONTRADICTION, Mrs. Clinton????????? Maybe WE, THE PEOPLE should be asking YOU if YOU mean what you say or not??

Posted by Dick / NH | Report as abusive

To Kathy in Florida (3/19):
I think you folks in Florida should get your act together & learn (understand) that RULES are RULES….you don’t change them in the middle of the game!!! I think your state has screwed things up just once too often!!!

Posted by Dick / NH | Report as abusive

Hilliary is a risky gambler, whom in the past has proved to the American people that once she loses or don’t get her way that she will stoop as low as to lose her dignity just to prove a point. She has resulted to the lowest common denominator as a result of her own schemes tending to constantly backfire on her. How she has continued to represent and humiliate America is a part of Hilliary’s political ability that degrades herself and show little respect for the American people. She needs to exit the political scene and leave well enough alone. She has no organizational skills, no unity abilities, yet a lot of angry outbursts and schemes to further distort, and leave America further outback then it is already. With the help of the distorted media’s views anchored in the midst of her ignorance, she tends to continue in all efforts to exercise her devalued ideas causing her own self destruction not to mention the further destruction of America at any cost. How can she enforce anything for the good of America when in retrospect she can’t maintain her own self respect. It is quite appalling, and unethical that she continues in this manner and ignorance to shame America. If we the American people acted out in our endeavors as she does, we would probably be charged with a criminal charge against our country. Our future generations don’t need this negativity to advance into the future stimulating from such actions displayed by a figure of her confusing status. It only shows the American people that everything wrong is right and everything right is apparently wrong. That in itself contributes to light that that is some of the reason as to why America is where it is now-no where. She honestly needs to pack her luggage, save her drama and bail out because apparently after throwing out the kitchen sink and working on the throwing the toilet at Obama, she left the kitchen stove in it’s place. Her campaige is at the epoch in the house of appliances concerning the stove, but I think she’s aware that if she plays (touches the stove) with fire sooner or later you are bound to get burnt.

Posted by Nisey01 | Report as abusive

What Hilliary could do instead of heading back to Michigan on a request for a revote is to simply give Monica Lewinsky a call (please not 3 in the morning) for assistance in this matter, because she proved to have helped Bill when he was in need of assistance at a undecided moment. What’s good for the goose may well in this case prove to be good for the gander. Don’t be surprised if Monica tells Hilliary to take a hike. At that request, I would reiterate the fact to Hilliary, must be that good ole saying girlfriend ‘that if you play with fire, trust, you will soon get burnt‘.

Posted by Shelia | Report as abusive

Apparently, Hilliary is experiencing mixed emotions concerning this matter. However, it would be advisable to suggest that she seeks medical attention and counseling due to her escalating mind tendencies in dealing with reality because she appears to have loss of memory and focus which is something that shouldn’t be tolerated when dealing with the truth of reality. Just as she has exploited the taxpayer’s dollars to forward her corrupt campaige , take those same dollars and get her some help that she may be able to help anyone. Hilliary has proven to be her own downfall, but why allow her to be your downfall?

Posted by Shelia | Report as abusive

Apparently, Hilliary needs a crutch for her broken mind. She doens’t need to backtrack to move forward. Backtracking to her tends to be a norm for her, that is obsolete, try backtracking on the computer which in reality an upgrade is what you actually needs. An upgrade is what Obama is suggesting, so pick your choice or let your outdated comp pick it.

Posted by Nisey01 | Report as abusive

Hilliary says no one should be disenfranchised, yet that has been her best asset throughout this entire elction. She has is the numero uno for disenfrancishment. Oh boy, what next? More lies overway…WATCH OUT, AMERICA!

Posted by sEAN | Report as abusive

To Previously Supportive,

Just as you have made a choice to not follow, that is exactly what Obama did, made a choice not to follow…no difference. We all have the right to make choices. However, your mentality is that of Hilliary, maybe you need to take time out , because you appears to be as confused as she is. Don’t allow someone’s else state of confusion cause you too lose your focus. Read what you wrote, both of you made a choice, does that mean that your choice is any more effective in expose to Obama’s choice? Be real to yourself and stay focus in all that you do. Take care.

Posted by sEAN | Report as abusive

Once again, Hilliary’s foul play is back in play. Is there anything that she can do that is right. She is teaching the American people how to deviate away from the norm, the expected and legal expertise of playing the system from her stance, yet if we did half the things that she has shown us, we would certainly accumulate a charge, no doubt. A criminal in their own act teaching the people, it’s okay, I did it and it worked. Her entire campaige should be sanctioned, dismissed , rejected and denounced. It’s sad and shameful, and its exploitation of corrupt doings should be banned due to the fact that we the American people deserve more respect than that for our country, especially from Hilliary whom claims to have had 35 years of experience which the numbers have proved to be a lie as does her entire campaige.

Posted by sEAN | Report as abusive

Governor Howard Dean, Chair, of the Democratic National Commitee says,”Election by election, state by state, precinct by precinct, door by door, vote by vote…we’re going to lift our party up and take this country back for the people who built it”. Well, we’ll see if he really meant that. Let all the people vote, that is there choice, not the goverment officals who run the states of Florida & Michigan.

Posted by Cyd | Report as abusive

I dun think Obama and Hillary are both very experience in Foreign Policy. No President is experience in everything. That is why they have ”ADVISORS”. Bill Clinton was good with the economy and George Bush was good at reversing that….so you see they all have special talents. The question is which are more important to voters. Hillary Clinton will carry on with social issues while Obama will inspire America untill he bores them to death. The other issues will be left up to their choices of “ADVISORS”. I am not to sure how Hillary fares in this (it remains to be seen)…but one think is clear and obvious is that Obama will rate poorly in this (so much for having good judgement). His choice of former Clinton (Bill) Advisors (note that these are advisors that Bill replaced after giving him bad advice) and his spiritual guidance leader Rev Wright , is really something voters should be concerned about.

Posted by BigD | Report as abusive

Jeff Mason and the rest of the mainstream media are living in a fantasy world. It is statistically nearly impossible.

Clinton must win 60 percent of ALL the remaining contests, and she’s going to lose Oregon and North Carolina for sure. Here is a great analysis: 8/9149_Page2.html

Mainstream media hacks like Jeff Mason are simply keeping this race neck-and-neck to sell papers and get ratings.

Wake up SHEEPLE and demand hacks like Mason turn in their pen.

Posted by JustSayin | Report as abusive

I am currently under sniper fire, so my comment will be brief. Both candidates agreed early on to abide by the decision of the DNC and not participate in primaries in those two states. Just because HRC is in desperate need of votes is no reason to change the rules mid-stream. Frankly, I have decided that I cannot vote for someone who lies on their resume.

Posted by deborah wilks | Report as abusive

there she goes again..She never admits when she does
wrong. she was misled into voting for war she says, and now shes been misled by her memory ? She is a fighter and just like good ole Bill she is a LIAR

Posted by joe ombima | Report as abusive

You Obama supporters should not talk about liars. Obama said he received 100,000 from Rezko and just recently (even though he will not answer questions about it) he stated it was actually a lot more then that. He said hee parents meet over the march in Selma, even though he was already born.

This revote is not about Hillary, it is about the democratic party. They can not win without Michigan and Florida voting for them in November. Also, for people who pretend they understand the subject, florida had no choice to move it up because the Republican controlled congress change the date and they did not have enough money to hold primaries on 2 seperate dates.

Posted by Nicole Ryan | Report as abusive

first off, Hillary should not blame obama for Michigan and Florida
She accepted that those votes won’t count. she knew the DNC rules. Should the rules be turned around because Madame Clinton is losing?
why didnt she advocate for it earlier if she champions the voice of the people as she porttrays herself.
all the people of Michigan and Floridians knew the rules and most who advocate are Clintons supporters
do you think things would have been the same if Obama was
hillary is such a flip flopper you can also track her records thr
the war decision, -she advoctes against it but refuses to apologise
Nafta – out right denies her involvement contrary to evidence
she advocated for and later against immigrant driver license in ny

Posted by joe ombima | Report as abusive