Obama picks his basketball Final Four

March 20, 2008

  CHARLESTON, W.Va. – For many U.S. sports fans, March is the time to obsess over men’s college basketball and the science of “bracketology,” in which fans predict the winner of each game in the 64-team, end-of-season tournament. 

For others, of course, bracketology remains a mystery.
U.S. Sen. Barack Obama released his “brackets” on Thursday, reinforcing his credentials as a regular, sports-lovin’ guy who shoots hoops in his spare time on the campaign trail as he runs for the Democratic nomination for U.S. president.

According to Obama, expect North Carolina, Kansas, Pittsburgh and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), to reach the final four as semi-finalists.

Team Obama even put his complete picks on its Web site.

Students of politics and sport might note that two of the teams Obama selected are in states yet to vote and polls put him slightly ahead of his rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton, in North Carolina, the team he picked to beat UCLA in the final.

But there’s another set of brackets in which Obama has an interest.

The Democratic nominee will face presumptive Republican nominee John McCain in November’s general election and at a sports bar in Charleston, West Virginia, Obama outlined a potential November match-up on a supporter’s bracketology card.

“I put McCain on one side, Obama on the other in the final,” he said, adding: “Obama wins it.”

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– Photo credit: Reuters/John Sommers II (Obama speaks to supporters during a  campaign stop in Charleston, West Virginia)


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and here are mccain’s picks too…

http://thevote.abc13.com/2008/03/beat-jo hn-mccai.html

Posted by tom abrahams | Report as abusive

It’s amazing how this governor endorses a candidate who already won in his state. Typical idiot! Mr. Richardson…you are the first Hispanic I know to be a total moron.
Just like the Kennedys who endoresed Obama before Super Tuesday. Their candidate lost in Massachussets!
I hope the slap in their ugly faces wasn’t to painful.

Posted by Edra Zeba | Report as abusive

I definitely would not hire someone who’s followers are inspired to poster Edra Zeba’s comment. Rude and ignorant.

Posted by mary CA | Report as abusive

My question is, how can Barak Obama be a Christian, but yet support abortion and gay marraige? Being a Christian myself, that goes completely against what the bible teaches.

Posted by Dan Rathbun | Report as abusive

I’m christian, but I believe supporting abortion and gay marriage is actually participating in it. It is not a true christians right to judge people. I think that God will judge us as individuals. Everyone needs to get themselves together for that. For those who chose not too I still love them because that’s what the word of God teaches us, to love. If I don’t like or support something, I do not participate in it. Everyone needs to stop being so judgeMENTAL of other and worry about their own souls. Notice the word mental embedded in judgemental. That’s why the world is so crazy now, because everyone spends so much time tearing the next person, race, group, and country down. Instead of loving and lifting up for the greater good of humanity, while it lasts.

Posted by Shon | Report as abusive

Hope he’s better at picking teams than ministers.

Posted by Ava | Report as abusive

Whoops! MSU beat PITT. Once again Obama failed to consider the state of Michigan. Seriously, why isn’t there more outrage over the disenfranchising of the Democratic voters in MI by Obama. We could of had a revote if his campaign would have supported it. “Change” he says, “Just don’t change the date of the Primary in MI and FL.”

Posted by Derek | Report as abusive