For Romney, no fear of “goofing up” as he joins McCain

March 28, 2008

DENVER, Colo. – Mitt Romney , until a few weeks ago Sen. John McCain’s rival in a sometimes bitter contest for the Republican Party presidential nomination, says getting back on the campaign trail with the presumptive nominee is fun.

Romney traded blows with McCain for several weeks earlier this year before dropping out of the race and conceding defeat after losing crucial prromney.jpgimary contests on Super Tuesday on Feb. 5.

With past battles behind them, Romney joined the Arizona senator in Salt Lake City, Utah, at a fund-raising event on Thursday, and then flew with him to Denver, Colorado.

“It’s a lot of fun again. It’s nice not to feel any pressure at all, I don’t have to worry about goofing up,” he told reporters on the flight over the Rocky Mountains.

“I can just stand behind the nominee and do my very best to support his campaign.”

Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, and Gov. Jon Huntsman of Utah stood beside McCain at the campaign stop in Salt Lake City in a show of party unity.

McCain said he hoped Romney would join him on the campaign trail in the weeks ahead as he sought to energize the party in the run up to the election in November.

He will face Democrats Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois or Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York.

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Rick Wilking (McCain (L) listens to Romney at a news conference in Denver on March 27, 2008)


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Go McCain and Romney. Politics should be fun.

Posted by unitethegop | Report as abusive

John and Mitt, Go all the way to the White House! Gov. Romney is the best candidate for VP. You both together will beat one of them Democrats, is certain!

Posted by John Mathew | Report as abusive

We need someone like Mitt Romney in the Whitehouse who understands Economics considering the financial crisis this country is in.

Posted by John S. | Report as abusive

If John McCain picks Mitt “I’ll flip flop on any issue” Romney, many of us REAL Conservatives will “flop” out of supporting that monstrosity of a ticket!

Posted by KYJurisDoctor | Report as abusive

I liked Romney better than McCain, I think it was a shame that the public didn’t give him a fair shake because he’s Mormon.

If the Republicans want to mount a realistic attack here, they need to consider the current anti-Bush sentiment among pop culture and many Americans – and bring together a ticket that can make a real difference.

That includes taking some new steps to build bridges and put together what people want – fiscal conservatism and moderate social policy… To me, McCain/Romney would blend that kind of sentiment.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

Two warmongers on the road to the Whitewash-House, great stuff. John McCain is one of the more complex individuals in politics, so he may well make it, since voters hardly think anymore after decades of the most massive dumbing down program. Just don’t forget, he is a very warlike man, obsessed with Russia, ignorant of the situation in Iraq, even though he has been there several times, and as a former military man, he doesn’t care about civilians. That should be warning enough. If he is elected in November, America will have given up its last bond to democracy. We will have done what the Germans did in 1933.

Posted by Talleyrand | Report as abusive

mccain has better cross-party appeal than either obama or clinton according to new poll -for-the.html

Posted by tom abrahams | Report as abusive

After the Hilliary’s smashing of the democratic party, you can definitely look forward to some positive light to shine on the senior citizen rep. nominee. McCain definitely needs Romney for his companion aide, because he is going to need some help getting around, unless of course, Obama will go on and take the trouble off his hand when he wins the presidency seat. What you say?

Posted by Nisey01 | Report as abusive

Two senior citizen war vets for more war. Watch out! Economy about to go further underground, middle-class best start search for 2nd job , afraid taxes will take first pay, upper class about to become richer , afraid the American people will be stuck worst than chuck, forget unity, McCain never mentioned it except for his republican party so they could appeal best in the sight of Hilliary’s mess. Hope he’s not set in his ways at his age, do we can forget about the fight for anything, then too, they are rich and satisfied, so what the heck. Hot ticket, I wouldn’t touch it. Democrats this is obvious a wakeup call for you two to step to the plate, because the war vet is on the war path . Put an end to his arm and leg strategy asap. Obama 08!

Posted by Nisey01 | Report as abusive

This is precious from KY Juris Doctor (an obvious 1L):

If John McCain picks Mitt “I’ll flip flop on any issue” Romney, many of us REAL Conservatives will “flop” out of supporting that monstrosity of a ticket!

Yet, from his own blog…

“Therefore, there will be NO “spinning” of the facts or “slanting” of the news to favor or disfavor any person, party or group. All my comments and opinions will flow naturally and be logically supported.”

Maybe you should have worked a bit harder on studying for that LSAT…or accept the fact you’ll never be nearly as intelligent, or competent as Romney, despite his rather obvious failings.


Posted by PacMan | Report as abusive