Obama: the Stones fan who would be (like) Lincoln

April 1, 2008

WASHINGTON – Democratic voters in Pennsylvania are hearing all about presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s views on issues like Iraq and the economy — but where does he stand on those small but all-important, getting-to-know-you questions?

For instance, does the Illinois senator prefer the Beatles or the Rolling Stones? “Rolling Stones,” he answered without hesitation in a Tuesday interview with NBC’s “Today Show.”obamachange

And he went on in rapid-fire succession, not shying away even from his recent underwhelming performance in a Pennsylvania bowling alley.



WHY? — “He never lost sight of the humanity of even those who opposed him.”


HOW OFTEN DOES HE PRAY? — “Once a day, sometimes twice a day. It depends on the day.”

BEST THING HIS MOTHER TAUGHT HIM? — “Empathy, making sure that you can see the world through somebody else’s eyes, stand in their shoes. I think that’s the basis for kindness and compassion.”



NOT BOWLING? — “Not bowling. You saw those gutter balls. But you know what? That shows that I’m willing to try new things.”

WHAT MAKES HIM LOSE SLEEP? — “When I lose sleep at night, it is not because I am worrying about what’s going to happen in Pennsylvania or Indiana or how we’re going to resolve this contest. I lose sleep at night because I think about being president and all the challenges we have to face out there.”

Photo credit: Reuters/Jason Cohn (Obama speaks at a campaign event in Pittsburgh on March 28)


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Posted by rob | Report as abusive

Obama will be the greatest president America has ever had.
He is a brilliant extraordinary gifted and above all i believe GOD ALMIGHTY is with him.
He is GOD’s Choice and there is nothing we can do about it even those of us who love clinton.
I see Obama/Clinton ticket and that will leave everyone satisfied and white house ours(DEMS) to loose come November.

Posted by Joseph Ngoru | Report as abusive

Barack Obama for President of the UNITED States of America.

Posted by PulSamsara | Report as abusive

I like that Michelle’s favorite all time musician is my own and that Senator Obama likes one of my favorite groups: Earth, Wind and Fire. Next question: Stones or EWF?

Posted by Alyce R. | Report as abusive

Empathy, kindness and compassion? Perhaps looking through the eyes of an unborn baby would change his perspective AND his prayer life…

Posted by Pat Weber | Report as abusive

Reuters is one of the few media that is not biased against Hillary. I am amazed how ugly American media becomes in this election.

Posted by HillarySupporter | Report as abusive

I don’t trust Obama. He seems like a chameleon.

Hillary or McCain for president! Never Obama.

Posted by Mary | Report as abusive

Obama is going to make an awesome president!

Posted by Tracy | Report as abusive

Now let’s see Q. “Mrs Clinton, Basketball or Bowling?”
A. Ummm…(what city am I in) ‘Phillie’ BASKETBALL!
Q. How often do you pray?
A. PRAY!? Uh, I pray.
Q. How often?
A. Well, (is there a big religious base in this city?) ‘Yes’. I pray all day everyday (with members of the family but let’s not say that out loud)
Q. What makes you lose sleep at night?

Posted by former clintonite | Report as abusive

Barack Obama will be a great president, perhaps the best in
our generation. He is a man of integrity who is not afraid to speak to Americans like adults.

Posted by Brian Havlin | Report as abusive

Barack Obama is a phoney. I doubt he cares very much about what is happening in Pennsylvania or anywhere else unless it’s about how many people he can fool into believing that he is the new coming of Christ, the messiah, the chosen one and the agent of all that is good. He thinks he is the one to rescue Americans from themselves. I’m a lifelong Democrat who has voted a straight Democratic ticket for 40 years. If Obama is the candidate, McCain is my candidate.

Posted by Sue | Report as abusive

sorry, got truncated by accidentally hitting the wrong keyboard button …

… some kind of hope that this nation can once more lead and inspire rather than bully and deplete the resources of other nations in the name of democracy.

Better we lead by example and by helping others. All this I see as promise in Obama’s candidacy. And just when I think I am the only one, it’s 9,000 friends and neighbors in Podunk, Oregon. All inspired.

Posted by Gaias Child | Report as abusive

It will be great to have a president like Senator Obama who is a real person who can bring us together. Senator Obama will restore international respect for America once more.

Posted by Rita H. | Report as abusive

The other post said that when Obama came to Eugene, Oregon, 9,000 people stood in line for four hours and sat inside for three hours to hear him. When he came in the greeting was so thunderous that it made him laugh. When he got into his stump speech and mentioned A. Lincoln, somebody yelled, “Lincoln’s the Man!!” and Obama laughing said, “Yes, he is. Let’s give it up for Abraham Lincoln,” which triggered more thunderous applauding, screaming, and stomping. More Obama joy. Things quieted and he said, “I love that guy.”

So now we know why.

Posted by Gaias Child | Report as abusive

A quote stands over the doorway to the Obama Headquartes in Chicago Illinois. It says, “I don’t think it’s enough to just want to be President. You have to also want to change the Country.”

Therein lies the big difference between Senator Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Barack’s motivation, in my opinion, is altruistic in nature; it speaks of “changing the country,” of “leadership,” of “[being] his brother and his sister’s keeper,” as he puts it.

The driving force in Hillary’s life, in my opinion is… herself. “I’m in it to win,” was the quote she gave us when she declared her bid for the Presidency. “I’m in it to win.” That does not comfort me.

Please vote for Obama this election, if you have not already done so. There is a reason he is ahead. There is a reason. And it is not because of… himself.

Posted by Ryan | Report as abusive

The Rolling Stones & the White Sox? That’s it, he’s perfect!

Posted by 08AMA | Report as abusive

Obama will make a great president. I think he is what the U.S. needs at this time to heal many wounds. Obama can even speak in sentences and paragraphs, what a relief. I want four years of an intelligent leader for this country.

Posted by Derrell R. Evans | Report as abusive

In my lifetime I have never seen a candidate more qualified than Barack Obama to bridge a divided America. The past two presidents divided the Democratic and Republican parties and paralyzed our government. Senator Obama gives me real hope again in making America what it once was. It’s time for us regular Americans to take back our country.

Posted by Debbie Gant | Report as abusive

To Mary who said Obama is a chameleon ? Huh ? He has had the most consistent steady message from Day One.

And might I add, I do not want a Commander in Chief who lies about having been under sniper fire.

It’s over for Mrs. Clinton and she needs to get out of the race now.Case closed.

Posted by Sally | Report as abusive

Which ever way this ends in the democratic party be rest asured we shall live in epic times. But this reality called Obama truly burns like lamp in the dark.

Posted by david bello | Report as abusive

Why do people keep posting that the press is biased against Clinton? They have not challenged any of her claims such as 35 years of experience like McCain. Well, McCain was in elected office those 35 years, she is in her second term of elected office. The Bosnia story broke in blogs after Sinbad said he did not experience sniper fire. The mainstream press showed her version 3 times without challenge.

Posted by mark | Report as abusive

I am sure if Hillary said she single handedly tore down the Berlin Wall it would be reported on the evening news as fact. And the New York Times appears to be edited by her campaign.

Posted by mark | Report as abusive

I’m a Brit posting this message from London. Please, please, please, please choose Barack Obama to be the democratic nominee and your next President!!!! The world needs America back!!!!

Posted by Jo | Report as abusive

Obama is the chameleon?? What about Hilary Will-say/do-anything-to-boost-my-numbers Clinton?

Posted by L. Pierce | Report as abusive

What will it take to wake the country up?
America is bleeding from coast to coast and there are millions of folks who are crying out for a change. One person cannot change this country but it can start with one person. We are a nation of so many great people who come from different cultures and backgrounds but yet we live with so much hate and resentment towards each other.
Let’s be honest, I don’t hate people because of their skin color, religion or even their political affliation, I dislike people because of their demeanor towards me. i f we start showing love and compassion for each other than we can start to healing the deep wounds that have been infected by so much hate.


Posted by jean | Report as abusive

In my lifetime there have been few people who have moved me to being a part of a process of change and hope of unity among the human races. Barack Obama will be the next president… there is no doubt. He will probably be the best president that we have ever had next to Abraham Lincoln. I am white and I am looking forward to having a man in office who is a blend of many races. We need to thank God that it is time for chage

Posted by Karen | Report as abusive

Witnessed the wonderful rally on the Penn State campus. It was absolutely amazing to see the show of support and hope in the faces of the 22,000 students, children, middle age, young families and the elderly!
Cannot wait until the November election when Barack Obama becomes the next President of the United States.

Posted by Cindy | Report as abusive

housing crisis, health care, national security, gas prices, etc
these challenges are neither republican nor democrat, neither black nor white they are common to all of us and we need to unite to solve them. Barack Obama is the only candidate that has recognized the need to unite across party lines tofight these challenges. How rilliant!
the politics of divisiveness got us where we are it is time to change the way washington is run for the good of America

Posted by joe ombima | Report as abusive

If you think experience as the number of years then John Mc Cain should be your choice, not hillary
Hillary’s 93 healthcare plan was a flop thats why we dont have it to today .She shut out democrats because she wanted credit for herself
Nafta which led to loss of millions of jobs and economic downfall was a Bill Clinton conception and hillary Supported it
She started speaking against the war ( that she voted for) for when she began hercampaign. why should we trust her?
she denies advocating for nafta -Evidence proves otherwise
She lied about her involvement in the Ireland peace treaty
And if you think that 8 years at the white house is experience then the
White house pastry chef, the groundsman, and even Monica lewinsky should also qualify to be presidents.

We are not voting for Bill Clinton, and if you want to use Bill’s records to advocate
for Hillary you should take the negatives too, the whitehouse riddled with infidelity
and lies and Hillary has done a good job with her lies so far

So you are the idiot, jacksmith
vote for Obama

Posted by joe ombima | Report as abusive

get out of your world of hallucinations and wishful thinking. drop your crackpipe homie
your suggestion about republicans voting for Clinton is the most idiotic i have heard so far
you need to get some serious self actualization because Americans are speaking. the movement is on! ..and when you wake up you will find yourself by yourself

Posted by joe ombima | Report as abusive

It is time for America to become that nation on this planet that brings unity and triumphs in being a part of upstepping of humankind to a world of peace and light. I truly believe Barack Obama will play a large role in this inevitable process. He sees the bigger picture. He sees a future. He is here now and now is the time.

Posted by Karen | Report as abusive

Gee… NBC raly asking him some tough hardball questions right now!! Wonder when the left wing media will throw powder puff softballs like that at McCain?

Posted by robby parks | Report as abusive

Who cares?

Posted by Kai | Report as abusive

Obama has laid the foundation throughout the entirity of this election. Hilliary has had that live wire effect, so electrifying that she is about to leave this race crying, lying and denying.

Posted by Nisey01 | Report as abusive

McCain is a big puffball, with no wind, even if he gave this election a hard blow, he won still come out a no no. Inhale,exhale , farewell McCain.

Posted by Nisey01 | Report as abusive

Barack Obama could easily get more sleep when he realizes that better than half of America, including many Democrats like myself, will not be voting for him come November. No presidency, no need to lose sleep over it.

Posted by Demogrunt | Report as abusive

Obama You Rock!!The Rolling Stones he’s perfect!
I been for him all along but this just makes my day!
I choose Rolling stones over beatles any day!! The Man has great taste plus he would make a great prez.

Posted by Vicki | Report as abusive