McCain’s Veep? The clear favorite is … nobody

April 4, 2008

WASHINGTON — Speculation about who would make a good vice presidential running mate for Republican John McCain ranges all the way from party also-rans Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney to Democrat Bill Richardson. But a new Gallup survey shows the largest bloc of rank-and-file Republicans — 31 percent — are those who cannot name a candidate for the job.

mccainflagThe next biggest group, 21 percent, prefer the choice marked “other.”

Huckabee and Romney, who were both defeated by McCain in the Republican presidential primary race, led the pack of named choices with 18 percent and 15 percent, respectively, in the telephone survey conducted March 24-27.

Some 8 percent of 453 Republicans and Republican-leaning voters polled would like to see Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as vice president.

She was followed by the “no opinion” category which drew 5 percentage points.

Then came three other former Republican hopefuls: Fred Thompson with 4 percent; and Ron Paul and Rudy Giuliani with 2 percent apiece.

Sen. Joe Lieberman, the Connecticut independent who has appeared at campaign events with McCain, also got 2 percent.

Former Democratic presidential hopefuls John Edwards and Bill Richardson each drew 1 percent.

Gallup said the results have a 6 percentage-point error margin.

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Photo credit: REUTERS/Jason Reed (McCain speaks at the Naval Academy in Annapolis on April 2)


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[…] Morgan of Reuters reports that Republican voters lack a clear favorite for veep: [A] new Gallup survey shows the […]

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Why does Condi Rice always say ally, like the verb, when she means ally like the noun. As a former Provost, one would think that she would be familiar with stress homographs that change meaning with different pronunciations. Worse, now she’s got some of the others doing the same thing!!!

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Gov. Sarah Palin is the “best” choice for Senator McCain.

Posted by K-Lo | Report as abusive

Mike Huckabee is the best choice for VP. He has the credentials, intellect, has the experience running a government, has amazing ability to communicate, has proven he can handle a crisis, has shown tolerance, has received the highest percentage ever of african american votes (48% in Arkansa), has fresh ideas for the economy, wants jobs to stay in America, wants to help the poor, has character and integrity, tells the truth!!!

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Florida Gov Crist is the clear front runner. Bar none. Condi a close second.

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Anouncing Condi before the dems are doen would change the playing feild for alot of people she would also piss off the clasical black dems to no end…. would definatly make clinton/oboma ticket a reality…. so I would think condi is out until oboma anounces his running mate and has the nomination for sure.

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numbers don’t lie. huck earned this spot and should have it.

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Romney has ZERO financial skills.

This guy couldnt even run a Lemonaide stand. He lost over $100 million dollars of American’s hard earn money spending lavishly. Sure if he knows how to SPEND money, but he sure can’t SAVE money.

Mike Huckabee on the other hand is extremelly smart. He spend only 1/10th of what Romney spent and he still got more delegates per dollar. Mike knows how to run a “Lean government”, plus he has 10 years running a government which he left it with a $700 million surplus. Mike Huckabee is naturally gifted in Financial skills.

If I was the CEO of a company, there is no doubt in my mind that I would pick Mike Huckabee as my Financial advisor. Why in the world would I want to pick Romeny who lost $100 million and has little sales to go with it?

Any Havard or Yale CEO on Wall Street would pick Mike Huckabee for his financial skills. CEO’s and Wall Street is not in the bussiness of losing money, they know a smart Finacial advisor when they see one.

Mike Huckabee can turn around this economy in a heart beat. He can get the government to operate on 1/10th of what it’s running on now and still get things done. That’s using the tax payers money very wisely.

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Romney is the only choice if we want to save our scary economy!

Posted by joanne | Report as abusive

If McCain picks Mitt “I’ll flip flop on any issue” Romney, as fas as I, and many like me are concerned, he’s on his own!

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Romney has made his money the hard way he has worked for it. I think the only thing driving this anti-Romney stuff is his religion. I would never vote for an individual that made a living being a preacher. Most Christians are feed crap about other religions because their paid preachers need to keep their flocks to sustain their paychecks. Now is the time for conservatives to come together. We are facing hard times in America and church bashing serves no purpose!

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I think Mike Huckabee is the right choice.
I really don’t think you can ignore the impact of approx. 40,000,000 voters in the November election.
I find it very interesting that so many bloggers think the conservative movement is fading away. I have a feeling they might be very surprised.

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You’ve got to be kidding me! Sarah Palin is the least qualified politician in the USA to be McCain’s running mate.

She’s a mother of 5 with a downed-syndrome baby and her husband races snowmobiles when not employed as a oil pipeline worker.

Who’s going to take care of her normal and challanged children while she is VP? What kind of experience both domestic and foreign does she have in fact. She’s only just now beginning to understand her newest job, being the Alaskan Governor.

And all Rush Limbaugh can say is: “We have the Babe!!” As usual he’s deep into “right field denial”.

What has happened to the Grand Old Party? This is not the party who elected great people to be President: Eisenhower and Ford etc.
Will Schmidt | 08.31.08 – 7:27 am | #

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