Obama: will ‘guarantee’ he’ll offer Gore a role in administration

April 11, 2008

rtr1y5l9.jpgLAFAYETTE, Indiana (Reuters) – Barack Obama said on Thursday he would “guarantee” that he would offer former Vice President Al Gore a position within his administration if he wins the White House.

The Illinois senator’s comment came in response to a question at a town hall forum in Indiana about whether he would consider Gore for a Cabinet job.

“I can guarantee you that Al Gore will be invited to take part in my administration,” Obama said, reiterating comments he made a week ago in response to a similar question in Pennsylvania.

At both the Indiana and Pennsylvania events, Obama mentioned that he speaks to Gore periodically.

Their contacts are of interest because of speculation over whether Gore will endorse either Obama or his rival Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

A nod from Gore, one of the still uncommitted “superdelegates,” toward either one of them could influence the thinking of other party heavyweights who will have a say in determining the Democratic nominee.

But Gore has kept mum about his thinking on the Democratic race.

Gore, who lost his own bid for the White House in 2000 to George W. Bush amid the disputed Florida voting, is highly regarded by many in the party. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize last year for his work to try to halt the warming of the earth.

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Obama should not guarantee anything. Just because Gore won a Nobel Prize does not mean he is the best person for the job. Obama should keep his options open. It may be tempting to win Gore’s ‘endorsement’ but in truth most people don’t give a hoot about Gore’s endorsement. Don’t make any promises WE will regret Obama!

Posted by John Gabriel | Report as abusive

For My Birthday Al Gore AND Tipper Will Be Invited To Dinner

And I mean that in all seriousness. No lie. As a matter of fact, I will give Mr. Gore and Tipper advance notice so there is no scheduling difficulties. I’m sure Mr. Gore will jump at the chance, because I have worked so hard and passionately on his behalf and his mission. I’ve gathered signatures. I’ve handed out fliers at various events and movie premieres. I had a party and handed out florescent light bulbs. And I’ve held visibility events holding a banner I made with my own two hands. So surely he and Tipper will come, because I have actually walked the talk, not just called him for advice.

Mr. and Mrs. Gore, the date is July 28. I hope this advance notice will be sufficient time and I leave the restaurant choice up to you.

If Mr. and Mrs. Gore are unable to make it, I guess I can understand their position and schedule does not allow them this opportunity. And surely it would be rude of me to continue insisting they attend. And I guess it would be equally in poor taste if I were to continue using Al Gore and Tippers name to promote my Birthday party even if I knew there was no chance in them attending. Do you think?

So why cannot Mr. Obama learn from his previous lessons of doing anything possible to associate himself with Al Gore, with hopes that might garner him some more votes? Really, we know he kept releasing press that he calls Al Gore regularly for advice on Global Warming. First it was every 3 weeks, then it became every 2 weeks. But Mr. Gore just held an interview this past weekend on 60 Minutes with Leslie Stahl, where Mr. Gore was asked about contact with the presidential candidates and he replied that he speaks with BOTH candidates. So I guess he couldn’t continue that method of association.

If only Mr. Obama would heed Mr. Gore’s many suggestions and advice on Global Warming, as opposed to name dropping. You know, like Liquid Coal is REALLY BAD for the environment and would add so much more CO2. Or maybe his call for a moratorium on Coal Fired Power Plants. Also, he could increase conservation and require higher CAFÉ standards, you know, like even Hillary Clinton is calling for increases to 55 mpg. Maybe Mr. Obama might join the other recommendation that Hillary also did of Mr. Gore’s recommendation to offer a Connie Mae for mortgaging GREEN Building technology in homes.

But if anything, maybe Mr. Obama would just acknowledge Mr. Gore’s own words on the subject and stop his continuing efforts to make people think he would get the Nobel Laureate and Environmental Crusader to align with him. The last time Mr. Obama threw Mr. Gore’s name out as a position in his administration, Mr. Gore was asked that question specifically and stated THEN, the only way he would return to politics, is as President.

But he added: “You know, I haven’t ruled out the idea of getting back into the political process at some point in the future. Don’t expect to, but if I did get back, it would be as a candidate for president, not in any other position.”

So, isn’t this a bit rude to continue propagating a falsehood when the Vice President has already addressed this numerous times? It becomes a bit embarrassing to keep repeating a tale that has as much chance as adding Albert Einstein to his science department.

Maybe David Axelrod didn’t tell Obama when he reused the same words in his latest comments and press release.

Posted by Linda | Report as abusive

Without a doubt there is probably not a better person qualified to be either the head of the energy policy for the country, an “energy czar” so to speak. We would break our addiction on oil in 8 years. Or, undeniably, probably the first and only secretary of the interior who is really concerned about the “interior” and not a mouthpiece for the oil lobby, nuclear lobby, timber lobby and the gun lobby.

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Good for Obama! This man is going to pull together an amazing team. I would hope that he would give Gore a cabinet position as well as John Edwards.

I will say that I am a little disappointed that Gore has not endorsed a candidate. If he was intending onendorsing Obama — he proabably would have done it already. Makes me think his ties are still rooted with the Clintons.

I would have supported the Clintons but — I am so “done” with the Clintons after seeing them operate.

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It’s easy for some to get ahead with speculation and accusations.

Obama only offered and why shouldn’t he? He is running for the White House. I would expect no less from Hillary.

I believe Al Gore won’t accept an appointed office unless he sees a clear advantage to himself and his agenda.

I also believe Al Gore is handling the matter with endorsements wisely and diplomatically. At this sensitive stage, it should be the voters to decide the Democratic nominee, not movers and shakers.

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Gee guys, yesterday I posted what was once #6 comment in this chain. It was there after I submitted it, but between then and now it has mysteriously disappeared! I’m really puzzled. Couldn’t possibly be that my comments ran 180 degrees opposite of those expressed by the five previous morons? There was no profanity, just a scathing series of points. I guess the bottom line is that when you are thinking that you are seeing all the comments submitted and feel good because everybody is pretty much on your same wavelength, you’re really not. I guess they just want to protect your delicate naive sensibilities – no big surprise to me in the way the left slanted media conducts business.

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