Obama says he’s impressed Clinton still raising money despite losses

April 15, 2008

WASHINGTON – White House hopeful Barack Obama expressed admiration on Monday for his “formidable” rival Hillary Clinton.

What does he find so formidable about the New York senator and former first lady?

He listed two things: her ability to keep raising money even though he is ahead of her in the delegate count and her determination to “toughen him up” for the fight he will face in November should he become the Democratic nominee to run against Republican John McCain.

“She’s unique,” Obama told a gathering of newspaper publishers and editors.

“There aren’t many figures in American politics who could sustain 11 straight losses and raise $35 million,” he said, referring to the hefty amount of campaign contributions she raked in during February, despite suffering a string of losses to Obama.

The Illinois senator spoke about his opponent in response to a question about whether he was worried that their hard-fought nomination battle would leave the party in a weakened position for the general-election fight against McCain.

Obama said he thought Democrats would come together once a nominee is chosen.

He said that in the interests of party harmony, he was trying to “show restraint” and wanted to avoid attacking Clinton too harshly on the campaign trail.

But he implied she was not reciprocating.

Obama said it was easier for him to show restraint “since I lead in delegates and states and popular vote. Senator Clinton may not feel that she can be afford to be as constrained.”

He then proceeded to pay Clinton another compliment — sort of.

“I’m sure that Senator Clinton feels like she’s doing me a great favor because she’s been deploying most of the arguments that the Republican Party will be using against me in November and so it’s toughening me up,” he said.

Obama was apparently alluding to Clinton’s attacks on him as an “elitist” because of his describing small-town Pennsylvania voters as “bitter” people who “cling to guns or religion.”

McCain also has seized on the comments about small-town voters and accused Obama of holding a condescending view of the middle class.


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This is characteristic of the “elitist” way OBAMA criticises… by comments that may appear complimentary in nature, but are actually derogatory.

What he’s saying is he can’t believe she’s still raising money, despite the “fact” that he has already ordained himself the nominee. The truth of the matter that he fails to realize is… Hillary has won ALL the big States that count in the general election!

So when you translate this to November, OBAMA cannot win.

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And some people still think this Obama is not arrogant. Oh my god. I don’t think he knows how not to be condescending. It’s like breathing to him. It’s such a part of him, it’s doesn’t even make him do a second take. I’m impressed that he got this far in the race and so so very bitter about it. I’m a bitter Californian thanks to Obama.

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This brought a cynical smile to my face. Obama, the “ethical” politician, can kick a rival below the belt as well as one. Only, he does it in such style. However, there are two questions he should asking himself. Why, despite out-raising and out-spending Hillary two-to-one, is he still not going to be able to get the majority of pledged delegates? Two, why, if Hillary is already a loser, donors are still lining up to fund her campaign? Or, does he have the same condescending attitude towards her donors as he has for Hillary?

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for the few comment i have read, all of you writes with so much hate and anger and i just wonder if really took time to know obama or just out of “he is black!”

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Senator Clinton is EVIL???????????? What is wrong with these people?

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Clinton is the better candidate, full stop. Getting the other candidate in will only alienate half the Democrats who do want her. If he had as many supporters as she does, he would never in a million years quit. Why do him and his wife and everyone he knows have to be so militant? They sound so mean. I thought Marxism failed, why is he still banging on about it? Why does he own a million dollar home and still spout Marxist theory? Why are the other potential First Couple worth more financially at the same age than the Clintons were? Why is this happening???

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Obama is not an ‘elitist’, he is a socialist wearing a democrats cap.
Remember kids, Adolf Hitler was a socialist…

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This Democratic nomination race has gotten out of hand. Candidates are now saying anything or latching on to anything to win. Obama has been scrutinized by others related to the words he uses since the beginning even though he has typically been very careful in what he has been saying. But Clinton supporters look for anything to start a fight and the media fuels it all because it needs to talk about something more exciting other than Iraq, China and the U.S. economy. Its not the playground setting that these candidates that bother me the most however. Its that people are changing their opinions based on this foolishness. Of course Obama is arrogant, but not as much as Clinton or McCain. Who cares?

Don’t we want a bit of arrogance in our leader? Otherwise no one would take him or here seriously. Look folks, we need to stop allowing ourselves to be herded like sheep. Base your opinion on the issues and how you think this leader can move us forward. Stop listening to the media’s portrayal of whom we should elect.

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This article and Obama’s comments about Hillary Clinton is yet ANOTHER example of his ARROGANCE and SUPERIORITY!!! Mr. Obama should know the reason Hillary is raising so much money is because she has millions and millions of people who are passionate about her and believe in her, and trust in her!! We KNOW she is will be the best president this country has ever had!!! We will do anything and everything to support OUR CANDIDATE because we know Obama getting the nomination would be a sure win for McCain in November.

If Mr. Obama cared about the party, he would bow out now and also admit how much he CHEATED in the caucuses by busing in betweeen 800 and 1,000 people from out-of-state to ILLEGALLY CAUCUS in each state, going form precinct to precinct to revote again! THERE IS YOUR REASON WHY HE IS AHEAD IN DELEGATES!!!



This is a political race. Things will get nasty. People will throw mud. Voter’s will defend their candidate and attack those who are gaining momentum. It has been this way since forever. I don’t nitpick at every word each candidate offers, nor am I swayed by speeches. However I can respect the ideal that in order to gain my confidence and my vote – each candidate must SPEAK to me. This is typically done with WORDS people. And sometimes words offend and sometimes they heal. Senator Obama has managed to remain above the fray; FORTUNATELY he is the stick in the cog of political policy. He is making all candidates scramble to catch up with such a simple philosophy…being “real”, “speaking” and addressing issues as they come along. This is by far the most watchable election. I watch the Clintons bash Senator Obama then copy his campaign, I watch mis-information spread in the news and on the web, I watch lazy people who already have a mindset NOT to vote for Senator Obama willingly believe in every horrible rumor they “heard about”- without researching the source. Is it so terrible to have the Senator as President? Will it be the end of the world to have an articulate, thinking, creative man in the White House? Many of you don’t seem to have an issue with currently having a “not so bright” man in the White House – an inarticulate, renegade who hasn’t helped improve the nation, moreover, has damaged the reputation and split the country close to civil war proportions. I am a Pennsylvania resident and I am indeed “bitter”. When I cast my vote it will be for Senator Barack Obama and I will do so knowing that radio personalities have a job to do and that misery loves company so “riling” and “rallying” the people up is part of that job, I will do so knowing that political “mudslinging” is part of the equation like the bullying on the playground, I will do so knowing that television news has merged with the entertainment industry and I have to study what I see because “news source” is a catchphrase and “reports” are unreliable, I will do so understanding “all that glitters ain’t gold.” When I cast my vote for Senator Obama it is NOT because of his “sound bites.” It IS with the knowledge that there are STILL members of Congress and Senate who filibustered the Civil Rights Act, members who were against women voting, and receiving equal pay. There are people in the White House, Senate and Congress who will protect their interest and money is always interesting to them. I don’t want Bill Clinton or his wife representing my interests – they are to deeply ensconced in traditional ways of operating – I do not want John McCain representing my interests – he is “set in his ways” and his ways are tandem with what is wrong in Washington. It is time to balance Washington with progressive thinking individuals. I will vote for Senator Barack Obama because he represents a fresh approach to stale thinking, actions and policies. For those of you taken aback by MY apparent “foreign” name – know that I am an Army Brat, an American citizen, and a woman born on a military base to a drill sergeant in Frankfurt Kentucky. These are my feelings and unfortunately until Bill Gates patents the prototype for Microsoft Mind Read, the only way to relay them to you is with my WORDS.

Well well well….Seems today it came out during the Rezko trial, a witness has testified that “Obama was indeed at a party where he met Stuart Levine. Duffy, who has been methodically trying to establish instances in which Levine has lied to the government, asked Levine about a party held at Rezko’s house in honor of an Iraqi-British businessman Nadhmi Auchi, who has been convicted of fraud in France — where he is appealing his sentence — and is suspected of doing business with Saddam Hussein when Hussein was ruling Iraq.” Rezko and Wright will be in tow when the Obama Campaign goes on its funeral march….I can hear taps being played now.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Hillary Clinton is acting like a mama’s spoiled little girl who keep whining for that piece of candy her parents refused to give it.

She will never accept this fact that a first runner she was turned out to be beaten by an unknown black man. She will cry for some more.. And more..

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Hillary clinton is a snake and should crawl back in her shell. She’s not use to running with dignified and intellectual people. Therefore she’s doing the only thing she know how !!!!!!!! She’s being the bag lady that she she is….

Mr. Obama said he’s impressed that Clinton still raising money. The last I checked the poll was Obama 49% and Clinton was 44%. Do the calculation Mr. Obama, How many millions this 44% mount too. And how many of us are loyal to her and supporting her.
If you do the calculation, it is by that much you will loose voters in the fall. It is as simple as that.

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So Hillary is accusing Barack of being “elitist”…hmmm

Remember when you were a kid playing in the yard with your friends and then you’d smell something. And you would know exactly who farted because it would be the first person to accuse somebody else.

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Clinton can not manage her own campaign or her people or her husband…She has yet to tell us what she fought for that she WON!!!!She raised $$$ [$130 million] through blackmail-strong arms and sympathy–then blew it and STIFFED THE LITTLE GUYS.
Do not kid yourself–HRC/WJC ARE LOYAL TO NOTHING MORE THAN POWER. She is willfully destroying the DEM PARTY and they [b/h] do not give a sanctimonious damn.
She is all about vacuous soundbites and emotional diatribes with no substance.
Obama stuck it to her good..the clear difference between class and asumptive entitlement…

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I don’t know why he is still impressed. Not everyone has jumped on the Hopes and Dreams bandwagon.

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Obama and Clinton would both make fine presidents.
I won’t even tell you which one I prefer. Whoever eventually wins the nomination, all American citizens who don’t want to see a continuation of the Bush administration’s policies should support the nominee that emerges from the Democratic party convention.

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Of course she is not bitter. They made $109 million.

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Obama is a dangerous man. Hitler, also, was a VERY good speaker in his rise to power, smoothly and eloquently lashing out at all that he opposed. Look what happened there people! While I am not a huge fan of any of the candidates, I think Obama is the most dangerous for our country, and it comes across in the undertones (and sometimes overtones) of every word he speaks! Give me a break…In his effort to compare himself with small town Americans he speaks of his sad small 3 bedroom condo with no garage that cost him 277,000…waaahhhhh. My heart bleeds for him. How many Americans have no home. How many Americans live in Mobile homes. How many Americans would love to have a home but can’t get a loan on one?! He may be very well educated but to be so condecending to all of us “bitter” Americans shows that he is a real ID-I-OT!

I read most of the blogs on this article and others as well and am disapointed by those who claim to be democrats. Then I read a blog on another article and thought about all the people who posted and have lost sight of the issues in this election. This was written by a Pennsylvania resident who has insight and understands the position we are in today. It is really well thought out.
I hope and pray that people understand it…

Penn Resident:

Bitter and Angry in Rural Pennsylvania: Obama’s Reality vs. Hillary’s Fantasy

Sat Apr 12, 2008 at 03:47:47 PM PDT
Maybe there aren’t many Bubbas driving around in pickup trucks with the classic bumper sticker “God, Guns and Guts Made America Free” where Obama’s detractors live, but here in rural Pennsylvania that line may as well replace “e pluribus unum” as the motto on the national currency.

I live in western Pennsylvania, and I can tell you, people here are bitter and angry. Poverty is prevalent. People hunt squirrels and eat them, along with racoon stew. People also hunt deer here, not for sport, but so they can put meat in their freezer so they can feed their families. They cut wood in the forests and heat their homes with wood stoves because they can’t afford to pay the gas bill. I know a guy who goes to old landfills to dig up old milk and beer bottles to sell on eBay. He uses the proceeds to buy clothes for his family at the Salvation Army (and to pay for his dial-up connection).

Racism and prejudice are ever-present here. A friend of mine is part-owner of bar in a small rural town south of where I live. I meet up with him there occasionally and watch as down-and-out people come in with their disability and welfare check money and drink it away. It’s a pretty depressing place, but it does serve as the social center for a town that has seen its few industries shut down and the local people’s jobs eliminated or shipped off elsewhere.

I hear the usual rants there, that it’s all the fault of gays and minorities and immigrants (although those aren’t the terms used, but rather the usual, virulent slurs). A black man walked in the last time I was there, and a guy near me at the bar muttered in a not-so-quiet way, “What’s he think he’s doing in here?” When I brought up the presidential race and Obama with another man at the bar, his response was, “there ain’t no way America is ever going to vote for a black guy.” Later on my bar-owner friend told me about his experience talking about Obama with another woman at the bar, and her angry response was that “it’s because of half-breed n*****s like him that America is in such bad shape today.”

Prejudice, racism and fear do run rampant in areas like this. People are poor. They are in bad health, overweight from a deep-fried diet, and toothless from the lack of dental care. They are unemployed. They are uneducated. They do cling to their hunting rifles and to their religious beliefs. For many, it is about all that they have. The towns around here are full of decaying, boarded up buildings. People live in rundown old trailers with abandoned cars in the front yard. I have seen people using an old car as a stable, with their goat tied to and living in it. I could drive you by a least three old houses that have Conderate flags in the windows.

So go ahead and discount Obama’s talk of how bitter and angry that some of the people of rural Pennsylvania are. Call him elitist for taking the time to pass through areas such as this to listen to what the people have to say, and to then relate what he has heard to people in more prosperous parts of the country when he is asked about it. I have lived in San Francisco, and let me tell you, there is a marked difference between the general attitude there and the attitude here in the “rust belt”. Go ahead and dismiss everything that Obama said as political posturing. Let Hillary and McCain “pick him apart” and parse his words. But please keep in mind that when Obama said:

“it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

that he is 100% accurate in his assessment.

I know, because I live here, my family and my friends’ families have lived here for generations, and we see it every day, all around this region. There is a very fine line between poverty and prosperity here, where making above $20,000 a year puts you in the realm of the “haves”, but also knowing that you’re one contract termination away from joining the ranks of the “have-nots”.

I come from a family of dairy farmers. I know what it’s like to spend up to 12-16 hours a day sitting on a tractor for three dollars an hour, which I did through high school and every summer until I was fortunate enough to head off to college. Many of my friends were also fortunate and went to school, and then relocated to other parts of the country. Some of us were able to come back under better circumstances, but the large majority of people here are not as fortunate.

Thirty years worth of the right wing dismantling our public education system has taken its toll. Thirty years worth of mismanagement of the economy, of shutting down factories and shipping jobs out of the country, of subsidizing corporate farms and taxing family farms out of business, has taken its toll.

Yes, people are angry, and bitter, but Obama never said that they aren’t resilient, opitmistic or hard-working. Those are Hillary and McCain’s twisted words, and for them to stand up and suggest that rural Pennsylvanians aren’t fed up with the way things are, only reveals how out of touch they really are with at least this part of the country.

Of course, all McCain has to do is suggest to poor rural folk that the party of gun-control, gay marriage, and NAFTA is going to take away what little they have left, and rural conservatives will vote for him, just as they did for Reagan, Bush I and Bush II. As for Hillary, the more she “takes apart” Obama’s message, the more she does the GOP’s work for free. If Hillary can’t see that the people of rural Pennsylvania are bitter, and angry, and mad as hell about the way things are, then she needs to step down from that one hundred million dollar platform of hers and take a real look around.

In western Pennsylvania I hear two things: the “God, Guns and Guts” crowd see John McCain as the heir-apparent to the mantle of rural conservative values; and the people who hope for some kind of change see Barack Obama as the person who understands the situation that we are in, and maybe is the one who can lead us in a new direction. What I don’t hear is anyone talking about whatever and whomever it is that Hillary claims to stand for.

In the end, I think this is all a “lost in translation” much ado about nothing episode.

Going back to Obama’s statement, and keeping in mind that he was speaking to a specific group of supporters in San Francsico, and keeping in mind that he was discussing a variety of “talking points” in the previous paragraph, I think that it is the absence of the word “issue” in this particular portion of his response to one of the attendee’s questions that is lost in translation from the actual event to the transcript spun in the media.

So let’s break it down:

“‘Well, what is this guy going to do for me? What’s the concrete thing?’ What they wanna hear is — so, we’ll give you talking points about what we’re proposing — close tax loopholes, roll back, you know, the tax cuts for the top 1 percent. Obama’s gonna give tax breaks to middle-class folks and we’re gonna provide health care for every American. So we’ll go down a series of talking points.

Obama is offering: – closing tax loopholes – roll back taxes for the top 1 percent – tax breaks to the middle class – health care for every American


“But the truth is, is that, our challenge is to get people persuaded that we can make progress when there’s not evidence of that in their daily lives. You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them.”

“So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter” and “As a way to explain their frustrations…they cling to” issues that focus on: – guns – religion – antipathy to people who aren’t like them – anti-immigrant sentiment – anti-trade sentiment

It’s the usual laundry list of GOP hot-button talking points.

What Obama was doing was contrasting his talking points, with the tradtional GOP talking points that he has to contend with if he is going to break through and reach these tradtional blue-collar voters.

I can’t imagine that anyone who was in the room with Obama misunderstood this. It’s only when the transcript is removed from the context in which the information was delivered that the MSM begins to spin it into something that it’s not.

- Posted by Docb

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Oh no! Obama’s elitist! Wait, why is that a bad thing again? I thought we were supposed to hold our public officials to higher standards. It’s not like he’s going to give the public any more of a cold shoulder than any other President would. If anything he should be applauded for fearlessly making an observation, and not cozily agreeing with every demographic. (really Hillary? You love guns/alchohol/farming now?)

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Like another commenter saaid:

Y’know, this is happening way too often. I read a quote from obama in a story like this, which hacks everything up and I am fuming mad, but then I go read what he actually said word-for-word and I am then relaxed.

I’m perfectly happy reading Obamas words and judging him without the unnecessary editing done by reporters. Thank you Reuters, you don’t have to cut things up for me. I think most Americans can read and are smart enough to understand when someone is being misquoted.

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This is mainly a response to the post by Docb:

You present great points and ideal understanding so, this is in no way an attempt to discredit that. Even though you compassionately express a reality of the result, you still fail to acknowledge the reason for the result.

Obama could very well be the savior America needs, I haven’t met the guy so I honestly can’t say he isn’t just as I haven’t met Clinton. It really comes down to faith, trust of ones words. None from humanity are perfect, Clinton has lied, Obama has lied..Both are not perfect.

The question you must ask yourself is, who is best able to deal with the reality of the result? Words backed by actions mean something. What has Obama done? What has Clinton done? Who does Obama hang with? Who does Clinton hang with? Words mean nothing unless they are backed by action.

What would America be like if Clinton gets it? The 90′s, we all know that. Even better because you can bet your worthless dollar that everyone will have healthcare. Healthier people become smarter people, this is a theme that has resonated with Clinton ever since her husband became president. How was the economy in the 90′s? Bill knew what he was doing. You think this wouldn’t reflect how America would be if Hillary got the nod?

Being president is a job and honestly if right now I could determine who would be president, it would be Ron Paul of whom the media will keep you oblivious too because he really gets to the reason for the result but, we will deal with that later.

Point I’m trying to make is, we know what Hillary is gonna do, the 90′s + Universal health care. So, ask yourself ‘Is it really that bad?’.

People, news, as in what you get from your TV, is designed. Obama was used to get rid of Hillary, there is a lot of ‘stuff’ about him just waiting in the wings to come out. But first, Hillary must be out of the picture.

Political science people. These things don’t just ‘happen’ in the news they are designed. Hillary is far from perfect but, out of all three she is the best choice hands down.

Why were all media all about Obama? To get rid of Clinton then they can expose all his undertakings in the ‘news’ because you people are ignorant thinking that the ‘TV news’ is really news. Thing is, Hillary is still in it. She is actually HELPING him against the machine by staying in it.

Really, a lot of you need to wake up. The machine wants Clinton out because she will really shake up that which has actually held you down. Obama was used as a pawn to distract but, with Hillary staying in it causes a cease fire from the machine which messes up the design.

You people really need to wake up to political science. Ron Paul was the best choice but you don’t see him on CNN so you don’t know. You want the true list of whos who?

Ron Paul
Hillary Clinton
Barak Obama
John McCain

Wake up people really. Over and out.

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well,well,well! Isn’t that why it’s called politics.Aristocrats ruling countries.”Pluto’s republic” Only the upper class should rule.It’s like that in almost every part of the world.But there comes a time,once in a century or even in a millennium when one country will break the barrier.Forgetting the class and race,taking one step further to risk it all on an ordinary person.

I like the Clintons,I think they put the people first(which reflects in Bill’s rule) but isn’t it that time,that century,that millennium that we have to break the barrier take a risk on this guy? America withstand 8 yrs. of Bush rule,what could be worst?give this poor guy a chance and see if he can deliver things and if not,4 yrs. would determine.

Isn’t this the democratic party that stand up for the underdogs?or maybe it’s time Democrat changes to a different name…

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You guys need to wake up… Obama is not elitist, he’s just telling you the truth. More to the point, why do you NOT want an elitist in The White House? Have you not seen what having some yahoo hick has done for your country, it’s image across the globe, and for world security as a whole? You need new ideas, someone unafraid to say things which need being said, and someone who is going to search down the back of the couch rather than just sit on it. Obama is that man.

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It disappoints me to see so much dislike and distrust for Barack Obama in some of the comments published here. I am by no means a Clinton hater (although I do find her loose grasp on factual events disturbing). In fact, I find Clinton and Obama to have similar stances on the vast majority of issues. I agree with them on some of these issues (withdrawal from Iraq, universal health care) and disagree with them on others (re-raising the capital gains tax). Ultimately Obama is the more attractive candidate because of his non-policy qualities:

-Intelligence & Political Knowledge — Obama was the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review and was an adjunct professor of constitutional law at the University of Chicago. What’s more, he achieved these prestigious positions through his own drive and intelligence, coming from what many would describe as a disadvantaged background.

-Multiculturalism — I hate to make race an issue because I know that Obama himself has been avoiding that. Nonetheless, I think that Obama’s mixed-race heritage and, especially, his multi-national upbringing will go a long way to bringing a more responsible and less xenophobic foreign policy to the executive branch. In addition, I think his election alone would go a long way toward repairing our international image. Also, I should point out that I am not myself an African-American but, as an earlier poster mentioned, it really shouldn’t matter.

-Idealism & Hope — After at least 8 years of being systematically shown how an executive administration can ruin our country and betray the trust of its electorate, we need nothing more than a president who will lift our spirits and make us trust in the power of our government to advance the most basic ideals of our country, liberalism and individualism.

With all that in mind, I think there can be no doubt that Barack Obama is, by far, the best candidate for president.

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It was said by a so-called reporter that Senator Obama’s “poor upbringing” prevented him from being an elitist. One can certainly become an elitist via their ultra right wing beliefs and for other reasons. I contend Obama thinks he is above every one that doesn’t meet his criteria for respect, and the same goes for Mrs. Obama.

Just remember this: The working class pays the fright for our pork barrel Congress and the Democrats are noted for pork barrel and increasing your taxes, and they are empowered now via your votes for them. “Use your brain,” as someone posted here in Obama’s defense — yes, use your brain and don’t vote for Democrats.

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Women of the USA unite! How many times do you want to wring that man’s neck with whom you live? The country needs a woman to nurture it to get it back on its feet. We do not need an arrogant man who believes a woman is only staying in the race to toughen his ability to win the office. I’ve heard lies from each and every politician, and to single out Hillary with a remark about her not being trustworthy is bogus. THINK WOMEN; THINK!!!

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Shocking to see how many people still believe the Muslim-racist-Rev. Wright clintonion slurs.. Is there no incentive to learn the truth? This is President of the USA we are about to elect! Can people be so blind that they are willingly ignorant by choice. This is not the coverwagon days- there a millions of resources available- if one is willing to take a look at something other than the clinton screed. Are we willing to let the likes of a proven liar and her impeeched husband put us through the scandals of the 1990′s again or ,as bad, another Bush term? These people still think they can hoodwink the public into believing they are concerned about the country -WHEN IT IS OBVIOUS THAT IT IS ABOUT POWER FOR THEM..YOU CAN NOT MAKE A 100 million dollars without concerted effort and usery. They used NAFTA, CHINA AND THE SAUDI’s —Who is so blind as to not see that the American worker is suffering because we were sold done the river by the CLintons….GET A CLUE- DO YOUR RESEARCH…READ ONE Some thing that might be proof not soundbites and slander…

Posted by Docb | Report as abusive

How old are you people? What is to be gained by calling names? Is that how you talk and act in front of your children? If so, no wonder our country is in the condition it is in today…..The bitter, hateful things that come out of your mouths is disgraceful….

May the best woman ( or man) win and I will vote for and support Hillary Clinton…
God Bless America…..

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Obama probably said no such thing , it’s the media that have displayed that comment. Obama may be impressed about how strong a person she is to continue to soak up the American people tax dollars for her enjoyment, be careful with inflation at hand. Tacky money management, I would say. Couldn’t get a ‘dime’ from me. I work to hard for my money.

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Obama shows here the honor we desperately need to regain in this country. He could be fighting dirty and isn’t – Hillary has so many skeletons in her closet that she doesn’t have a chance against Republicans – in large part because she is so much like them in the way she does politics. Her message that change isn’t possible and so she is the best to play the game as it is depresses me – politics as usual.

Obama offers a new possibility for this country – not only in what we do but how we do it. As a middleclass, small town, middle-aged white woman, he appears to be our only hope in desperate times. May God continue to bless him and this country by electing someone who not only believes in change, but knows from experience how to make it happen.

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