Clinton, Obama and … Edwards appear on comedy show

April 18, 2008

clinton-obama.jpgPHILADELPHIA – Comedian Stephen Colbert has a new technician for his television show: Hillary Clinton.

The presidential hopeful and New York senator made a short cameo on “The Colbert Report” on Thursday, spoofing her argument that she is the best-prepared Democratic White House candidate by offering to fix the comedian’s faux technical problems.

The show started with a screen malfunction, prompting the host to ask if there was anyone in the theater who could help fix the mess.

“I can!” said Clinton, walking onto the stage to applause.

She proceeded to diagnose the problem with technical know-how. “Try toggling the input,” she said.

That did the trick, and Colbert complimented her for being prepared for “any situation.”

Clinton said to call anytime, then departed the stage.

But Colbert hadanother guest lined up.  Clinton’s rival, Illinois Senator Barack Obama, made a surprise appearance via satellite from North Carolina later in the show.

“Senator Obama!” exclaimed Colbert. “Won’t Sen. Clinton be happy that she fixed our screen!”

“I’m sure she will, Stephen,” Obama replied, according to a transcript of the remarks.

One more surprise guest? John Edwards, a former rival of both Obama and Clinton, also stopped by the show. Clinton, who has been seeking the former North Carolina senator’s endorsement, spoke to him backstage, her spokeswoman said.

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Photo: Reuters/Pool – Clinton and Obama on stage before television debate in Philadelphia on April 16.


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She’s a know-it-all? How elitist of her! This is why we need McCain!

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[…] Reuters […]

Posted by Hillary Clinton on ‘The Colbert Report’ … and MORE!! | Report as abusive

Was she sober? McCain has the depends-senile vote locked up. Not wearing a flag pin to church could cost Obama the flag pin workers of America vote. They sell low cost flags and flag pins at Walmart. Made in China.

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…all to protect life,liberty and pursuit of bitterness.
Life can be ended in Iraq
Liberty can be lost in Iraq.
Unless we specifically now know how we unconditionally disengage our current embedding . Our Soldiers embedded with our “loyals” will wind up
at gunpoint of an another trying to make their way home.
So ” bring them home ” or better “bring them home alive”
is a lot quicker screamed than done !!

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Why isn’t anyone writing stories about how Clinton is only running for the votes of super delegates. She admittedly and whole heartedly does not believe that this election should be based on the popular vote of normal non-super-delegate citizens. Moreover, she bluntly states that the votes of ordinary citizens of the United States of America should not amount to any value whatsoever in this election. I heard her interviewed on NPR stating that pledged delegates who were appointed by elections in previous state primaries should ignore the vote of the people and vote for her regardless of percentages. Please, listen for yourself via this link to’s recording of the interview by Michele Norris. .php?storyId=89476099 Afterwards, ask yourself, “does she care about us?” I demand fair coverage by our evidently spineless commercial media!

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I saw the show, and I have to say, John’s “edWords” segment was the funniest thing that night, and possibly the best thing about Colbert’s week in Philly. Hillary looked very staged by comparison, and her “call me anytime, even 3am” comment on her way out got some laughs, but I think worked against her overall. Barack Obama, even though he was on the big screen and not physically present, had the most powerful presence of all. He temporarily took control of Colbert’s “On Notice” board — putting “Distractions” at the top of the list.
“Distractions” was their stated short-hand for senseless political distractions, (in my words) like that whole Chinese-Made U.S. Flag pin “controversy”. Aren’t these “patriotism is in what you wear, not what you do” idiots even a little afraid of the fascist dress-code messages they’re pushing?
Anyway, I got the distinct impression that Colbert is a closet Obama supporter, in part from the “On Notice: Political Distractions” closer, with Obama’s giant friendly head looming in the background. Another part was the main interview that night: an ex-soldier who had served in Iraq, who is now a PA Congressman, and a vocal Obama supporter since August ’07, Patrick Murphy. Part of it was also the excellent interview with Michelle Obama the previous night.
Sure, Colbert interviewed plenty of Clinton supporters, but the Obama support really came through towards the end of the week. I may be biased, or maybe the recorded sound was even rigged, but the cheers from the crowd, for any sign of Obama support on-stage, seemed louder in general, throughout the whole week.

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It is possible that Senator Clinton is the best candidate. However, even though many may like the policies that Senator Clinton proposes, they should also consider her record, just as Senator Clinton insists.
The last Clinton Administration, when faced with the fact that protection rackets where assaulting, torturing and murdering people with poison and radiation, chose to avoid its responsibilities to incarcerate the criminals and to protect the citizenry.
Instead, they made a deal with the criminal gang stalker protection rackets to leave them alone and to consequently abandon the citizenry.
Do we want a President who sells out the citizenry for votes?
Do we want a President who sends a “crime does pay” message to society?
Would you vote for a President who signed nonaggression deals with the KKKlan or the Nazi party? Gangs that torture with poison and radiation are much like the KKKlan and Nazi Party.
We do not need a sellout President. We need a principled leader President.
If you are one of the few who do not know what the above refers to, do a web search for “gang stalking” to see the tip of the dirtberg. Please do it before you decide to reply to my post. Here let me make it easy for you: gang+stalking%22.

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Go Hillary! I think that Hillary for President + John Edwards for VP and Barrack Obama for Peacemaker and a Lawyer to protect the United states from all of the junk that those other places are sending us.

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obama is out anyway – born in USA yes turning 18 or date of pick up KENYA Passport
voids the US Passport , not a US Cit = ineligible for presidency
But as Senator very good , he realized in Iraq to leave is about tactics
uncond.dissengagement must gain tactical safe distance from all non US Forces
else they cannot (physically ) leave , They would destroy their vehicles on the way out etc etc
unthinkable the nightmare scenario that follow for 170000 outgunned/ounumbered in IRANQ

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