Hillary Clinton declares war on paperwork

April 25, 2008

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – Say goodbye to the FAFSA form if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

Reducing student loan paperwork may not qualify as a marquee issue like ending the Iraq war and establishing a universal health-care system. But it’s one way Clinton can portray herself as a detail-oriented policy wonk who will make voters’ lives easier.

While her rival Barack Obama delivers a broad message of hope and change, Clinton’s speeches are so laden with specifics you can almost see the bullet points.

For voters who deal with the federal bureaucracy on a regular basis, that can be an appealing proposition.

“The day I retired from the military, I became a third-class citizen,” one man told her during a question-and-answer session here. “I just wanted to thank you for what you’re doing for the veterans.”

Fayetteville is located next to the U.S. Army’s Fort Bragg, and Clinton spent much of her time discussing the difficulties faced by veterans. Surrounded by several retired military officials, Clinton promised to bolster a broad range of veterans programs from health care and tuition assistance to home loans.

She was cheered when she mentioned the shortcomings of Tricare, the military health plan.

And she promised to mothball FASFA, short for Free Application for Federal Student Aid, a form evidently much hated by the students forced to fill it out.

Clinton’s willingness to talk specifics was an important asset for Keith Zeigler, a Navy veteran who said Obama’s affluent, youthful supporters don’t have to worry about navigating the United States’ paltry safety net.

“They go to college to party. They have the money to pay their way out of trouble,” said Zeigler, who said he couldn’t afford to go to college and now drives a truck.

“They’re not educated in the ways of the real world,” he said.


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Hill, is a liar, been proven time and time again…..
students attending college can’t afford their tuition, they have assistnace like everyone else, opportunities…
their parents are in trouble like others parents with finance. everybody must pay a price for something,,
my god, stop hating on people…

Posted by arian | Report as abusive

Hillary will promise you the world, as long as she needs you.

Just ask us in New York… we’re still waiting on her promises to be fulfilled. I’d settle for just one.

Posted by wolf | Report as abusive

You know, I’d really be impressed by the idea of making the FAFSA a check box on your income tax form IF I HADN’T ALREADY READ IT ON OBAMA’S WEBSITE!

If you want policy specifics instead of sweeping messages, look at his website. It’s all there. Even the stuff Hillary’s stealing, now.

Posted by Michelle | Report as abusive

If someone can’t fill out a FAFSA, maybe they aren’t college material.

Posted by Jonathan | Report as abusive

Hillary 2008

Barack should quit already

Posted by NOBAMA | Report as abusive

You say that Obama’s speeches are broad, but with HRC you can almost see the bullet points. If you’re really interested in bullet points, then I suggest looking at his website. Here are some bullet points for you.

http://www.barackobama.com/issues/econom y/

Allow me to take a sample point, which is pertinent to your “war on paperwork”.

- Simplify Tax Filings for Middle Class Americans: Obama will dramatically simplify tax filings so that millions of Americans will be able to do their taxes in less than five minutes. Obama will ensure that the IRS uses the information it already gets from banks and employers to give taxpayers the option of pre-filled tax forms to verify, sign and return. Experts estimate that the Obama proposal will save Americans up to 200 million total hours of work and aggravation and up to $2 billion in tax preparer fees.

It is OVER Hillary .. just shut up .. please GO AWAY .. JUST GO AWAY.

Posted by Jan E | Report as abusive

Obama Campaign’s Memo to Superdelegates
April 24, 2008 7:13 p.m.

TO: Superdelegates

FR: Obama Campaign

RE: The strongest candidate to face John McCain

DA: April 24, 2008

Who’s the strongest candidate to take on John McCain?

After 45 contests, Senator Obama has won more delegates, twice as many states and territories, and more of the popular vote. He’s won in every part of the country, and has scored victories among every segment of electorate. He’s inspired Democrats, Independents, and Republicans, building an unprecedented coalition of more than 1.4 million contributors. And when it comes to head-to-head match-ups versus John McCain, Obama performs better than Clinton in key states and shows the potential to put new states in play for Democrats up and down the ballot.

Polling data from across the country, from large states and small, reflects the advantage Senator Obama would bring in a race this fall. His ability to expand the Democratic base, and his ability to capture the crucial Independent vote, make him a stronger candidate than Senator Clinton, who would enter the fall campaign with the highest unfavorable ratings of any nominee in half a century.

Big States
• California: Obama beats McCain by 27, Clinton beats him by 23. (SurveyUSA, 2/23)

• New York: A February poll of Clinton’s home state shows her beating McCain by 11, while Obama beats McCain by 10. (Quinnipiac, 3/18)

• New Jersey: Obama and Clinton both beat McCain by 5. (Farleigh Dickinson, 3/30)

• Illinois: Obama beats McCain by 29 in his home state, while Clinton wins by 9. (SurveyUSA, 2/28)

Traditional Battlegrounds
• Iowa: Obama up 7, Clinton down 6. (SurveyUSA, 4/17),
Among Independents: Obama up 9, Clinton down 31. (Rasmussen, 3/31)

• North Carolina: Clinton trails McCain by 11, Obama ties him. (Rasmussen, 4/10)
Among Independents: Obama up 8, Clinton down 16. (Rasmussen, 4/10)

• Oregon: Obama up 9, Clinton up only 1 (SurveyUSA, 4/17) A march poll showed Obama up 6 and Clinton down 6 (Rasmussen, 3/26)
Among Independents: Obama up 11, Clinton up 4. (Rasmussen, 3/26)

• Wisconsin: Obama up 5 while Clinton ties. (SurveyUSA, 4/17) A March poll showed Obama up 4 and Clinton down 4. (WPR, 3/26)
Among Independents: Obama up 17, Clinton up 2. (Rasmussen, 3/26)

• Michigan: Obama trailing by 1, Clinton trailing by 3. (Rasmussen, 3/25) A February poll showed Obama up 8 and Clinton tied. (Rasmussen, 2/17)

• New Mexico: Obama up by 3, Clinton down by 3. (Rasmussen, 4/8)
Among Independents: Obama up 8, Clinton down 5. (Rasmussen, 4/8)

• Nevada: Obama leads by 4, Clinton leads by 1. (Rasmussen 3/19)

• Minnesota: Obama up 14, Clinton up 5. (Rasmussen, 4/22)
Among Independents: Obama up 9, Clinton down 14. (Rasmussen 3/19)

• Pennsylvania: Clinton up 9, Obama up 8 (Rasmussen, 4/9)
Among Independents: Obama down 1, Clinton down 19. (Rasmussen, 4/9)

Making new states competitive
• Colorado: Obama up 3, Clinton down 14. (Rasmussen, 4/19) A February poll showed up Obama up 9 and Clinton down 6. (SurveyUSA, 2/28)
Among Independents: Obama up 9, Clinton down 13. (Rasmussen, 3/17)

• North Dakota: Obama up 4, Clinton down 19. (SurveyUSA, 2/28)
Among Independents: Obama up 9, Clinton down 29. (Survey USA, 2/28)

• Virginia: Obama down 8, Clinton down 16. (SurveyUSA, 4/17)
Among Independents: Obama up 10, Clinton down 8. (SurveyUSA, 3/16)

• Montana: Obama down 5, Clinton down 18 (Rasmussen, 4/6)
Obama down 2, Clinton down 12 (Rasmussen, 4/6)

• Texas: Obama down only 1, Clinton down 7 (SurveyUSA, 2/28)

From: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB12090780 8767143137.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

Posted by Democratic sense | Report as abusive

I can’t believe she just STOLE that from Obama’s website!! This idea has been on his site for MONTHS! I know because I downloaded all his stuff so I could check up on whether or not his message changes throughout the campaign…

Posted by Anon | Report as abusive

As Hillary Clinton tries her best to reduce us all to the least common denominator of humanity, here’s just one more gallon of gasoline for the fire. We have huge financial losses in our economy due to the Democratic Party insisting on the Community Reinvestment Act. Lend money to people who don’t qualify for loans.
Under this law, the finance industry has does this in the mortgage market. Now HC wants to repeat in the student loan market the mistakes we should have learned from all the lying and greedy borrowers in the home mortgage market.
Whatever happened to belief in paying for what you want and decide to buy and realizing that one is responsible for the mistakes and poor judgment one exercises in life?
Hillary Clinton is a socialist who, if she had any character or moral principles (rather than public opinion polls) to guide her through life, would admit to being the communist she really is.

Posted by Bill from Chappaqua | Report as abusive

A.B.C. PARTY MEMBER – Anybody But Clinton

Posted by Otis Driftwood | Report as abusive

Students can pay their way out of trouble?? I’m a college student, and can safely say that I have no money at all. After rent and bills, I can barely afford groceries, and shudder when I think of the debt I’ll have from financial aid when I graduate…

I don’t claim to know what life is like for a trucker because I’ve never been a trucker, so I don’t see how he claims to know the life of a student when he stated that he’s never been one…

Posted by Jason | Report as abusive

Huh.. Obama is no JFK but HE is JFK (Just Fake King).

Posted by rita | Report as abusive

yeah, hillary. You aren’t trustworthy. Please concede and let the person with the broader and more far reaching vision prevail. Our children’s futures depends on it.

Posted by kona | Report as abusive

Go Hillary. She’s better qualified and Barack is too inexperienced. Hillary is not going anywhere!

Posted by Josh | Report as abusive

Yep. People that don’t give up want to be called “fighters”. But, sadly, some of them are instead known as “obsessive compulsive assholes”. Although, I guess, adding more millions to your millions (oh, wait.. helping the babies, right.. she’s in this to help the babies!) is a good reason to be OC.

Posted by Gene | Report as abusive

Hillary is ready to say anything to win. Her Bosnia lies, her experience are examples of her lies. Just the fact that she is appealing to the less educated and senior citizens shows that she is not able to fool America. For the good of the Democratic Party, she should resign and let the leader lead. She is no Bill Clinton. What is truly painful for me is that I am loosing respect for Bill Clinton in the process.

Posted by jayp | Report as abusive

It seems to me like , as a peace loving nation that we are!!
The first thing we do in order to improve anything, we declare war. Am I missing something?

Posted by Fred K. | Report as abusive

Wolf said Hillary will promise you the world, as long as she needs you.

Just ask us in New York… we’re still waiting on her promises to be fulfilled. I’d settle for just one.

- Posted by wolf

Can you please name the promises you are waiting for? Specifics please.

Posted by Beau | Report as abusive

War on paperwork will be something to keep Hillary busy when she goes back to the Senate in a month or so. We’ll see if she is really interested in less paperwork for Americans then.

Posted by Susan | Report as abusive

Since I am over 50 the word “experience” has real value and meaning to me. I get paid more because I am experienced. I am trusted with important details because of my experience. I like Senator Obama, but I prefer Senator Clinton because of her experience and maturity. Rest assured, however, that come November I will be voting for a Democrat no matter who that turns out to be.

Posted by Matureperson | Report as abusive

This article should be changed to reflect Obama’s stance on this before Hillary came up with her plan.

Posted by Ron | Report as abusive

Hillary 08′
Love you Hill!

Is this what passes for a serious discussion of a candidate? Distract the masses with Minutia and skirt serious topics. If any politician is willing to take a stand I propose this. I (enter politicians name) promise to end deficit spending so we don’t leave our children with our debt. I promise to tell you that not all problems are solveable. I promise to stop making promises that I have no intention of keeping.

None of the current candidates will make any progress in the condition of our country. They are bought and paid for before they take office.

The question that needs to be asked when in front of your favorite savior is “Are you willing to say no to the war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on freedom, No new taxes, get rid of old taxes, spend money on it’s intended purpose, stop useless foreign wars with no clear purpose and quit trying to fix every problem in our lives? That would be refreshing.

Posted by Carl | Report as abusive

Hillary Rocks!
Hillary 08′

As a full time college student and graduating senior who has received the Pell grant for 4 years and Cal Grants for 4 years I can tell you that the FAFSA is not a big deal. It took me an average for 20 minutes to fill it out and it gave me enough money so I could go to college for free, even with a small stipend for my books. I could have NEVER afforded college otherwise, and was not eligible for very many scholarships. If you can’t spend half an hour filling our some paperwork, then school just isn’t for you. I’m all for making the government more transparent, but there are certain necessary levels of bureaucracy to make the damn thing function. Shut up Hillary, don’t fix what ain’t broke.

Posted by Aaron | Report as abusive

I agree that Barack Obama should be in the white house, but as an intern. He has taken punches from everyone and never punch back. America needs a fighter.

Posted by Amar | Report as abusive

Thank you Jane E. My sentiments exactly. The only difference is I hope she runs herself right out of being able to try again.

Obama has too much baggage, and for Hillary Clinton not to capitalize, shows how much ‘experience’ she has.

Can you pass me what your smokin DCX2, it must be good, if you honestly believe Obama is going to save any money at all. All he is about is spending, spending, spending. I’m sure its all there as well.

Somebody ought to educate Mr. Ziegler, the truck driver, about college students and the debts they incur to pay the lofty high-minded liberal faculties for the right to essentially do independent study. He could have afforded college, he was just too lazy to figure out how. There are plenty of people out there working their way through college and not “partying” as he puts it. Nothing like class warfare to get the voters riled up.

Posted by John V. | Report as abusive

when will the liberals wake up! they would rather lose w/ their canidate then go w/ a someone who could win. why isn’t anyone looking at where obama’s vote is coming from.neither the left or the right can win w/out the center.noway can the african amer vote plus the lefties win a general election.all they will succeed in doing is to give the r’s another 4 years! wake up and smell the roses!maybe the time has come 4 a centrist 3rd party!

Posted by pat welsh | Report as abusive

This idea is not unique to Bil-LIAR-ry in terms of concept or implementation. How does this substatially differ from what Barack has proposed or will do? Isn’t suggesting that he is incapable of implementing a reform like this part of the politics of the past?

Posted by like you don't know already | Report as abusive

Good evening:
Hillary has an ad showing on Indiana television. But guess what? She blames George Bush about a factory closing down in Indiana. But guess what? The factory closed down when her husband, Bill, was president. What hypocrisy?
And she wants to be president? She feels she’s more qualified? She can manage a team? Who’s the fact checker in that campaign? I wonder how much publicity this will get in the media?
http://asecondhandconjecture.com/index.p hp/2008/04/24/clinton-to-keep-defense-jo bs-here/

Posted by reneeperry23 | Report as abusive

Hillary is no angel – that’s for sure – but for those who are getting so into Obama, consider these questions:

Arian: Do you think Obama hasn’t and won’t lie in the future, or break key promises? Like you said, “everybody must pay a price for something”

DCX2: Obama’s website looks like it has details, but in reality it doesn’t show you any more than promises with some figures of dollar amounts you will get back. That’s a sales pitch – not a policy statement. And the website is certainly short on details such as complete picture of how this would look against the budget, and what the longer term effects (economic, social demographic) would look like. The Obama website tries to sell you hope – and hopes you won’t look behind the curtains.

My point here is that if you think Obama and Hillary are all that different, they’re not.

They’re both politicians, and they have both had to compromise to get where they are and will continue to need to balance competing demands – i.e. “break or not fulfill promises”.

My wishes for those who genuinely want to believe Obama (or Hillary!) is really different – I hope your awakening won’t be too rude.

Posted by amazed | Report as abusive

There are some people thinking the two democratic candidates must both be getting tired with all the campaigning they’ve both been doing. I watched a video segment on Obama the other day, interacting with people and talking to reporters. Maybe he is tired, or maybe he’s just stoned. The nose knows. What a ride. Ya only live once. That’s what they say anyway.

Posted by ghekko | Report as abusive

Obama supporters you must agree with Barack that hateful comments devoid of intelligence are distractions at best. If your going to boo Clinton off the stage at least state a logical argument. Also it is pointless arguing who had what on their website first.

PS. I love bullet-points. They are a business consultant’s best friend.

Posted by Honz | Report as abusive

Every great civilization comes and goes. The leaders of these dynastys in the waning years are pretty much nothing more than figureheads, hence their positions, policies and promises are meaningless. When the wealthy make the rules, the rules benefit the wealthy. That NEVER changes. So go ahead and make your choice, it can’t possibly make any difference.

Posted by Steve R Fickler | Report as abusive

The primary question to ask YOURSELF. “What is the purpose of Government?”

A) Promise to cure every conceivable manufactured problem by confiscating an ever increasing amount of our earnings while taking away more of our choices and freedom?

B) Provide for defense, mediate disputes, police protection, fire protection and a reasonably limited amount of social services.

The government simply can not continue to exist in a competent and effective manner if it constantly tries to be everything to everybody. The dollar has deflated by a minimum 20% in the last year because we are printing dollars faster than we earn them. Stop being obsessed with feel good sound bites that do nothing. Stick to the base issues of government and do not be distracted.

Posted by Carl | Report as abusive

Um, did Ms. Clinton mention what she would do to replace the FAFSA? Because let’s not forget, it does serve an important purpose in establishing financial need for college applicants. I don’t really see an easier way of determining financial need than having someone answer those questions and provide copies of their past tax returns. It’s really great that she’s promising to do away with the form, but if you’re going to run stories like this, you should hold her accountable and ask her how she plans to establish applicants’ financial need in the future.

Let’s do an analogy. Nobody likes the polution that comes from cars. But if a presidential candidate said “I’ll do away with cars,” I hope someone in the media would ask: “Gee, then how will we all get around?” If journalists are going to let candidates get away with empty and impossible promises, maybe I’ll run for president. As part of my platform, I plan to do away with cars. And with taxes. And with dentists. And I don’t plan to tell any of you stupid voters how Americans under my administration will get around, how government will finance itself, or how root canals will be dealt with.

My point is that the FAFSA is evil, but it’s a necessary evil. Unless she explained in detail what is going to replace it (which she didn’t, judging from this news story), then her promise is just a bunch of words that doesn’t merit a news story.

Posted by fjfjdvdv | Report as abusive

I read the DCX2 comment about simple tax returns, and I knew that it was Edwards’ idea because I loved it.
Sure enough BO got the idea from Edwards who made it public in April 2007. From Edwards website:

Completing Tax Forms for Up to 50 Million Americans: For as many as 50 million Americans, the IRS gets all the information it needs to calculate their taxes from employers and financial institutions. Under Edwards’ plan, the IRS will calculate these taxpayers’ bill and mail them a completed return. Families would only need to do one thing with Form 1: sign and return it. Families with more information – such as charitable contributions, capital gains, or other more complex transactions – will not be able to use Form 1. Form 1 would save taxpayers an estimated 225 millions hours a year. [Goolsbee, 2006; Gale and Holtzblatt, 1997; Treasury, 2003;
http://www.johnedwards.com/issues/tax-si mplification/

Posted by Prabhata | Report as abusive

I’m an independent retired Marine who well understands the strengths of Obama – as well as a MAJOR weakness. He’s a ‘new kid on the block’ that lacks experience. As the public gets a better awareness of him what they will see is a very charismatic individual that lacks the substance to lead this country. Like her or not, with Hillary at least you know what you’re getting – someone that has experience and a little more substance. She’s been vetted thoroughly on a wide variety of subjects and came through – bruised but not bloodied. As Obama is subjected to the same level of scrutiny he’s being bloodied. John M vs Hillary? Tough decision for an independent. John M vs Obama? Easier choice – John M.

If you want to go to college, you should be glad that the government is giving you free checks. So is it so hard to fill out a form for money in return? It’s not hard anyway. When i first fill out FAFSA, it was hard, but the next year, i just renew it and change some important infos that’s all. America is a lazy society, stop making people lazier.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

What does HRC’s campaign do, check the Obama website everyday to come up with the next talking point? And she says he’s not inspirational? Looks like his ideas and position papers are inspiring her…to steal

Posted by Concerned Citizen | Report as abusive

After years of filling out FAFSA returns, I can tell you that is not what students really need. Rather why do students pay taxes on fellowships they receive, even fellowships that come directly from the government. This is not big money here, people, these fellowships generally keep our heads just above the poverty line.

Now for the primary decision, Hillary has distinguished herself in meaningful ways from Obama. Hillary has consistently supported gay rights when Obama has made as limited comments as possible on the subject. Clinton supports clear improvements in the veterans healthcare and benefits.

And most importantly, Hillary’s healthcare reform plan is the real deal. Obama’s plan allows people universal access to healthcare, but Hillary supports universal healthcare. Alright, folks, what’s the difference? With Obama’s plan, the poor of all ages will opt out of the health insurance plan, continuing a pattern of using emergency healthcare services rather than preventative medicine. The overall cost is higher and since the catastrophically sick won’t be able to pay those bills that burden goes right back to the system, either your tax dollars through Medicaid and Medicare or more subtly you pay higher prices at the hospital to make up for those who can’t pay. At the end of the day, I want UNIVERSAL healthcare. If Obama can promise me that, I’d be willing to consider his candidacy, but I work in the healthcare profession and I’m disgusted that our country still hasn’t figured out how to provide solid, decent care to every last one of us. Hillary will do it. I’ll vote for that.

Posted by Annie | Report as abusive

What does HRC\’s campaign staff do – check Obama\’s website everyday to come up with the next talking point for her? And she says he\’s not inspiring? She\’s inspiring her…to steal.

BTW – did you notice she now has a southern accent in NC today?

Posted by Concerned Citizen | Report as abusive

Is this a real article, who is the random truck driver, who doesn’t go to collge, who doesn’t have to fill out a FAFSA, and how the hell does he relate to hillary making his life easier?

Even if she did eliminate the actual form, they would still have to have some other way for students to apply for loans.

There is no substance here, hillary please drop out

It really is no wonder that people are so disappointed just a couple years after each election. You are fools if you believe any of this banter will turn into actual policy. It isn’t, and never has been, the presidents job to dig into specific topics like this. On top of that are the hundreds of people who worked to promote and enact this legislation in the first place. Do you think they will just lie down and accept the fact that because Hillary promised something in her campaign all of their years of work and fighting was completely useless and utterly reversible? Not likely. The fact is you are witnessing the products of a drawn out and dried up campaign. Neither candidate could have imagined that the battle would have dragged out this long and both of them have been short on ammunition for quite some time. So what do they do when they can’t bring up the real topics without slinging mud all over their own party? They talk about policies which affect small focused groups of people they happen to be speaking in front of that day. Topics which most of America cares little about, and topics which won’t hurt them much if they go sour. I don’t blame the candidates so much as I blame all of you fools who buy into this nonsense. If you care about small time changes like making a FAFSA form easier then you should be taking that to your state and local officials since they will be the only people who could actually do anything about it. Why is it that people have the time to whine about policies every day but only have enough time to do something about it once every four years? Bottom line, either care about it all the time and do something or don’t bother at all, but either way don’t bet your tiny veteran’s check that Hillary or Obama will save you.

Posted by anonamoose | Report as abusive

I saw somebody make a comment about how their should be a centrist party. I hate to break it to you people, but democrats and republicans are both to the right of the center in the world political spectrum. American politics function in their own sphere of left and right. The fact that people are somehow convinced that democrats and republicans are actually significantly different really blows my mind. Centrists in america are labeled as radical leftists and crazy liberals. Second of all, I’ve watched many elections in my life, and a lot of promises are made every time, very few are ever fulfilled. The fact is that politicians don’t care about you. This country was founded by a small elite minority to benefit themselves. Thats not to say poor people here aren’t doing pretty well, but we’re still essentially serfs for the masters of these politicians/puppets you seem to worship. People have such short memories that I really feel sad for the future of not only our country, but also the speices. Read some history people, nothing really changes.

-Peace from a radical centrist

Posted by Keith | Report as abusive

Isn’t it ironic?

The author of this has obviously been duped into believing what the Clinton camp says. So let’s talk about specifics, ok? Wasn’t Obama the one who started off his campaign too specific? So specific, in fact, that he had to tone down his technical detail and infuse it with something more global and catchy, hence the overwhelmingly enjoyable Hope-speak that seems to beget a Love-Hate relationship with voters and/or cynics.

Seriously, let’s believe Hillary. Because it’s not like the Clintons would EVER lie to the American public if it were something that they thought would help their position, now would they? Oh, wait. They have. And you know what makes that so idiotic? They blatantly lied about things that were RECORDED (Hill’s Bosnia Trip, Bill claiming he didn’t say that the Obama camp played the “race card”, to name a couple in recent news). Come on, people, wake up! Do you honestly think that they could possibly be trusted? I think they’ve proven, without a doubt that it’s impossible.

Posted by Vichesse | Report as abusive

I really hate reading “comments” on articles about the primaries these days – they seem to be filled with young and naive Obama supporters thrashing Hillary for no reason at all.
I’m a Hillary supporter (because I remember Bill Clinton’s presidency) but I have absolutely no problem voting for Obama if he wins. I would never vote McCain over a Democrat.
Please let’s come together? Let’s stop bashing Hillary or Obama just for the sake of bashing, and let’s choose our candidate based on the issues. We all have preferences – but more importantly, we’re all DEMOCRATS and have values of the Democratic party.

Posted by Jason | Report as abusive

Navy Veteran, who cant go to school?

guess he was just too lazy to utilize TA, CLEP or DANTES, now he’s paying for it. free schooling while serving, more like did not have the initiative to get out of his coffin locker. Always look out for yourself first. Hillary “Edmund ” Clinton

Posted by john harry | Report as abusive