Top House Democrat denounces Clinton campaign tactics

April 24, 2008

WASHINGTON – “Scurrilous” and “disingenuous” were among the words a top Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives used on Thursday to describe Hillary Clinton’s campaign tactics in her bid to defeat Barack Obama for their party’s presidential nomination.

House Democratic Whip James Clyburn, of South Carolina and the highest ranking black in Congress, also said he has heard speculation that Clinton is staying in the race only to try to derail Obama and pave the way for her to make another White House run in 2012.

rtr1w3w5.jpg“I heard something, the first time yesterday (in South Carolina), and I heard it on the (House) floor today, which is telling me there are African Americans who have reached the decision that the Clintons know that she can’t win this. But they’re hell-bound to make it impossible for Obama to win” in November, Clyburn told Reuters in an interview.

Obama holds a sizable lead in delegates won in state-nominating contests which could be hard for her to overcome.

The purported theory is that an Obama defeat in November against Republican presidential candidate John McCain would let Clinton make another presidential bid in four years, Clyburn said.

Clyburn has not yet declared whether he supports Clinton or Obama. But in January, he raised his concerns about the heated exchanges between the two campaigns before the South Carolina primary.

On Thursday, Clyburn took Clinton and surrogates to task, complaining that they want the popular votes in Michigan and Florida counted, even though both states violated party rules for the early scheduling of their nominating contests.

“I think it’s so disingenuous … (adviser James) Carville and Sen. Clinton were all on TV. I’ve seen them two or three times this week, talking about counting Florida and Michigan.”

Obama did not campaign in those states because the Democratic Party said Florida and Michigan wouldn’t be included in the formal tally for the nomination. “Her name was the only one on the ticket in Michigan and still 42, 43 percent of the vote was against her,” Clyburn said.

Still, Clyburn said “I don’t think she ought to drop out.”

But he added, “There’s a difference between dropping out and raising all this extraneous scurrilous stuff about the guy (Obama). Just run your campaign … you don’t have to drop out to be respectful of other people.”

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst (Clyburn with presidential candidates at a debate in January)


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Wow…… Another black fanatic.. Man, what’s going on with these guys?. Nobody can say or do anything because they immediately say we are racist or are conspiring against black community, Stop it!!. This guy can take Barry Hussein and Wright to his home and leave us all Americans alone…

Posted by Manny | Report as abusive

This represents a serious problem for the Clinton campaign. Without stong and enthusiatic turnout in the African-American community, she CANNOT WIN (especially after her disaterous performance among Independents, the largest voter group, in all primaries to date.) If she cannot immediately make peace with the African-American, the most loyal base in the Party, the superdelegates, who understand the danger, may well start going to Obama in droves.

Posted by Phrank | Report as abusive

Hillary’s repeated attempts to assert to validity of the Michigan and Florida primaries rank even in my mind with her repeated fiction of her experience in Bosnia.

Some of us thought she was ‘pretty good’ before this contest, but both she and Bill have shown they are peas in a pod, ethically unworthy to return to the White House.

Posted by Paul Tinker | Report as abusive

It won’t be happening for Hillary in 2012. The demographics will be totally against her, as they probably will be against McCain this year, if Obama is the Democratic nominee. Hillary knows this. She knows that this is her last chance because she should have run in 2004.
Those interested in delving into demographics further should read an excellent book, “Millenial Makeover: MySpace, YouTube & the Future of American Politics.”

Posted by Antero Pietila | Report as abusive

Hey, all you Hillary and Obama supporters,
Stop fighting like my 2 kids!
I swear I’ve seen better cooperation in day cares and kindergartens! Y’all sound like it’s a fight between 2 extreme ends of the spectrum. Well, I think you’re nuts! They’re about as far apart as 2 peas in a pod. I like Obama BUT if Hillary wins then I’m voting for her.

The LAST thing we need is another Republican in the White House.

Hillary Supporters – If Obama is the nominee and you vote for McCain then you better not call yourselves democrats!

And all you Obama supporters – If Hillary is the nominee and you don’t vote for her then you’re a pack of 2-faced idiots and low-lifes!

After 7 1/2 years of Babbling Bush we need a president who is intelligent, articulate, cooperative, reasonable, tough, a fighter, and can read his/her own newspaper in the morning. Both our candidates can fit the bill. If they would stop fighting themselves then they could BOTH be on the ticket in November (at this point I don’t really care who’s on top)! But we’re not going to get there by fighting amongst ourselves. If anything we NEED to band together and cheer BOTH on to a victory against the Republican smear machine. Just like what they’re doing right now.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

“That means she’s tough and he can’t take heat” – it’s like hitting the other team with your bat during a baseball game and blame them for not guarding themselves. Playing dirty is not the same as play fair and tough.

“We should count MI and FL votes… and Hillary would be ahead” – I’d support a re-vote, but counting the previous results is like playing a couple warm up runs in a baseball game knowing it won’t count, and halfway through the real game the losing team want to count the result from the warm up.

“Hillary would be the nominee if played by republican rules” – yeah and I’d be married to Angelina Jolie if I were Brad Pitt. So she’s saying she’d be the democrat nominee if only the democrats were republicans =).

Come on, I see many good reasons to support Hillary; but some of her main arguments like the above are getting more and more ridiculous even laughable.

Posted by foo | Report as abusive

I can’t believe this guy. If he isn’t setting the scene for Obama who is? He is playing the race card, getting African Americans to believe Clinton is out to destroy Obama. When will this end? Obama has brought his bad press on himself, even then the media has blamed Hillary and idolized him. Why shouldn’t she point out his weaknesses, he has always done that to her behind the scenes. If there is racism in this election it is that everyone is called a racist if they say anything about Obama. And it’s black voters that are suspiciously voting on race. Never before would an African American turn their back on a Clinton after all the good they’ve done to promote diversity. Obama is not the best candidate. If he is elected in Nov.(which is doubtful)he will be setting himself up for failure because he CAN’T DO THE JOB. Maybe next time, but not now.

Posted by Lesley – Vancouver | Report as abusive

The apt Clinton campaign descriptor has begged to be said, and has been long over due. Thank you Representative Clyburn, and thanks to Reuters for its publication. And now it cry’s for a strong concurrence of other Democrat leaders. Now before the Clinton’s insatiable lust for power destroys the Democratic party, and with it, the hopes and ideals of this new generation of Americans.

Posted by Ron Altman | Report as abusive

That’s a great idea, Dave. But it sure wouldn’t hurt to have Hillary stop the destructive behavior in the meantime.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

Good for Clyburn for saying so. I’ve thought so too and I’m a white woman who wants a woman president. But not one without a conscience, without grace, and without responsiveness to the whole context.

The speculation that she’s intending to be a spoiler so she can run in 2012 has been around for a few weeks. It is possible that she thinks she can win by sabotaging the convention. We can soon enough know.

Posted by Gaias Child | Report as abusive

To Manny: Your “Nobody can say or do anything because they immediately say we are racist or are conspiring against black community” and “This guy can take Barry Hussein and Wright to his home and leave us all Americans alone…” is truly an oxy … MORON! Leave all Americans alone? Who are the Americans anyway? Does that include Native Americans? Columbus could have left them alone?

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

Finally people is ponting the real problem from the Clinton Campain. Mrs. Clinton is also misleading her fallowers with false hopes taking money from them for her death end campain, She seems to be addicted to the short term rush adrenalin high.

“All propaganda must be so popular and on such an intellectual level, that even the most stupid of those towards whom it is directed will understand it. Therefore, the intellectual level of the propaganda must be lower the larger the number of people who are to be influenced by it.”

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf
from Chapter VI: War Propaganda

Posted by Alma ludivina | Report as abusive

This isn’t the first time Clyburn has thrown a tantrum of this sort and blamed Senator Clinton for Barrack Obama’s own poor performance. And I doubt it will be the last. As for Florida and Michigan – something will obviously have to be done. You can’t shut millions of people out of the primaries and expect them to turn out to enthusiastically support the party’s nominee in the Fall – especially if their disenfranchisement causes their preferred candidate to lose the nomination! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

Ms. Clinton’s calculation is to divide the people into blacks and whites. This is the easiest way to make people mad and keep people them from focusing on what problems they face. As is obvious poor uneducated, who are easily gullible, and are the one who have fallen prey to her tactics.

Of course we cannot advise those who cannot see this. What should be credited is many people have woken up to the fact even in Pennsylvania thus reducing her margin of victory.

Posted by kalyan | Report as abusive

Sure, I’ll vote for Clinton if I must, to defeat McCain, but I no longer have any good will for her. She trashed her pretended reputation in just a month. The party grows bitter.

Posted by Ivo Taillefer | Report as abusive

What a misleading title! The title should be “another black politician jumps at Hillary”. Shame on you, the divider Obama!

Posted by Carl | Report as abusive

If Hillary is the nominee she will face Condoleza Rice who will be the next president as Mr. Mc Cain stage II melanoma has a 50% survival to 5 years, and he was diagnosed before year 2000 and alaready had a recurrence.
Unknown yet if he has stage III?

Posted by Alma ludivina | Report as abusive

Hi Phrank,
Your argument is quite valid. If Hillary is nominated, the African Americans will still “cling to” Hillary because they are so “bitter”. On the contrary, centrists like me strongly believe Obama is such a bad candidate. McCain will be a better choice than Obama.
Mark my words: I’m not alone, a lot of voters more than the African Americans combined know this “unite, change Washington” stuff is just crap. Obama can’t even unite Democrats. How can he “unite” the whole country? Not mention his pathetic knowledge about international issues.

Posted by Carl | Report as abusive

Two questions for Obama

1) Your father was from Kenya, but the only father figure in your life until your teenage years was your stepfather, who is your stepfather?

2) You have stated that Pastor Wright converted you to christianity some twenty years ago, what was your religion if any prior to being converted?

Posted by julius silva | Report as abusive

So the black vote doesn’t count well,I say if billary gets the nomination – we dont’t vote. This is the “land where our fathers died,” but our loyalty is questioned. people who just got off the boat are treated as american, hell i am madd as hell and i won’t take any more. Black America! their always talking about playing the race card after playing it 1st – I say play it “Don’t vote!” let the “americans” get the goverment they deserve. that’s what happen with bush, as for those who ask “what about black folks,” have you heard of katrina, how much worst can it get. out of the 40% of this nation poor 16 -17% are black, mexican, and others about 24% are white get a brain white people this estabishment doen’t give a d#@* about poore people.

Posted by karen | Report as abusive

Dave – I couldn’t have said it better! My preference by a mile is Obama, but I would vote for Clinton because the thought of another Republican — McCain — didn’t get in!

Posted by Connie | Report as abusive

Why is Mr Clyburn so hurt for Obama? There should be healthy debate between Clinton and Obama including their warts! Obama is just showing his blemishes.

Posted by Maung Maung Nyo | Report as abusive

I just hope when they decide to count the votes in Michigan and Florida,they will add the score for the votes that was cated for Obama,that is when we will know you actually has the more votes casted.Go Obama !!!!!

Posted by phil | Report as abusive

Here in Chicago I witnessed the rise and fall of Obama.

About 6 months ago, I polled my friends and I found out they were either for Obama or at least considering him. (On the fence between Obama and Hillary).

We are all white ethnic suburban guys and gals who grew up in Chicago. A lot of us coming from mixed neighborhoods. Some of us have 2 year degrees from going to local tech schools.

We know Chicago, we know the politics, we have had everyone from Al Capone to our last govenor George Ryan who is in a jail cell as I write this. Our current Govoner’s name keeps coming up in the Rezko trial. I have a feeling he may be going to jail too.

When I got my first sppeding ticket 30 years ago, I got it fixed because…this is Chicago. So when I hear Obama got a sweet deal from Rezko on his house and the land next door I thought of the old saying, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

So, when my ticket got fixed, the guy who fixed it got money, the judge got money, my charge was dismissed. We all got something.

With Rezko and Obama…Obama got a reduced price on his house. Rezko didn’t make money on the deal because he sold it for less then what he paid, and his wife had to take a loan to buy the extra land that they sold. Since the Rezko’s didn’t make a cash profit, I guess there would be a favor that would be owed.

That’s what is exchanged in Chicago if not money. Favors can come in the form of jobs, permits, raises, dropping charges, extra garbage cans. It’s been like this for as long as I can remember.

So when we see on the news about Rezko, Wrght, Ayers, 5 killed in Chicago in one house, govoners going to jail, gang violennce, murder, guns…It’s just another news day. But when one of our own Chicago people try to break out and run for president and we know he is tied to the Chicago machine and gets caught then he is to dumb to be president. You see Mayor Daley is smart, he is part of the machine and has never been tied to anything, his father was Mayor and never tied to anything.

Obama, so young and so publicly tied in to this stuff now. He isn’t smart.
He’s not really from Chicago, he’s an outsider, he thought he could play the big man’s game, the Chicago game but, he got busted. You see, you DO have to know who to hang around with and who not to hang with or you commit politicial suicide and that’s what Obama did.

So when I polled my friends recently and they said Hillary or McCain, I knew that I had witnessed the rise and fall of Obama!!

Posted by Ghicagoguy | Report as abusive


WTF? Where did he call anybody a racist? Come on dude, you’re better than that.

Posted by Jasper | Report as abusive

Senator Clinton does what works for Senator Clinton. When Senator Obama or some of his supporters complain about Senator Clinton’s deplorable tactics, then Senator Clinton is supposedly the victim. Her negatives are very high and she is getting help from Republicans to steal the nomination from Senator Obama. Should she get the nomination, the Democrats can kiss the White House goodbye. It will be all Billary’s fault – just like their White House years sealed the deal for the current President Bush. I will vote for her, but many will not.

Posted by Felicity | Report as abusive

to julius silva

why are you so quick to assume he was religious before being converted to christianity, if you read his book you would learn the answer to how and why he converted

Posted by bil | Report as abusive

I believe his comments, she knows she is not going to win so she might as well destroy the man. This does not surprise me at all, these are the dirty tactics of the Clinton’s. She is a liar and I do not trust her. Enough, this has to end, and we must deal McCain ASAP and deal with the issues of the people.

Posted by Yoli | Report as abusive

Clyburn is talking BS. Is he scared that Clinton might win the nom??? Oh – poor baby!!!

Clyburn – don’t create any more mess for the party. Just watch as the voters decide. OK?

Posted by Jkan | Report as abusive

What is up with all of this racist talk? People are not allowed to say anything at all about Obama…is that the word? Well, forget that. If you are running for a national office…particularly the TOP JOB, I want to know everything I can possibly know and I reserve the right to question anything I like about a candidate. Too bad if he can’t take the heat. The more this goes with the Obama campaign, the less impressed I am. He was supposed to be some “different” kind of candidate running a “different” kind of campaign…sorry…not buying it. He is sounding weaker and weaker lately and do I think that sounds Presidential…not so much. If he can’t take the heat now in a primary, he will never survive the general election much less be able to take what comes with the real job.

Hillary has stopped worrying about the black community supporting her much anymore…especially when Obama gets numbers like 97% of black males in one state voting for him. This is becoming more racial every day and it is increasingly unattractive to me. Both races will have to allow criticism without the whining or we, as a nation, will go nowhere.

Posted by DrPWesley | Report as abusive

Wow, I love America politics. I hope to visit you guys someday.

Posted by Richard | Report as abusive

Hillary purports to represent working class people and
she feels their pain. However, she did not send her
own daughter in D. C. to a public intergrated school
like all middle class Americans. No she went to an
exclusive mostly segregated private day school.
What hypocrisy on her part. She needs to practice
what she preaches

Posted by J B Moran | Report as abusive

I am one of those lowly educated and bitter Catholic 40 something women from PA. I will NEVER vote for OBAMA and it has nothing to do with race or gender. To the contrary, since the media didn’t want to give me the facts on the junior senator because they feared that they could be called racist, they spoon fed him as the next coming of JFK. Well, JFK would have been crucified if he was in office today as he had numberious affairs while in office-remember Marilyn Monroe and Sam Giancanna’s girlfriend was also his mistresses. He too was an eloquent speaker and could charm the pants off any woman just as Obama charmed Oprah’s. So,I went and did research. Yea us uneducated people have access to the internet and can look things up.

My momma always gave me very good advice and she told me lay down with dogs wake up with flees. Mr. Obama’s friends are radicals that spew hate filled sermons and promote negative ideology of America! One of his friends who just so happened to sell him his mansion at half price is now on trial. This gentleman and I use that term loosly is a slumlord. Do you know where the houses were that he was renting. They were in Mr. Obama’s distict when asked Mr. Obama’s answer was he didn’t know but he knew enough to take the man’s contirbution to his campaign.If Mr. Obama couldn’t keep track of what was happening in his own district how I am supposed to believe that he can keep track of 50 states! Oh I forgot they were poor people. Insignificant to Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama sat in a church with Rev. Wright for 20 years and denied hearing the most unpatriotic and hate filled statements about the country that he now claims to want to be head of. Rev. Wright is linked to Louis Farrakhan. Mr. Farrakhan even went so far as to endorse Mr. Obama. And because he knew the bad press that he would receive from this endorsement he decline but the endorsement was already there. Mr. Obama is not only a black man he is also a white man. I am so tired of people forgetting that. His mother and grandparents raised him. His Kenyan father desserted him! Mr. Obama went to a private school and Harvard. My middle class children went to public schools and community college. Mr. Obama’s record for voting in the senate leaves something to be desired. He has voted present more times than taking a position on important issues. He is to be the man in charge and can’t make up his mind on issues as a senator.

In reality, he has done his senatorial duties for only 1 year as he has been campaigning for president for the other 2. He even missed the 45th Anniverary of Martin Luther King Jr. one of the most influential black men of the century to campaign. If he was so proud of his black heritage he should have been there to honor the man who gave his life so that he could have the freedoms that he has today. This in my opinion was a slap in the face to the black community. And please don’t tell me he had other engagements. He could have set aside time to honor this noble man!

We all want change as this country is a mess but remember he is going to a senate and congress that are old school and will have an uphill battle before he can get anything done! Oh and please someone tell me what is his stance on the issues as they are always vague. His speeches are filled with rhetoric about change but NOTHING specific. How can I vote for someone who can’t state his stance on the issues at hand!

And contrary to popular belief, Mr. Obama did run campaign ads in FLORIDA! And he still lost!Maybe the press should investigate this.We are the UNITED STATES which consists of 50 states not 48. Mr. Obama said he would consent when it was fair to all for a recount what he meant was when he was sure he would win. So all those saying that Clinton is playing unfair so is MR. Obama as he is supressing the votes of millions to hold onto the supposed lead he has. I also find it offensive that when he lost PA, Gov. Rendell and Mayor Nutter (WHOM I VOTED FOR) were called a racist and Uncle Tom. Why is it that when a black man doesn’t support him they are an Uncle Tom. Calling Mayor Nutter these deplorable names was the final nail in the coffin for me!

I also find it offensive that people in his camp and his supporters are allowed to make sexists remarks but let anyone make a remark that could even be considered racist and they jump all over it!

Please don’t delude yourselves into thinking that when all this is over that who ever backed the loser is going to vote for the nominee in the fall. IT AIN”T GONNA HAPPEN. US POOR WHITE TRASH HAVE MEMORIES LIKE ELEPHANTS!! AND WE ARE PATRIOTIC and the venom that was spewed by his supporters and backers is just too hard to swallow!!!!!!!

Hillary or McCain but NEVER OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Rosie From Pa | Report as abusive

Listening to these Obama supporters reminds me of cult followers!
Any criticism of this Black leftest Liberal is called racist…..
Hillary and Obama policy-wise are almost identical…increased taxes for even bigger government NON-solutions.
Wake up people

Posted by Joshua25 | Report as abusive

The beginning of the end for Obama when a man of Clyburn’s past and integrity he would come accross so petty.

I think this is the beginning of the Obama supporters who are panicking. They realize they can’t win and they decided too soon. It hurts to be so wrong. Poor judgement comes in all colors.

It is clear Obama is out and can’t possibly be elected. He must drop out to save face for a future race. At this point it will be hard for him to get re-elected to his current Senate seat.

Posted by BZ | Report as abusive

I can’t believe some of these people are so ignorant. People as ignorant as some of these should not be allowed to vote.

Posted by Bobbie | Report as abusive

No wonder Mr. Clyburn used two certain words to describe his so called enemies. Those are the same two words he sees every morning in in his bathroom mirror “Scurrilous” and “disingenuous” give American a break and let your ego rest for a while congressman. Focus on helping our country not dragging it down. Maybe you should send Senator Obama your prayers and let him learn to defend himself. Political warming is not the same as global warming. We know for sure political warming is real. If Obama is wilting now he won’t have to worry about being the President.

Posted by John Baker | Report as abusive

McCain/Hillary is on same ticket against Obama….

Posted by NC Voter | Report as abusive

Thank you, Congressman Clyburn, for speaking out on the divisive, cynical tactics of the Clinton campaign!

For her to foment the anger of the FL and MI voters by accusing Obama of not wanting their votes to count is cynical and sleazy to the extreme. Talk about poisoning the well should he become the nominee! (He should and he will.)

All he did was strategize and compete by the agreed-upon rules, to the extent that he’s said he’ll abide by what the DNC decides. All she’s doing is gaming the system because she needs the votes.

C’mon—this is a person who can claim 328,000 MI votes for herself while giving Obama ZERO votes, and then say with a straight face that “I am so proud to have received the most votes in this race…”

Whose surrogate Rendell defended the legitimacy of her MI votes on Meet the Press by saying—when asked about Obama not being on the MI ballot—there is nothing harder than running against yourself!

Have you read the latest lie? That HRC didn’t know anything about the Weathermen pardons? She’s the one who tried to hang a non-issue on Obama. Yet, this one is a real connection…. ngisland/politics/blog/2008/04/hill_on_b rinks_radical_i_didnt.html

Yes, scurrilous and ridiculous, indeed!

Posted by Boomerang | Report as abusive

Democrats = the Yugoslavia of political parties.

Factious, angry, power hungry and at each others throats with the first signs of stress.

I’m no Republican but I couldn’t imagine a worse option for the Presidency than either Democrat. Both are at best socialists and in the case of Obama probably a communist (if a persons friends and associates and backers are any measure.)

Posted by ATM | Report as abusive

Do not threaten me with the race card. If me and millions like me feel that blacks, who are supporting their nominee in unheard of numbers, start playing that game we can call Senator McCain Mr. President. The only people saying this stuff are pro Obama. I will not vote for Senator Obama if I feel that Senator Clinton is being railroaded in any way by the Obama campaign. P.S. Senator Obama took his name off the Michigan ballot!!! Senator Clinton does not need your permission to stay in the race!!!

Posted by cbl0213 | Report as abusive

The Clintons do not fit to be Democrats anymore – everything they are doing in this campaign are undemocratic, negative,demeaning. Please go back to Arkansas and ENJOY your library. HINT: read on subjects like GMRC – whats that? Good Manners and Right Conduct! Bunch of elitists!

Posted by gracious Chat | Report as abusive

Manny reveals himself to be a giant idiot, decrying accusations of racism then referring to someone as a “black fanatic” and using Obama’s middle name as a way to scare people out of voting for him- both of which are overtly racist things to say. Moron.

And no, I’m not black, or Muslim. Just not a bigot.

Posted by Tony | Report as abusive

Had Obama married a white woman, nobody would have ever heard of Obama. Certainly wouldn’t have the kind of black support he enjoy’s now. This is the truth and nothing but the truth.

Posted by caniholdadolla | Report as abusive

It doesn’t really matter. Both of the Democrat candidates are so far left-leaning and steeped in identity politics that it’ll be 1972 all over. And though I strongly dislike McCain at least he “says” he’ll shrink the bloated Federal government unlike these two brazen collectivists. No thanks.

I can’t wait till both major parties are overhauled. They both are corrupted.

Posted by RLythgoe | Report as abusive

Shame on the Clintons!
I really cannot stand them at this stage.So dishonest.

Posted by Philippa | Report as abusive

Julius, if you read his first book, his stepfather was an Indonesian man who divorced his mother when Obama was young (10 I believe). His mother was a spiritual agnostic, and that’s how he was raised until he felt the presence of Jesus one day in Chicago.

Posted by Tony | Report as abusive

Hey Karen. You sound rather mad about Katrina and seem to blame Bush. It seems th democratic leadership in Louisiana has done more to derail things and divert funds than the Whitehouse.

What Americans(black, white, purple, or whatever) need to unite in telling our Public servants in Washington D.C. to get to work and quit fighting. Speaking out and speaking loud to the politicians is the only way you are going to make progress. The only way they will straighten out and fly right is if ‘We the People’ tell them their jobs are on the line.

Start with writing your politicians and TELL them to fix the gas prices. Trust me when I say if they get enough nasty letters about how poorly they are doing their jobs, things will change.

Posted by Dick | Report as abusive

Please nominate Obama! Please, please, please.

Obama will get spanked in November.

Posted by WaitForNovember | Report as abusive

Carl: You might not be alone, but you’re certainly in the minority. Obama consistently pummels Hillary in polls of Independents.

Posted by dave | Report as abusive

I am so tired of all the sanctimonious calls for sweetness and light. For pete’s sake, this is a presidential race, not a coronation. Obamanites tear Hillary apart while rushing to excuse or dismiss the Jeremiah Wrights and William Ayers. Spare me.

I think Hillary will actually win the nomination now that Obama is finally getting scrutinized and showing his flaws. Thank heaven for that. I don’t want someone with a lifetime record of NO achievement in the White House. I’d prefer McCain.

Posted by Jersey girrl | Report as abusive

I can hardly believe what I am reading. How is it possible that all the people who can’t stand lying are going to vote for one of the biggest liars in politics? Hillary can hardly open her mouth without spouting some untruth about something. However, even when its caught on video both she and former President Clinton deny they said or did what is plain to see.

Posted by Gator | Report as abusive

It’s all over. Obama will be the next President and anyone who votes against him is a racist.

It is time to right all the wrongs that have been done to African Americans for the past 300+ years.

As soon as President Obama takes office Mandatory slave reparations should be taken from all rich whites with incomes over $50,000.

In addition, mandatory Affirmative Action MUST be instituted for a minimum of 50% of all positions at colleges/Universities and corporations nationwide.

Naturally all African Americans in the prison system for alleged crimes against whites MUST be released immediately.

This will be a good beginning to atone for white crimes and racism.

Posted by mohammed | Report as abusive

What’s a Democrat too do, support Hillary and lose the African American vote or support Obama and lose the White woman vote? Either way, McCain wins!

Posted by Dan, St. Louis | Report as abusive

Hillary wants to obliterate Iran. That is good news from her since she also helped us in our mission to obliterate Iraq.

Posted by John Boss | Report as abusive

I am sick to death of all this racist crap – I’m 72 and was a supporter of M.L.King, but am really distressed with the nonsense going on today. I won’t vote for Obama because he’s so far left, not because he’s black. Does that make me a racist? His pastor/mentor is what I call a good old KKK racist.

Posted by Linda | Report as abusive

BHO is done. His inability to honestly answer questions Americans really want to know (Pastor Wright as his mentor, muslim heritage, friendship with a known terrorist, etc.)as well as stumbling, bumbling without a teleprompter or scripted “change” speech has opened the door for sHillary to continue her last-ditch effort for the nomination. If the Democrat party didn’t have the bogus proportioned delegates or “super delegates” this mess wouldn’t be continuing.

Posted by Truthseeker | Report as abusive

This is ridiculous. Whether you like her or not she should be admired. She is doing what everyone of us were told when we were young. NEVER QUIT!!!

The congressman is another black who thinks he is entitled to something because he is black.

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I hear you Karen. People, we have been challenged by Sen. Obama to have a discussion about race. Can we now see why this is necessary? Blacks and Whites have been living together in this country for how long and still don’t know each other very well?

Why is it that so many conservatives are so suspicious of Obama instead of just talking with him to get to know him? I say that as I watch Fred Thompson talk about him being a great unknown on Fox News.

Clyburn told the truth and many people can see how selfish Hillary is and she and Bill act like they owe a debt (to China? Dubai?) that they cannot pay up on unless they get back to the White House.

She will use whatever group she has to get there. Look at how they treated Bill Richardson after, according to Penn, was no longer useful for gathering Hispanic votes.
After saying “screw them” to Bill in 1995, she heavily courts the working class vote.

I do suffer from Clinton fatigue. Can someone please just make them go away?

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I am SO enjoying watching the Democratic Party tear itself apart before my very eyes. And I’ll enjoy it even more when McCain wins in a total rout come November. I’ve gotten a lot of suckers to bet against me, so I’ll make twice as much money as I made in the last presidential election.
Happy days are here again!!!

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First of all, I think everyone needs to proof read what they are about to post, before they post it.(Spell check)

Clyburn never said that Hillary Clinton or anyone else was playing the race card, in fact it has been the responders to this news article who have been playing the race card, and therefore are racist.

Clyburn, like myself, is very concerned that the tactics that the Clinton campaign has been using, may split the Democratic Party, and turn people off so much, that large groups of people may not show up to vote in the fall. This is a ligitimate concern.

Obama’s campaign has not gone on the attack, Clinton’s campaign has, that is a fact.

Hillary Clinton has crossed the line by saying things like, “John McCain is better prepared to lead than Obama”. Clinton also had a TV ad out calling Obama a terrorist. One of the basic rules in both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party is that you never give the other party amunition they can use later on against your party. Hillary Clinton has done that.

These kinds of tactics can be destructive toward the party, and should concern every Democrat reguardless of who you support. Our common goal should be to beat John McCain and the Republican Party, not tear the two best candidates to shreds.

Clinton and Obama need to stick to the issues and try to persuade us who would be better as president, without launching cheap shots against one another.

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This could be big and good news for Obama. Rep. Clyburn is well respected and fought back all requests to endorse during the SC primary but kept his word to stay neutral. If he has gotten this information from someone who was involved in the meeting at the Clinton HQ yesterday and decided now to endorse Obama there is no doubt he will be able to bring others along. He has very close ties to the Clintons and would not criticize them so overtly if he isn’t very angry.

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I think the time has come for African Americans to form their own political party. This is the perfect time to do it. The party is split along racial lines anyway. The only way to bring it closer together would be if Billary would agree to join his ticket in the general election. Fat chance of that happening. She hates him and I think the feeling is mutual. If he’s on the ticket without Billary – white democrats (except a few pimply faced college kids) will drop him like the bag of dirt he is. That’s what I think anyway.

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Jim Clyburn is really weird. For him to talk about what he heard and talk about it in public as it is true is ridiculous. It is just like saying I heard that Obama is a Muslim. Give me a break!

Black candidate needs to wake up and stop playing the race crab.

I know Obama did not campaign in Michigan and Florida, so is Hillary. When both cannot clich the deal, does it not make sense to include Michigan and Florida? They have been punished already for moving their date forward. Now that we are near the end, their votes should be counted now and not at the convention. That is when you are going to get into nomination fights.

If Obama cannot get the core domacratic voters, he can’t win. Forget about independent. They are going to McCain. He is more of an independent guy than Obama and the republicans are going to vote for him just for the sake of keeping the White House under republican control.

Obama winning in many states comes from black voters. That is fine but black voters only make up 20% of voters. That percentage is not going to cut it in the general.

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“Clinton’s insatiable lust for power destroys the Democratic party” Posted by Altman above, this kind of quote, is exactly the kind of attack the Obama campaign has been waging against Hillary Clinton. He can dodge, he can weave, but he owns the smearing of Hillary’s character.

His negatives are of his doing. But guess what? The voters want a fighter and not a whiner with all his uncles, aunties, friends and buddies making coordinated excuses for him.

The kitchen is getting hot and the sink is full. So, stop making excuses for Obama. Can he handle it?

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The Congressman is absolutely correct. She agreed to the rules until she was losing and then wanted to change them. This is completely crazy and it is crazy for the press to give these nonsensical claims any credence. He needs to simply endorse Obama and hope that other superdelegates follow.

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I love it, already Hillary had not chance of winning in November with 51% of the country hating her guts, but now she’s managed to destroy the other Democrat, who would have had a great chance of winning, especially with the Republicans running ‘DOLE II’, now Obama has been destroyed and there is no way he can win. He can’t win because white men will not vote for someone associated with a preacher that says ‘GOD D*%M, AMERICA!’, nor will white men vote for a guy who’s buddy is an unrepentant terrorist.
And, like it if you want to be President, you’ve got to win the ‘white guy’ vote, that’s just an electoral fact. So, once again, an ‘old white guy’ will be President of the United States. Admit it, that reassures you.

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Wow! I never knew the Clintons would behave in such an uncivilized manner. Who would have ever thought they only care about their own ambition regardless of the country’s interests? I bet this guy supported the Clintons until he came to his senses. Does this mean that Bill is now not the ‘first black president’? Oh my goodness, we have all been pranked. What a joke, this has been obvious for a long time. But hey, he now likes Obama, we should all follow suit.

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The primaries were set up for a Hillary victory. She mismanaged her campaign. Obama’s team understood what was needed and have an insurmountable lead going forward.
Hillary failed. Obama succeeded. All else is a pathetic attempt to bring Obama down and position herself for a McCain victory so she can run in 2012.
We would have national health insurance had Hillary not insisted on insinuating herserlf into a position of unelected power in ’92.
We should have let Bill be impeached. Gore would be finishing the longest democratic presidency since Roosevelt. The Clintons are the bane of the Democratic party.
No more Bushes. No more Cintons. We are not a monarchy!

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Just to let you know not all mannys are the same. Clyburn is an exceptional man who undertook representation of discriminated people while on the Gov Commission. Not just blacks and Whites, but everyone irrespective of clor creed or gender. He is very qualified to identify race baiting, and thats what Hillary has done, and added class warfare to the mix, even pitted lower educated agains higher educated. She has polarized an entire nation, moreso the Lester maddox or Wallace could have done collectively in their hey days.
I am a Hispanic, and American First, who sees this horrid ploy for what it is.
This is not the America we want, but she and the Limbaughs seem to want. I am also a Michael savage fan, but have my own mind. Mcaiin and hillary are divise, and truly represent the old way that has resulted in the selling off of American jobs. Like that Indiana Magnet factory, and tha Boeing contract nulled to go to the French.
Folx, look at what they did, not what they are saying.
Is that the “experience we want repeated in office? I will take my chance with the Newbie, Obama. the least amount of baggage, a real live hard working wife and family, and yes a common vision We all need a change!
Indianans Americans dont get faked by this Lady..

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This comment is not so much about the article written above as it is for Mr. Manny who wrote the first comment, and the people who think alike. Mr. Manny, nobody is calling you a racist. The above article was written by a person, also a house democrat, who chose to assess the situation and give an honest opinion without any regard to race or creed. Yet your comment viewed the above article through a racial lens which fans the flame of a racist sentiment that you yourself denounce. “Nobody can say or do anything because they immediately say we are racist or are conspiring against black community” – These are the your words. At the same time these words were preceded and followed by a tone that keeps alive the debate of racism. So to all those that might be listening, I implore you not to view Barack Obama as a BLACK man running for the presidency, but as a man you passionately cares about bringing change and improvement to the American middle class. Do not view Hillary Clinton as the first Woman running for president but as a person who has her own ideas on how to make the lives of the average American better. And John McCain.. well I’m not quite sure as to what John McCain wants.. as his message is muddled in an attempt to woo the voters…

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If the democrats really cared about votes or the will of American voters, Obama would have already been declared the nominee. This party is a joke, these contenders are so vacant of any qualification or merit that is appropriate for the presidency. But don’t get discouraged, keep fighiting for the new guy or the liar, either way they will both make McGovern look like he gave it a good shot.

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I am a white Republican, and this is not far-fetched at all; that if Obama gets the nomination, Hill and Bill want him to lose the general election, so they can say “I told you he was too liberal and inexperienced”. In Republican circles there was the same talk in 1976, that Ronald Reagan didn’t campaign very hard for Gerald Ford, so RR could get the nomination in 1980.

The Republicans want Hillary to get the nomination, because of her negatives, and the expectation that an Obama campaign would claim any criticism of his (limited)qualifications and (liberal) principles is “racist”.

Hillary Clinton has a personal ambition so extreme as to disqualify her for President.

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Gee! Are there too much conspiracy to talk about. Why can’t we be happy loser if we have to lose and if it is a fair competition, why can’t it be going on till the end. What is the point to ask a candidate to back down if he or she is less than 10% behind the counterpart? and be smart. Whoever goes on, either he or she would not reach magic number 2025 and must finally be decided by the superdelegates. Why can’ we admire a candidate to fight on till the end even though he or she is a bit trailing behind? and what is the point to ask ‘the less than 10% short’ candidate to back down why she or he has just won another big State ? I just can’t comprehend the logic to it ? Can someone smart enough to tell ? Why can’t we admire the candidate who has excelled amid all the odds and has an advertising budget just a fraction of her counterpart has overcome all the odds to win this swing state of Pennsylvania ??????

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Kerry2 versus Bush3 … elitist Obama versus …

Nader in 2008

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I say forget all three of the controlled media candidates and vote for Ron Paul, the only real statesman.

All the others are just politicians that will say anything to get elected.

Check out for some very interesting information and videos about the world you should know.

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If Hillary comes back to win the nomination via the superdelegates wouldnt voting for her in November be like rewarding a whining child with a trip to the amusement park? Sorry, I wont do it. If she gets more elected delegates without violating party rules thats a different story.

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This has nothing to do with “black fanaticism,” or even race. -I am white, btw. I have come to believe as a former Hillary supporter, that she is indeed trying to wound Obama enough so he looses the general election. This is the only way she’ll ever have a shot at Pres. If Obama wins it’ll be 8 years (two terms for him, or one term, then a Republican). Either way, her moment will have long passed. It’s Machiavellian and terribly disloyal to the party and country, which I believe is facing the most dire circumstances of it’s history.

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Thank you Dave. You said it best.

Rep. Clyburn. I think you failed to listen to Rev. Wright’s PBS interview, his association with Bill Ayers, rural PA “bitter clinging to guns” comments by Obama, Michelle Obama’s comment “for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country.”

Bill and Hillary don’t have to do a dang thing. What they told you early on which you dang black knuckleheads don’t realize is you need to VETT your democratic candidates.

Democrat party is too left wing leaning liberal to elect Presidents. That is why the Republicans have been whipping your butt for the past 30 years except for President Clinton.

He was vetted and ran until Jun-92 and was the strongest candidate against Bush, Sr. and Perot even when Perot and Bush, Sr. were leading in the Gallop poll before the final stretch.

Clyburn is speaking out b/c his golden biracial boy is about to get waxed by his OWN ASSOCIATIONS AND WORDS and lack of being vetted by the Democratic Party.

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i find it very comical anymore how the dupes in this country get blood in their teeth when it comes election time, this cycle more so than ever. you idiots honestly believe someone who has become a millionaire off of your blood, sweat and tears is actually gonna fight for you so you can have more and make their worth, less? give me a break. the democrats love the chasm between the rich and the poor just as much as the republicans, this is all about personal power. it aint about you! until we as americans realize this very fact and REVOLT! we will continue to get the goverment we deserve.

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Hillary campaigned in Fl., Obama campaigned in Fl. (FAMU)
before the primary. He had his name removed from the ballot in MI, good judgement? Michelle Obama did a fund
raiser in Talla. fl. a couple of weeks ago. Now let me get this straight. Am I expected to vote for a candidate
who’s wife comes to get my money but they don’t want to
count my vote???

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Barak Obama ia already a winner. Hillary Clinton is just hell-bent in preventing him getting into the WH. Yes, she cannot win in November as one Clinton has been IMPEACHED. It carries more dead weight than McCain with his birth in Panama.
Indeed they,the Clintons, are “disingenious” or CORRUPT in blunt language. Mr Clyburn is perfect in his analysis– there is an association between McCain & Clinton, you rub my back I rub yours. But McCain’s VP will go for the President in 2012, if Clinton is Dem nominee now and then.Population favorite, Obama just does not exsist for them!

It is about time Hillary Clinton pack her bag and settle in Pensylvania as Mr.Bloomberg will replace her as NY Senator.


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I voted Clinton into the senate.

I’ll NEVER Vote for her again. Never.

She’s run the sleaziest campaign in my memory.

Never again.

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Well said Congressman Clyburn! Well said. I have no problems with Hillary staying in the race, but why can’t she be as respectable as Gov. Huckabee was when he ran against McCain? Such an appeal might have helped chances of a “dream ticket” before, but that could never happen now.

Hillary’s problem is all her negativity has turned her into a sour and insidious candidate with the highest unfavorable ratings in half a century. I’m a black female who will never vote for her now. Never. Obama must stay above the fray and go after McCain if he is to win the Presidency and save the Democratic party.

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Bill Clinton the first Black president. Talking bad about Obomba.Who would have figured? The Clintons will say or do anything to regain power.The streets of Denver will be reminsincet of Chicago 68. Burn Baby Burn..John McCain Thanks You very much.

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Well, this has been fairly widely discussed before. And seems to be what is happening here. I wonder if her supporters who have been donating to her realize that she is still paying pollster Penn. Is trying to pay of her debts and sloughing off small business owners in previous states. Has no real path to gain a delegate advantage which is the way Democrats elects Presidents. Of course this is what she is doing and its repulsive. In the interim she is practically destroyed the party. My party for all my adult life. I pray the democrats in NC and IN will be wiser and vote Obama. I pray the Superdelegates will speed their march to Sen Obama. It is the only adult way to end this.

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As a non-American who watched in wonder with the rest of the world while you guys re-elected George Bush, and decided that Americans are by and large retarded… I bring you this message of good will…. The rest of the world WANTS America to return to the pinnacle of Economic prosperity and the moral high ground as the most prominent advocates of Democracy, Human Rights and simple decency….and the rest of the world (by and large) believes that the only way for Americans to prove that they are willing to do a 180 from the policies of George Bush and return to sanity is to elect Barack Obama. The world awaits…..your move.

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Are you kidding me? Clinton is trying to sabotage the democratic party so she can win in 2012? You believe that?? What in the world is there to prove that Clinton has any intention of doing that as well as what is there to prove that she feels “entitled” to the presidency. A

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And Kim, I have news for you. If Hillary loses the black votes — which appears to be the case due to her ugly campaigning — she can NOT win the general election. I’d bet on Obama’s chances over hers. At least Obama captures a larger portion of white females, males, working class voters compared to Hillary’s capturing the black vote. And if she steals the nomination from Obama, she’s toast.

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Ralph Nader said it best “if the Democrats can’t win this election in a landslide, then they should fold their tent and reassess”

The Democratic Nomination process has become like “American Idol” with Obama as Sanjaya, a guy with little experience, mediocre talent and a lot of charisma garnishing all the votes. He’s a likable guy and I’ll probably vote for him because he’s the least offensive, but he’s going to be savaged bit time by the Republican attack dogs.

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The Clinton machine was behind the Al Gore defeat in 2000, the Kerry defeat in 04 and now they will do what ever it takes to destroy Obama in 08. Forget about blaming the republicans about the last 8 years the blame is with the Clinton lies. The only reason Bill’s wife never divorced him after the Monica scandal was he has promised her she would be the next Democratic president, no matter what the cost is. This is why Bill and Hillary were hiding out in communist China during the hand recount in Florida of 2000.

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you are right, but we will not fall for her lies, deception, nor bill, hill/bill two of a kind..
Edwards is my person…..I hope he run..sorry he dropped out..

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Yes, a new kind of politics. Disenfranchise 29 million people in Michigan and Florida, not because of rules, that’s a smoke screen, but because allowing them a voice will adversely affect Obama’s chances of winning the nomination.

A new kind of politics. What utter hypocrites.

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She is the GREAT DIVIDER, all for her own gain. She does not know how to lead, only to divide which, in some type of convoluted thought pattern, leads her to believe she will win. She cannot use her divisiveness to lead our country. Her perception that there is a great conspiracy against her when anyone disagrees or calls her out, is another divisive tactic. These thoughts permeate her entirety.

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It’s high time somebody put a stop to the strongarm tactics used by the clintons to intimidate the democratic party. The clintons fear Senator Obama’s campaign because he has the one thing they lack. Barack generates civic nationalism wherever he goes. A united America is what terrorists fear most and a united America is what Barack will take to the presidency. This is how we can win the war on terror. Vietnam is a good example of why negativism and divisiveness, ala, hillary clinton is bad for America. The clintons found no fault with Rev. Wright when he was called to the White House for the so-called “prayer breakfast” following the Lewinsky mess. They found no fault with the terrorists when they were granted pardons in exchange for donations to hillary’s senate campaign. She dares to claim she “didn’t know?” God help us! These two issues pale by comparision to the baggage which hillary admits she carries. Barack campaigns with one hand behind his back because to question that “baggage” would cause them to paint him as negative. The Republicans won’t be so kind to her. I say we drag out a couple of clinton “associates” starting with Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick, Gennifer Flowers, Linda Tripp and let them repeat, over and over their relationships with the clintons. In addition, the clinton administration ignored 4 terrorist attacks during their 8 years. They failed to ignore the growing threat of terrorism. Why did hillary sit idly by and do nothing? Why didn’t bill clinton credit her with anything in his autobiography? And what about those questionable donors to the clinton library and their foundation? Go ahead Barack..ask hillary. Finally, at the funeral of former president, Gerald Ford, he left orders that Bill Clinton NOT be allowed to speak, because, in Ford’s words, “there are standards.” The clintons have violated every standard of morality, decency and honesty we look for in our leaders. We cannot send this immoral pair back to the White House. How dare they ask the superdelegates and the democratic party to hand them another presidency after they saved him from being thrown out of office following his impeachment! It’s not shame on them…it’s shame on us for keeping them in power. America deserves better. Snap out of it America!

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Gosh…I didn’t know Hillary was an ice skater…and competing with Barrack…has anybody seen Bill walking around with a piece of pipe in his hand? This is the greatest show on the earth…will someone pass the popcorn, please?

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After everything the Clintons have done for the blacks, this is the thanks they get. The Clintons have been good shepherds of poor black folk who didn’t know how to help themselves, and all the Clintons have ever demanded in return for giving those people more welfare is their vote and unquestioning support! Is that too much to ask for the patronage the Clintons have provided to the black people who just weren’t able to take care of themselves like little children? How hard is it to be happy with the welfare you’ve been given and just vote the Clintons back in? Ingratitude has a face and it’s black!

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All this discussion is only indicative of the major schism that has existed in the Democratic party since the early days of the Clinton administation. Even Juan Williams admitted that he was unaware of how deep the split is.

My perception is that Ms. Clinton’s reluctance to quit is because she sees this as her only chance for the White House.
Clyburn is simply wrong. The Clinton’s are too myopic to be thinking about 2012 and they obviously don’t care what damage they do to the Democratic Party.

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to all the ignorant, uneducated, skin color-centric idiots and mutants, it’s the philosophy, stupid. the color of ones skin is of no relevance and importance.

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Pass the arugula, please.

President John McCain. Get used to it.

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I do not care what color of skin this man has. He could be pink or purple as far as I care. I do not even care if is is a Christian. What I do care about is that he has solidified my theory about Obama. He uses his surrogates and supporters to deliver dirty blows that amount to character assassination toward Hillary Clinton.

Game over. You are a fraud Obama. Your game has been discovered and you will not win the GE. Go ahead and get the nomination, your tactics in this campaign have not be ignored and you can not run a credible campaign on hope and change. You sullied that months ago. The GOP has the proof… You will not get away with this in the GE, you will be exposed.

Goodbye to having a Democrat in the White House in 2009.

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Here’s the deal with the democrats: if Obama loses, then we are all racists; if Clinton loses, then we are all sexists; if McCain wins then we are all warmongers. They gotcha however this endless campaign turns out.

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Imagine………a President Barack traveling to Africa to address the issues of AIDS, FAMINE, DISEASE……

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Who is Rep. Clyburn trying to kid? He has chided Pres. Clinton more than once in this primary season. He misinterpreted Bill Clinton’s “fairytale” remark and tried to insinuate Clinton was being racist. Even though Rep. Clyburn says he is uncommitted, he is only fooling himself. He’s been for Barack Obama and just refuses to say so. He is a just an attack dog for the Obama campaign.

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After seeing Hillary lie over and over there is no way I would vote for her. We’ve been lied to long enough by politicians, including her husband. I’m glad to see someone speak up for the African-American voters. I can’t even imagine how angry they are because I am sick about what the Clintons are doing. They bring shame to our party. Her negatives should be getting up to 75% soon the way she is going. That’s higher than Bush even.

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I live in NY state and am profounly embarrassed that HRC is our senator. I apologize to the rest of the world.

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Yep…we know what the Clinton’s are all about, and that’s the reason she is not a popular candidate. On the other hand, everybody is getting their jollies up chanting they want a change and Barrack is the guy to change things…has anyone really sat down and done an analysis on what the results would be if the changes, based on Barrack’s “real” track record, he has in mind were implemented?

Socialist/Communist Center Conservative
Barrack Hillary McCain Most Americans

This is how it appears when you survey each of the four above. I’m not that happy with any of the choices…Hey! Who has my popcorn??

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And, the entertainment continues.

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let’s see now..first we elect a black president..then a woman..then a hispanic..then a native american.then an asian..then a homosexual.then a transvestite..then a jew..then a moslem…then a ????..and finally we are clean of all guilt and prejudice..right???? ..oh..being qualified to hold the office..NO LONGER MATTERS!

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Would someone answer the following question?
I don’t know the answer, but heard someone else speak of it.
When Obama was in indonesian, did he attend one of those muslin schools for four years?

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Another black dummy! James Clyburn,did you watch Obama’s campaign tactics? All the negative attacks were initiated by Obama who said to Newsweek in an interview last year that Hillary was not trustworthy. Ever since Obama’s run his campaign, there have been numerous negative and severe attacks from Obama and his campaign directed to Hillary in order to knock her out the race. There are too many examples of Obama’s scurrilous and despicable attacks at Hillary through cascade of mails, speeches, interviews and news conferences, how dare you just blame all to Hillary?

James Clyburn, I tell you what, if you keep attacking Hillary, and the more you do so, the more I’m against Obama. I, and many many people will not vote for the democratic party if Obama’s nominee. He’s totally unelectable and despicable. You just heard some stupid and unfounded rumors then you accused Hillary. This tells you are either a brainless dummy, or you’re a dirty dog who uses baseless excuses to attack Hillary. How deplorable!

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Two FLAWED candidates FLAILING in the wind…. sad state the Democrats have found themselves in. If they can not run a respectable race how can they govern the rest of us?

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I guess what Clyburn said coupled with the fact that Hillary drives Democratic and Independent numbers DOWN in head-to-head match ups with McCain is why the Super Delegates are backing Obama. I think the members of Congress would prefer to work with Obama, don’t you?

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Hillary and Bill Clinton are both pathological liars who don’t give a damn about the Democratic party. They are obsessed with power and prestige and will stop at nothing to get what they want. And what they want is The White House.

I am a life-long Democrat who is repulsed by her Machiavellian campaign and her twisted idea of the truth. She is a disgrace and an embarrassment to civil minded people everywhere.

Obama has his own set of problems which I pray will be addressed and rectified before the general election. Because despite what the Clinton supporters think, she is NOT getting the nomination. Her Rovian dirty tricks, hypocritical speeches and despicable campaigning tactics will backfire on her in the end. The superdelegates are NOT impressed and quite frankly, they are as disgusted with her as I am.

Good riddance, Hillary. The end is near…and this is one loyal American who will be thrilled to see you go. And no, I am not black…I am white…so all you Hillary people can stop with the “Oh, he’s just a bitter black guy venting” mantra right about now.

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Operation Chaos at its finest! ‘sept I don’t think Limpbauh had anything to do with it. … A woman and a Black Guy running at the same time… didn’t the dumicrates see the 2 freight trains in a collision course just at the thought? On the other hand I can’t BELIEVE how Mccain just got shoved off on us. I know for a fact that 90% of all voters want lower “fair” taxes. No… this guy was forced on us from the “POWERS THAT BE”. He’ll get elected and he’ll be another spend spend spend republicrat. I’m thinkin the whole thing is a rigged show. Hillary will write 3 more books and make another 100,000,000 win or lose. Though I think she has her eye on Empress of the world. As long as I’m ranting, you people who think global warming is real…please do a little research. It’s all about creating a global tax for the global elite politicians.

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Wow. The first comment right out of the chute makes the claim that he’s “another black fanatic.” Come on, people! Seriously! All the Congressman was saying was that it’s good to be respectful. Just what about that makes him another black fanatic? This is getting absolutely ridiculous.

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My wife has been telling me the same thing – Hillary wants Obama to lose so she can run in 2012 against McCain. If Obama wins two terms it will be 2016 before Hillary can run again, she’ll be 68, and Obama’s vice-president will be set up to get the nomination.

Hillary knows she’s lost this year and four years from now will be her last chance – if Obama loses to McCain. So she’s helping McCain to win.

Shame on her – and Bill.

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‘President McCain, get used to it\': will the guy even be ALIVE by the election? Or will it be Weekend at Johnny’s, for the first term, until his arm falls off?

As for all the people crying ‘Clinton or McCain, but NEVER Obama’, really, look at yourselves. Those of you who are Democrats anyway. Take a long hard look at yourselves, and look at the way you’re acting, look at the way you might have acted before the election.

Is your PERSONAL investment in Hillary worth more than an election win for the Democratic party?

The facts are these: a minority of Obama supporters will not vote for Hillary come November. But a great number of Hillary supporters refuse to vote for Obama and would rather vote McCain.

Now if you continue to savage Obama supporters, you will end up alienating them.

Think about. Hillary hasn’t been ‘vetted’. Why do you think Rush Limbaugh and his ilk want Hillary to win the nomination? Because they think she’ll be harder to beat? Ridiculous. They know she’ll be EASY.

Republicans don’t like John McCain as much as they would like a more conservative candidate.

Come November, if Hillary is the Democratic nominee, they will not vote for John McCain but AGAINST Hillary Clinton.

If Obama is the nominee, he has a chance of winning. You can throw all the names around you want: Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, Hamas, Al-Qaeda, Carlos the Jackal, John Gotti’s ghost, that guy who played Ronald McDonald in the ’50s – NONE of it is substantiated. Lies, damned lies, and fiction my friends.

READ about the Rezko affair, don’t just go around spouting crap. READ about his ‘connections’ with Bill Ayers.

Isn’t it funny that as soon as someone rattles off a name and sticks it to Obama, the Hillary supporters begin to spread that information as though it were absolutely true? Just like he ‘gave the finger’ on television. Bullshit.

Find out the facts. You guys are worse than the Republican ‘machine’ that you are so scared of going up against.

The fact is that the people are wiser than the leaders. They haven’t bought the Rezko crap. They won’t buy the Ayers crap. If it isn’t true and can’t be substantiated, then forget it. Attack Obama on issues. Attack him on his politics. But don’t use smear tactics to get your way, because they won’t work. They haven’t worked. All they do is divide, and reflect poorly on Hillary supporters. Very poorly.

And in turn, they reflect on Hillary herself, because she appears to condone this activity, engage in it or tacitly approve of it.

Really, think about it: the Chicago Sun-Times haranged Obama about Rezko for a long time. They investigated him, then they asked him to answer questions.

He came forward. He answered the questions. They ENDORSED him. They said they’d never encountered a more forward or open politician. That says something about him.

So for those crying ‘NEVER Obama’, you might as well cry ‘NEVER Hillary’. You’re not Democrats.

Let’s call you ‘Hillbillies’. Go off and start your own party, if you feel you have such a personal investment in Hillary (a person who wouldn’t piss down your throat if your lungs were on fire).

This is about character, not characters – if it were about the latter, I could waste my time listing hundreds of unsavoury characters the Clintons have associated with. Or I could just make some up, like you guys do.

Vote for Hillary if she’s the nominee. I will. Obama supporters will, generally.

However, since he’s the FRONTRUNNER, it will be your choice to support him. You’ll need to look at yourselves.

You’ll need to ask yourselves, ‘Am I angry? Am I ‘bitter’? Am I going to CLING to Hillary Clinton? Am I going to act like a baby, like a child, who, in the face of loss, storms off in a heap, or worse, goes against their opponent?’

That’s what it looks like. You sound like whining children. You’re expecting a loss. But don’t forget these are the PRIMARIES. This isn’t the election.

If you vote Republican because of your personal investment in Hillary, then you might as well have voted Bush in 2000, and you certainly should be complaining that there’s an election.

I mean really: if you are a Hillary supporter who WON’T, absolutely WON’T vote Obama when he gets the nomination, why bother following the election at all? Because if McCain, more of the same, gets the nomination, then you approve continuing the Neo-con strategy that has gripped this country for so long.

This is what it looks like in summary:

‘If MY candidate, Hillary, doesn’t win, then I’ll be SO annoyed that I’ll vote McCain, just to get you! Na na na na!’

But wait. If you vote McCain, ANY criticism of Bush et al. is mute. Any criticism you’ve ever made of Bush, et al., is mute.

But that’s it, isn’t it? You people don’t care about the war, or the economy, or aggressive foreign policy or lying and cheating and stealing at the highest levels of government. Of attempts to upset the balance of power in favor of the Executive branch. Attempts to override the judiciary.

You don’t care! You never have! You don’t vote issues. You vote Hillary.

And if you can’t have Hillary, then screw everyone else, it’ll be four more years, at least, of wars and lies and America run into the ground.

Don’t you think there’s something fundamentally wrong with that kind of thinking?

Really. Look at yourselves. Think about it. Don’t just brush this off. Think about why you’re voting Hillary – or NOT voting Obama come November – and then respond. Otherwise it won’t be worth anyone’s time.

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Anyone who thinks Obama is “far left” or “racist” has been completely, utterly hoodwinked by the media.

As for Wright, please read Wright’s actual sermons and compare them with the *Bible* — his condemnations of America are a heck of a lot kinder than the prophets’ condemnations of Israel, and are on much the same grounds!

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that Hillary Clinton disenfranchised Florida and Michigan by refusing to support honest revotes until it was too late. She has been running a campaign of insults and lies, and a little research will demonstrate the extent of those lies for anyone who cares. Though, amazingly, she isn’t lying nearly as much as “Keating Five” McCain is! I’m not sure he’s told the truth since the campaign started!

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DEMOCRATICS, STOP THE INSANITY ALREADY. The Obama supporters accuse anyone not supporting Obama a racist–unbelievable! How can the American people trust the Democratic to run this country when they have screwed up their selection of a candidate for the presidency as they have messed it up—-caucases, delegates, superdelegates, etc. Don’t the Democrats trust the American voters to decide? And why have they excluded two of the larger states? Again, unbelievable. The Democrats have chosen two of the worst people to fight it out for the nomination and this again is unbelievable as there are more qualified Democrats to be President than Clinton and especially Obama.

Posted by Clyde Nugget | Report as abusive

Most of us who post here are Democrats, where does all this hate get us? Don’t you see that we are playing right into the republican plan for electing McCain? Split up the dems and Mc Cain will win an election that he never should have even had a chance at winning.
I support Obama, but if he doesn’t get the nomination I will support Hillary; the option is to elect McCain-is that really what any of us want?

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I totally believe it. Hill & Bill truly ARE that devious and spiteful. Bill was the darling of the Black people but clearly was only using them when he needed them. Disgusting.

She will never have my vote – this year or next time she runs.

She is off my list forever –

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Manny, you are so clueless to the whole game here. Hillary Clinton can stand and denounce Obama for his connections to Rev Wright and David Ayers,but she won’t denounce herself and remove herself from Her church which is run by Dave Snyder. No one speaks about Snyder standing up for Rev Wright, and no one ask for explanations on why Bill Clinton pardoned to criminally convicted Weathermen before he left office. HOLD HER ACCOUNTABLE FOR HER LIES AND DEC EPTION LIKE YOU WANT TO HOLD OBAMA ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS TRUTHS. AT LEAST HE”S MAN ENOUGH TO TAKE CLAIM FOR HIS COMMENTS AND EXPLAIN WHY HE HAS WHATEVER VIEWS. THE CLINTONS WILL GIVE YOU MORE LIES, FROM CHELSEA BACKING HILLARY”S BOSNIA STORY TO BILL LYING ABOUT THE SOUTH CAROLINA COMMENTS DESPITE BEING CAUGHT ON TAPE. LIES AND DECEPTION HAVE GOTTEN US HERE. THAT”S 200+ YEARS WORTH OF IT.

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I am a lifelong republican who has had enough and I am supporting Obama.I know many other republicans who feel the same way.None of us will ever vote for that horrible,sniper dodging,lying cheating,sleazy Hillary.Democrats,you have a once in a generation chance to pull millions of Independants and Republicans into your camp.Obama is your chance to do to us what Reagan did to you in 1980 and 1984.I have worked on a university campus since 1976.I have never seen such interest and enthusiasm for any candidate as I have seen here for Obama.These kids have been pretty tuned out from politics the last 4 presidential cycles.They are awake now.Democrats,who gets to pick this candidate?The 65 year olds,or the 20 year olds who you can count on for years to come?

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Blacks in general are the biggest crybabies, complainers, whiners, who are never satisfied about anything. They plunder through whatever and say whatever they feel but THEIR feelings must be considered all of the time. More people have been punished losing jobs, being sued, being ostracized and banished for even inferring anything about blacks. Every frigging thing is Racist.

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[…] Rep. James Clyburn, House Majority Whip, says he believes Hillary knows she can’t win the nomi…. This strategy has been acknowledged by several pundits, like Maureen Dowd, Chris Matthews, Jonathan Alter and Howard Fineman, but generally ignored in favor of coverage of the horse race. It’s an unprecedented strategy in modern electoral history and warrants far more analysis, investigation and coverage. […]

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To all the “This is another black man jumping on Hillary” crowd MSNBC said it first about Hillary trying to get McCain in to run again in 2012, cause McCain would be too weak

Posted by Adrian | Report as abusive

I still say that Obama looks exactly like Curious George.

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

Bush is a liar and we don’t like him in office because of it. HiLIARy is a bigger LIAR and people vote for her. Who? Ok. Then, Bush was for the war and so was HiLIARy (who still is by the way) and people vote for her. Who? Ok, another. Bush and the Republicans are extremely partisan as are the Democrats. Americans are tire of all the bickering. HiLIARy is more bickering and dragging politics to a lower position than the bottom of the gutter. So, people who hate this are voting for HiLIARy. Who? I don’t get it. HiLIARy and Slick Willy represent everything that we find reprehensible in government today and yet, people are voting for them (yes, you get the pair). Who? I’m sorry but I can’t figure out for the life of me why anybody is voting for HiLIARy. She represents more of the same that we’ve been tormented with for the past 8 years. Enough is Enough!

Posted by Bill Catz | Report as abusive

Why is everyone so concerned with these Black Congressmen, I don’t Care what they say, They are going to back Obama. And they accuse others of racism, but its exactly the same thing in reverse. This has been the most divisive race in history on the Democratic side. Every site people are accusing the other candidate and there supportors of Racism, Sexism, and ant other kind of ism you can dream of, I have never in all my life, been so dissapointed in the Democratic Party. Not me they aren’t getting my vote, either one of them.

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The Democratic Party is really in a pickle here. They are stuck with two un-electable candidates and they cannot admit it without sounding politically incorrect. Admitting it would be a Mortal Sin for any democrat. Quite a quandry it is. A democratic President was a slam dunk last summer. Now it is an impossibility. Get Real Guys, America is not mature enough for a Black President yet and lately Hillary is coming across as a You Know What on Wheels. Hey, Maybe I’m just being cynical again.

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Personaly Oboma is unelectable! He has zero experience, he is a wussie because he cries and snivles when someone brings up his racist Pastor and William Ayers, what does he expect, he won’t win the DNC nomination he is the weakest candidate to ever run for President. Hammas terrorists endorsed Oboma, Iran president wants Oboma, Al Queda wants Oboma, because he is weak and sympathetic to terrorists! Name one single thing that qualifies him to even to run for President? He is 100% BS his resume wouldn’t qualify him to be a dog catcher, let alone the Comander in Chief, god help the USA if he ever had his fingers on the nukes, he would nuke our allies and appease our enemies! I hate black politicians they are all like Jessie Jackson poverty pimps, they keep blacks inslaved in the most racist party there is the Democrat party! If Obomer wins the nomination McCain will rip this half term senator into little pieces, Obomer in a general election because character and your friends matter and comments you make will be used against him, he gets now 30-33% of general election votes lose 50 out 50 states, once he snivels that he is being miss treated by the GOP and the media, what a wussie, the emperor has no b-lls!
Last question where does Oboma get his money since he is not a very well connected senator? Small donors from Iran and all the terrorist countries around the world , because the FEC and FBI don’t question or look at small donors, he is 100% BS just is name Osama Hussien Ben Omomer is unelectable! His wife is the pureist racist that I have ever seen she will make him loose even more voters! What A wussie he won’t debate Hillary women scare him what a pud! Weak Weak sniviler coward white flag surender monkey won’t be president ever!

Posted by Osama Oboma | Report as abusive

Hey Obama, and all you Obama supporters, do you want any cheeze with that whine?

Obama needs to man-up and so does his supporters.

Politics is a “contact” sport, if you can’t stand a little heat, then go into therepy! SHEESH!

Posted by Darryl | Report as abusive

SO BACK HIM FOR president, my god, you are supposed to be a leader Clyburn!!

Posted by JonathanR | Report as abusive

This guy is exactly right. How can any reasonable person defend HRC on counting popular votes of Michigan and Florida? No decent person would change rules in the middle of a game and yet that’s exactly what HRC does!! If you accept this sort of thing plus Bosnia sniper lie plus many more lies, I think HRC deserves your vote and you deserve her as president.

Posted by Danny | Report as abusive

She lied about being under sniper fire repeatedly. Videotape shows otherwise. Anyone that votes for Hillary is a gullible, delusional fool. She will say anything to get the nomination. After 8 years of Bush/Cheney lies you would think Americans had their fill of hyperbole, half-truths, misdirection, and outright lies. I know I have.

Posted by Imaginary Bosnian Sniper | Report as abusive

Why is it that HRC’s supporters are quick to claim Obama supporters are touchy about race? Clyburn didn’t say anything about race. He is talking about her being dirty. Has anyone really made any new negative statements about HRC during this campaign? The current HRC detractors are simply repeating the same things they have been saying for more than a decade, they just have more examples now.

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It’s so wonderful to watch the Democrats bring our country to reconciliation and cooperation at last. No doubt this approach will further enhance America’s image in the world. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a food fight in Romper Room?

The Dems took Congress based on promises that they would lower gas prices, stop the War in Iraq, and clean up Congress. None of that happened; in fact there are more troops in Iraq now than when they were elected, higher gas prices, and more earmarks than ever. Then they conducted a primary election contest which has disenfranchised millions of voters and embittered millions more. It has pit black against white, women against men, urban against rural to a degree we haven’t seen in decades. And based on this track record we the people are supposed to hand them the Presidency?

Posted by DaMav | Report as abusive

“Hillary Supporters – If Obama is the nominee and you vote for McCain then you better not call yourselves democrats”…..
Try ‘ Americans ‘ for a change.

Nominee or not, Obama is toast, hoisted by the naive notion that his radical past and rank as ‘ Most liberal senator’ doesn’t matter to the voters. Hey, we’re still in the Democrat primary with all this mud… just wait until prime time.

Posted by tw111 | Report as abusive

I think the congressman is right and to the point. Mrs Clinton has a hidden plan: to embarass Obama since she can not win the nomination. It is also hypocrisy for her to now call for Florida and Michigan delegates to be seated at all cost. Has she forgot when before the Iowa primary when she agreed that those delegates would not be counted? She should stop these desperate tactics against her colleague of the same party. And I also observe few days ago that McCain’s attack on Obama has become persistent. He does not attack Mrs. CLinton. What’s going on here>

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Talking about poor judgement,why would Obama tells us Hillary has poor judgement, when he himself had poor judgement. People do make mistakes in life…but for 20 year he and his family stayed in a church that preaches hatred for America and does nothing about it?
How is he going to bring people together??? From the
teachings of his Pastor?
How could anyone stay in a church for 20 years and try to convince the voter he didn’t know about many of the things his pastor preached in the church. I didn’t know that these thing are going on in a church.
I sure hope the SUPER DELEGATES think hard before they give their vote to Obama.
He has no change to win in the general election.
He sure wont get my vote!
Hillary stay in the race….
Hillary 2008

Posted by Brigitte F. | Report as abusive

The fact that Hillary can even mention in public that Michigan should count tells you everything you need to know about the Clinton campaign. The gall. I never thought a woman I respect so much could become almost nauseating.

Posted by James B. | Report as abusive

This Democratic race is starting to get out of control. Hillary is consistently trying to change the rules to whatever suits her best at the time. I don’t understand how she can have such a high unfavorable rating, that is only getting worse as she continues with her slimy political tactics, and still have people support her. I sincerely hope that her “say anything, do anything to win” campaign comes to an end in Indiana and North Carolina. I used to respect her as a politician, but as this Presidential campaign has rolled on, she has proven to me that she does not respect her own political party and all she cares about is her own political ambitions.
Barack is by no means a perfect candidate, but he does seem to be more sincere and tries to face obstacles head on. He is willing to admit his mistakes and move on. I believe that he will be able to change Washington for the better.

Posted by donald | Report as abusive

I don’t see anything about race in this article or in Clyburn’s statements. So why is he “racist” and a “fanatic?” If we criticize the Clintons’ selfishness, then we’re playing the race card. We all know they’re out for themselves. If Edwards was in the lead, they’d try to derail him, too, to make room for Hillary in 2012. Bill and Hillary are self-serving! Everyone knows that. You don’t have to be Black, or racist, or a Republican to see that. The more I read, the less I care about this election. Let all the same old people pass the office around. I make enough money to not care either way.

Posted by ET | Report as abusive

Black and Hispanic congressman and Senators will be taking more and more senior positions in congress and will govern and provide services to their consituents both white and black.

Most white people can’t imagine what Black folks have had to tolerate living in a white controlled world in speech, thought, dress and overt and covert rascist since the country was founded. Yes many black were and are still angry at being denied jobs, having to sit in the balconey separate from whites, seeing their parent work all their lives with little to show for it. No inherited wealth, no breaks like land owership. In Pensylvania, Levitown had covenents that no blacks were allowed to buy homes in the subdivisions.

Rev Wright grew up in these times, yet served the nation in the armed forces as have many Black and Hispanic Americans. Very little praise is ever offered to Black veterans and what they did for their country and didn’t take up arms against the country dispite being called “Boy”,sgregation, good old boy white affirmative actions jobs in Philadelphia in the Police, Fire and government.

Black haters will never admit their hatred of blacks even the tolerated blacks such as Clarence Thomas, Condelezza Rice and others. Standing at the curb hailing a cab, they are still black as the cab zooms by and clicks on their “Off Duty” sign

Posted by culpeperson | Report as abusive

Just think …. all this back and forth, character assassination, gotcha! politics is to decide which Communist will lead the democrat party to defeat in November.

Posted by Mike in Boston | Report as abusive

Barack Obama should appear with Reverand Wright and have Wright apoligize to the nation for his comments. America is still very sensitive about race and right wing pundits and groups use race to win elections. Sean Hannity of Fox News, the GOP, right wing talk radio and others are on a crsusade to bring down Barack Obama. Sean Hannity can hardly contain his delight in destroying Obama by feeding stories to the major media so they have to run it.

Obama didn’t understand the right wing organizations that evry day write and email negative articlles to millions of readers around the country. has at least three or four negative articlles evry day about Barack Obama in their online newsletter. There is now counter balance to this. The Democarts or progessives just don’t go after the right wingers by name or seem to have the fire in the belly that conservatives and the neocons do!

That’s why John Kerry got swift boated and he let them pull the medals off his chest!

Many white democrats don’t actually beleive in the democrat’s policies, that’s why there seems to be no difference wheter a Republican or Democrat is in the white house. They all seem to be controlled by the military industrial complex and wall street. It’s all about the money my friends.

Posted by culpeperson | Report as abusive

Operation Chaos! Keep fighting each other, Dumocrats! All the way to the convention. The Republicans will retain the White House, guaranteed. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Posted by JD | Report as abusive

As an observer of the political scene for over fifty years, I’m quite comfortable to say that Obama (if he’s nominated) will not get to the white house. There’s no way he will beat McCain. If Hillary should get the nomination somehow, she and McCain would make it a closer race, but a black man in the white house ain’t gonna happen.

Posted by oldbiker1 | Report as abusive

Manny said: “Wow…… Another black fanatic.”
How exactly is James Clyburn a Fanatic? Just because he is black? Everything he said is legitimate. And he did not talk about race at all. Rumor is that Clinton’s strategy is now to clear the way for 2012.
A black man cannot say anything without being accused of having some radical racial agenda.

Posted by Spike | Report as abusive

I won’t vote for Obama because he’s black (well… half black). I won’t vote for Clinton because she’s a woman (wel… close enough to one). Feel free to call me a racist, sexist, or any other label of choice. I am still free to feel and/or believe whatever I want to about anyone regardless of those labels. It is my right to vote for or against any politician(s) for any reason. Disagree with my logic of reasoning all you want but the simple fact remains- it is my vote and I am entitled to use that one vote ANY way I choose.

Posted by winston | Report as abusive

I’m a white male, and I think Clyburn makes a good point. In fact, Chris Mathews from Hardball had called Hillary out on this about 5 weeks b/f the PA primary. At first I thought there was nothing to it, even though I respect Chris’ political instincts. But now, I believe this is a legitimate issue. I think Hillary still wants to win, but also sees it as a no lose situation if Obama is bloodied up and wins. She knows if Obama wins, she can’t run in 2012, and she’ll be too old to run again. The Clintons can’t live with that.

Posted by MikeT | Report as abusive

Why couldn’t Hillary close the deal by Super Tuesday?

Posted by Jess | Report as abusive

Ut oh..I guess BJ is no longer the first ‘black’ President. Of course Hillary does not want Obama to win if he is the nominee, she would not then have a shot in 2012! In any event, I hate to tell those now disillusioned Democrats, “We told you so.” But I will. We told you so!

Posted by GenR | Report as abusive

I love it when the media ignors the fact that 90% of black people are voting for obama… and they continue to only focus on the very few white people that will not vote for a black candidate. If the US black population is only 13%… how is Obama leading?

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

Why would the democrats want to end the election process early? The super delegates are able to vote the way they choose… which includes the ability to choose the strongest candidate. If Obama cant win the big states or the swing states… why would they want him as thier candidate? I am a conservative and am not concerned about either candidate facing Mccain (whom I am not thrilled with) but I am shocked that people would vote for Obama… he has no record of what he proposes he would do when he gets into office.

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

White racism is all too visible by the way everyone is questioning OBAMA’s electability based on white working class. No one is asking whether Clinton can win without black votes. She is only winning in woman and less educated old and whites. It’s too obvious why she is winning less educated because she can easily fool them. People with higher education can understand her duplicity and they do not vote for her. He is winning the americans who understand the gravity of presidency.

Posted by Smith | Report as abusive

Picture this: It’s an Olympic foot racing event. The runners go off with the gun. One runner is much closer to winning with 5/6ths of the race already run. Most of the other runners have dropped out, but there is one other who is still running. Just before the front runner crosses the finish line, the losing runner calls the judges over and by intimidation and threat gets the judges to agree that only runners who are wearing pink shoes with green shoe laces can win. Since the winner is wearing white shoes with white shoe laces, he loses. Now picture what the crowds in the Olympic stadium are doing as they hear this news.////// Before Bill, the last two-full-term democratic president we had, was Harry Truman in 1945. That’s where that hand full of big states theory gets you over time. We’d better all embrace and work for the 50 state plan or come up with a better one. Because if we keep clinging to that old big state rag, we’re going to be ruled by war like rich people forever.

Posted by karela | Report as abusive

Two viable candidates are in the race that is almost equal. “Pledged” Superdelegates are split almost equally.
That means either candidate can and will win the Presidency.

Voting for Obama is voting to stop the party destruction and waste of energy and funds. Based on Party rules, Obama will win based on most popular vote and most delegates and if Superdelegates support the majority.

Voting for Clinton is voting to change and challenge the rules. It is also your vote asking Superdelegates to overturn popular votes and move the goalpost – an elitist image not good for the party.

Posted by Richard K | Report as abusive

Real America will NOT elect a BLACK RADICAL for prez – OBAMA IS NOT ELECTABLE!!!!!

Posted by Jack Kennedy | Report as abusive

You are all going to think that I am nuts but all politicians deal from the bottom of the deck they
have to to stay in office. This campaign has been
going on for over 15 months, No campaign should take
this long. We have seen every ones dirty laundry.
I will vote for Obama for one reason only because he
is black and I am lily white and rich and non partisan
and it is time for someone else to have a go at it.
Can he be any worse than the Clintons, or the Bushes, or Lyndon Johnson or Nixon or Carter? Wake up and think about it and put race aside because the media wants to
base this on race. What in the heck can Obama do that
would be so bad compared to the others? Raise our taxes,
well look at the prices of food and gas, etc. May be he
might change things, I don’t think Hillary has run such
a great campaign, firing her campaign manager, etc and
running out of money promising us everything and I will be your great white hope. What the
hell has she ever done thats so great? Bill Clinton has
been womanizing since he married her and she stays by his
side. Wow, what an endorsement. She has wasted her life
being married to that Bum. All you women out their know
I speak the truth. She would give her life if she could
be President for one term I would bet anything on that.
God Bless this great country for we have the power and the courage to elect someone that is really worthy. The
people that are worthy are not running and never do anymore. I wonder why do you?

Posted by Mary Denise | Report as abusive

Again innuendo that the Clintons must all of a sudden be racist. I’m sure this same congressman agrees with Obama that if you don’t support him, it is about race. The fact your political views may be opposed to his has nothing to do with it. What we’re no longer allowed to have different political views? I can understand why some people look at this and think of communism and marxist values.

No Sen. Obama, some of us don’t like you because of your inexperience, or that you’re too liberal, or your association with people like Wright, Ayers and Rezko. There are a host of reasons that your supporters attack everyone else, but I’ve noticed the number one reason they leave in comment sections is that we’re racist. They constantly use the race card. Rather then tell us why they support the man, they’d rather tell us why we don’t. This strategy might work with college kids and latte sippers who feel the need to prove they are progressive just by virtue of voting for an African American candidate, and I guess they have that right. But don’t tell the rest of us that we’re somehow supporting Old white racist because politically we’re not far left.

Posted by Pam | Report as abusive

“I am sick to death of all this racist crap – I’m 72 and was a supporter of M.L.King”

hahaha pls!!

Posted by oab | Report as abusive

The Clintons have been pushing their luck. The New York Times called Clinton’s campaign “mean, vacuous and desperate.” Don’t be surprised if they un-endorse her.

I am white and I think Clyburn’s comments are right on the money. It’s about time someone called the Clintons on their BS.
Mrs. Clinton needs to act with grace and bow out. Obama won the nomination fair and square. She and Bill are badly in need of therapy.

Newsday has also investigated Clinton’s claims that she knew nothing about her husband’s pardons of 2 Weather Underground members and have found them to be highly suspect. Lie after lie after lie. How do Bill and Hillary sleep at night ?

Posted by Alison | Report as abusive

Thank God Clyburn doesn’t referee football games. If he did, he’d declare the winner by the 3rd quarter and go home.

What an amazing sense of entitlement Obuma & his minions have–tremendous arrogance by a rookie senator. Like it or not, Hillary is right not to let go. Obuma can’t close on the big game states: California, Penn, Ohio, New York and Mass.

Good luck in November. Howard Dean & his cronies better be careful of what they wish for.

Posted by Theodore | Report as abusive

So as I understand it, Clinton says that if she gets less popular votes than Obama, and less delegates, then it is still OK for the Super Delegates to ignore that fact and choose her anyway because everyone knows That’s the Rules!

But the candidates and democratic party leaders agreed to not count the delegates from Michigan and Florida if those states moved their primaries to an un-authorized date — because they wanted to be fair to all states and That’s the Rules.

So Clinton is all FOR THE RULES when they allow the Super Delegates to overturn the popular vote which helps her, but NOT FOR THE RULES when the rules don’t benefit her.

Is that just a coinkydink or what? Hmmmmmmm…

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AH, the party of inclusion to all! They are simply showing the hypocrisy of the DNC. It is all about control of people’s lives. To know what goes on in the Obama household, just listen to Michelle. She speaketh the truth! Barack is measuring his words to try and secure the Big Prize!!!

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I would vote for Powell in a second to be McCain’s VP or even prez, but definitely not Obama. What has Obama ever accomplished? Obama is the affirmative action Presidential candidate, while someone like Powell would be the real deal. American is ready for an African American President, just not someone without any accomplishments like Obama. Remember the last zero accomplishment president we had was George W. Bush.

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It is so sad that this is the group that we have to vote for…McCain rises to the top pretty easily. That is if we choose to ignore Ron Paul.

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Hillary Clinton should bow out now while she can claim some credibility in herself as a candidate. Her continuing campaign has no rational purpose other than bruising Obama and even though I believe she may get a kick out of doing so, it really doesn’t serve anybody in any meaningful manner.

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My son is a highly respected statistical mathmatician and he tells me that as long as Hillary Clinton plays fair by sticking to the rules stipulated by the Party, she will not surmount the delegate lead held by Obama, even if she wins all remaining 9 elections by 65%, due to the proportional allocation of delegates.

Which leaves a possibility of Clinton wanting to bend the rules to scheme her way out of this and that means the sitting the delegates in Michigan and Florida.

However, sitting the Michigan and Florida is out of the question because, to do so would be tantamount to violating the clear rules which were communicated both to Obama and Clinton in no uncertain term, to help Clinton steal the nomination from its legitimate owner, Barack Obama.

Should that happen, America would have taken many steps back in its democratic process. Accordingly, we cannot aid and abet Clinton to cheat her way up.

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I never liked cheating women. There is a clear difference between a strong woman and a scheming woman. Clinton is the latter. I have no confidence in her.

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Looked at from outside, we can tell what the Americans are doing wrong. But then again, the world has come to expect not much from America in recent years.

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With Obama as VP he’ll be drivin Ms. Hillary.

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Are there are rules about foreigners coming to the U.S to help a campaign out? I would take a plane this second to help Obama. Sorry, to help the world out.

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Shocked! Shocked! After defending the clintons through whitewater, china gate, travel gate, file gate, monica gate, and pardon gate– just to name a few scandals — the dems are shocked to learn that it has always been all about the Clintons. Being of such poor judgement, they prove themselves unworthy of holding office.

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It’s all over. Obama will be the next President and anyone who votes against him is a racist.

It is time to right all the wrongs that have been done to African Americans for the past 300+ years.

As soon as President Obama takes office Mandatory slave reparations should be taken from all rich whites with incomes over $50,000.

In addition, mandatory Affirmative Action MUST be instituted for a minimum of 50% of all positions at colleges/Universities and corporations nationwide.

Naturally all African Americans in the prison system for alleged crimes against whites MUST be released immediately.

This will be a good beginning to atone for white crimes and racism.”

Not even close to good enough. Hillary has already promised to put that reparations tax on every white making more than 25,000. And promises sweeter perks.

Go Hillary!! Yes She Can!!!

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Yes – the myth of the big, inclusive Democratic Party exposed once more for the fraud that it is. Amazing that the majority of African Americans for so many generations actually thought the party was working for them. Instead, this internal war shows the Democratic leadership to be exactly what it is. The folks with the broad hats on the veranda sipping the mint juleps whilst the laborers are kept stooped over in the field. Good luck, Senator Obama. You may win the majority of the votes and delegates for your party’s upcoming convention. But those folks cutting deals right now in the back rooms of Democratic power aren’t planning to help secure your nomination. Those people on the veranda only want you to reach so high.

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It’s gonna be great to see McCain in the white house in 2009. Demon crats are showing their true colors. lol

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This is so sad. I have voted every election since able to vot and I will turn 60 this year. After the conduct of the CLintons, and the intent of McCain/Clinton demolishing what should be the democratic nominee, I will stay home this year. Hillary can lose with the lowest vote count in history, McCain can bring us to the brink of destruction, I am so very tired of the polarizing talk and obvious attempt to delegitimize this candidate by the Media. I could care less if he listened to Rev Wright repeat the words of an ambassador spoken on O Reilly. I could care less that he lived in the circle that Rezco lived in. I could care less that he used the term bitter, I am bitter and cling, I do cling to traditions and what I refer to as comfort. I do care about the issues facing this country. The Media is choosing the president, and it is ridiculous that we are letting them!!!!

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This is the weakest Democratic field I have ever seen. Hillary is being the Hillary the Conservatives have known since 1991. She lies. Her campaign is so poorly run that one may wonder how she would run the country. She is in debt and disarray. Ready on Day One? I haven’t seen any signs of it. Obama is smooth but that is it. Unite the Country? I don’t think so. He hasn’t united his Party. Name one instance in Congress when he crossed the aisle to act in a bi-partisan manner. Never, he was the most Liberal Senator with no indication of working with those holding differing views to acheive compromise. After 6 months in office the American people will be looking at Jimmy Carter jr. He doesn’t have the chops. John McCain is actually the best Democrat in the field. He opposed Bush’s tax cuts, worked with Kennedy to oppose Conservative judges, wants unfettered illegal immigrant rights and has limited political speech with campaign reform. If it weren’t for his hawkish views he’d be perfect for the Democratic Party. In reaching for moderates and independants he is castrating the Republican Conservative base. Something the Democrats haven’t been able to do.

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Why did it take Democrats so long to see who the Clintons really are? It’s a little late, don’t ya think?
Way back when the Clintons lied about his affair with Gennifer Flowers (16 years ago) the Republicans were saying “character counts” but you sloughed them off as if it didn’t matter. It was O.K. because they used their dirty tricks, lies and deceit against the Republicans. Now it’s time for you to get a taste of your own medicine. Pretty bitter isn’t it? In the words of Malcolm X and the Rev. Wright, “Your chickens have come home to roost!!”

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Bill CLinton has already admitted he doesn’t care what anyone says about him(although his actions speak differently). James Carville, Terry MacAulliffe, both believe in gutter tactics. They admit it and are proud of their ability to slug it out for 15 rounds using whatever it takes a.k.a. Machiavelli(the end justifies the means). Hillary is just their tool to feel important. They’ve all made plenty of money, but once you get the taste of power associated with the presidency of the United States…heroin, meth, crack, coke look like childs play.. power corrupts the senses and thats what the American and more specifically the Democratic party is faced with. This is a blood sport to them and they will “lynch” Obama with whatever “verbal” rope they can find, because in the end they don’t want to look like Jimmy Carter, marginalized and out of POWER.

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Those who have engineered this protracted theatre of the absurd are the undecided so-called “super (or is it minor)-delegates” like James Clyburn, who are still sitting on the fence of opportunism. They lack the courage of Caroline Kennedy, Oprah, Bill Richardson or Casey, John Lewis, Kennedy and others. One does not have to be an Obama’s supporter to see why Washington is what it is because these opportunists are the big players – politicians thoroughly lacking in moral courage and paralysed by indecision. These undecided super-delegates have now joined the Republicans in the gladiatorial amphitheatre to watch two Demo candidates in a disgraceful and bloody fight. They are tacitly enjoying Clinton’s exploitation of Karl Rove’s ideological-like television ad – the great depression, Pearl Harbor, the Cuban missile crisis, the cold war and the 9/11 attacks, and even video of bin Laden. Obama has been the front-runner — since when? If Clinton had been the front-runner for so long, I believe, these corrupt political opportunists would have taken side long ago. It makes mockery of American, particularly the Democratic, political system of nomination. The candidates are now exhausted, yet the winner will be expected to beat the fresh and relaxed McCain in the arena. The Republican Party may be full of ruthless and immoral and less brainy people, but they are politically wiser than the Democrats. What a sham! Listening to these undecided super-delegates complaining about how nasty the campaign has got is like listening to Powell saying “Obama is very good… I know all three candidates very well, and I am waiting…” Some people can smell opportunists from afar. It stinks. James Clyburn must not whine, he must blame his lack of moral courage.

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culpeperson: What you say about the mistreatment of blacks and mixed-race people in this country is true enough – and it’s not only historic, some of it is still going on today. It doesn’t mean, however, that a wet-behind-the-ears first term senator from Illinois, who happens to be mixed-race, should be given the awesome responsibility of sitting in the oval office. It would be most unwise. In fact, the only reason he’s in the position he is, on the verge of winning the Democratic nomination, is because Hillary and Bill have run such a poor, low-road campaign.

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The truth is that Democrats are not the party of racial harmony we claim to be. Is there any doubt there is a “scorched earth” scenario being played out by the Clintons.
As Democrats we have a history of doing this. 1896 Southern Democrats rejected William Jennings Bryan becaue the Populist Party also endorsed him and they were a coalition of black and white farmers. In 1928 Southern Democrats refused to support the Democratic candidate Al Smith because he was a Catholic, from an urban immigrant background, and sounded funny on the radio.
Who does not believe that Republicans are salivating to rip Hillary they have been planning it for eight years.

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How convenient is this?

All they have to do to stop Hillary is cry Race~~~
If it was anyone but the Clintons it may be true, but My God these two are color blind and always have been.
This is a ploy so if Hillary wins it will give them an excuse to riot and march.
I am ashamed of some the black dignatories who know better but are saying nothing in the Clintons defense.
They are many things just as all politicians are but racist NO NO NO not now or ever.
You notice Obama won’t stop it ??? They are his weapons.

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If anyone thinks the African Americans are going to stand by and let this election be stolen by Hiliary when all the polls point to Obama, you are delusional. We are waiting and watching everybody and everything. So in short if she steals it, she will never be President at least not with the black vote count.

The Dems need the black vote in order for her to become president and we know that. It will be over for entire Democratic Party, for many years to come. Don’t take the African American vote for granted.

The DNC have received many calls from the African American comunity, letting them know that we expect a fair race to the White House. If Hiliary can over take him in the math department then that is fair, if she tries seating FL or MI when she agreed not to do it, then that is not fair. It is all about self respect for us. The majority of African American have lost respect for Hiliary and Bill.

Obama is half white and half black, he would not be here if it were not for his white mother. Except it because it is fact.

There are so many white/black/red/brown people that have united around Barack Obama because we share his views.
Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States of America. GET READY!! GET READY!!

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How typical of you Clinton Fans, everytime someone speaks up for Obama you screech up a storm in an effort to drown out the voices.


That’s some democracy you’re preaching there.

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I have heard the same conspiracy theory reported earlier on another website. Is it really that far-fetched? I don’t think that his statements make Clyburn racist. The whole idea of counting Michigan and Florida benefits ONLY Clinton. Why would anyone else be interested?????

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Funny how all these Black politicians and leaders backed Clinton during his “sex scandal”.But now he tries to help his wife and he is suddenly “scurrilous and disingenuous”.Did he become these things over night or did Black leaders look the other way when he was useful to them. Remember Clinton was named the “first African American president” by an African American . Who is Barack Obama ? A great public speaker but not a great American. My president wears the flag and is proud to be an American ! God Bless America,not just her future but her history as well.

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“Highest ranking black”…hmmm, are we now ranking by degree of “blackness”, “age”, etc? I thought we were trying to become a colorblind society, but, alas it only applies if you’re a white, Christian male. Everyone else is free to use this tired mantra forever.

Once the media STOPS distinguishing people by the color of their skin, the “race issue” will never die. The only people who continue to make an issue of skin pigment are the east/west coast news organizations (Fox included!), politicians (it’s job security), and the race hustlers (Wright, Jackson).

The fact that a congressman who happens to be old & black endorse anyone is none of my concern and should not/will not influence my vote…once Americans stumble upon the fact that they too have intellect and can make an informed decision, prideful, bloviating politicians who never held a real job will continue to grab attention and influence people…all for the sake of power.

Lord Acton is spinning in his grave. Look him up if you don’t know what this means (hint: absolute power…)

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2012 is the Clintons OBVIOUS objective as even the Clintons know they cant win in 2008.

So idea is to besmirch Obams’s character this year, so that he loses to McCain and is thus damaged goodsin 20012. So they try again. THEY WONT GO AWAY.

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Democrats want to run the free world and can’t even run a primary !

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FWIW, Congressman Clyburn stayed out of the endorsement cycle in SC’s primary and despite some of the venom noted in comments here IS behaving like a statesman that even this SC Republican can admire. I’ve also heard the back channel chatter also that the Clintons were running a spoiling campaign, that if Hillary didn’t get the nomination, Obama certainly wouldn’t win the election in November. Mr. Clyburn’s seat has a vested intrest in riding some coat-tails in November to remain as majority whip rather than merely sitting among the minority in Congress.

There are loose cannons in both camps, sometimes tehy appear to be convenient kamakazis delivering bolus of mud against the opposition and resigning, with the hopes that one remembers only the content of the initial outrage, rather than any apology or refutation of it.

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Folks..Take a strong look at yourselves. Bitterness, separatists, fractured, divisive, racists, disenfranchised, etc. This is what America has become, nothing but finger pointers & always willing to place the blame on someone else. I understand that this is politics in it’s worst form, & not many look to the real problem. THAT problem lies with the behind the scenes power brokers & our Congress. That is what really runs this country!! When are we going to wake up & put special interests in their place & get back to what is best for all? We are so far out of sync in this country, that it will take a monumental effort of the people to retake control of our country & bring it back to what our forefathers envisioned.
We have turned into a pitiful bunch of whining, backstabbing maniacs. How sad. I love our country dearly, but am saddened to what we have become. We need new direction, & awareness of what we need to be. I have no answers/solutions to these issues but am aware we NEED SOMETHING TO TURN OUR COUNTRY AROUND!! Let’s turn this discussion to what we can do to stop the insanity.

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Any Dem who would vote against a Dem candiddate is a TRAITOR plain and simple . After 7 + yrs of this madness , you would , out of spite turn against your own party , then your very ignorant …

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“Operation Chaos” reigns supreme. Limbaugh proves himself once again to be the master architect and string-puller — something the Republican Party has collectively been unable to achieve in any measure.

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I firmly beleave that negativety is in the eye of the beholder.I see no negativety coming from either Obama or Clinton only facts.We all know Hillarys baggage from the eight years that Mr Clinton was President,but up until resent what did we know about Obama ? The press gave Obama a free ride for well over a year and did everything they could possibly do to creat this image of being holier than now.When you have to carefully and i mean carefully choose your words when making any comments about Obama for fear of beind called a racist or negative or trying to destroy the democratic party, i find this ridiculous.I’am 61 years old and a life long demoncrat and will die a dem.I want to see more in a my potential leader than just smooth words and so far thats all i see in Obama.I knoww what I,am getting with Hillary,is she perfect no,do i feel she,ll be abetter leader yes this is my opinion.I can,t support Obama with the baggage that has come forward resently concerning his associations and that i fear is just the beginning….

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As an African American, I have heard this argument from other African Americans in the community. I have Family and friends from all walks of life, and this is a common belief at this stage. That she might be trying to Sabatoge his candancy. This has nothing to do with Race, the belief would be there even if Obama was caucasion. We know she will not overtake him in pledge delegates, and most likely not popular vote. We know the Popular Vote tally is inaccurate because some Caucuses don’t release popular vote totals, which if they did, Obama would be close to 2 million ahead by most estimates. The problem is most media outlets do not make this point of caucues votes when talking about popular votes. So it makes the race look closer than it is. Most African-Americans I talk to don’t understand why she is staying in a Race that by most accounts is truly over. So with that belief, people start speculating on why she stays in the race. The two prevelant things I keep hearing is She is trying to make sure he looses so she can run in 2012 before she is to old, or she wants to make it so Obama has to choose her as his running mate, and if he does not choose her, well there is still 2012. We see her as trying to sabatoge a canidate, it just makes it worse that it is an canidate with African Lineage. The feelings would be the same, Race just amps it up.

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If there is a racial divide in the Democratic Party and throughout the country-it’s due to Obama’s ‘blackness” being highlighted throughout his campaign.
Both Hillary and Obama are much more qualified than McCain and Bush! Personally, after the last Pennsylvania debate..Hillary proved just a bit more qualified due to the detailed answers she gave. As of right now, that’s who I’m behind.
If Obama is the nominee-I will gladly support him. Democrats time to unite. The objective is to win the Presidential race–not the politically correct, racial race being presented and discussed at nauseum in the media.

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Senator Clinton and her campaign has only themselves to blame. They totally took their opponent for granted thinking it was given that she’d be the nominee. Lesson learned, never assume anything. When Senator Obama won 2 of the first 4 (she won Nevada, but he got more delegates), she should have revamped her camapaign just as Senator McCain did. I don’t agree with McCain, but he learned and did what he had to do. She took the caucuses for granted (calling them illegal) and now expects those caucus states to vote for her. She only cares about the so called “traditional” democratic states, vs fighting for all 50 states. And yes, some do believe, myself included, that she is intentionally trying to damage Obama if she doesn’t win to make sure he doesn’t. If he should win the presidency, she knows she’ll never have another chance.

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I’m an 82 year old woman who has been interested in politics and government all my adult life. I have admired Hillary Clinton for years, and defended her against the right wing looneys who did indeed practice “the politics of personal destruction” during her husband’s time in office. I was planning to vote for her in the primary, but had second thoughts after Bill Cinton compared Obama’s win in South Carolina to that of Jesse Jackson. Later, Sen. Clinton stated the both she and McCain had the credentials to be Commander -in-Chief, but all that Obama had was a “speech”, she inspired only my contempt. One does NOT demean one’s own party affilates in a primary, and build up the opposition’s candidate in order to promote oneself. Even the dunce Reagan had his 11th commandment. I recommend reading Obama’s books to understand him. Unfortunately many Clinton suporters’ comments would suggest that reading books is not likely to be their favored pastimes.

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Which candidate is best equipped to bring this country together to face the problems, the baggage left from a failed Bush administration?

Hillary is a political heavyweight, no doubt, but can she be an effective President? Republicans despise her. Democrats are also divided.

John McCain, I respect for his service and sacrifice to the nation. However, being in lock step with George Bush’s foreign policy is unacceptable and he has no plan for the prosperity of the middle-class. (The backbone of America) Are you listening Pennsylvania?

I met so many people who were so pround and rallied for George Bush saying “he was taking the country in the right direction; gave him all that “political capital” Where are you people now? Do you feel betrayed? How has it worked out for you?

The Republican party needs to be punished and reformed.
Sorry John you are now the poster boy for the Republicans.

Barrack Obama, to be fair, has little experience as a statesman. However, his ability to, unite and inspire, in my opinion is what this country needs now.

The political status quo in Washington is destroying us and needs to be challenged.

The fringe of society the far left (Wright) and the radical right (Limbaugh) are not the BEST of America.
They appeal to the fearful, selfish and delusional.

Wake Up and Think for yourselves people.

If you can’t take the time to research the issues and accusations yourself, for God’s sake don’t let some biased talking head “program” your opinion.

The voice of the bigots, the sexist, the racist, the FEARFUL should, not be louder than the tolerant, honorable, and fear-less.

The only thing we have to Fear is Fear itself!

America lets Unite and turn this Country around.

Vote 2008

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As with every election, There will always be a “sect” Democratic/ Republican, Male/ Female, Black/ White who’s sole position is to find at a minimum five “media hyped” infractions or misspeaks from a candidate or un-American persons whom he/she associates(ed)with, what he/she has not done, his/her religion. As time goes on, it’s no longer about what values or issues they stand against or for. It’s becomes more of why should I vote for someone who has ??? To brood over what ever lie comes out of anyone running for office is the story of American Politics. I don’t care what is said in the races, it’s all a ploy to get a vote. Whom ever wins SO BE IT. There is still old blood in the House and neither candidate will go no farther than they allow. This entire race is out of control and its America’s fault for fueling it. Ignorance at its finest. It’s time to wake up America.

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Very interesting and diverse comments on this thread. Clyburn’s comments, though, are at best odd and interestingly timed. At any rate, this constant infighting with the Democrats, paired with the 180 degree turn on the Clintons (the couple who for years and years could do no wrong, according to the Democrats…including the black Democrats) is amazing to witness. As an Independent I have to say, Clyburn’s comments have only added support to my decision to vote for Senator McCain. I had not sent him money for his campaign…until now. I am sending him the maximum individual donation allowed. We do not need either one of these two particular Democrats near the White House any time soon. It would be careless and dangerous for me to support their efforts. So to Senator McCain, best wishes from one more Independent in your court!

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If Obama were in Hillary’s position, calls for him to withdraw would be universally decried as racist.

What happened to the women’s movement in this country, that few are the decrying calls for Hillary to quit as blatant sexism?

It is no coincidence that most of these calls are from powerful men. The strong strain of sexism among male Blacks is a big factor here, and few have the guts to say it.

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If Hillary and Ferraro are racist in their criticisms of Obama, we are in for a long four years shold Obama win. I lived in NYC when Dinkins was mayor. He simply wasn’t very good at the job. When he took actions that were pro-Korean gocer, he was accused of being a sell-out by the militant blacks. When he sided with Kiki Garcia (a Dominican drug dealer shot by the police), he lost whatever little support he had among the police and a great deal of white support. I don’t remember race relations having improved during his mayoralty. If America is a racist country, we have no business electing a black president. If America is not a racist country, then Obama must accept his share of criticism for some inept moves.

Posted by william | Report as abusive

If the only reason for Hilary’s attempt to distroy Barack this time around, is so she can win in 2012. She could have been nice to Barack this time , been on as his VP and win when his term was up.

She would have been a shoe in doing if she played it right this time around but now instead, she is willing to destroy Barack this time and the next, so she can run in 2012.

If this is her plan, she could have been perceived in a better light and succeeded easier, by being Barack’s VP.

I feel she is foolish,reckless and has hurt her own party for some future politcal gain and therefore, is not electable in any future race or equiped to lead this country.

Recklessness is not a character we want in a President. We have seen that played out for the past 8 yrs.

Posted by Maryann | Report as abusive

Lucky for Clinton, black people on the whole dont vote, so in the long run none of this really matters. Look at Penn where Obama got over 90% of the black vote, in a state with a very large balck population (I think over 40%) and still lost by 10 points. If black people started voting, “playing the race card” would be very effective;

Posted by Randi | Report as abusive

Why is anyone opposed to Obama called a racist…he is just as white as he is black…just as black as he is white. Culturally he is more white than black…so anyone opposed to Obama should be properly branded as male basing, religiously intolerants, WASPS hating bigots and NOT black hating bigots…come on man have you heard this guy speak…to call him an American African/American is to call John Wayne a communist!!!!

Posted by Paul Albares | Report as abusive

So “Warren,” a self-described “non-American who . . . decided that Americans are by and large retarded,” thinks that the only way for Americans to prove that we are willing to “return to the pinnacle of [e]conomic prosperity and the moral high ground” is to elect Barack Obama. Sounds to me like a pretty good reason to vote for anyone but.

Posted by American | Report as abusive

This story sounds credible, it is representative of the divisive, dishonest and mean political character of the Clintons and their toadies. As an independent I would never vote for a person like Hillary Clinton, now or later ever (rotten fish don’t improve with time). I couldn’t bring myself to vote for a Republican (for now more dishonest than Democratics, maybe, but enough people like Murtha could easily change that) at this time. I wouldn’t bother to vote against McCain if it meant supporting Clinton. At that point who cares?

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Surprised it took him so long to realize this. She’s a typical politician.I still have trouble picturing her holding up his hand in triumph at the convention.

Posted by R. Chandler | Report as abusive

I don’t think Senators should be able to run for president in the first place, they always seem to be able to deflect accountability for their actions/inactions. The requirement should be a governor, where proof of their ability to lead is evident to all.
As for Hillary, coming from Illinois, I’ve met people who went to high school with her. I won’t comment on what they said. Obama, he’s had more legislative experience than her, however, voting “present” as opposed to taking a stand in the Illinois legislature doesn’t impress me.
John McCain has obviously a long record in the Senate. He has shown that he’s willing to cross party lines. He hasn’t exactly convinced me of his ability, but, as a voter, the way one looks or talks shouldn’t be confused with ability.

I’m not sure of any of the three.

Posted by Fred McPerson | Report as abusive

Love to see the Democratic party implode…

As the rev Wright once said “the chickens are coming home to roost”. The Democrats have been playing race, gender and identity politics for years and it has finally caught up with them.
Who should care what color or gender our President is, but for a small minority of racists?
We want to know what they stand for and say.
Obama is clearly to the left of Hillary and she is so captive of the left wing (i.e., the mainstream) of the Democratic Party, she cannot even speak the truth on Obama’s politics, ideology and fellow travelers like the Weathermen.
He’s toast in the general election folks, no matter how much the MSM and the 527’s schlepp for him…if Howard Dean was Obama, it would be the same result…in other words, ‘it isn’t his race that will be his downfall, stupid’

Posted by J House | Report as abusive

Wait ’til everyone finds out that hillary’s called obama anigger…

Posted by hillarysaliar | Report as abusive

this is the link every one should check out to see the truth about hillary…

Posted by jose | Report as abusive

Does anyone notice that the people who write the least relevant or important thoughts usually use the most words to express it?

I’ll keep mine short and sweet – the Clintons have run a terrible campaign and deserve to lose.

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

again for those with short memories the CLINTONS will do and say anything to get elected. Michigan and Florida were agreed upon but now Hillary Dear is adding the votes from these 2 states to her total to give her the lead and TALKING POINTS. I for 1 couldn’t take 8 more years of the CLINTONS.

Posted by jim n | Report as abusive

One has to remember, the Clintons have only their self interest in mind. There are alot of burned bridges in the Clintons wake. Doesn’t matter what race or gender their rival is…they take no prisoners. For them, it is just them and whomever else will follow (i.e., Carville, Begala, Blumenthal,etc.). It has been the case throughout Bill’s presidency.No one else matters.Winning is the ONLY thing that matters and everything else follows. They are just doing what they do naturally. Sadly, it has taken many years for some members of the Democratic Part to ‘get it’ when it comes to the Clintons.
You reap what you sow, folks.

Posted by J House | Report as abusive

7:37 pm GMT Hi Phrank,
. Obama can’t even unite Democrats. How can he “unite” the whole country? .

**************************************** ***

The best gauge may be to examine the one experience in which all three of them started from the same place: running for president. And on that account, the one with the least experience has hands down done the best.
From money to message to campaign organizing to drawing voters, Obama has outpaced his two rivals and in fact has pioneered a number of new strategies that future candidates will dissect and study in the years ahead. His campaign has become the Apple or Google of American politics.
Consider campaign finances. Both Senators McCain and Clinton amassed considerable war chests last year as their party’s frontrunners – and both of them squandered their millions. McCain’s campaign bottomed out last summer, so much so that he had to fire key staff and take out a $4 million line of credit. Clinton spent so carelessly in the early contests this winter – $11,000 for pizza and $1,200 for Dunkin’ Donuts in January alone – that she had little left to compete after Super Tuesday and was forced to loan her campaign $5 million.
Obama started out behind in the money primary, but rather than pour all of his resources into early advertising, grand gestures, and top-heavy consultants, he did as any savvy business would do – invest in future growth, which in his case meant opening offices and hiring staff in the caucus states, starting with Iowa, which turned out to be critical in his string of electoral successes.

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Mr Clyburn who has bizarre behavior? PicNumber=3&Channel=DD-FD-PNYK-KH-FE-WW- VO-DEZZ-MM-DV

Posted by mark | Report as abusive

Please explain to me what the Clinton’s have “done” for black people except..

1992 through 2006: Bill Clinton The Savior
• Plays sax on Arsenio Hall
• Isn’t physically uncomfortable around black folks
• Looks good in black church and can handle the pulpit. Claps on the beat.
• Referred to affectionately as “the first black president”
• Appoints prominent black folks to positions of power
• Expands Earned Income Tax Credit
• Presides over booming economy
• Moves to Harlem. Which is about the whitest thing you can do in New York, but the rest of America doesn’t know that.
• Gets all statesmanly with global aids initiative and tsunami recovery goodness

Posted by Emmanuell | Report as abusive

Now I understand why the democratic party has “super delegates”, it’s so the liberal elite can negate the votes of their uninformed base.

Posted by Teddy | Report as abusive

hey, let it rip!
much ado about nothing.
In four years it will be every man (woman) for himself. democrat, independent, republican will pale in significance to surviving what will be the massive shortages in basics looming on the horizon. two more winters as cold as we had??? two more years of increases in food costs like this years??? two more years of oil prices rising? two more years of illegal immigration like we’ve had in the past two???
This is minor BS in the scheme of things, wouldnt we agree?

Posted by surf66 | Report as abusive

Please tell me excactly what the Clinton have done for blacks except…

1992 through 2006: Bill Clinton The Savior
• Plays sax on Arsenio Hall
• Isn’t physically uncomfortable around black folks
• Looks good in black church and can handle the pulpit. Claps on the beat.
• Referred to affectionately as “the first black president”
• Appoints prominent black folks to positions of power
• Expands Earned Income Tax Credit
• Presides over booming economy
• Moves to Harlem. Which is about the whitest thing you can do in New York, but the rest of America doesn’t know that.
• Gets all statesmanly with global aids initiative and tsunami recovery goodness

Posted by Emmanuell | Report as abusive

…and the democrats are surprised by the Clintons’ actions???

Posted by Mickey | Report as abusive

What’s truly amazing is the speed with which those in the Democrat party are discovering what so many of us have known for years about the Clintons.

Posted by Dan | Report as abusive

“This guy can take Barry Hussein and Wright to his home and leave us all Americans alone…”

Last time I checked we are ALL Americans. Your racist stupidity is beyond words.

Posted by Peg | Report as abusive

[…] South Carolina and House Democratic whip, mentioned in an interview yesterday that he is hearing speculation that Clinton is staying in the race only to try to derail Obama and pave the way for her to make […]

Posted by Hillary Clinton for President 2012 « Naked Hillary | Report as abusive

I live in Florida. The Republican Party which controls the FL congress voted to change the date of the primary election. I have no problem with this. All of the candidates were on the ballot but none campaigned here, although debates were on national television. Sen Clinton won the majority of the FL votes. This is totally different than the MI election. The FL vote should count as cast by several million Democrats.

Posted by Swede | Report as abusive

[…] Cowan: “Top House Democrat denounces Clinton campaign tactics“ WASHINGTON – “Scurrilous” and “disingenuous” were among the words a top Democrat in […]

Posted by Creeping Along the Crusty Campaign Trail at karmalised | Report as abusive

Clinton agreed that the votes would not count in FL and MI. She is on the record. I have personally heard the recording. Yet the story is accurate, just listen to what she is saying now. She has no honor! How can anyone continue to support an person who does this.

Posted by DP | Report as abusive

Why would anybody want the Clinton’s in the White House again? Can’t anyone remember the non-stop scandals with these people? Hillary is a bitter and vengeful woman whom will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Haven’t we all had enough of this?

Posted by Nick Petrovich | Report as abusive

If your choice is between the corrupt and the fanatic idealogue, always choose the corrupt. The corrupt wants your money and their champagne and caviar. The idealogue wants your soul and to control your every thought.
The Democrat choice has to be Hillary.

Posted by paul husson | Report as abusive

so he finds The Clintons campaign to be scurrilous and disingenuous, but he falls short of supporting Obama and still thinks that Hillary should remain, hmmm

Posted by Rudwaan Amen_Ra Lumumba | Report as abusive

[…] HTtp://  /24/top-house-democrat-denounces-clinto n-campaign-tactics/ […]

Posted by Clyburn Denounces Clinton as “Scurrilous” and “Disingenuous” « CrossPolemics | Report as abusive

Vote Nader 08!

Seriously. McCain has flipped on every issue, gone from Moderate Republican to Hardcore Bushie. Obama and Hillary are identical on the issues, and neither are any good.

Let’s give a third party a chance. Not really Nader. But someone

Posted by Robert S | Report as abusive

I don’t think he was saying anything racial about Clinton. I think she would be doing the same thing if Barak wasn’t black. Hilary feels it is her turn and her destiney and if she can’t win she is trying to make sure no democrat win. She was inevitable after all. I don’t think he is trying to be a racisist.

Posted by bridgette | Report as abusive

The well of intellect here is obviously bottomless. Just think: Elect Obama and we could get this kind of deep observation and reasoning daily. Seriously. Destructively.

Posted by Doc Savage | Report as abusive

I voted for the Clintons in the past for the presidency and NY senate. I know I will Not vote for Sen Clinton if she ever runs for the senate again. If she selected for the presidential run I will vote for her but only because I don’t want McCain-though on a honesty level McCain is a much better candidate. I just don’t believe in what he wants to do. I feel he is inflexible and his temper does not help.

Posted by monarnyc | Report as abusive

I am tired of the race card consistently being drawn in this election. It simply comes down to this, who will win in the fall? The way I see it, if it is Obama against McCain, Obama will have a tough time getting the independent votes, Senior citizens, and the blue collar because he is a left wing liberal. Clinton has a better chance because she is a moderate democrat and McCain is a moderate republican.

I don’t want to hear this crap about how Obama is the victim of Clinton tactics, neither do I want to hear that he is honest, and wants to change Washington, politics, blah blah blah. The truth is he is using the exact same political tactics he is fighting to change, against the Clinton campaign. He has excepted money from private corporations via fund raisers (just not lobbyists). He doesnt want to debate anymore because he knows it gives Clinton an advantage. He opposed any solution to FL and Mi, except for a caucus revote or a split delegation, which will give him and Clinton the same amount regardless who won…which still disenfranchise the voters. Either way, he wont do anything unless he sees an advantage for him. Same ol politics, it will never change because the capitalistic system the United States has built itself on since the Progressive Era. This is what you get with a Bipartisan system.

I like Obama, but I am not going to get caught up in his speeches, his energizing youth, or his message in hope and change. Unless he starts talking about what he is actually going to do and How, he will never be able to beat McCain. Hillary, as aggressive as she has been, has laid out her plans and her ideas and you can get a clear sense of what she will do if elected. Obama hasn’t done that yet. We dont need hope, we need action, and he hasnt demonstrated that as of yet. Finally, how could someone outspend their opponent 3:1 and still lose by double digits? I am sorry, but with that kind of money being spent, you have to ask questions whether or not he can close the deal. If we learned anything from eight years of Bush, you cant solve a problem (Iraq) by throwing money at it!!!

Posted by Matthew, poltical science major, CA | Report as abusive

The Clintons have excelled in the use of racial code words in a manner not seen since Ronald Reagan’s heyday. They refuse to condemn the bigotry aimed at Senator Obama. They happily allow their surrogates to do their dirty work and they will repay them with no more loyalty than they did after their trusting supporters went out on a limb to defend in the White House.
I live in Pa and I know the kinds of things that their supporters were saying to voters before the Primary. In Scranton (her “home town”), Obama volunteers were jeered with racial epithets by her supporters, with no words of condemmnation from the Clintons.

Posted by Christina | Report as abusive

Barack has all of his surrogates fighting our freedoms. Hillary has the right to run just like Barack has the right to run. Barack’s true Marxist colors are being well painted by his surrogates. Hillary 08!

From a Romney fan hoping Hillary wins all the way to the White house and then gets smashed by Mitt Romney in 2012. Incidentally McCain would be the best candidate to represent the dems on the dem ticket, but I cannot vote for him, because that scores points for the Rinos in our sad party.

By the way my name is really Barack. But it’s only a coincidence, because I hate Barack Hussein Obama’s policies and politics.

Posted by Barack | Report as abusive

I find it very interesting that this piece looks suspiciously like the ground work for an elaborate plan to have an excuse as to why the democrats did not win in Nov. if that happens to be the case. …Well Barrack got the nomination BUT since Hilary was so destructive during the primaries he was unfairly hindered during the general election and that is why he lost, the american public is still however overwelmingly against republicans this was just not fair… I can see it now.

Posted by Random Thought | Report as abusive


Posted by dwight | Report as abusive

It should not surprise Mr. Clayburn or anyone else who has watched the Clintons since they burst on the scene in the 90s that they and their attack dog, Carville, would employ tactics that fall into the catagory of being “scurrilous and disingenuous”. They are amoral people who seem to live by the creed of what ever is good for me justifies my actions regardless of how they effect others. They are, in my opinion, people of the lowest order and if the democrats want Hillary they deserve her. After 8 years of Bill, I don’t think the nation does. I imagine that Hillary got her training answering the phone at 3 a.m. by being told where Bill was and who he was with.

Posted by Mike Halby | Report as abusive

This is nothing new to me. It has been my intuition for some time that the Clinton strategy was to derail Obama to preserve 2012 for her to run again. The Cintons will stop at NOTHING to get power, what they want. If your memory serves you well you will remember that they did very little to support Sen. Kerry in his run for president. They did very little for Gore as well, though I don’t think he wanted their contaminated aid.

Posted by sigmund fraud | Report as abusive

Hillary and Bill are proving just how racist the Democrats really are. When a party fails to Unite under a few sharp ideals and instead envelopes numerous and usually oppossing constituencies..they are headed for trouble. I am continually amazed at the fact that we have been fighting a Democrat WAR ON POVERTY..created by the Democrats for 5 decades. At some point the Poor constituency wakes up and wonders “Why are we Losing THIS war?”..How can one section of the Democrat Party, voting year after year for Democrats not notice that they are Not Rising With the Tide? Now that the Hispanics are being raised and others left behind is easy to see something is stirring. Blacks see other blacks being raised up to high positions..Supreme Court, Secretary of State, National Security Advisor, Lt. Governors…and others like Lynn Swann running in a statewide contest ONLY THEY ARE NOT DEMOCRATS ..they see these folks being attacked every day by Liberal Democrats in the most Vile ways..yet, now they see this happening in their own party because One Black Dared to run for a High Office and against ..until the past few months.. an annointed Liberal Democrat candidate.

Now the party of a Million having a hard time explaining itself and containing itself. In Massachusetts a Black Candidate won the Governorship ONLY because BLACKS WERE DISENFRANCHISED BY GERRYMANDERING BY THE DEMOCRAT SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE.AND SUDDENLY THE NAACP SUED THE DEMOCRATS. A Big debt was then owed to All blacks who have been failed by the War On Poverty and Education and all the other Programs that have failed…up here that includes the FORCING OF BANKS TO LEND ON GUIDELINES which we see have Failed as well! And they are beginning to hear the “not enough experience as our state is currently looking at a 2 billion dollar deficit and just one year into a 4 year term for the Black Governor”..It ain’t pretty and it is being blamed on “Not Ready for the Big Time” Mass. Dem. rhetoric! All the Not Ready Words are from…Democrats!

It is not very hard to see how Mad this Special Group is since they see Failure all around, even to the point of noticing that even Years before the Civil Rights act, Massachusetts elected a Black not only as State Attorney General but as US Senator..LONG FORGOTTEN , BANNED FROM HISTORY, BANNED FROM BLACK THOUGHT…HE WAS A REPUBLICAN.. For years the blacks up here Obeyed the Big Shots..Ted, Kerry, Capuanao, Mc Governs, Tsongas, etc..and had to AGREE..THEY ARE JUST NOT READY! OR THE REALLY BIGGER ONES…IT IS NOT YOUR TURN, YOU WON’T HAVE A SHOT AT WINNING BECAUSE WE WON’T GIVE YOU ANY MONEY! Some times people wake up…Bill and Hill are just One and the Same not be wondering why Ted Kennedy supported is the only way he can save Face and probably his and Kerry’s future White Democrats is the I helped then comes the Bill when the other folk must ONCE AGAIN WAIT AND WAIT!


Posted by Caron | Report as abusive

Reporter: Good morning Mr. President! Welcome to our state! Have you ever seen such blue skies?
Bill: Wait a minuted. I know you. You’re trying to game me. I never said the sky was blue.
Reporter: Sir?
Bill:C’mon, I know your game. I’m not playing your game.
Reporter: Pardon me sir, all I said was…
Bill: I know what you said and I know you’re claiming I said it. Next time you people are going to play the race card and accuse Hillary of all kinds of things. She never said she was under gunfire in Bosnia. You should be ashamed.
Reporter (flustered): Sir, all I said was the sky is blue!
Bill: Shame on you. It’s not blue and I’ll tell you why. It’s red. This is a red state and you are a Republican stooge. And don’t say Hillary abandoned Arkansas to take advantage of the politics in New York. I say the sky is red. Have a nice day.
Reporter: The sky is red?
Bill: I never said that and have a nice day.

Posted by Louis | Report as abusive

It doesn’t matter if Hillary makes African Americans angry. Once Obama is derailed, they aren’t going to leave the plantation in significant numbers. They need the handouts we have been giving them all these years. They aren’t going to start voting Republican, that’s for sure. Pack animals never seek self-determination. Did Unions (like the UAW) go for Bush when Gore declared “The internal combustion engine is the greatest enemy of mankind”? Of course not. Once a slave of the Democrats, always a slave of the Democrats.

Posted by Carl Parsons | Report as abusive

Obama and his supporters are making this about race, not the Clintons. Obama is on the ropes because he’s a phony and the country is opening its eyes to him finally. Hillary has proven how tough she is and Obama folds like a cheap lawn chair. He won’t even do another debate. I want a strong President who will fight! Hillary.

NObama! Hillary ’08

Posted by Melsg | Report as abusive

Matthew, PS Major, CA

Come on Matthew! Please, Hill Clinton a moderate? Since when? I know you must have researched her history. She is a socialist and marxist at best. She has disdain for this country and the foundations on which it has been built. And don’t get caught up in the numbers regarding 3 to 1 ratios in PA. Clinton has spent over a $1.10 for every dollar her campaign has raised, while Obama has spent $.75 of every dollar raised. You may want Clinton as a financial advisor, but not most of us (citizens).

Posted by De | Report as abusive

Race relations in this country will never be the same, and it will hardly matter who gets the Dumb-ocrat nomination. Congratulations Dimmies and drive-by media. You scholars set the table with two artificial candidates, i.e. Another Clinton and Hussein Obama, and now all the morons are feasting. Remember: The only thing that can destroy a democracy is democracy. We’re on our way. . . .

Posted by Doc Savage | Report as abusive

Not the first time. IMHO the Clinton’s influenced Gavin Newsom’s initiative to start marrying gays four years ago. This mobilized the republican base, tanked Kerry, and set the stage for Hillary 2008. Something pretty big must have been promised for the sleazy little man in a second Clinton administration.

Posted by fred | Report as abusive

come on all you democrats. your goal in life is to keep slavery alive. let go of the black people, set them free, tell them that the democrats tried to fight to keep slavery legal. tell them that the republicans were the ones that died to give them freedom. and by the way, the only party that has a problem counting votes is the democrat party. socialism has failed every place it has been tried. let go of oppression and live free.

Posted by virg | Report as abusive

That’s all Obama needs- more blacks ranting and raving about the unfairness of it all. In just a few short weeks, the man Americans first saw as a leader who transcended race, has now become just another Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. After this election, Barack will be lucky to hold on to his Senate seat.

Posted by jimboster | Report as abusive

I AM DISAPPOINTED IN THIS RACE. People dislike Barak at this point because of someone else’s statements. Please at least he is forth coming, and he tries to apologize for others errors. He tries to stick up for the middle class but, he is crucified for mixing up his words. He grew up poor, mother trying to live check to check trying to survive but, they are trying to label him. Do you really want a liar in office??? SHE AND HER HUSBANDS LIE TO GET WHAT THEY WANT… DO YOU REALLY WANT MORE TRICKS OR FUNNY BUSINESS IN THE WHITEHOUSE???

• White water
• Sniper fire
• Monica


Please give the man a chance…

Posted by vet | Report as abusive

the ONLY response Obama should be giving to the issue of Florida and Michigan should be:

“If Hillary cannot even follow the rules laid out by her OWN party, how can she be trusted to uphold the laws of the nation.”

Posted by matt | Report as abusive

The race card has only been played by the Obama campaign and the media. And the cogressman needs to realize there are just as many excited voters on the Clinton side, more in fact than on the Obama side, before he says anyone is being devisive.

Posted by Ryan | Report as abusive

After 15 years of worshipping the Clintons blacks suddenly abandon them. Now thats Scurilous.

Posted by Dennis D | Report as abusive

DAM!!!! What in the hell is wrong with all of you!! I can not believe we are this F@#$% up. WE ARE ALL DEMOCRATES. When will stop allowing the Republicans [FOX NEWS]to divide our party. We need get away from this stupid childish BS that only serves to keep the oil cartel stankin rich.While our kids continue to fight the Republicans 100 year occupation. I guess your love for your Canidates supeceeds food rationing,recessions, supreme court appointments,illegal wire taps,$4.00’s a gallon,unafforable healthcare, 50% drop out rate, global warming,trillion dallor debt and counting, a weak dollar,a weak image, a weak infostructure, weak trade treaty, a weak and Dangerous Foreign policy, and over stressed military. Oh yea. A crumpy old man with a nasty Attitude the media darling. I.E. Rev wright= Rev Hagee.Nothing said? Bosina= “I would of landed air force one in new New Orleans”.I was too busy eatting Cake! Nothing said? Yea we love Obama or Hillary so much nothing else matters!!!!!

Posted by illstorm | Report as abusive

Ever notice when a certain groug is losing, they always fallback to “They against us”, whether true or not. Mr. Cliburn–just simply practice some honesty and admit that you have been opposed to the All American Girl HRC and stop looking foolish by pretending that you’re uncommitted. When compared to Bill Clinton, you are considered to be a midget, with zero respect and loyalty. Just shut up, go away and let the 50 States pick their nominee for President of the USA.

Posted by Cart | Report as abusive

It is interesting to see that the same gang that instigated and profited from the Class Wars of the 1900’s, America’s Urban Rebellion in the 1960’s, the Religious Wars of the 2000’s and many other conflicts and war including the Spanish-American War, is using their control of the media to instigate another Urban Rebellion in America.

It is sad that most people are hardwired to assign more validity to what they read and hear, than to correlations between causes and effects that affect their future and the future of their children.

As can be seen from many posts in this thread, the War-for-Profit Gang continues to control the minds of most Americans.

Posted by Tom Potter | Report as abusive


Frist I would like to say you made an excellent response. Let me elaborate a little further on my previous comments. Compared to Obama she is a moderate. Obama is as liberal as they get, that is why Ted Kennedy endorsed him. Of course both candidates are very liberal and true democrats, but going up against McCain, Clinton will stand a better chance to get the moderate votes along with the independent votes. That is going to be the key to this election.

I also agree, Clinton defiantly has Neo Marxist values in her policies. There is no question about that. However, so does McCain, and the past three presidential administrations, especially Bill Clinton…in fact he embraced much of those beliefs in his policies. Unfortunately the democrats had no choice but to adopt some Marxist values because Neo Liberalism alone was not enough to retain political power. If Obama get elected, he too will adopt some of those values because the global economy is dependent on it.

As for the spending, you are correct that Hillary hasnt managed her funds as well as Obama. She needs to hire better accountants 😛 However, when looking at the bottom line, she is getting outspent by Obama financially simply because Obama has more money and has that flexibility. It reminds me of the Yankees and Red Sox, who always overspend to put the best team on the field. Both teams are having extraordinary success and are dominating the game. These same theories applies to politics. Obama is trying to smother her campaign with cash. Personally, if it was up to me, I put spending/income stipulations on campaigns so stuff like this doesnt happen. Its one thing to buy a world series ring, but its another thing to buy the white house. :)

For me the bottom line is this. I love listening to Obama’s speeches and I have enjoyed his campaign…refreshing to say the least, but he hasn’t proved to me yet on how he is going to change politics. Politics doesn’t change, has never changed, just the tactics used to achieve political goals have changed. Obama has not layed out a solid gameplan on what he will do if elected, Clinton has. Agree or disagree with Clinton, she has been better prepared in her policies comapared to Obama. Regardless who is nominated, both candidates will bring significant change to the white house, and that is what matters most.

Excellent responses….much better than the biased opinions and stories I read on CNN. At least here, the arguments are more articulated and much more evenly balanced. 😀

Posted by Matthew, Political Science Major, CA | Report as abusive

The majority in America believe that the primary reason why blacks want obama to win is because they think he will be able to do more for them than past presidents. They believe because he is the same color that he embraces their culture. He doesn’t. He is working toward elitist status in American society. According to Shelby Steele he is the best “bargainer” American government programs have produced. Statistically, there are more blacks being supported with government funds/tax dollars now than at any time past. Why is this? Do they really think the American government will give them more? It’s not happening and if they keep up their demands we will have another 4 to 8 years of the GOP running the country. Politics truly is, as Bill Clinton defines is, a dirty business.

Posted by linda in cincinnati | Report as abusive

It’s always interesting to read the comments that come from some white people who are quick to label an African-American person who claims something as racist. The inherent racism in these person’s thoughts eludes them.

For instances, Manny says Congressman Clybourn is a “black fanatic.” Just how is Clybourn fanatical? Because he has drawn a conclusion that is shared by many white commentators but since he’s “black” he must be a fanatic, devoid of intellect to draw a conclusion? The basis of Manny’s statement is that if a black person views something as racist unless he, Manny, or some non-blacks, sees it as racist, it isn’t. Wow! What brilliant logic!

Lesley from Vancouver claims that African-Americans are racist for not voting for the Clintons. Amazing! First, African-Americans are not one solid, mono-thinking group of people. They are individuals who make up their minds. Lesley is quick to dehumanize African-Americans, taking away their individuality and ability to make cogent decisions. Moreover, Lesley believes that unlike others, African-Americans should vote robotically for the Clintons because of past perceived good works. African-Americans are therefore enslaved to the Clintons even if they find a candidate who is smarter, less scandal plagued, has a better vision for the country, etc.

But for Lesley and people like her, demonizing African-Americans for not possessing slave-minded views of loyalty is horrific. How dare “black people” not behave as Lesley wants them to do so! Screw democracy and free will, those “black people” need to learn their place and vote for the Clintons!

Again, the racism of commenters who insist that anyone who is “black” that doesn’t vote for the Clintons is a “black racist” is ludicrous and reveals the commenters’ very bigoted thought processes.

Got news for Lesley, Manny, and people like them: African-Americans are human beings, able to process data and determine conclusions as individuals. The continued assumption that all African-Americans must be automatons who must think and act in a determined is patently racist.

Lesley & Manny, do you question the white American Democrats who hold anti-Clinton feelings to the same standard? Do you call white Democrats, like John Aravois, Arianna Huffington, Steven Weber, and others, as “white fanatics” for believing the Clinton campaign has engaged in race-baiting to win votes? Do you condemn white women for not voting for Clinton?

In the last debate, Hillary Clinton admitted that she knowingly lied about dodging sniper fire in Bosnia. Do you think that maybe some African-Americans don’t want to vote for an admitted liar?

On the one hand, people like Manny and Lesley are willing to view the Clintons as victims and provide them with unflappable sympathy and support. On the other hand, when African-Americans explain that they are being subjected to racism, the Mannys and Lesleys decry the embracing of victim-hood. This kind of double standard, applying rules differently to whites and blacks, has been the basis of racism in America for generations.

Only someone who has not dealt with racism can so flippantly use the term “race card,” deliberately disparaging the victims of racism and making them into the victimizers! It’s sort of like condemning victims of rape for saying they have been raped. Their accusation automatically makes them deserving of rape and somehow cynical. The rapist becomes the hero merely by being accused while the victim becomes a cynical, slut.

Mannys and Lesleys, the fact is that purely by the numbers, in terms of popular vote and delegates, Obama has beaten Clinton. There is no way for her to win unless she steals the nomination. Pretending that the Clintons have not relied on race-baiting to win mirrors the Clintons’ cynicism.

Posted by Ferdinand | Report as abusive

Well, it’s coming up a contest in a state with a high African American population so time for the black politicians to make up some phoney race thing about Hillary Clinton. Trying to make Obama unelectable so she can run in 2012? Oh, yeah, go through this campaign hell just to keep Obama from winning so she can run in four years and then go through this hell again? If the African American community is dumb enough to swallow that whole, then I have no sympathy for them at all whatsoever! Fortunately, there have already been AA’s saying that Clyburn is not authorized to speak for them. Clyburn, you can fool some of the people some of the time….but you can’t fool the whole AA community all of the time.

Posted by judyr | Report as abusive

I find is amazing, that it that’s HRC, her mother, daughter, Bill the Rep. Party, their candidate and the media to try to stop this man…. The only problem I see here is that all these groups see that those non-groups of color are all wrong? But he is still there isn’t he? In PA he closed a 33-point lead down to 9, and he did this without paying the $550,000 they were trying to distort from Obama to get out the vote… You can spin it anyway you want, but that a win! He not a prefect man, but he is a child of God! And I believe it’s his time and all those young people who support him… They are living the 21st century and not the 19th or 20th like most of the people who want to maintain the status quo! Being a great nation is much more then having the biggest bombs, guns and being the biggest bully on the block! But that sounds too much like right! I want the nation to be one; I want the war to end and the boyz to come home now (and yes, I was a big supporter of the war) I want too proud of my country and all it’s people! I want my country to be proud of me as a black man and not fear me just based on the color of my skin? And the only way this will happen is when we as a nation turn away from race bate politics HRC is running. A nation that judges a person for who they are not who they know or have known! Anyone who will say doing or sale his or her soul to win like this is a blood sport. Don’t really understand the price we are all going to have to pay… Do you really want to revert back to 50 60 ears ago? Are we really willing to scarify our children’s future to refight old battles? Because they make good sound bits that sales and puts more money in that 1% who run the country while we fight over thing that not going to pay our bills? Put food or roof over our heads? Pay the college bills? Keep our jobs from being shipped over seas, keeping out streets safe? Have you seen the news: NYPD shots a man 50 times with no gun! Nearly 40 people gun down is the street of Chicago in 10 days! 21 people on death row in IL Should have not been there. And this is the one that get’s me, Bill and wife been on the hill for 16 years! And you still don’t have a health care bill??? What make’s you think by you becoming President we are going to get? NATFA, that put millions of workers out of work as well as busted the union and Bill and HRC; CAFTA, that will put what’s left out of work! Columbia, did not give Mark Penn $300,000 and Bill $800,000 just because they like them? This is the first time we have a chance to have a say, we can take it or keep looking back at the past for answer, which has not and will not come in our life time or a our kids! We as a nation need to brake with the past so that our kid can have a future!!! Just my option, and like every one else…

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How can anyone from the so-called “working class” not see through the artifice of the Clinton myth? I am not a wealthy, Birkenstock-wearing elitist yet I am an Obama supporter ALL THE WAY. It both amuses and irks me when I hear that the majority of Obamians are latte’ drinkers and erudite intellectuals. When Hillary Clinton was in my New Hampshire neighborhood where do you suppose I encountered her? An upscale coffee shop which caters to latte’ lovers. The attacks against Obama are so blatant, over the top, and media-supported (I could name a certain cable news outlet which boasts of its trust factor). Do the majority of U.S. citizens no longer have the ability to think critically (instead of simply BEING critical)or sort out truth from LIES? In the recently televised Compassion Forum Obama actually ANSWERED the questions, responding thoughtfully and eloquently while the content of the OTHER participant’s verbiage seemed to this viewer to be hollow. I, I, I, me, me, me….and supposedly 35 years of I, I, I, me, me, me…who needs it?!?

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[…] after the edict went out from on high, Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC & # 3 in the House leadership) claims that Hillary’s only staying in the race to scuttle BO’s chances at winning, to clear the way for herself in 2012. He had this to say […]

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[…] Bill and Hillary Clinton might be pleased. Until they consider this. House Majority Whip James Clyburn of South Carolina, an uncommitted superdelegate, charges them with…And he goes further, to say what an increasing number of observers have been saying privately. Or […]

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[…] than a little radioactive.So Bill and Hillary Clinton might be pleased. Until they consider this. House Majority Whip James Clyburn of South Carolina, an uncommitted superdelegate, charges them with…And he goes further, to say what an increasing number of observers have been saying privately. Or […]

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[…] an undeclared delegate and the highest-ranking African-American in Congress, was quoted in a recent Reuters article saying, “There are African-Americans who have reached the decision that the Clintons know that […]

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[…] Sue Sturgis wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt… Thursday to describe Hillary Clinton’s campaign tactics in her bid to defeat Barack Obama for their party’s presidential nomination. House Democratic Whip James Clyburn, of South Carolina and the highest ranking black in Congress, … […]

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I’ve read more than 50% of the above comments made by many americans and I say enough of the BS about race. This country appears to be moving backwards with this bickering back and fourth. Martin Luther King gave his life to bring blacks and whites together for a formidable cause, and I’m proud to say I have many white friends today that I love and care for dearly. I’m a black 60 year old women who is/was crazy about the former president and his wife Hillary, especially after she became a NYS senator, as is/was many blacks in mind & other communities Dirty campaign tactics have never been my forte and it turns off many people, both black and white. When are we all going to come together for a just cause? Lets get down to the real issues affecting this country.

Regarding 911, no one could have been more upset than I was, having previously worked in the WTC in NYC. The thought of the many mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, children, brothers and sisters losing loved ones on 911 was so heart wreching for me especially since I had the opportunity to meet a lot of them having been a Workers comp Hearing Representative. Secretly It was difficult to hold back the tears. I met this one white woman who had six children, I think she said all girls, and after hearing her story, I escorted her out the building (Workers Comp Board) – it was lunch time – hugged her and cried with her over her losing her husband, & her children losing their father. I could’nt begin to imagine what she and her family was going through. She also showed me many pictures of her children who had losed their dad, which made it even more difficult for me to hold back the tears. I also lost a friend that I grew up with who was a firefighter. I know the pain his wife and family went through. It is my hope that we all come together & go to the polls and vote for the person that we think will bring this country together, and deal with the economy and the ills that are affecting our lives and the lives of people all over the whole world.

We have all lost our civil liberties after 911. There are cameras everywhere. It is not that I oppose the surveillance, there are many places that need it, terroism is real. However, our foreign policies needs change for all of us, and our soldiers need to come home. The jobs that have been farmed out to many other countries leaving so many americans without jobs needs to be returned to the US. So come on america, lets stop the bickering over race and what others have to say about our candidates and get down to business.

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Obama is going to win and mccain supporters are getting scared. They’ve been scared of him from the beginning. America doesnt want or need a 3rd term of bush, and mccain is bush’s little brother,

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