McCain goes whole hog at Whole Hog Cafe

April 25, 2008

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Republican presidential candidate John McCain was not content to just eat the prized barbecue at Little Rock’s Whole Hog Cafe — he wanted to know how it is cooked.

The Arizona senator disappeared into the kitchen of the eatery soon after riding his “Straight Talk Express” bus to the restaurant on Friday with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and their wives, Cindy McCain and Janet Huckabee.

In the back of the place, the cooks were smoking half chickens and slabs of pork ribs in large barbecue smokers, as a succulent smoky smell wafted throughout.

“All right, Cindy, we’re going to have to get one,” McCain said of the smokers.

“Load it on the bus,” Cindy replied.

McCain considers himself quite the barbecue artist, grilling ribs at his Sedona, Ariz., ranch, and was interested in the mix of spices used to rub into the meat before it is cooked.

“Is that a trade secret, your dry rub?” McCain asked the owners. One of the owners cautioned him against using too much salt. “I’m going to have to change my ways,” McCain said.

The McCain and Huckabees decided to take away some ribs, and then came the matter of who would pay. Janet Huckabee insisted the food was already paid for and Gov. Huckabee — mentioned as a possible vice presidential running-mate —¬†told McCain his money was no good in Arkansas.

But McCain put down two $20 bills and a staffer said McCain ultimately paid.

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All of this hog flesh consumption presents the case for a possible McCain/Huckabee ticket. McCain needs the spirtuallity of Huckabee in his campagin but more importantly in the White House. The political world is no different than the business world. The connection between business success and business failure is obvious to those who want to scratch beneath the surface. In my new HR book, Wingtips with Spurs, the longest chapter in the book is devoted to the spirit and the successful career. It also covers the connectiveness of our actions and the important of spiritual wisdom. Anyone with the slightest intellect can see the wisdom of this pairing. Also, as a former resident of Arkansas, I can assure the reader that Huckabee is the real deal. Michael L. Gooch

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The huge following of former governor Huckabee is taking careful notes…we are still here…quietly standing by to see what develops. You better believe that we, too, are hoping McCain “gets it” and decides on asks Mike to be his v.p.! Mike is quick on the come-backs; Mike is viewed as honest, straight-foward, and frugal (his campaign ended in the black with a surplus of $30,000!) with a wonderful sense of humor and with outstanding oratorical skills…big pluses that complement McCain’s style. The most apparent about the two of them is that they get along so well…it is obvious whenever we’ve seen them together…both so relaxed and that “chemistry” is there! We think it’s a winning combination! GO MIKE!

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