Bowling on the Clinton plane

April 26, 2008

Journalists and staffers “bowl” tennis balls down the aisle of Democratic presidential candidate¬†Hillary Clinton’s campaign plane as it takes off from Gary, Indiana, on Friday night.


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She’s a wannabe and yet is a hasbeen. At 53 years old, I’ve seen good and not so good presidents. But will say that I’ve never seen one a presidential contender as slimy, untruthful and deceitful as Billary. God save our country – give us Obama.

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You must be one of the youths follwing Obama. No adult would talk like that about any candidate. But if you want to talk facts and issues I will give you some. Fact,Obama did not have a platform when he started to run. so he took Hillarys and changed some words to call it his idea. Fact Obama lies about the amount of money he raised. He has rich lobyist that match any contribution under one thousand dollars. Who are these people?Why won’t he name them. Fact evertime he is trouble he plays the race card. Fact, he dosn’t care about american jobs or he wouldn’t lie about his stand on N.A.F.T.A. and play games with Canada. Fact, his wife lied when she said they could hardly afford dance lessons for thier daughters and they are just now able to pay off thier student loans, this comming from people that made over 4 millon dollars last year. Fact, they both have shown a lack of patricatsim for America. fact, they surround thierself with people that are anti-American. I could go on but somehow I get the feeling you just don’t get it. And if you can think for your self then maybe you should find out what each candidate really stands for. Then vote for the good of your country and not party or race.

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plus he post above yours ellie said he was 53!

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Fact: Obama earned $4million from the books he wrote, and probably made that much because he’s the leading cntender for the presidency.

Fact: Hillary is treating you Americans like children – How in the world could any sane person claim that Michigan’s vote be counted when her name is the only one on the ticket? How is a former first lady [the queen] be a typical, girl-next-door, local girl etc…? she’s apparently a yanky fan in NY, a Southerner in Arkansas, a poor local girl who’ve made it good in Pa…

Fact: When you start out a campaign with so much cash, connections and fame that you are the presumptive nominee, then out of inexperience, lack of management skills etc. etc… you have lost to a new-comer, you’re forced to fire a few leading advisors, going broke, not paying your contractors, lend yourself money… and somehow claim you are more experienced, are ready and able to lead an economy in crisis, claim that you are the under-dog, spin yourself into a position of a fighter when you cause yourself to be broke and have to fight…

That’s good spinning, not able or good leadership.

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obama cannot be CinC too much dishonesty.
Book:’Audacity of hope’ He will stand with these guys , who are equal to WWII Enemies (characterwise), should the political wind shift in an ugly direction.

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