Handshake not enough to win over bar patrons

April 26, 2008

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stopped in a sports bar in Gary, Indiana, on Friday, but these two customers who shook her hand said that wasn’t necessarily enough to win their votes.

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The people are being duped again by the Clintons. Their history of continued lying is well known. ( Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, Lewinski, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Cattlegate, Hillary’s time working for Zeifman where she was fired for lying, a continued campaign lie she told about a mother dying at childbirth because she didn’t have a $100 to pay a hospital, etc.) She made up Bosnia story repeated three different times then attempted to blame it on jet lag. This was a total fabrication. Her shameless husband repeated three more lies connected to Hillary’s Rambo Bosnia fantasy. They are both dysfunctional liars who can then make a joke about telling an elaborate lie. Hillary went on Jay Leno and actually joked about her character flaw. Bill discounts by making light on how Hillary was upset with him. The Clinton’s character are so dysfunctional and lack basic core values of truthfulness and trustworthiness that mock all hard working American’s who actually hold these values. Bill has already denigrated the office of the Presidency with Hillary’s help now people want to put them back in to represent hard working American. Do you all know that the Clinton’s have received over $10,000,000 from Saudi Arabia for Bill’s library? I am sure all of us Americans will be proud of that fact. The Clintons have no shame or allegiance when it comes to receiving

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