Clinton to Obama: How about a debate on a flatbed truck?

April 28, 2008

rtr1zt7f.jpgWILMINGTON, N.C. – Hillary Clinton, invoking the drama of a lusty street fight, repeated her challenge to Barack Obama for a debate free of moderators or a set agenda.

“We could even do it on the back of a flatbed truck. It doesn’t even need to be in some fancy studio somewhere,” she told a campaign rally on the banks of the Cape Fear River.

Her rival for the Democratic Party presidential nomination has deflected the request and said he would debate her after primary votes in Indiana and North Carolina on May 6.

“We need a president on day one ready to be our commander in chief, ready to turn our economy around. That is why I have to say I am very, very regretful that my opponent will not agree to a debate in North Carolina, because I think these issues are worth debating,” she said, goading her opponent for not being ‘tough’ enough.

“Tough questions in a debate is nothing like the tough decisions you’ve got to make in the White House…no moderators, just the 2 of us on a stage for 90 minutes.”

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– Photo credit: Reuters/John Gress (Hillary Clinton campaigns in Indianapolis).


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It’s a waste of time – Hillary’s just trying to dissipate and distract – hoping for another ‘bad’ debate? Glad Obama’s not rising to the bait. She’s downright unscrupulous.

Posted by Carol McFarlane | Report as abusive

We don’t need a president who has a fast mouth.

It’s all about one’s personality. Something Hillary Clinton failed to see the light from the other end of the tunnel.

Posted by NoWhereNear | Report as abusive

Nothing prohibits Hilary to be the president of United States. I assure You She will Win! Win! Win! Win !Win!………..I am sure of it….
Endale Besher
From Ethiopia
+251 911 42 79 21

Posted by Endale Besher | Report as abusive

has she frick’n lost it? a flat bed truck?…even if she isn’t serious, which I’m sure she isn’t, how weird is that? If I were Obama and if that question were asked directly, It’d come down to a blank stare, and then walk away.

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

Have you ever engaged a liar in a fruitful discussion? Barack now knows better; better to spend his time talking to real people.

Posted by J. Blue | Report as abusive

Poor Hill, she is really, really desperate to get some free air time. She tried this in Wisconsin and he just kept talking to the people—and whupped her in the election. No go Hill. OH AND BY THE WAY—-HE NEVER SAID THAT HE’D DO A DEBATE AFTER IN AND NC. HE JUST SAID HE WOULDN’T DO ONE BEFORE. But nice try! The Chris Wallace interview with Obama on Sunday was what a reasoned political question/answer period looks like. Tough questions were asked and answered in a civil way. ABC might want to study that as the advanced tutoring they apparently need. And Hillary might want to take note also. If one behaves like a junk yard fighting dog instead of a presidential candidate, one shouldn’t be surprised if other people don’t want to share a stage with you. This guilt by association thing this season has become so ridiculous, that just being seen on a stage with someone like that could ruin a person’s reputation.

Posted by karela | Report as abusive

Obama is afraid to have another debate before the next set of elections because he knows he has a better chance of loosing votes than gaining them. It seems funny considering that when Clinton was faced with the same dilemma earlier in the primaries, she still went forward in the debates.

Posted by Shaun Cespedes | Report as abusive

Notice this is all about what HILLARY wants? She’s trailing but still figures she can DEMAND!

At this rate, that’s all this election will be about – debates (and free air time for Hill!) Yikes!

Posted by patwal | Report as abusive

Hillary Clinton should just drop out of the race. Enough is Enough!

Posted by Ajay Kamalakaran | Report as abusive

Regardless of the reason Obama doesn’t want to debate, his refusal to do so before NC and IN makes him look weak. He’s afraid to debate with her without prep and being thrown softball questions. He knows that he would be clobbered in an open debate because he’d have to answer REAL questions. He’s been unable to give any clear answers about his plan and “hope/change” for America. This just goes to show that he would make a poor choice for president. Do you think other world leaders are going to wait until he’s ready to discuss the issues?

Posted by roger | Report as abusive

You’re nuts. Look at Obama’s web site, his positions are clearly and explicitly stated. He would trounce the Hil in an open ended debate, but he doesn’t need to do such a thing. Hillary is grasping at straws, trying anything to keep in a race she knows she cannot win. She’s got a hell of a large kitchen sink since she keeps throwing crap at Obama. She needs to drop out of the race now and crawl in a hole somewhere so that the Dems can concentrate on the REAL issue, which is drumming McSame and the Rethuglicans completely out of office.
Truth is, Obama IS WILLING TO TALK with other world leaders, including our enemies, in order to try and fix this cluster that Bush has waltzed us in to. And you can be damn sure that he would be (your words) “ready to discuss the issues”.

Posted by Paul in Boca | Report as abusive

roger, with no doubt in many people’s minds, Clinton is good at counter attack. Which I believe is good for a lawyer that she was. But I am afraid other world leaders would thought of themselves insufficiently educated and an under dog when facing a machine gun mouth. Really that would means trouble for us.

Never see to the political arena the same as in court room procedures, and that’s the problem with Hillary’s attitude.

Posted by NoWhereNear | Report as abusive

If you reread my comments, you’ll see that I never said that he wouldn’t be willing to talk to other world leaders. I said that other world leaders wouldn’t wait until he is ready. If this is a contest that Hillary can’t win, then why are people still voting for her? Because they think she’s the right person for the job, that’s why. I don’t disagree that Obama is a breath of fresh air in a political system that is very negative but if you think the “kitchen sink” that Hillary has supposedly thrown is tough, wait and see if he becomes the nominee. Do you think the Republican party is going to lob him softballs? I don’t think so. We ought to be wondering why, if Obama is such a great candidate, he continues to lose battleground states and contests where’s he’s outspending her 3 to 1.

Posted by roger | Report as abusive

HIllay…………. Don’t give up,you will win!!

Endale Besher

Posted by Endale Besher | Report as abusive