Comments on: Religion issue hurting Obama with Indiana cafe patrons Tracking U.S. politics Wed, 16 Nov 2016 03:39:51 +0000 hourly 1 By: The Herald Thu, 13 Nov 2008 19:10:12 +0000 Senator Obama’s father was a muslim, he was raised a muslim. At some point in his life he shifted his faith to “Christian,” which isn’t Christian at all, it’s a liberation mentality rooted in Marxism. And if you think he’s lying, well he is. They all are. That’s what politician’s do. It’s impossible to be a Christian politician, whether Republican or Democrat, Obama or McCain, Clinton or Bush. It doesn’t matter. To be a successful politician you must at some point compromise your faith and go against what the Bible says. (Ex. Lying, deception, selfishness, bitterness, greed, etc.)Faith cannot be legislated, it is only by an experience with truth.

By: michelle tallent Sun, 04 May 2008 12:22:56 +0000 VOTE FOR OBAMA

If you want to save this country, if you are a patriot, if you can’t stand the same-old spin, BS, political lies, bankrupting this country by invading other countries without reason,poor education and health standards that this country has assumed for the last 30 years, you better vote for Obama.

IWe need to love our country again.
We need other countries to respect and admire us again. Right now, we are becoming the world’s biggest joke and the world’s largest money machine— Bush-Clinton- Bush- Clinton

Take courage. Be strong – have the guts to become a new founding father and founding mother of this country now. Fight to get American’s soul and America’s survival back. You and all your friends must vote for Obama if you wish to save America’s great potencial.

I am a retired, white,business oriented gal. The truth, not political spin, will set us all free… women, men and children.

Clinton-Bsu- Clinton
‘s biggest joke.

By: Shelbyvillian Sun, 04 May 2008 04:22:48 +0000 To the person way up above – Shelbyville may be a small town, but that does not make all of us hicks. And there are many of us from Shelbyville who do read a political article, or even two. Yes, that means we know how to read, so already we must be “brighter” than you think. I am an avid Obama supporter, and I grew up in this “hick town.” I do not share any of the misconceptions that the interviewed people do. Please take this as a lesson that you cannot judge any group by the actions of a few of its members.

By: kdon Fri, 02 May 2008 04:07:11 +0000 1. Barack Obama was raised by his WHITE grandparents and his WHITE mother.

2. As a child, people called him Barry

3. He is a Christian.

4. He will win the nomination. Mark my words.

By: I need to take a shower after reading this Thu, 01 May 2008 20:44:44 +0000 It’s hard to imagine how the morons quoted in that article (and their fellow stupids in this thread) manage to survive in this world of busy intersections, sharp objects, and cleaning products that look plausibly like artificial sweeteners. Yes, I know, we’re supposed to pretend that you cretins represent heartland values, but your genuine frontier gibberish is just racist, paranoid, blinkered nonsense stuck in your tiny little minds like a bug up your ass. Actually, there’s a thought. Maybe you have a primitive midbrain lodged in your hindquarters like the dinosaurs, controlling how you breathe, keeping your hands off hot stoves, and telling you how to vote in presidential elections.

In any event, just like anyone can make a baby so can anyone vote. Slack-jawed yokels and mouth-breathing yahoos can both reproduce and elect idiots like George Bush President of the United States. In this cycle the stupid vote is focused on the vital issue of whether Barack Obama is a radical black Muslim atheist terrorist Marxist, or maybe just a black guy. In either event they won’t vote for him, but if he’s a radical black Muslim atheist terrorist Marxist, then:

You got to draw a hard line
When the gun smoke settles we’ll sing a victory tune
We’ll all meet back at the local saloon
We’ll raise up our glasses against evil forces
Singing whiskey for my men, beer for my horses

Later there will be puking and wife-beating.

By: OregonDan Thu, 01 May 2008 20:36:07 +0000 Ah….Karl Rove’s America. White, ignorant, bigoted, and damn proud of it. These people would make Gomer Pyle look like a Rhodes Scholar.

By: Dee Thu, 01 May 2008 20:10:19 +0000 I am “biracial”, like Obama, and a woman. At the beginning of the election I did not support Clinton or Obama, but the white male, Kucinich, who I believed would bring about great change for our country and who was also very experienced.

I wanted to support Hillary because I liked many things about her when Bill was in office. The Clinton years were good and back then I hoped she would one day be president. But it appears she is heavily entrenched in the political machine. Some of her decisions as senator and her corporate ties make it hard to tell where her true allegiance lies, and this makes her hard to trust. I also have been saddened by the “low road” she has been willing to take in the primary competition.

I don’t know a lot about Obama, but I like him so far because he comes across as having a lot of integrity. He seems to care about the people in this country, those who need help. And he has mostly taken the “high road”. Even in that last debate, when the moderator went after Hillary for misspeaking about the Bosnia sniper fire, Obama defended her and basically said “so what” she didn’t remember right. Get over it.

I believe that some white Americans are afraid of him. Since I am part of the black community and the white community, I can understand both sides. There are angry people in both communities, especially older Americans. As younger generation, we respect them, even though we don’t hold those beliefs. We understand the history and why they feel the way they do. It is possible to love both sides, even with those flaws, and even though we don’t agree with them. I think it is a shame that any one would think Obama holds the same beliefs and Rev. Wright, just because he went to that church or may have received mentoring or spiritual advice from him. Or to assume that political things were even discussed in sermons over the past 20 years. Wrights crazy ideas may not have even surfaced until one of his parishioners was running for president. Who knows? Why assume the worst? Because Obama seems to be the guy who can care about old and bitter people from black community all the way to those in Shelbyville quoted in this article. And everyone in between. We need a man like that. Especially now.

By: Laura Tyler Thu, 01 May 2008 16:54:25 +0000 It is very sad to see how many people are misinformed. So many believe only what the media say. They do not take the time to research information to seek truth. Obama has never,never ever claimed to be Muslim.

Obama was a member of the church for 20 years but that does not mean he sat in the church every Sunday, week after week hearing these messages. The last 8 years he traveled to Washington back and forth. I personally have sat at John Hagee’s church in San Antonio and have heard remarks very contraversial. Yet because he delivered a great message about Christ it kept us there.

Obama was the co-chairman of the campaign funding commitee to restrict lobbyiest money. He also claimed present only in many votes because as with many other bills that come throught have attachments that are not discussed and cost billions of dollars. There is no line item veto and therefore you can either vote for, against or present. So do the research on the votes of why he voted present. Many bills have hidden attachments.

As far as the unexperienced is concerned, Everyone thought George Bush was experineced and what happened there? Just because Hilary was in the white house when her husband was president does not make her experienced to be president. Just look at her record in New York.

New York currently has one of the largest deficits in the nation. It also has one of the largest unemployment rates in the country. These were two main items she proposed to taking care of if elected as senator. What happened there? Her husband Billy, also brought NAFTA. Where are all our jobs at. Although she opposes nafta now, why has she voted on some tax breaks for these corporations that take their companies overseas or into mexico.

Hilary’s weak voting record and not fully researching before voting displace her weak decision making skills.

McCain and his Keating five controversey with taking lobbying money along with his buddy Phill Gramm, who was chairman of the banking commitee dosn’t show very much promise. McCain has Gramm as his economic advisor, but examine what Phill Gramm did to bring on the forclosure and sub-prime crisis. McCain has been in the senate for 20years and what difference and experience has he made for our country? Nothing!!!!!!!!!

It time for change and a new method of conducting government. I know I would like my children to have an opportunity of a good life and not a life of debt that our country has aquired. Over 400 million dollars a day is spend in the Iraqy war. Lets move forward

Go Obama,

By: kaye c. Thu, 01 May 2008 16:33:07 +0000 It is so wonderful to hear the comments these people have made regarding Obama..I do lots of blogs and there are many Obama supporters..It is hard to understand how anyone can support a man that went to the same church for 20 years and NEVER heard his pastor preaching anything negative..Yet when it is convenient for him politically he FINALLY denounces him..Too little, too late…We have no idea as to his real beliefs..This is scary..His past associations with Rezco, Ayers and others is also scary…We do not know this man at all..He will not even provide his original birth certificate…All other Presidents have. Why not Obama??He is good at whing when things get rough and very good at pulling the race card..We need far more than those qualifications in a President. His temper seems awfully short fused also…At least we know who we are voting for with Hillary Clinton…She is the one that will help the economy and bring our Soldiers home. HRC is our only hope. A vote for Obama is a vote for McCain….

By: Jin Bell Thu, 01 May 2008 13:03:42 +0000 A man may say in his relaxed moment a coarse and questionable thing that he would never have said in public–and that very thing may lodge in someone’s memory and stay there unforgotten. Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher, said, “Choose rather to fling a chance stone than to speak a chance word.” Once the hurting word or the soiling word is spoken nothing will bring it back; and it pursues a course of damage wherever it goes.