Clinton gets a boost from a Kennedy

May 2, 2008

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN.  – Robert Kennedy Jr. — a Kennedy who is not backing Sen. Barack Obama — campaigned on Thursday for Sen. Hillary Clinton, saying he wanted to explain why other members of his family are wrong and he is right.

bobby.jpg“I am here because I love this woman,” he told a crowd of Clinton supporters in southern Indiana, which holds its presidential nominating primary on Tuesday.

“There are some members of my family who have decided to do the wrong thing and support Barack Obama,” he said. “Let me tell you why they’re wrong and I’m right, because I know Hillary Clinton better than they know Barrack Obama.”

Kennedy’s uncle,  Sen. Ted Kennedy, and cousin Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of slain U.S. President John F. Kennedy, have thrown their support behind Obama.

But Robert Kennedy Jr., the son of Sen. Robert Kennedy who was assassinated while campaigning for the US presidency in 1968, has supported Clinton since she first started to run for U.S. Senate in 1999. She now holds the same U.S. Senate seat from New York his father did.

The younger Kennedy, an environmental activist and lawyer, said Clinton ran in New York after enduring “one of the most savage beatings of any public figure during my lifetime,” recalling the Whitewater investigation that led to the impeachment of her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

The former first lady worked hard to win over Republican strongholds in upstate New York and will work hard to win votes nationwide, he said.

“I saw it happen in upstate New York,” he said. “People, this party has gotten a good look at Hillary Clinton, and they know all those negatives that have been grilled into them for ten years by the right-wing Republicans — that it’s not true, that this is a leader who is going to be one of the most extraordinary presidents in our history.”

As for his family, and the Democratic Party, he said, “We’re all going to be together after August.”

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 – Photo credit: Reuters/John Gress (Kennedy and Clinton campaign in Jeffersonville, IN)


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The other Kennedy’s are right….

Posted by Margaret | Report as abusive

Go Robert !!! I love Hillary, too !! And we are RIGHT ABOUT THIS.

Your uncle and cousin should not be letting impressionable children tell them who to vote for. That is just ridiculous. Adults know the importance of this election at this time.

God BLESS America.

Posted by Todd | Report as abusive

Finally…a voice of reason!

Posted by mcnorman | Report as abusive

Bravo. I believe Robert Kennedy got it right, with all due respect to Ted and Caroline Kennedy. The change I can believe in is Hillary Clinton, next president of the United States.

Posted by Paul Espinosa | Report as abusive

I’m glad Hillary’s friend is vouching for her. Where are Obama’s friends? Kennedy is right. Ted and Caroline aren’t close to Obama. Rev. Wright is like a family member to Obama, yet even he isn’t supporting Obama.

Posted by goldenstate | Report as abusive

*Finally!* Someone telling the whole truth! Someone doing justice! I love you Robert Kennedy Jr.! You would make your father proud! I was born a couple of days after our nation lost your most immensely wise and loving father – but he is in you! And Hillary – I love you too! I have “seen” all you’ve been through – and you are amazing. You deserve so much more respect for your hard work, compassion, immense knowledge, and dedication. You are our truly most qualified candidate at this time – and I hope you get the chance to be the most excellent President that I know you would be. There are many of us who know the truth. Hillary is truly our best choice for now – Barack will have his chance in the future. *Hillary ’08 for Peace and Prosperity!*

Posted by Cassandra | Report as abusive

Who cares about the The Kennedy Boost? Again and Again Barack Obama has proven to the Americans and the World that he is the best leader who would listen and respond effectively to the challenges. He managed to handle all this untimely challenges with high maturity level. Many Americans supported the Clintons against the challenges they faced those years (Bill’s Presidency) and never did we ever loose sight of the distiction between the ability to deliver on the job and the destructions created by the media in order to shift power. Again we see same happening with Barack because polls again and again are showing that Barack stand a better chance against McCain and so how best to take Barack off-track and in so doing the Democrats become the loosers? I so much love the Democratic party to the extent that it hurts to see Hilary’s attack on Obama unbecoming of a Presidential candidate from the same party. It’s not easy to state this but I am 100% certain McCain would win the Presidential Election should the Democrats go with Hillary. The Man is a gentleman, composed and deal with the facts and not emotional issues. But again good luck to the Democrats.

Posted by Noko | Report as abusive

Robert Kennedy, Jr. is doing the older women voters a grave disservice. These Clinton supporters are very determined to show the world that they value feminism over all else. Why else would older women vote for Hillary who will be taking $500-600 a month out of their children’s paycheck to pay for mandatory healthcare initiatives. Tough nookies for the kids and grandkids, eh?

Contrast that with the fact that Obama’s plan will exempt the older people from paying taxes on their retirement income — which leaves a lot more money for these older women to support themselves. Older women should come to their senses and vote for what is in their own interest. Hillary wants to take money from your children and grandchildren to line her pockets with Healthcare industry money.

If older people had any sense, they’d be for Obama ’08!

Posted by NoMoreClintons | Report as abusive

I hope all New Yorkers will remember this campaign that showed up the “real” Hillary and vote wisely when she next runs for any position. So many of us have been so turned off by now that she would be hard-pressed to keep her senate seat in the future. Perhaps someone else from NY should begin laying the ground work to seriously challenge her. I sure would not want her for my senator.

Posted by karuna | Report as abusive

Bravo, Robert Kennedy Jr. – HRC is the only contender who has what it takes. If you accept that no one is perfect, then consider the alternatives, I’ll take Hillary’s minor imperfections over the major inexperience and terrifying associations, personal history and empty rhetoric of Obama or another destructive Republican, McCain.

Posted by Get it right this time | Report as abusive

Thank you Robert Kennedy Jr. for having the insight that your Father had about what is right and what is wrong with our Country. You have cast your vote for the only person running that can turn this wonderful Country around and BRING OUR SOLDIERS HOME. Thak you….

Posted by kaye c. | Report as abusive

The politicians need to get a grip and realize that Robert Kennedy Jr. is right about this fact. Senator Obama still has unknowns. I keep waiting for another shoe to drop. We do not know him. His record does not speak volumes, because there is no history!!!

Posted by cb | Report as abusive

As an emergency room physician and a business man, I have traditionally been conservative in most of my political beliefs. But at this time one of my greatest concerns is the extreme cost of health care and how it devastates families when they either have no health insurance or not enough after a devastating family illness or just the routine costs if you pay out of pocket.

Until I had read this article I had forgotten just how politically motivated all the hate by the media and the Republican Party had biased me toward the Clintons. When we look for the truth in that hate there is very little substance, especially regarding Hillary. This article has really make me think about just how extraordinary Hillary really is and what a fighter she really she has shown to be. She is a stand for empowerment of people (she had demonstrated this in her choices of friends, comities as well as activities) and a stand for a strong community (she wrote a book, “It takes a Village”). She has shown that in her life’s work day in and day out.

I also think that Barack Obama is also a good candidate and has his heart in the right place. My concerns are that he hasn’t shown the best judgment in choosing his friends and associates. Also I have concerns about his experience and how he would affect a change in health care with out a mandate.

I think it is time for the American people to start thinking for themselves and not letting the so called reporting of the media think for us based on there bias toward one candidate or the other.

There are a lot of powerful forces who must be very afraid of a powerful woman, especially a Clinton (i.e insurance and pharmaceutical companies). This makes me really want her in office as a commander and chief. If she will work as hard in office as she has just in this campaign alone, we will really see an impact in the economy, our own self respect and the respect from other nations.

We need to get this powerful woman into the Presidency and affect change in the areas that are affecting us most and not listen to the media tell us what they want us to hear and do.

Ken F. Kelly, MD

Posted by ken` | Report as abusive

Yeah…I know Hillary too. I know she voted for the war and is unrepentant about it. That means either she’s an idiot (and believed the baseless insinuations about Iraq being somehow behind 9/11) or she’s evil (and didn’t care about throwing away the lives of American soldiers in the interest of oil business) or–and this is my guess–she didn’t hesitate to let our nation down and abdicate her sacred duty as a senator to be a check on the president and to keep us out of misguided wars because she was pandering to a deceived public and popularity with the voters mattered more that doing what was right. One of those three things MUST be true, and any of them absolutely disqualify a candidate for president.

If like me, you think that self-interest was the bottom line, then consider that the self-interested politician is most likely to be corrupted by power. And consider too that she couldn’t even honor her commitments (and I’m thinking about Florida and Michigan here) in PLAIN SIGHT. She WILL lie and cheat and put her own interests above the nation.

Do we really need more of that?

Posted by elc | Report as abusive

Go Bobby! Go Hillary! Hillary-Bobby ’08! Practical solutions for the country and the environment.

Posted by Mandelay | Report as abusive

Thank you Robert Kennedy and Dr. Ken… both of you are articulate and thoughtful. Senator Clinton does have so much to offer and has not let the various hate campaigns deter her from her purpose… to help the American people and our country get back on track to fiscal responsibility and caring for each other… health care,veteran care,education,new jobs at home,environmental stewardship,and upholding our constitutional values. She’s the RIGHT one for this time. She’s paid her dues and we need her.

And enough about the Iraq war vote. It’s very old news and no longer producing any effect since Senator Obama wasn’t there to vote and said himself he doesn’t know how he would have voted had he been there. Then, when he was there he voted like all the rest to continue to fund the war… where were his principles then?

Anyway, thank you so much for your support of Hillary. She is definately the strong and experienced leader our country needs.

Thanks again for standing by Hillary.

Posted by hummingbirdv | Report as abusive

“And enough about the Iraq war vote. It’s very old news and no longer producing any effect…”

Tell that to the families of the 49 Americans killed last month.

True we don’t know how Obama would have voted.

We DO know how Clinton voted. She failed completely, utterly, and disastrously as a senator as is true of every other senator who voted for Iraq. Utter failure is not the kind of ‘experience’ that suggests one should be promoted.

Posted by elc | Report as abusive

Finally, someone is right! Obviously, Hillary is a true winner for this Presidency and Obama is definitely a loser after all these series of shameful exposures of his poor judgement and associations, the American public would be a fool to elect him to be the President of THIS COUNTRY.

Posted by susan lee | Report as abusive

obliterate iran is one statement enough to obliterate any support i had for hill.
if she wanted to look tough, that is not the way to look tough. she looks more desparate and not real. very unwise words spoken.

Posted by vivek | Report as abusive

if Robert Kennedy Jr was being honest he would say he needs her to win so he can run for her senate seat. just like he was planing to do before she got in the race 1999.

Posted by Rayz Kain | Report as abusive

Why would anyone support someone running for the top job in the nation on a platform of “I can beat John McCain in November.” Has everyone forgotten that this is a job interview? It doesn’t matter which party is in power, what matters is will the person applying for the job the BEST person for the job? I’m sorry, but someone who LIES repeatedly during a job interview is not someone I would want. Bosnia Sniper story, an Indiana Factory that was moved to China with Bill Clinton’s seal of approval? Where does this woman get the idea that to get the job she wants she needs to tell the people what she thinks they want to hear? Obama may not have the best ideas, but at least he takes a stand for what he believes in, says what he will do, even if it will make him look unpopular.
HRC own admission that if Iran were to launch a strike against Israel, she would launch nothing short of a full retaliation aimed at the OBLITERATION (that’s a word she used!) of Iran. You would trust this woman with the red phone at 3 in the morning? That sounds like the type of decision you would make after only getting 3 hours of sleep! Where’s the system of checks and balances that we have in place to control our leaders for annilating all of us? She consistently pounds Bush for his failed foreign policies, but she not even in office yet and she’s already laying the groundwork for her own!
PLEASE PLEASE for the sake of every life in this world, PLEASE CONSIDER why you are voting for Hilary Clinton. What is this woman going to do for you that Obama isn’t? He’s already pledged to reinvest in our infrastructure, revamp our school system by cutting NASA’s Constellation program funding, and focus on our standing worldwide through diplomacy, through a willingness to talk.
The Clintons? Appartently talk is cheap, all they want is action.
I fear for the fate of our country.

Posted by Steven | Report as abusive

Thank you, Robert Kennedy, Jr. I respect your courage and your individuality to vote your conscience and not follow the steps of Ted Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy. Hillary is a remarkable woman and will make a great President.

Posted by Francesca | Report as abusive

Mr Kennedy was arrested for posession of heroin at some point in his life.
That is a great endorsement for Mrs. Sniperfire !

Posted by Sabine Huth | Report as abusive

RFK Jr was arrested for heroin 25 years ago, did his community service, and has completely sworn off drugs and alcohol ever since. Move on. Maybe you would have trouble too dealing with the fact that your uncle and father were murdered. Anyway, I support Obama but respect Bobby Jr.’s joice. If HRC gets the nom, I hope she picks him as his running mate!

Posted by Allison | Report as abusive

Thank goodness someone gets it. I was heartbroken and so disapointed when Caroline came out for Obama. I am sure her mother who was a strong Independent woman would have come out for Hillary.

Posted by mimi | Report as abusive

I am so glad that one of you Kennedys came out out for Hillary the sad thing about it all of us Ragan Dem. only came back to the party because of Bill. Now the same thing is going in the Party ?? don’t you Democrats Learn !!!
Mr Obama don’t start thinking about being the golden boy
you are not John Kennedy . and you will never be. Maybe in your dreams. and when Caroline came out for Obama. I got SICK. you did not even Know your Dad. And Bill was the only President that your Mother went back to the Wight House to see
your Mother would be ashamed of you. You do not care about the people that made your Party WHAT IT WAS

Posted by Bettina T. Flammia | Report as abusive