Obama says don’t judge him by ex-pastor’s comments

May 3, 2008

obama.jpgCHARLOTTE, N.C. – Barack Obama sought to distance himself further Friday from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, telling a North Carolina rally that comments by his former pastor that have been  described as “crazy” should not be used to judge his candidacy.

Obama has said his presidential bid was damaged by a recent series of public appearances by Wright, in which the pastor repeated earlier charges the Sept. 11 attacks were retribution for U.S. foreign policy and that the U.S. government had a hand in spreading AIDS to blacks.

But the Illinois senator, locked in a battle for the Democratic nomination with Sen. Hillary Clinton, said earlier on Friday in Indianapolis he would leave it to the pollsters to analyze the extent of the impact from the Wright flap on his campaign.
Obama broke publicly with his longtime pastor earlier this week when he called a news conference to criticize Wright’s remarks as “outrageous” and “appalling.”

“As we’ve done well in this election, as we’ve been successful, increasingly my opponents have spent their time talking, not about the issues, but about me,” Obama told a rally of about 9,000 people at Charlotte’s Cricket Arena.

“They’ve been saying, ‘Well, look at those crazy things his former pastor said or he’s not wearing a flag pin or he’s got a funny name, sounds like he’s Muslim,'” he said. “Those are strategies to divide us. We’ve seen those strategies before.”

Obama said his critics were out of line in questioning his patriotism.

“You want to understand my patriotism? I owe everything to this country,” he said. 

Photo Credit: Reuters/Chris Keane (Obama speaks in Charlotte, N.C.)


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What was that? You want to understand my patriotism? I owe everything to this country?

What does that mean? Oweing does not mean patriotism.

Not too clear – sounds desperate. He is slipping in the polls.

Pretty soon – no more Mr. Empty Suit Barrack!!!

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Obama wants to focus on anything but his own character and judgment. He cannot erase a 20-year relationship with a racist and anti-American pastor who he considered to be his “mentor and spiritual adviser,” by merely making a public denunciation required by his falling poll numbers. This transparent gesture won’t fool anyone but his most ardent supporters. The press has really let us down regarding Obama by not vetting him sooner. Perhaps they will make up for it by investigating the nature of Obama’s religion; black liberation theology. Why? Because anyone who would subscribe to such a racist theology for 20 years, is not fit to be President of the United States. Rev. Wright cites James Cone as his theological mentor regarding the theology Obama has been soaking up for the last 20 years. Here, in his own words, is James Cone’s description of Obama’s so-called religion:

“Black theology refuses to accept a God who is not identified totally with the goals of the black community. If God is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him. The task of black theology is to kill Gods who do not belong to the black community. Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy. What we need is the divine love as expressed in Black Power, which is the power of black people to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposal. Unless God is participating in this holy activity, we must reject his love.”

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Why are some people trying to derail Obama’s run for president by continuing to bring up Rev. Wright? How many times must he announce that he is not Rev. Wright, does not believe what Rev. Wright has said and has distanced himself from this person? The news media have nothing to report but Rev. Wright.

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have no choice but to judge Obama by his pastor’s comments. He has spent 20 years with the man. If he did not know Wright’s views then Obama must be a very inattentive man. I believe Obama is hiding his true agenda and his past dirty Illinois politics. I trust him as far as could throw him. I know the Clintons-I have seen the worst and the best in them. If It comes down to Obama and Clinton -McCain has my vote.

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Americans, with Obama this is your time to get the friendness of the whole world. You are not only going to do it to America alone but the whole world. People of the struggling world with democracy will ask themselves,”If it can be done in America why not here.”People will realize that it is not the majority tribe, not the majority color, not the majority religion but even if one is not in the majority as I have mentioned above but with the capability he or she can lead the majority. With your example you will find that even in the muslim world a christian can be elected to lead the majority muslims if he or she can convice them that he or she has the right ideas.Americans, please forget your differences , elect Obama, your action will stablize the world.Economically it will be worthy because you will not be sending troops to settle differences in other parts of the world.Tourism will increase in America because everyone will want to come to visit the leading world. I am personally planning to spend my sixtieth anniversery ,January 30th,if Obama wins the presidency. There so many like me. I have not been to America, that will be the first time and the reason will be Obama as the president of United States Of America, the leader in every aspect of our life. Obama Go

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Has anyone stopped to think–with Hillary constantly posing slamming drinks back with “the boys”–what message she is sending to young people, ie., you have to drink to be popular?

And what “intern-friendly” Bill back in the White House would do to efforts to promote abstinence, or even responsible sex, among teenagers?

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Obama should have condemed this man long ago. I was waiting for him to do so but it took too long. It simply makes me wonder how far his ideals and ideas are from this man with whom he called family not so long ago. A man who baptised his daughter. The extreem ideals of blacks against white is scary. Any form of speration and widening of the people is wrong. I believe that even the million man march is wrong. It is about time that all men stand together. No, all people. We all need to join forces to stop wars, hunger, bias in the media, lies, hate and anger toward any people. It is way past time that we all join together and truely fight for peace. We all are on this planet for a short time period and we are erroding as a species in morality. There are a few select people making a lot of many at the expense of so many. Until we all see the power we have in a jointed effort we will slowly dissolve as we have been. Mr. Obama, it is in my view you did not stand up quickly enough. Shouldn;t that be the role of a president? This matter is important but what will you do when it effects USA and the time line is critical.
God bless us all.

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The Wright controversy allowed critics of Barack Obama to lay into his judgement, his political instincts and reaction time, and his temperament.

This Sunday, the chattering class will be intensely involved in a post-mortem of the controversy, and might find it profitable to ponder an example from American history.

“[He] had no spontaneity–no emotional nature … He was never a man of gushing feelings.

“[He] shrank from controversy as a general rule–hated quarrels, hated to say hard & sharp thing of any man …

“He was slow to form his opinions. He was deliberate, cool & demanded the light of all the facts surrounding the case. When he formed his opinions he was firm, especially about questions of justice [and] principle … [He] had unsurpassed reasoning powers. His logical faculties were great …

“[His] statesmanship [lay in his] adherence to principle. He studied where the truth of a thing layand he acted on his conviction. He looked far into the future and was philosophical, true, scientific, in his inductions.”

The opinion expressed above was held by Supreme Court Justice David Davis and the Illinois politican he was talking about was the same one for whom he had organized a successful presidential campaign in 1860–Abraham Lincoln.

Only time will tell if, once in office, Barack Obama will show the same wisdom that his fellow prairie lawyer Abraham Lincoln did.

But the gathering storms we are confronting as a nation suggest that such wisdom we will need.

Obama’s promise is that, like Lincoln, he is cerebral, eschews petty politics, is “slow to form his opinions” and demands “the light of all the facts.”

Obama, like Lincoln, possesses great “logical faculties”, and he has shown he is firm on questions of justice and principle.

After all is said and done, Sen. Obama’s promise remains great, and is fuelled by the phrase he like to invoke of Dr. King’s, the “fierce urgency of now.”

It is something one hopes the chattering classes will take into account, as they assay the political landscape and the hopes for our country.

Posted by martin edwin andersen | Report as abusive

Ex-pastor??? A few weeks ago Obama described him as like a close uncle. Obama is just another rich politician from expensive private schools that’s never had a real job in his life.

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Obama is no where near as rich as Clinton or Bush but somehow he is an elitist? Please. These are just excuses used by folks to not vote for Obama. Lets face it you weren’t going to vote for him anyway. We may believe that it is a legitimate issue to question his judgment by the folks he’s had relationship over the years but let not forgot that we are in a war in Iraqi based on even worse errors judgement. It is judgment based on a lie. The judgments made by both Bush and Clinton. This war will cost each and every single one of us in taxes- a war when intrest and payments are calculate will be over a trillion dollars and your worried about a gas tax that will save you 30 dollars on average. So keep falling for the same old tricks. We all pay for it sooner or later.

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I believe Obama is not a typical politician – he is potentially much more and he was born to lead America at this time. The important question is – will America take up this generous and much needed opportunity?

Hillary can’t win on the issues, she can’t win on the numbers. She might win if she can leverage the party establishment sufficiently to over throw Obama’s democratic winnings. While, as many have mentioned in other posts here, Obama has not exploited them, Hillary has many more skeletons — and they are not even in the closet. I comment more on this in an earlier comment today.

The argument that her baggage has been picked over will mean nothing to the Republicans in the election. They will use everything that is there and stuff that we still don’t even know about — I’m sure there’s more to come or perhaps to be invented in a way patented by Rove/Bush and currently licensed to Hillary.

Most important, Hillary is in my view fundamentally not a strong leader and most vulnerable on the issues to losing to McCain. Clearly, she does not possess experience competitive with him in the areas where she claims an advantage – ready on day one, security and war. Just where does she have any background that supports this – her say so and that of all the generals who have been told to back her? This does not give her the experience to go head to head on these issues with McCain. Indeed, she is untested except for the Bosnia sniper fire I suppose. And, her husband’s experience does not count for her.

Hillary’s way to the nomination even with leverage on the party establishment is predicated on character assassination and racism. Obama’s character is good and she can’t dredge up any real issues- no Wright and Rezko and a slip of the tongue about guns and religion that is based in truth are not real character issues.

So she has initiated the chatter about guilt by association and she is trying to find as many such things and thread them together and say it makes a pattern. Now this gives license to the fools, the bigots and those afraid of change not to mention to bloggers that can hide behind anonymity in the virtual world. Also, to those that are figuratively blind supporters of her and the Republicans who now parrot obtuse connections to unsavory people or events and look to get it said that Obama and his wife are unpatriotic.

The best way for the Democrats to win in November is to harness the movement for change in politics and in Washington that Obama is leading. And not just to win, but because more importantly, it is critical to America’s future. Many now can see that this is a movement by the grass roots, not just a some well spoken words from Obama as some would have you believe. If Clinton got on the bus instead of throwing herself in front of it, all the more powerful. If she stopped crying “Obama is bad, the sky is falling, and I’m much better than what I say he is” and get on the bus, well, all the more powerful too.

I think now that Wright has spoken out so fully that the world can clearly see he has his own issues, this will now fall away. It is clear now that Obama is not Wright and that Wright is not Obama. These are two different people who are clearly of opposing views on the issues. To now even suggest that Obama also holds Wright’s instead of the right views is like suggesting he believes in aliens. This is now clear to reasonable thinking people, which I believe the majority of Americans are. And these people know it is time and I think actually have already moved on — it is way overdue. This is not expedient for Obama — it is imperative for America so she can get on with the challenge of restoring herself.

I ask Americans to step back from the fantic blogging and the fueling of divisive issues that are being stoked. Particularly those that call themselves leaders in the media and in the political sphere. I think if you do that the reality of the situation and the immediacy of the unprecedented challenges America faces will lead you to understand that there needs to be a meaningful search for the truth, the facts and a meaningful discussion of what is right (not what is left or right).

If it helps as a reminder, I list the obvious challenges here, and I’m sure there’s more if you take some time to think about it – the mistaken brutal, bloody and expensive war in Iraq, the mishandled war on terror, the still missing Bin Laden, the weakened economy, plummeting dollar, health care, Social Security, America’s reduced standing, lost opportunity and near irreparably damaged reputation in the world, the crying need to be resuming global leadership to solve for eg – the financial crisis [made in America], the environment, poverty, health, etc.. And leadership is not shoot before you look…..

And, I would forcefully add underlying all of this, the challenge is to restore the very clear decline in moral fabric of American society which has been mauled. Just look at the tremendous waste of energy on the Wright episode — the time that was spent by Hillary on this matter in her Fox interview for example. Surely this is not leadership or addressing issues – its ignoring all these important matters, and wasting precious time and energy on Wright (with a gleeful smile in the interview) and on anything divisive or derogatory to the opponent. This is about personal interest and dividing and conquering for your own ends and agenda.

A true leader would politely dismiss the questions about Wright or remark that it was a tragedy that he was so far off of reality on so many points. A leader would then move quickly on to the real topics. Leadership is about debating these issues and leading America through them. It is not about finding ways to use your power and position to arbitrarily, willfully and maliciously destroy the character of others in part through the mindless bloggers posting here. While, all the time, hypocritically promoting the notion that saying ugly things makes you a strong and tough person – a “fighter”. And because the other person doesn’t spit back in your eye they must somehow be weak.

And please in considering your vote in the Democratic primaries and in the general election look to what is in your own best interest and your families’ and especially, your childrens’ and their future generations’. If you do that, I think you will understand why you should choose Obama.

I invite you to also look at the prospects for America and Americans as a whole nation. It has the potential to be greater than the sum of its parts. Right now, it is notably less and a race won by exploiting divisions, will reduce it further. Just look at the nonsense in the blogosphere where everything seems polarized. Shame on the exploiters. There is no discussion. It is I’m right and your wrong. No search for the truth, which is easy to see if one just seriously looks. No balance etc. It is worse on the Clinton side in my view, something reflected in the high rating of those in her camp who say they will toss their vote in the general to McCain.

I am confident the American era of confusion, hate and fear will come to an end – it might be sooner or later but it will end. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time….

America will get what it deserves out of this election – if its garbage in then its garbage out. America needs more than that, and to truly see the reality of the situation and vote for something different. If it does not, it will get more of the same. For something different, vote Obama. He may be just another politician. But it is undeniable that he might be something much more and he is leading a movement for change. Why squander the opportunity?

I believe America will have the courage to vote for a new politics, a new discourse and a new future based on truth, justice and the real American dream. And it will again lead the world.

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Barack Obama is a true patriot. He believes in the US and the people on the US–he believes in the best in each of us. The reason we keep electing people like “W” is that the public is so easily fooled by the media and candidates who prey on the worst in us, our fears and prejudices. As Americans, it is true–united we stand, divided we fall. As for Obama’s pastor, he is a throwback to another time–another era. His background is totally different from Obama’s, he did not have a white mother and grandparents. Wright endured real racism in his life and it obviously left ungly scars and have made him a little nutty. Those of you who choose to hold Obama accountable for his pastor were looking for a reason to hate Obama. You are the ones who are like Rev. Wright–hate is destructive no matter who it comes from. God help this country. If we cannot come together regardless of race, ethnicity, religion and class–God help us.

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Obama is a cunning and terrifyingly dangerous politician.

Barack says he won’t throw his pastor under the bus like he did his grandmother, and then he did.

Barack says he’s against the war but NEVER ACTUALLY VOTED AGAINST IT because he wasn’t in office then. And then he VOTED YES TO FUND THE WAR.

Barack says he won’t wear “that pin” on his clothing but then he is trying to say that he stands for it (when really he wants to switch it to something else).

Barack says he wants to be the #1 patriot in America and yet when the National Anthem is played, he doesn’t put his hand on his heart(as if the song doesn’t apply to him) – must be because it is the song of the “old ways” of America(which he wishes to destroy), the ways that hundreds of thousands have died for along the way.

Barack boils up some cursing and completely politically-reactive racial speech, tries to make us all feel deficient, says Don Imus should be burned at the stake and flushed in a toilet, and then turns around and says “Race is not a problem in America”(because that would trick people into thinking he doesn’t hate).

Barack says he’s a uniter but then devotes 20 years of his life to his “Mentor” and “Role Model” that has burned the very hate of America into his heart – see this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lI77cU3js Fs ( also see more great stuff at: thatsmeontheleft.blogspot.com )

Barack says all people should count and “yes we can” but then he purposely, and cold-bloodedly stone-walls any chance of allowing 2+ MILLION voters in Florida and Michigan have their vote count.

Barack says he’s about “helping the working class live better lives” and then he turns around and slanders us not only by calling us “bitter” and “clinging to guns and religion”, but also forgoes offering a Universal Healthcare Plan(which is a core democratic value) – this is only so he can play both sides of the poor/rich fence, but in the end he leans more towards the former(with his ridiculous idea to raise capital gains taxes).

Barack says he has all these ideas for how he’s going to throw our government out of their offices onto the street but there’s no detailed information available for people to weigh his intentions with common sense.

Everything is about timing for Mr. Barack Obama, he plays “old style” politics better than a symphonic orchestra, he’ll switch from one major idea and then to the reverse like a windsock in an open field.

How long will it be before Barack throws the “American People”(as if we’re somebody else) under the bus, and then back up for another go.

Think long and hard, this man is playing the emotion card on America, and he intends to rip our heart out with it to pay back for his Pastor’s pain and conspiracy theories of yesteryear.

How does Barack Obama spend 20 years in a church with a Pastor whom married him and his wife, baptized his young, was named as “mentor” for his books(that made the Obamas millions), and is “unashamedly BLAMING AMERICANS like you and me” for every major problem that ever existed(without giving ANY credit to 200+ years of progress as a prosperous nation of all kinds of people) without coming out HATING America the same way? Barack Obama’s trashing of Pastor Wright doesn’t say anything good about his character, rather it shows just how far Barack is willing to go to play the “same old politics” and claw his way into the candidacy. Barack’s actions towards his Pastor of 20 years show just how shallow and irresponsible he is.

If you vote for Barack Obama, you will experience change alright, and it will hurt, like a dull blade being forced into your back.
If you vote for Barack Obama, you will experience the Apocalypse of America.

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To SoularEnergy — are you kidding me? “Rich politician from expensive private schools that’s never had a real job in his life.” SERIOUSLY? He was raised VERY MIDDLE CLASS by WHITE PEOPLE, by the way. He worked his butt off and got into a well respected educational institution and then went to work AS A COMMUNITY ORGANIZER (where, I might add, you make NEXT TO NOTHING) and did that for many years before starting a career on politics. KNOW YOUR FACTS before you make ridiculous statements, please. And if you are going to judge EVERYONE by EVERYONE they have known, hold yourself to those same standards. I have wonderful friends and family who have done some dumb things in their lives, if I were to be judged by their errors, let alone my own, well, I don’t like to think about it. And it’s not like any of them have done anything heinous. They are all nice, middle class people. I might also add that ALL politicians know QUESTIONABLE people. And to judge Wright simply by his latest outburst and not in total of all he has done for his community, is typical American sound-byte, 2-second-attention-span mentality. It makes me ashamed. Yes, and I am a WHITE, SUBURBANITE who chooses to EDUCATE myself on the ISSUES of the day from MULTIPLE sources. Not just “mainstream” infotainment sources. If you want to judge Obama by Wright, I suggest you hold yourself and other politicians to the same standard. If you did, I don’t think Pat Robertson, and Rev. Hagge pass the smell test. But I guess because they are WHITE and preaching against “only gays” (and of course, women!) that makes it “ok” huh? By the way, look at our FOREIGN POLICY HISTORY. WE SUPPLIED OSAMA BIN LADEN with guns and MONEY. The first G. Bush was SADAAM HUSSEIN’S BEST PAL until the whole Kuait deal. What happened on 9/11 was tragic and horrible, however, there is truth in what Wright said about “chickens coming home to roost.” We have had some seriously flawed foreign policy and the problems in the middle east have been exacerbated by the fact that we have some of the most ignorant and short-sighted leaders in my lifetime in office right now. They have made a mess of America and by extension, the world. I LOVE MY COUNTRY and that means I also have the guts to call my own country out when we have done wrong headed things. Don’t bury your head in the sand. There are consequences to our actions — whether they are our own, individual actions, or the actions of our leaders. And whether or intent is malicious or just plain ignorant, we have seen what the repercussions can be. We need a NEW DYNAMIC in this country. THOUGHTFUL people who can see past their political “moment” and their own enrichment to bringing our country back to greatness and our country men together again on the issues of the day we CAN SOLVE rather than to have us swinging at each other over gay marriage and abortion which only serve to distract us from solving the real issues that need our attention NOW! PLEASE don’t be fooled by more of the same — wedge issues, the politics of distraction and more of the same. We truly have the ability to make a difference now. If you are looking for perfection, look to God. Right now we have people, fallible people, all of us, and fallible politicians. However, some are better than others. I would rather give Obama a chance, as I believe him to have the character necessary to guide this country — and I believe the entrenched political forces are fearful that he actually can change the politics as usual atmosphere. The government will be run by the people and for the people once again. That’s threatening to the power structure. Engage, use your brain, it’s a gift and we’ve all be too easily led by the politics of fear and the FOX “news” (I use the term ironically) and Fox New “lite” infotainment that is the mainstay of today’s American media.

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The bottom line for Americans now is Obama needs to express a complete and unequivocal departure from Wright and everything Wright “stands for”. I think Mr Wright is very smart and doesn’t believe the garbage he was spewing but used his pulpit to play on people’s fears and superstitions. It’s the conspiracy theory all over again.In fact, it’s not that different from the nonsense that Osama Bin Laden spews to further his agenda. The point is, there are just as many gullible African Americans as white Americans and Hispanic and Asian.
If everyone starts reading a little more and using common sense and logic they would recognize that there is no “New World Order”. Our lives are too complicated and hectic to waste time trying to keep other people down or creating an AIDS epidemic to wipe out certain groups.
I would like to see Obama really spell out more of his platform regarding issues not just the “change” mantra. I know he is bright and even sympathetic. He is the only candidate that talks about prudent economic policies and real environmental improvements. Hillary Clinton has been somewhat disappointing.
Just my views at the moment.

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To miss the oppourtunity offered in a Barack Obama candidacy would not only be a disservice to the American people, but a disservice to the Global Community!

Posted by Brandon J Miller | Report as abusive

Obama has separated himself from his ex-pastor … get over it, and judge Obama for himself.

Posted by Iris | Report as abusive

Why wouldn’t anyone judge Obama by his pastor’s words and actions?

Obama brings his daughters, his children, to this church where this horrible race baiting Wright character infers that Condoleezza Rice is a prostitute, etc…. “Condoskeezza” as he labels her.

Wright is someone who’s benefitted from everything this country has to offer–including a fine education at the world renowned University of Chicago–no doubt on the GI Bill–yet he speaks about this country as if it’s harmed him in some way.

Anywhere else in the world and he’d have been an unskilled day laborer living in a slum but we’re supposed to take him and his criticisms of America seriously AND ignore Obama’s relationship with him, is that it?

This man is the one Obama chose to perform his marriage and baptize his children. This is a man to whom Obama tithed over $20,000 last year.

But we’re supposed to ignore those connections and pretend Obama’s views don’t coincide with Wrights???

These people, Wright and the Obamas, Barack and Michelle, are Ivy League racists.

Understand that clearly.


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Obama is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t… wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.
It’s not surprising that the first Black POTUS would have to endure such excessive and extreme scrutiny– some folks see a Black POTUS as an end to their privilege.

Clinton’s & McCain’s ties to racist, shady characters (of which there are MANY)… ah, no problem!!

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Wrights appearance at the National Press Club was facilitated by Barbara Reynolds, a Clinton activist.
This was a put up job. Someone got to Wright.

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Why Barack Obama for President?

The Presidential election of 2008 represents a key turning point in the modern history of the United States of America. On one side you have Obama and the voice of the people who are tired of being manipulated and have seen their lifestyle get progressively worse and desperately want real change vs. the Washington establishment, corporate America, and the status quo of power of the wealthy (of which both the Clintons and McCain are members). It is a huge fight and one that won’t be won easily, and Obama (and those of us who crave change) is a massive underdog. The establishment will not give up their throne without a fight. They have worked too hard and too long to get their seat of power at the expense of the “little people.” Why would they give it up easily? They control the media that influences the minds of those who listen, and for many that is how they get their news and knowledge. It is spoon fed to them. For those of you who think Hillary has actually gotten a raw deal from the media….can I please get some of what you are smoking? She’s part of that establishment. If she gains the nomination, she can’t win against McCain, and the powers that be remain unchanged and they are free to go on screwing the “commoners.” On the outside chance she could win, she would be their ideal second choice because she is one of them, fits right in, and the power remains with the establishment, and it’s just more of the same and the cycle continues…the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle class continues to become extinct.

Obama represents a chance, and I do say a chance, to bring change to Washington, to this nation, and to the inequalities we see everywhere. He is a voice of and for the people, all people, (not just the rich, but the poor and middle class as well). Truly, years from now, people will look back on this election as a period where the American people had a choice to begin the process of taking back their heritage, the dream of equality, the dream of a better life for ourselves, for our children, for our country, and for the world. The present is the time when we as a people have a chance to say enough is enough, to bring about a revolution in the way this country has been run, without the actual bloodshed that was necessary to do so in the olden days. Overthrow the king and the powers of the establishment or at least have our voice heard and our cares addressed, instead of being meek sheep following the pied piper of the powers of the establishment that have run this country down and built themselves up at the expense of the lower class. No I am not naive, nor am I “drinking the Kool-aide. Obama is not the end all be all, and no I do not believe he can bring about change overnight. What I do believe is that he is the only one who truly cares about the people and will fight for us as a whole (not in self interest) to improve our way of life, improve this country, and improve the global world in which we live. But as I said, he is an overwhelming underdog, as are “We the people” of this nation. Right now he is in a 4-1 fight against him to try and get to a place where he can fight for this change. It’s McCain and the Republican establishment, Hillary and the establishment, Bill and the establishment, and the bought and paid for media vs Obama and the change and people he is trying to fight for. Isn’t it time we as a people said enough is enough and fought to get this country back? Me, I’m 45, I’m white, and I’m a man, and I have had enough and Obama wholeheartedly gets my support.

Posted by JK | Report as abusive

I grew up in Charlotte and work as an usher in the sixties at the Old Coliseum. It had a seating capacity of 10,500 and with Ovens seating capacity of 2,500 or so. I worked events that were packed and later announced to be 12,000 to 14,000. I also remember how full the parking was on such events. I was there Friday on the outside riding my bicycle around the whole place for the Obama event. As the parking over flowed I heard the police tell people that the extra people were being put in Ovens Auditorium and for them to go there. I take in consideration that people use to park on the streets behind the Coliseum, across Independence Blvd and down towards Valentino’s Restaurant. There is also a lot more parking at the Merchandise Mart and it’s over flow lot. I therefore find it amazing for the news reports to be saying 9,000 when there was clearly 14-15,000. Unless they have an agenda.

Posted by Fred Mauney | Report as abusive

Rev. Wright = poor judgment by Obama.

Posted by goldenstate | Report as abusive

Why bash Obama on what his minister if you are not willing to bash all of the candidates on what their ministers have said. Where is John Hagee? Rod Parsley? Are they above the criticism being thrown at Wright? Maybe it is because they and McCain are white.

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We are not bashing Obama for what his minister said, per se. We are appalled that for weeks he denied that he ever heard him say such things. That he wasn’t there when he said something bad etc. Then there was evidence that he was there, but he still stonewalled the frequency & mangnitude of the madness. So now Wright says as much as he can get into interviews & speeches, all over again. NOW Obama can’t lie any more, so in desperation he disowns his mentor, no doubt on the desperate advice of his campaign managers. And so many sheep buy it???!!! Such a sad state of our brainwashed, gullible nation. This man to bring our Nation together? Sadly, he’s a disaster.

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Obama says he does not believe in Wrights way of thinking…hummmm….then why has he been in that church for all these years if he does not agree with Wrights teaching, that is like saying One goes to KKKK meetings but does not believe or agree with the belief taught. sounds like double talk.

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Thank you much for the article. Senator Obama, you are going to do just fine.

You know – all three candidates have said things or have been ascquantices when questionable people, and then there’s folks like the Clintons who are still very dear Friends with Peter Paul, who is a felon whose trial I believe begins in the next week or so. Clinton is dealing with the lies of the magnet company here that both my grampas worked at. I wish she would have been on the up and up with us, but just like that bogus gas plan, she’s PANDERING for votes.

I find that appalling.

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I wish I had a mastery of words that would let me communicate with you what I really feel as I type this.

Don’t you see what is happening? It is so hard to run a principled campaign in the US (or anywhere I guess), and it so easy to run a say anything do anything campaign. Hillary would bomb Iran, no doubt about it, if they attacked Israel. I think she used the word ‘obliterate’. Really? Does anyone actually believe she wouldn’t examine the facts at the time and make a decision if the Iranians fired a missile into Haifa and killed two people, for example. No, of course she would gather information, have meetings, talk to the people on the ground, etcetera, before ‘obliterating’ a sovereign nation. But that is absolutely not what she said, so the take away is that she is extremely eager to go to war or she is pandering to the Jewish community and even the larger community because Israel is a close US ally and generally enjoys a good reputation in this country.

Do I need to write a long paragraph to convince you that the gas tax idea she evidently got right after Mccain got it, is blatant pandering? It won’t solve anything. It does not represent a solution of any kind and would, in fact, cost 300,000 jobs while saving about $70 for the entire Summer? I drive a Ford 500, and it costs me $60-$65 to fill my tank one time. One tank of gas! Does she think we are that stupid??

Do you guys not see how insulting her ideas are? She counts on people not being educated, not looking past her statements and posturing. I am not trying to be insulting, but there is a reason she appeals to uneducated people. If I wanted to appeal, for example, to the idiots, I would do what Hillary is doing…blatant pandering. ‘What do you think of Iran, Hillary? Answer: obliterate them. I can almost see two rednecks sitting in a double wide smiling toothless smiles at each other and clinking their beer cans together. ‘That Hillary kicks ass! She aint scared of no camel jockeys!’

Before you get too swept up in her pandering, no very cleverly packaged, as ‘solutions’ and ‘immediate actions’ which are designed of course to be thinly veiled attacks on Obama who ‘does nothing’ and just talks a good game…when you get a chance if you want to compare work ethic, go compare their legislative records and tell me who has been involved in more legislation and also more meaning legislation even though Barrack’s political career is much shorter than Hillary’s. Even if you are like Hillary and believe every word she says go really look at her legislative record, either on its own or compared to Obama and I promise you will gasp…I did. You will come to understand that she has doing nothing but biding her time until she could fulfill what she saw as her destiny.

Anyway guys, not trying to offend anyone (that would mean more if I hadn’t been super sarcastic this entire post) but I just want to shake everyone and say ‘dont you see what she is doing?!’ Can’t you see she doesn’t care about you or solutions or getting anything done or being honestly or character or integrity. Dont you realize she thinks her own supporters are idiots? Dont believe that? Then why is she calling superdelegates and telling them that we are so backwards we will offhand dismiss a black candidate. Remember the conversation with Richardson she never denied? ‘Bill, he can’t win.’ What else could she have meant. People like Hillary are out there right now, running the party, laughing at poor, uneducated whites because they know that they will not support a black candidate for President.

Barrack almost made a liar of her and everyone who underestimated this country and its citizens. We almost defied the odds, still could I guess, but Wright and bitter hit the poor white demographic hard and on two huge fronts, race and pride, and that may have dealt a fatal blow. Say what you want about Wright and Barrack and their relationship, but brother give me a friend like that, someone who risked the Presidency to save a friend. Lets pretend Wright is literally the worst person who ever lived….even given that, the loyalty Barrack showed that idiot in Philly told me he had at the very least a thousand times more character than anyone else still in the race. What do you guys honestly think Hillary would have done in the same situation. She would have disowned him and apologized for ever having known him and then started attacking Barrack again.

Dont you guys see how much more he could have attacked Hillary and chose not to? He could have dredged up all the old junk surrounding the Clinton administration, he could’ve attached her to Spitzer since he endorsed her, he could have done much much more to point out that the Clintons were trying to insert race, i.e. marginalize his campaign by painting him as the black candidate, he could have, in short, chosen to go negative, but in large part it doesnt matter. She hammered him so much so often with so much junk that eventually when he responded she had all her surrogates waiting to pounce and make her look like the wounded bird and that Barrack had gone back on his promise to run a different kind of campaign.

Attack Israel and Iran’s toast, if you can’t take it get out of the kitchen because this is how big league politics are played, solutions not just talk, and, by golly, one free tank of gas this Summer (lol and 40 acres and mule). Please, I beg of you, take another look if you like Hillary. I promise you not even she believes what she’s saying. The fact that she even has to go through this annoying ‘voting’ and ‘campaigning’ BS is annoying to her. You can see it written all over her face. She does not treat her own supporters like they have 2 IQ points to rub together. Really listen to the crap she puts forward, just a couple gems I listed above, but I literally could come up with 100 if you gave my the afternoon. Don’t get obsessed with one of my attacks on her – please, for the sake of our country, wake up, do some research (legislative record), look at how little regard she has for anyone but herself, what a polarizing destructive force she is, how short-sighted she is, how blatantly dishonest she is, what a run of the mill cookie cutter politician she is….please take another look, this is our generations chance. Please don’t help her waste it by fulfilling some bizarre Clinton entitlement to lead her flock of ‘idiots and rednecks’. ‘Bill, he can’t win.’ We are better than that – lets prove her wrong.

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Re: an earlier post.

Um, no, Barack Obama WAS NOT at the anti-American sermon in question. This is a matter of public record so STOP LYING. He did say he was at some sermons that could be construed as controvertial. He said this WEEKS AGO when the story first broke.

It’s amazing to me how the Hillary supporters never have their facts straight and the Obama supporters always do. Kind of telling, don’t you think?

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I think Marie Jon’ has the nail right on: “Obama was supposed to be the candidate that transcended race, yet we’ve never seen his entire family standing alongside him. Why? Because he is not who he has portrayed himself to be. Obama’s white relatives — grandmother, cousins, aunts and uncles — have never appeared with him. It is arguable that he has treated them shabbily and by virtue of this indeed does identify himself in mind as “the black candidate.””

Are Americans to believe that such a man has what it takes to lead our nation? In the words from “Dreams of My Father” lie answers to many of the questions Americans have been asking themselves. Read Obama’s thoughts and understand that this is a man who rejects his own flesh:

“I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of 12 or 13, which I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.

“I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother’s race.

“It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.

“And, from “The Audacity of Hope”: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

So brilliantly illustrated and articulated, Ms Marie.

And Rev Wright provided the confirmation that Obama’s political world, there is no friends, no uncle, no grandmother and…no relatives. Everything can go under the bus but at this moment, black churches and blacks must be onboard the bus…

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What planet is everyone on? Fiery black pastors aren’t some new phenomenon–go to several black churches all over the US and you’ll find them! It doesn’t mean the black people who attend these churches hate white people; black ministers just help the black community make sense of the injustices they have experienced and continue to experience. OBAMA’S MOTHER IS WHITE, for God’s sake!!!

Furthermore, it’s intriguing that Wright became a bigger story than Bosnia. I’d rather have a president who once had an outspoken minister, than a president who thinks I’m such an idiot, she can tell a bold faced lie, then simply gloss it over with “I made a mistake…it proves I’m human.” RIDICULOUS!!!

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[…] Tells North Carolina crowd Friday night that the campaign shouldn’t be focused on debates over such issues. […]

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It’s funny how the only thing they can come up with on Obama is something SOMEBODY else did.

Obama needs to stop taking the Blame for other peoples actions and tell the media:
“Rev.Wright is NOT running for president I am!”

People who throw up his 20 year relationship are as dumb as a police officer giving some one a ticket because a person they knew for 20 years ran a red light!.

Uneducated whites need to stop blaming Blacks for there failures in life and go out and get a job!

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OBAMA HAS NEVER REPRESENTED “CHANGE” IN POLITICS. IF YOU DARE, SEE HOW OBAMA OBTAINED HIS FIRST ELECTIVE OFFICE: Chicago Sun-Times—A close examination of Obama’s first campaign clouds the image he has cultivated throughout his political career: Obama, who runs on a message of giving a voice to the voiceless, first entered public office not by leveling the playing field, but by clearing it. Alice Palmer, friend and mentor to Obama, served the district in the Illinois Senate for much of the 1990s. Decades earlier, she was a community organizer in the area when Obama was growing up in Hawaii. She risked her safe seat to run for Congress and touted Obama as a suitable successor. But when Palmer lost the congressional race, her supporters asked Obama to fold his campaign so she could easily retain her state Senate seat. Obama not only refused to step aside for the woman who was his friend and had recommended him for the seat, he filed challenges that nullified Palmer’s hastily gathered nominating petitions, forcing her to withdraw. Had Palmer survived the petition challenge, Obama would have faced the daunting task of taking on an incumbent senator. “He wondered if we should knock everybody off the ballot. How would that look?” said Ronald Davis, the paid Obama campaign consultant whom Obama referred to as his “guru of petitions.” Davis filed objections to all four of Obama’s Democratic rivals at the candidate’s behest. All other candidates were disposed of by Obama’s challenges. He then went on to win the election.


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I am a public school teacher from NC whose love for teaching keeps me in the classroom. I am a registered Democrat who can honestly say that the two democratic nominees for president are individuals who are intelligent, have worked hard and long, and are not extreme in their views of what is wrong/right in America at this present time.

I am a woman and it is good to see a woman making history for the first time in a nation that was not discovered by others but inhabited by Native Americans whose compassion kept foreign pioneers from starving to death when they landed in America. So, to acknowledge that as a nation we have always had a problem with revealing the raw, whole truth, is reflected in this campaign; this campaign will not go unscathed by its core historical approach to change, major events, truth, and consequences, and character mutalations.

I am most proud of Barack Obama because for once, he represents the true face of America; his ancestry is a combined pigment of white American and African American; but it was his white Ameican ancestry that raised him to be what he is today; yet, many white Americans who will forever use skiin tone as a means to divide can’t see themselves in Obama.

He is a faith-filled believer in God; a father and husband who has worked in the vineyards of the poorest neighborhoods and yet taught in the classrooms of the most prestigious schools of higher learning. His vision for change is rooted in the critical need for America to fight for her position as a nation that is capable of feeding, clothing, promoting, celebrating, and taking care of all her people regardless of race, gender, age, beliefs, principles, values, or orientation.

As a Zebra is a unique, strong, beautiful, yet a different throughbred, so is Barack Obama. Only once in my life did I assume that the American Dream was not for people of color–not for me–and that was a time when America remained silent–too long while little girls who prayed were bombed to death, and men who even dared to walk the streets and country roads were beaten, torched, and hung simply because of the content of their skin, and Martin was murdered. But because of Martin’s sacrifice and the literal voice of God, I have long sense lost the false notion that the place for me is second to one race over another.

Barack Obama is a man that has been ostracized, taunted, and endured all kinds of racial slurs and indignation by all kinds of people, yet he stands and says, Let’s unite America through truth first, then integrity and hard work. Not once did he say it will be a fly by night; he said, it will take hard work; this taking back of our pride, ability to feed and educate our own, to have a greater sense of self worth, to create jobs where in we can make our own clothes and grow our own without it being contaminated with toxins and poisons; a great nation where we an put people to work rather than displace them with layouts is a person that truly does love America.

For years, in both Democratic and Republican rule, the people were the last to know. We found out what went wrong when there were leaks to the press. We send people to Washington to represent us and they fail to keep in the forefront the true needs of the Ameican people as a whole, not in part.

I am reminded of Gen. Colin Powell, a brilliant man who represented America well, but his dedication and expertise was not loyal enough to continue representing the total well being of America in the Bush Administration. Would you say General Powell was too cunning? Truth of the matter is, many Americans are still subscribing to a class system in based upon the color of your skin first and the content of your character and abilities last. Obama seeks to change that by reminding us of who we are: Americans period!

When asked if he would seek the advice of the current president, he said, I would seek the advice of his father first because of his record on foreign policies. Obama has openly stated something that I have yet to hear Hillary say repeatedly, “If I do not win this nomination, we will unite and support Hillary Clinton in November.”

Now, since Obama has yet to walk on water, many will spend hours debating thier views against him, but the truth of the matter is, we should all be proud to see how the the preamble to the United States Constitution is a picture of reality in 2008: One nation, under God, indivisible,


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as every man have the right to decides his own destiny,so shall all be judge according to there work and act,and not by another persons behavour and deeds.Obama’s pastor present alter mental status or crazy act as you may put it as regards his believes and theory,is not a yardstick to measure Obama’s candidacy.after all Rev. Jeremiah Wright is just Obama’s pastor in terms of religion and this has nothing to do with Obama’s political career, they are different ball game entirely,madam clinton and her crews should look for a better campaign strategies, not washing dirty linen in public and never to give a dog a bad name in other to hand it.if clinton’s strategy of running for the race of a United states presidency is to judge people and assasinate their characters then she is a small and narrowed minded person.The united state needs a great and broad minded person that discuss ideas not critics to remain the top country of the world

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Obama’s newest attempt to save himself after Wright’s latest poisonous performance is now declared the new final word on the subject. Therefore, any future ads linking Obama and Wright are preemptively declared out of bounds, illegitimate, indeed “race-baiting” (a New York Times editorial, April 30). On what grounds? This 20-year association with Wright calls into question everything about Obama: his truthfulness in his serially adjusted stories of what he knew and when he knew it; his judgment in choosing as his mentor, pastor and great friend a man he just now realizes is a purveyor of racial hatred; and the central premise of his campaign, that he is the bringer of a “new politics,” rising above the old Washington ways of expediency. It’s hard to think of an act more blatantly expedient than renouncing Wright when his show, once done from the press club instead of the pulpit, could no longer be “contextualized” as something whites could not understand and only Obama could explain in all its complexity.
Turns out the Wright show was not that complex after all. Everyone understands it now. Even Obama.

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I would never have sat in a Church for 20 years listening to sermons on hate for AMERICA. So don’t ask me not to judge someone who did and now wants us to make him President of the United States of AMERICA- I don’t think so. Listening to that for 20 years tells me alot about his character and I will never vote for him.

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OK, frankly I am very tired of reading comments about Rev. Wright being racist. He’s not racist. He has stated truths that many White Americans want to keep “under the rug.” If this political race were fair, why aren’t religious affiliations an issue for all candidates. What type of church does Hillary Clinton attend? Why didn’t other White candidates receive the same treatment as Obama when they were endorsed by controversial pastors such as Pat Robinson and John Hagee? Why are people concerned with whether or not Obama displayed an American flag on his lapel? Why is his patriotism being questioned now when he was successfully elected to serve in the U.S. Senate? White Americans really need to own up to their history in America. It is impossible to erase over 400 years of slavery with 40 years of civil rights activism. America has made some progress but there is still much work to be done in achieving racial, economic, and political equality. There are too many important issues associated with this presidential race to be concentrating to trivial matter like who’s Obama’s paster and whether he displays an American Flag on his lapel. I’m tired of lying politicians. George Bush’s entire presidency was based on lies and deceit. Senator Clinton has already proved she can lie and will lie to get what she wants. The media has caught Hillary and Bill telling lies. The fact that White Americans would rather elect more liars rather than a Black man shows their defiance in accepting people different than they. It also proves how racism is still a LARGE part of American society.

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Rev. Wright’s views may be extreme and downright silly. However I applaud Rv. Wright for his honesty and forthrightness. He has been consistent- It was he who first said that voters may run away from Obama if they come to know that he-Obama’s siritual mentor and pastor -had gone to Libya to meet Col. Gaddhafi. Rev. Wright has consistently espoused the same extreme views all along incuding the latest events at NAACP & National Press Club. It is Obama who has changed his tune suddenly and seems to be just discovering his spiritual mentor of 20 years! What does it show to us. It is very obvious to all except a downright dumb person that Obama is just another regular politician and NOT the different kind of person that he wants to have us believe. Rev. Wright was even honest about this- He himself has noted that Obama has to say the things he is saying to win the election. Democrats are famous for pulling defeat from jaws of victory!. History will definitely repeat itself if Obama is their nominee for the Presidency.

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It seems that so many are quick to post negatives propaganda about Obama. It is clear that the polls do not support your negative views. Many of you are die hard hillary fans and for the most part do not want to vote for a black man. Obama has a record, now and before holding public office. He has served as a state senate, and a US senator and the world has not come to an end as a result of it. In fact nothing negative can be found in his political past so some try to assinate his character based on people he knows. I equate this effort to a hight teck lynching effort. A politician represents all the people in his constiuency and not just a select few. Any democrat that is so narrow minded as to state that they will vote for McCane before they will vote for Obama is stuck on stupid and would not vote for a black may under any conditions. If ever MacCane is ever elected because of such narrow minded stupidity then we get just what we deserve so don,t complain later. If the nomination is stolen from Obama based on such prejudiced thinking then he should run as an independent so that all the voices of those that believe in him can be represented. Record shows that there are more for him than there is against him. A presendent is not free to do what ever he wants, he has the congress and the senate to answer to and some of us pretend now that we have a one man rule in this country and that Obama will reuin us. If we can stomach 2 terms of Bush Jr. and consider a third bush term through MacCane then Obama is a real breath of fresh air. No one is talking about the fact that the Clintons pandor to any and ever one, and will stoop to anything to get elected. Presedent Clinton earned so much money since being out of office due to speaking engagements for both speaking in the USA and abroad, I wonder how much of that money was a prearranged kick back for favors he preformed while in office. Why else would anyone pay so much to hear you speak over and over again by so many? He is the one that gave us Nafta, and he is the one that pardon the criminals from prison on his last day in office and one of them was a convicted member of that underground group that was involved in the bomning in the usa associated with the Mr Weatherby. Ms Clinton said Chelsea was Jogging around the twin towers when it was attached and barly missed being killed when it fell but we learned that she was at home and in bed sleeping at that time. She lied about sniper fire and so many other things. I can,t feel confortable with bill wondering around the oval office again with interns working there. We for get about white water, and the sex scandals and all that but some of us are quick to condem Obama who has done nothing more than serve this country putting the needs of the people before the needs of his family and all with out scandals. For those democrats that want MacCane, then good luck. If not Obama then who? If not now then when.

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It’s interesting that the Obama critics still don’t manage to cite his own words, his own past, or his own actions.

They still call the man who went to Occidental on scholarships and Harvard Law on loans an elitist, never mind the food stamps his single mother collected.

They still say he never held a job, even though he worked on the streets of Chicago trying to help a community stay on its feet when steel mills closed.

They still attack him for a few atrocious lines, spoken by his ex-Marine pastor over twenty years, never mind that the pastor’s sermons are on DVD, and these thoughts only came up a handful of times in twenty years, and Obama’s face never appears in the audience as the camera pans across it.

In other words, Clinton/McCain supporters, running desperately away from the record they brought America in the last ten years are attacking Obama for words he neither said nor heard, but condemned. The foam is showing on the corners of your mouths, but it won’t bring our soldiers back from Iraq, or win the war we should have been fighting all along against the bin Laden and the Afghan-Saudi terrorist network that attacked us on 9/11.

Your attacks won’t bring us a change in the lobbyist written bankruptcy bill Clinton and McCain supported. It won’t end the culture of corruption in Washington that led Clinton to say she was glad an early version of that bill didn’t pass, even though she voted for it, and later didn’t vote against the identical version that did.

No, your attacks will only serve to drive away more voters, to drive our nation downward as we spend our time, as the Nazi party once did, questioning one another’s patriotism and loyalty while our nation goes to hell.

How dare you?

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Look, the ad the Republicans crush Hillary with looks like this:

I voted for THE AUTHORIZATION OF THE USE OF FORCE IN IRAQ, but I had no idea the President would use that authorization to use force in Iraq. [Crude Image of Hillary flipping over]

I voted for the bankruptcy bill after I took the banking lobbyists’ money, but I’m glad it didn’t pass. [caricature of Hillary flipping upside-down]

I championed NAFTA and trade with China, but now I’m against them. [Image of Hillary flipping over]

I supported driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants before I opposed it [Image of Hillary flopping over]

I said Ronald Reagan “played the music beautifully” in Brokaw’s book, and called him one of my favorite Presidents in New Hampshire before attacking my opponent for saying he had changed America, even though my opponent never said for the better. [Image of Hillary flipping over]

Then we see her throwing her head back in that laugh- over and over, as she details the sniper fire story time and again while video of what really happened runs under the image of her, still laughing.

And then we watch President McCain get sworn in.

She’s not electable, and we will never change America with Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton. Obama puts fifty states in play, Clinton hopes to win maybe Ohio this time.

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The reality is a vote for Obama is really a vote for McCain. The reality is that if Obama sadly wins the Democratic nomination, Senator McCain will eat him alive! It’s a joke to think that such an inexperienced man will be elected president….and that’s coming from me and ultra-liberal person. The reality is that the press has done a dis-service to the American people (and system) by not exposing Obama sooner because we now almost have a candidate that is un-electable. All those that thought Obama walked on water and choose to project all kinds of attibutes onto him….I say please come back from ‘fantasy Island’ before it’s too late. If the American people are face with choosing either Obama or McCain….I am afraid the ‘war hungry McCain’ will win. No one is going to vote for an inexperienced black nationalist. For me, if Hillary doesn’t get the democratic nomination, I feel I will have no choice but to abstain from voting…..for the first time in my life (46 yrs)…..for any election (local or national). McCain or Obama? Is this the best this country has to offer? I’m disgusted……we’ve all been manipulated by the media (who have shown their bias). If the American people had been informed about Obama in the first place he would have been out sooner but the cat’s out of the bag now and the reality is he will never be elected president of the United States. So what are we left with? John McCain, who want’s to continue this pointless war. A man who wants to keep the enormous tax cuts that have contributed to our current economic crisis…….I’m disgusted by it all…and sad, we deserve better.
Sincerely, Terry McKay : (

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The whinin’ boy Obama complains that people are spending time talking about him instead of the issues. He fails to understand that becuase HE is the one who would hold the office-if elected-HE is the biggest issue there is. His failure to understand this just proves that he is too ignorant, and inexperienced, for the job.

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I am weary of the small minded individuals who insist that if you are not voting for Obama, it’s because you wouldn’t vote for any black person……the only thing I can say to this is you must be either desperate or oblivious. To make such an assertion is completely off base. The truth is, I voted for Deval Patrick (1st black gov. of MA) because of his stance on the issues and although he too didn’t have a lot of experience, my thought was that it’s State government and he would be afforded a little bit of time to get things off the ground……but the Presidency (with the situation in our country after 8 years of G. Bush/Republicans) it’s a completely different story…..to say nothing about Obama having this off the wall pastor who he’s been with for 20 years……If you truly think this man (who doesn’t walk on water) is actually going to get elected you must still be on ‘fantasy island’. The greatest injustice is that the American Public wasn’t informed sooner…about his character.
And lastly, I am soooo sick of hearing ‘Obama voted against the war’ when it’s blatenly not true ……..what gives with you people? Do you think you can go around making things up and then calling other individuals character into question?
This whole situation is a disaster for everyone (especially us, the American public) with the exception of John McCain.
And when/or if Obama is distroyed by McCain….I’m sure his deluded supporters will blame (distort) it on someone else. We should have known sooner that he was un-electable! Shame on the press for treating him with ‘kit gloves’.
Lastly, I say these things not because I am sooo against Obama (he seems like a perfectly nice guy…maybe I’ll vote for him when he gets some experience) but because he can not actually win the presidency…..and so the Republican reign will carry on….ruining my country…..what a complete mess.

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I don’t blame you for your pastor. I have had a few like that myself, so changing churches wouldn’t have mattered much at all. I have been to over 10 churches seeking one that was not so controversial, be they black or white congreations and I here almost the same type of preaching. So I understand.

Unfortunately, not many whites will understand as I do, and I understand that as well. But you know what this means in a broader term? I don’t think there will ever be a black president in this country because if it boils down to America judging a black man or woman on what the pastors say from the pulpit, then I guess this will forever come up again and again. Even when there is a white preacher with a black congregation it will come up.

The sad thing about this as I watch day in and day out is that those of the Catholic faith are not asked to denounce the priest and the Catholic church when they have been much more damaging to families on a personal level. All of this seems far deeper than Wright to me, but I am sure no one will admit it to themselves, they will go on with something that makes them feel good.

As far as the excuse of no experience, we have had former presidents that did a great job without prior executive experience such as:

4 James Madison
No Previous Executive Experience, Virginia state legislature (1776-79) & Continental Congress (1780-83)]

6 John Quincy Adams
No Previous Executive Experience, United States Senate (1803-09)

15 James Buchanan
No Previous Executive Experience, Pennsylvania House of Representatives (1814-20) & United States House of Representatives (1821-31)]

16 Abraham Lincoln
No Previous Executive Experience, United States House of Representatives (1846-48)

So I don’t really buy that excuse because the president surrounds themselves with experts in many areas, which is what makes them great presidents. As far as Executive Leadership, I and the rest of the world knows that you, Obama have demonstrated excellence in this area, without a doubt. I would much rather rely on that experience than that Hillary. The only thing about Hillary that moves people to her side is call Bill Clinton who has been a president. If it were Hillary alone she would have been out of this race long ago.

I have watched the “anything goes,” kitchen sink strategy and the responses to those tactics. I myself, would not be so nice in my attacks on her, not after seeing that she is willing to detroy you as a person. She is akind to Wright in that the last “show” he put on said loud and clear that he was “angry” and out to get you. The same way you put him in his place nationally would be the same way you should have put the Clintons in their place, regardless of what people would say, because like my mom always told me, people are going to talk about you anyway, regardless of who you are and what the truth is, so with that in mind. I would attack Hillary in ways that would set the world on fire.

My prayers go out to you and your family and if this is what is destined for you, you will have it. If not, millions of Americans have been inspired with hope for a government that would finally be on our side. The 90’s gave us a fairly good economy, but it has never given us hope as we have been inspired by you.

As a supporter of your campaign, we have been beaten, lynched and hung out to dry, just like you. We have been call ignorant, delusional, cult members and people who think you are the messiah. I know for myself, that Jesus is my Lord and Savior, not Barack. However, it does not matter what our reasons are for supporting you, we have become the worst people in this society. Why?

In conclusion: After I heard John McCain confirm what I knew all along, that we are fighting this war and many more for oil. I thought to myself about Rev. Wright; this is exactly what he was saying, that America has played the role of terriost in other countries. We may not want to face the truth because it is ugly, but the truth is the truth. We invaded Iraq, secured its oil fields first, killed many innocent people, lost over 4000 Americans, and an unknown number of our allies, overthrough their government, destroyed their place of living, and continue to do so right now, and we expect nothing in return.

Every great American should know that what we do to others will happen to us in the future, this is what our moms taught us. This is what the Bible means when it says that”who so ever a man soweth, so shall he reap,” and that is what Wright was saying.

I was truly enlightened about this when John McCain said as much. He will not be able to live this down. Then people say that you cannot beat him. The only way McCain can win this election against any democrat is if the dems are greatly divided at the end of this process and I beleive that is what the Clintons have worked for and that is exactly what they will get, but 2012 will not make a great difference with our problems, we need help today, or at least beginning in Jan of 09.

Again, my prayers are with you and I stand by you in your quest for a better (color blind) America. I will vote for you now and in the election, if the DNC follow the rules as they have been for many years, if not, maybe you can become and Independent and we can vote for you then, if not, I will be at home doing as I have always, trying to just get through this life until my time comes to leave this earth.

God bless!

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While I am beating up on Mr Obama , when I was a child , through my teen years , and through my years as a working adult , The people I called my close friends , and my associates I hung around with , None of which achieved a level of being my mentor , You could see a lot of me in them , their beliefs and lifestyle were very close to mine , I saw the same thing in my own children growing up – the people they hung out with and associated themselves with are very much like them , My mentors were My Dad , Uncle , grandfather , and 2 other people . We were very like minded , We are so much alike , I feel one of my mentors would join me to sacrifice our stimulus check to buy Mr Wright a one-way ticket BACK to Libya for his retirement , and Mr Obama – since My mentors and Myself are so like minded I feel confident 2 more of them would also donate their stimulus check so you could accompany Mr wright to Libya to live . To clarify that my wish for you is not in bad thought , it is only I know Mr Wright wishes to retire , So my wish for him is not hateful , it is only that if he retires here in America , everywhere he looks He will see people Like me , and He will feel his life’s work is not yet done , In Libya , all Those lovely people around him will be full of hate , and will be committed to the destruction of America , He will have a peaceful retirement surrounded by like minded people who will make him feel his life’s work is complete , and for you Mr Obama , being surrounded by like minded people , who also hate America , I feel confident you will become acquainted with a few more like minded people , and you will soon will have as many mentors in your life as I have .

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i think it is a shame that people would listen to the Rev. and use that against Senator Obama. It’s evident that the Rev. is a sick man. I wouldn’t want anybody to judge me on my mothers flaws who I’ve known all my life. Nor my best friend who I’ve known almost all my life.
It is totaly unfair.

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