Clinton: Dancing backwards in high heels?

May 3, 2008

CARY, N.C. – A double standard that treats men and women differently still exists in the race for the White House, Hillary Clinton told an audience on Saturday.

The former first lady recalled Hollywood dancing stars Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and the famous saying that Rogers did everything Astaire did but “backwards and ihillnc1.jpgn high heels.”

“I do┬áthink that there is still something of a double standard,” she said in North Carolina. “I think there is a certain element of that.”

“I’m not running for president because I’m a woman,” she added, “but I’m very conscious of the fact that my being a woman sends an incredible message of possibility, not only to our daughters but also to our sons. It says in our country, we have consistently expanded the circle of opportunity. We have broken through so many glass ceilings.”

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Photo credit: Reuters/Chris Keane


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The double standard benefits her. She always got the last rebuttal in the debates, even when the question was directed to her.

Posted by Luigi | Report as abusive

Hillary is a sexist and proud of it. Any woman that would ask women to rally around her in an election process just because she and they share the same gender, is pandering women. Sadly, it seems to be working. I am a woman and I don’t like the idea at all and will not be voting for her because of that being one of the many things that I don’t like about Hillary.

She is scary to me, my mom always told me to not trust people that lie. Some people tell small lies and I do understand that at times and can forgive them, but this woman tells lies like it is a cup of coffee. You know, the coffee she can’t pour, like the gas she can’t pump. She continue to insult and play on the intelligence of poor people seeking to find a way out of our economic conditions by lying to them once again. She knows they do not read much, not many of them, she knows some can read or understand the technical issues. Which make them so vunerable to her.

She is not for the people, she is for winning and that is sad witin itself. The saddest thing about it, we as Americans seem to agree with her tactics. What does that say about us an individuals? What if it were your grandma or mom that you are allowing to fall into her trap? How would they survive after the gas tax break takes away their jobs. They don’t understand this and the person that is trying to get them to understand has been labeled elitist, so they take that label and make it apart of their lives to hurt the one that is really for them.

I will not be voting at all if Hillary is the nominee, she will have to win this one without my vote.

Posted by Angelene | Report as abusive

To elect our first woman president would unleash a power of dreams and creativity not yet seen in our country, nor the vast majority of the world. It would be the new birth our country needs to live out its creed and become once again the land of opportunity and dreams. Senator Obama can’t do that, and when one considers Michigan and Florida its more than clear the only opportunity or dreams he’s concerned with are his own. Yes it’s a double stadard! Imagine Hillary on a level playing field, imagine 150,000,000 just like her.

Posted by Tim O. Nowland | Report as abusive