Hillary and Chelsea Clinton: The Teenage Years

May 3, 2008

chelsea.jpgCARY, N.C. – Campaigning in the public eye, Chelsea and Hillary Clinton seem to have great rapport. But on Saturday, the former first lady revealed a glimpse of how the two got along when Chelsea was a teenager.

“My daughter’s eye-rolling was a regular part of my life,” Clinton said to the audience of a mothers-oriented webcast, where she told a story about her family getting ready for President Bill Clinton’s second inauguration in 1997.

“Chelsea came down, and she was dressed, and she had her coat on, and I said, ‘Oh what are you wearing?'”Clinton said. “She said, ‘Oh just a little thing that I picked up.’  And I said, ‘Well, what are you wearing?’ ”

“She opened her coat, and the skirt was so short,” the former first lady said with a laugh. “There was no time to change, and I thought, ‘OK, you just have to take a deep breath.” … There are so many things that are worth trying to engage your kid on, and so many things that aren’t that  important.”

On the bright side, she said, she felt her daughter was safe when she went out with boys.

“The Secret Service went on her dates,” Clinton said. “A lot of her girlfriends’ mothers loved it when they double-dated because there was a guy with a gun in the front seat.”

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Photo: Reuters/Blake Sell (Chelsea and Hillary Clinton at the 1997 inauguration)


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The skirt was so short, but there was no time to change? Come on! These are the Clintons! Since never have they respected anybody else’s time. What a lie!

Posted by CC | Report as abusive

Wow CC, you’re obviously just a hater, if that’s all you could come up with from this article to bash Hillary! How do you know whether the Clintons respect others’ time? What did she do to you … did she keep you waiting sometime??

Posted by LG | Report as abusive

CC is the reason I switched from Obama to Clinton. I voted today. I realized that a candidate that inspires and condones so much hate in supporters is not the man I want as President. Compare the blog comments allowed on his website versus Hillary’s. The tone is ugly. Guess that explains why he did not realize until a few days ago that Rev, Wright was preaching hate. He just does not get it.

Posted by james | Report as abusive

The Clintons set the tone. They played the race card. Over and over. They have smeared good women and called it feminism.

She sent us to fight in Iraq w/o reading the intelligence report, she’s picking a fight Iran, who complained (rightly) to the UN. She’s using the word obliterate.

How long do you think it takes to change a skirt? Don’t blame other people for the Clintons chronic tardiness.

James, are you in Guam?

How do you feel about imaginary sniper fire?

Posted by CC | Report as abusive

Well said, James. CC, you’re grasping at straws.

I’ve been a Hillary supporter all along and have never been able to understand what the Obama supporters see in him. I see a great inspirational speaker (as long as he has a script), but he’s not anywhere near qualified to be President. Hillary is the one with the know-how.

I hear people (even my best friend) say “Hillary will say or do anything to win”. Well, that’s what I want, a fighter! And if the comment is supposed to imply dishonesty, isn’t that what Obama is doing too? When the Rev. Wright issue wouldn’t go away (even after a flowery speech by Obama meant to defuse the issue), then Obama finally denounced Wright, which he had previously said he wouldn’t do. Clearly, this was just a self-serving act to advance his candidacy.

I also always hear, “Hillary is tearing the Democratic party apart; she should step down and stop hurting the party.” Excuse me? Hillary was the sole frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for a long time; it’s Obama who came in and divided the party.

And as James said, reading the blog comments, there is so much hate from the Obama supporters (with very little substance). I don’t understand this at all because supposedly, Obama’s supporters are the more educated people. Yet, their comments on the blogs tend to be hateful and unreasoned. (By the way, I have a doctorate degree).

During this entire campaign season, I have not seen one thing that would induce me to change from Hillary to Obama. We need Hillary for President.

Posted by LG | Report as abusive

The Clintons will say or do anything to win. That is not the definition of a fighter, it is what is wrong with politics. If one does not look to vote for an honest, good person, what does that say about society. Hillary Clinton is a liar. She did not run for cover under sniper fire and she did not encounter the short skirt on inauguration day without time to change. An inauguration is choriographed down to what each person is wearing, standing, saying, etc…. If you want to vote for someone who is dishonest and will say anything to get a vote, what does that say about you? gk

Posted by gk | Report as abusive