To Obama, it’s Sweet Home Indiana

May 4, 2008

KEMPTON, Indiana – Barack Obama, vying for support from Hoosiers before Indiana’s Tuesday primary, reconnected with his roots in the state with a visit to a farmhouse owned by his family for generations.
The white Victorian home in rural Kempton sits on land owned by Obama’s fourth great-grandfather, who passed it down several generations within the family of Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham. Ann Dunham obama2.jpgwas from Kansas but she later moved to Hawaii, where Obama was raised.
The Kempton farmhouse was built by William Riley Dunham, a great uncle of Obama. After the Dunham family gave it up, it was used at one stage as a funeral home and was recently purchased by Sean Clements, who plans to spruce it.
As part of an effort to show a folksier side of the Illinois senator, the campaign planned the visit to the house as an outdoor potluck dinner with Clements and his family and friends.
But the weather didn’t cooperate. It was chilly with big gusts of wind that toppled the foldup tables set up in the back yard. So the tables had to be taken down and the dinner was scrapped in favor of a walk-around tour by Obama, his wife, Michelle, and their two daughters, Sasha, 6, and Malia, 9.
But there were no shortages of other opportunities to show the “regular guy” side of Obama, who has said he is determined to counter efforts by his opponents to portray him and his wife as “elitist, pointy-headed intellectual types.”
The Obamas visited a picnic gathering in Noblesville at lunchtime. In the evening, they stopped by a roller-skating rink for an “ice cream social” with supporters. Obama did not skate, though his daughters did.

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Obama is so desperate nowadays that he has pulled out the typical white grand mother then the typical great grand…to save his campaign.

He certainly has lots of things that didn’t tell us.

He may want to save this for his next book if you still want to buy him the book.

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[…] SurveyUSA Breaking News wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptKEMPTON, Indiana – Barack Obama, vying for support from Hoosiers before Indiana’s Tuesday primary, reconnected with his roots in the state with a visit to a farmhouse owned by his family for generations. … Read the rest of this great post here […]

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The man is humble and kind, a first for an american president. Despite running against the hollywood washington elite, he is winning this dogged race… and is the only one to emerge with his dignity intact. Good man Barack, we are proud of you, no matter what the jealous haters spew.

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[…] Hops1 wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptSo the tables had to be taken down and the dinner was scrapped in favor of a walk-around tour by Obama, his wife, Michelle, and their two daughters, Sasha, 6, and Malia, 9. But there were no shortages of other opportunities to show the … […]

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So, I’m guessing that the Clinton campaign’s talking points memos told all you thread crappers that today’s theme is to drop dark hints about Obama’s ‘secrets.’

You guys crack me up.

You’re so inept, that you take something about him that is truly unique — how many people do you know, after all, who have a white mother and and an African father. Is that really so typical?

I’m sorry…. just can’t hold it in.


What a maroon.

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Actually Mr. Lai Obama is doing great. Consider that Hilary only has about a 15% chance of winning the nomination, and if she does, she will be destroyed by McCain. Just to differentiate herself she will have to run into far left territory outside her centrist comfort zone.

Also Obama is certainly less elitist than the New York senator. We don’t need somebody who manipulates information we need somebody who is honest with those things that matter.

If you want to mention Rev. Wright, realize he just joins Jerry Falwell and all of the other crazy preacher’s who’ve had little effect on the outcome of any of our major elections. Keep in mind Obama is the only one who is condemning the comments of his.

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John Lai post. Absurd. If you read his books, you would know he has this heritage. A heritage that all of us share in some form or another. Americans are a mix of many cultures, and until people like you stop the ignorance, become a supportive citizen of the USA that holds no walls, grudges and biases clouding the real issues that all of us face, we may just get out of this recession, this war and this same old government that does not represent the people. Help stop the lies, rumors and media spins. Get to work and make your country a better one.

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Roll on Obama, roll on!

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Obama is the best hope for us this election. He’s resisted being negative (mostly) against Clinton which would be hard to do with all the countless negative things they’ve served up — her in particular.

Remember, cattle futures, missing legal papers found mysteriously in her office, Travelgate, threatening those who “dared” to accuse Bill of infidelity (calling it a vast right-wing conspiract instead of… serial adultry), Vince Foster, missing Rose Law Firm documents, no release of her White House records substantiating “experience” and the list goes on.

How Obama could have resisted all this sad and dispicable inventory is quite remarkable.

To John_Lai, his books are really great. You should read one then make a more informed judgment. I look forward to his next book — and you should too (it will be about his experience in the Oval Office).

Obama in ’08 and again in ’12.

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Nevermind the naysayers, Obama will be a great President for our nation. I feel sorry for the wrong-headed Hoosiers who cannot express their support for Hillary with disparaging Obama. That too tells me why Obama is the fresh face we need. If you want to debate the merits of a so-called gas holiday this summer (that will NEVER occur because the House will not pass it) then that’s your choice.

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In one book “audacity.” P.361 people refers to
” I will stand with the muslims……”However it is inaccurate. He wrote “I stand with them…” if things turn ugly for them such as internment similar to naturalized japanese in SF 1942 . “Them” refers to full context before , which was the arabic descent US naturalized Americans.
It’s not that i trust these people and left alone SEN Obama,I just want to bring it up for the reason of Fairness.

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Both candidates have to come out with the number 1 issue
“course of action in ME” Gen Petraeus expects his instructions and will make preparations in 7 month.
Inacceptable in my opinion are two things.1) US casualties
and 2)not getting payed for the liberation and the further staying .
Sitting , Forward or backwards are the questions to be answered.
Forward . We have the Arsenal bit not the boots on the ground , we would be outnumbered ,and oblitaration of the opponents would be justifiable.
Sitting , yes if it helps .There are conditions.
Unconditional Disengagement , yes extremly risky
a lot more risk then it was 5 years ago marching in,the iraqis are prepared to blockade a withdrawal,especially after so many years of iranian help and arming up in vehicle penetrading weapons and an unbelievable high
amount of agents/gunmen.The Taliban forces and former refugees from iraq can be sent in on short notice by the 100 thousands with the mission to hold the US back on
their tactical withdrawal maneuver,Also the Iraqi friendly force at such a point and time may easily flip over to
that side , because the perceive it as letting them down.

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And Obama won Guam. This man will be a great President.

Zogby poll has him inching ahead in Indiana and holding steady in Indiana.

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Barack Hussein Obama does not have the experience, character or maturity to be president of the USA. Obama does not have the courage, judgement, or common sense to make decisions for our country, when he and his wife sat in the pews of his church for twenty years and listened to Jeremiah Wright sermons and never walked out. How could Obama be so blind not to know what Jeremiah Wright was preaching? If voters want to believe Obama they are as blind and naive as him. Obama voted present 132 times in the Illinois state senate. Obama flipped the finger at Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton after his humiliating performance at their last debate. Obama in his hunger for power moved to Chicago and joined Jeremiah Wright’s church, associated himself with radicals from the sixties because it was politically convenient for him, and now that Jeremiah Wright said Obama was talking like a politician he decided to throw him under the bus. In a way I feel sorry for Mr. Wright because he was used by Obama, and now that Obama threw him under the bus, most African-Americans will do the same, contrary to what they were doing weeks ago when they were defending Mr. Wright’s sermons. Obama has critizised former President William Jefferson Clinton years as president, when President Clinton has been the best president since FDR, and gave so many opportunities to all minorities especially African-Americans, and now that Obama is running against another Clinton they seem to have forgotten all the good President Clinton did for them. How ungrateful, just like Bill Richardson, and so many other superdelegates. If Obama the nominee, Senator John Sidney McCain will be the next president, and I will be happy to contribute to his campaign, just like I have contributed to Senator Clinton.

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OH GOD! Let Hillary win the nomination. I’ve never been a Clinton fan, but she impresses me so much more than Obama. I’m scared of this man. I tend to believe that he is a firmer believer or his “Uncle” and “Spiritual” leader Pastor Wright. No one can convince me that he wasn’t aware of Pastor Wright’s comments during his 20 years of friendship with this guy. Hopefully, everyone notices that Obama protected him (YES, HE DID!) until Pastor Wright “hurt his feelings” by letting the world know that Obama was a Politician and would say anything to be elected.

Wonder why the News Media hasn’t revealed the Obama/Larry Sinclair story. This thing will get even more interesting. But, most of us know that the Liberal News Media is sponsoring this “boy” and are “anti-Hilliary.”


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I realize having honesty, integrity, and a real character is not what anti-Obama supporters want –“I, m scared of him” is bogus. I really like Obama because he is a good, honest man who do not have to “risk his life and 2 kids” to run for president. Honesty will overcome in the end. Think about the chance he had before entering the race 5%, now it’s 85% to win. WOW!

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Reply to Connie

You need to “wake up,” not the rest of America. I made a six figure income last year and worry everyday if I’ll have enough to make ends meet. I am wide awake and all the media spin, lies, and bogus Elitist is doing nothing for my family. The Clinton’s bogus lies.

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