Clinton turns tables on former aide-turned-journalist Stephanopoulos

May 4, 2008

INDIANAPOLIS – A brief disclaimer at the top of the show was not enough to keep ABC moderator George Stephanopoulos from becoming part of the story on Sunday during his interview with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.clinton-pic.jpg

Stephanopoulos, who worked for President Bill Clinton in the 1990s, opened his interview with the New York senator on his television program “This Week” by referencing his previous employer.

“For any who don’t know, I worked for President Clinton from 1991 to 1996,” he said.

Good thing he established that. It was just what the former first lady needed to highlight her distaste for the North American Free Trade Agreement, which she says she opposed during her husband’s White House years.

“Now, you remember this, because George did work in that ’92 campaign, and George and I actually were against NAFTA,” she told the audience of voters who were present for the television interview.

“I’m talking about him in his previous life, before he was an objective journalist and didn’t have opinions about such matters.”


The audience laughed but Stephanopoulos showed clear discomfort at her words. He did not confirm whether she or he had opposed the treaty at the time.

Critics say the New York senator has changed her tune on NAFTA to appeal to voters in big manufacturing states that have lost jobs to foreign countries.

Stephanopoulos, who has written a book about his time advising President Clinton, is now the host of ABC’s flagship political program and also substitutes as an anchor for the network’s weekday evening news show.

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Photos: Clinton/Jon Gardiner; Stephanopoulos/Robert Galbraith


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This interview did no good for either for either of them.
Both looked uncomfortable…as they knew…the public, the viewers WERE NOT BUYING IT!

Posted by Lee | Report as abusive

How can any one vote for Barak Obama even Opraha Winfrey changed her church when she heard The Rev. Wright speak of HATE for America but no not him and we want him to be President of the United States of America Have we gone crazy?

Posted by mimi | Report as abusive

George Stephanopoulous once again proved his pro-Clinton stance and complete lack of objectivity concerning the Democratic race. He gave Clinton a forum for spouting off, almost never even asking her a question. The questions that he did asked were mostly soft balls. Why is he ever presented as an objective reporter?

Posted by Jane Thomas | Report as abusive

I’d hate to see how she treats her enemies.

Posted by Robert Campbell | Report as abusive

I have watched Stephanopolis show for a long time. But this ended today. I felt that he and Clinton are trying to subvert the will of the voters. Obama came from behind and has the lead in the pledged deligate count. Now she and Stephanopolis want the super deligates to over turn the majority of the people who voted.

I will no longer watch the program.

Posted by myrna | Report as abusive

Just on principle for the change of mindset that brought us not only 8 years of Bush politics and economics as a result of the similar, self-righteous, and holier-than-thou people who looked down their noses at the White House antics of the previous 8 years, BUT the wink-n-nod head in the sand materialistic moral nihilism that did apologetics for what went on right to the last days of Bill and Hilly.

Posted by Mert | Report as abusive

Obama said he went to church not to worship his pastor but to worship god i think thats good enough for me.

Oh Huckabee you know the other republican who could have won the nomination also a babtist preacher said that obama has been treated unfairly. And huckabee said if he was black and grew up in the segregated areas of the south were blacks had to go to the back of the bus the back of the line and use sperate facilites with worse conditions he said he would be evwen more pissed of then wright and would have a bigger chip on his shoulder..if you dont belive me look up huckabee on wright on youtube

Posted by record straight | Report as abusive

How anyone could vote for Clinton is out of my reach. She comes across as a person who will poll and make decisions on a popular decision instead of taking decisions based on facts available.

Gut less. Don’t want her to be the President.

Posted by Raj | Report as abusive

The Clintons have done to George what they sent him to do to Obama… instead of a knife in the back it was in the chest… what goes around comes around… George knows better than anyone… that what the Clintons want is a third term in the White House… and they will do and say anything to get it… Bill the sexual deviant who likes to screw young girls with cigars in his office and his Hill wanted to make a fool out of him on national television that was her agenda all along… remember they didn’t like the way he left them in the White House after Moncia… so as far as I’am concerned he got what he deserved… for trying to hurt Obama and passing himself off as a serious journalist… Rose

Posted by penelope | Report as abusive

I am really sick of hearing about Wright. What does that have to do with deciding if someone is capable of doing a job. If that’s the case then maybe people should be condemned for still attending a church where a priest was a pedophile. Why don’t you people start using some common sense. Can’t you think for yourselves. The reason this is staying in the news is because they know certain people are going to vote based on issues like this instead of what is really important, the people of this country. That is the reason we have such a corrupt government now and why people voted twice to put an evil idiot in the White House. During the Vietnam war if you were against the war they said you don’t love america. If your against Iraq they say you don’t support the troops. They poll 671 people in the nation and say Clinton leads. If you want to be a sheep go ahead, but you could at least attempt to have a little bit of intelligence, or would that make you an “elitist”? By the way if you want to know about the different polls go to and you can find a poll that will give you results from several different reliable polls. The media tends to switch from one to the other if it favors Clinton.

Posted by Adrienne | Report as abusive

Hillary’s problem is not only her arrogance and her tendency to bring out the worst in people, but that she assumes voters are stupid. Because she collected more special interest money than any other candidate, her “solutions” would be focused on the needs of lobbyists rather than the people.

Posted by Suzanne | Report as abusive

Stephanopoulos is a political operative, not a journalist. He proved his hack bona fides at the bottomfeeding Pa. debate, and his total lack of objectivity in this go-round with Hillary. The guy’s a joke. Get rid of him.

Posted by lrubemp | Report as abusive

So he’s a tool, does that mean he likes to be used? At least you know who his handlers support.

Posted by Chad | Report as abusive

Hillary claims to be for the unions. Well she was on the board for Wal-Mart and that is about as anti-union as you can get. i think the press was right when they said the less educated people were for Clinton. Boy has she got you guys fooled. Well if she should lie and cheat her way to the nomination I will not vote. OBAMA ’08 AND ’12

Posted by For Obama | Report as abusive

Anyone who buys Hilary’s line(s) must be a glutton for punishment. How many lies does it take? How many flip flops on policy issues? The mere fact that she cannot see the writing on the wall doesn’t mean that she deserves respect as a legitimate candidate!

Posted by Rich | Report as abusive


It’s time for everyone to face the truth. Barack Obama has no real chance of winning the national election in November at this time. His crushing defeat in Pennsylvania makes that fact crystal clear. His best, and only real chance of winning in November is on a ticket with Hillary Clinton as her VP.

Hillary Clinton seemed almost somber at her Pennsylvania victory speech. As if part of her was hoping Obama could have proved he had some chance of winning against the republican attack machine, and their unlimited money, and resources.

But it is absolutely essential that the democrats take back the Whitehouse in November. America, and the American people are in a very desperate condition now. And the whole World has been doing all that they can to help keep us propped up.

Hillary Clinton say’s that the heat, and decisions in the Whitehouse are much tougher than the ones on the campaign trail. But I think Mr. Obama faces a test of whether he has what it takes to be a commander and chief by facing the difficult facts, and the truth before him. And by doing what is best for the American people by dropping out of the race, and offering his whole hearted assistance to Hillary Clinton to help her take back the Whitehouse for the American people, and the World.

Mr. Obama is a great speaker. And I am confident he can explain to the American people the need, and wisdom of such a personal sacrifice for them. It should be clear to everyone by now that Hillary Clinton is fighting her heart out for the American people. She has known for a long time that Mr. Obama can not win this November. You have to remember that the Clinton’s have won the Whitehouse twice before. They know what it takes.

If Mr. Obama fails his test of commander and chief we can only hope that Hillary Clinton can continue her heroic fight for the American people. And that she prevails. She will need all the continual support and help we can give her. She may fight like a superhuman. But she is only human.

Sen. Hillary Clinton: “You know, more people have now voted for me than have voted for my opponent. In fact, I now have more votes than anybody has ever had in a primary contest for a nomination. And it’s also clear that we’ve got nine more important contests to go.”


Jacksmith… Working Class :-)

Posted by jacksmith | Report as abusive

George Stephanopoulous a Clinton supporter? You have to be joking! Why do you think they were uncomfortable? I have never seen him be kind to the Clintons on any show.

Posted by kay | Report as abusive