Fiery sermons at Obama’s church unnerved Oprah

May 4, 2008

Fiery sermons didn’t drive Barack Obama away from his church, but they did unnerve one other prominent parishioner — media mogul Oprah Winfrey.

oprah.jpgAccording to Newsweek, Winfrey stopped attending Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ in the 1990s in part because she wanted to distance herself from the incendiary views of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

“She’s always been aware that her audience is very mainstream, and doing anything to offend them just wouldn’t be smart,” one anymous source tells the magazine. “She’s been around black churches all her life, so Rev. Wright’s anger-filled message didn’t surprise her. But it just wasn’t what she was looking for in a church.”

Wright, of course, is the preacher whose racially charged denunciations of the U.S. government have caused such heartburn for Obama’s bid for the Democratic nomination since they were made public in March. Evidently Winfrey, an Obama supporter, wanted to avoid a conflict of her own.

But Oprah had other reasons for leaving as well, another anonymous source tells Newsweek.

“There is the Church of Oprah now,” the longtime friend says. “She has her own following.”

Photo: REUTERS/Danny Moloshok (Winfrey campaigns for Obama in Los Angeles, April 2)


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If Oprah was smart, she would invite Hillary on her show to illustrate that her backing Obama isn’t racist or polarizing. She is so influential, she could discuss how important voting is, and having a choice. She would be the unifier, and bring back some shine to her star, which is becoming very tarnished over this Obama- Wright issue.
Right now, too many Oprah fans, like me are disappointed in her taking a political stand. It has hurt her. And I think her disappointed fans would appreciate her taking a high road on this issue.
She should step up. Bascially, Obama is unelectable and she will go down as being part of the Rev Wright team.
I think it hurts her.

Posted by BZ | Report as abusive

I think that you are wrong about Obama being unelectable. He is still in this race and is very much electable.

Obama’s beliefs, attributes and traits have not changed and I don’t see why she shouldn’t support him now with this Rev Wright.

America is smart enough to see what the media and others are doing and will make the right decision.

On Oprah — Obama hurting her? I doubt it… she’s rich enough. Not much could hurt her.

Posted by Chasity D’Andrade | Report as abusive

Perhaps we Americans should vote for Oprah instead of Senator Obama. She demonstrated better judgment by leaving Rev. Wright’s church years ago.

Posted by Graniteman | Report as abusive

I have quit watching Oprah, reading the books that her book club recommends and I won’t be looking for her “favorite things” this year when I do my Christmas shopping.

Posted by Mon_Kie | Report as abusive

This is pretty much unrelated to this article, but I think it needs to come out just the same. How is Obama even running for president? He was born outside of this country. By federal law he is a “citizen of the U.S.” because his parents were citizens. However, since he was born outside of this country’s borders he is not a “natural born citizen.” This last bit is what The Constitution requires a person to have in order to run for president. Just something to think about.

Posted by anonymous | Report as abusive

Obama is unelectable? And you think Hillary is? Nobody likes her, and she doesn’t care. Why is that you ask? Maybe because she doesn’t plan to win this November, or why would she be purposely making people hate her. That’s how it looks!

Nobody cares about Wright, just the media makes it seem so since they’re in bed with what’s everything wrong with politics today.

Posted by Trudy | Report as abusive

I too was turned off that Oprah took a political stand. I thought it was a bad decision that could (and in fact did) alienate many Oprah fans. I too am one. I still don’t see why Obama did not leave that Church sooner. He either was being dishonest with the Rev. Wright in having him believe that we condoned those views or he is being dishonest with the voters today. I don’t think Rev. Wright (in all his delusions) lied about what his views are on aids or that he thinks Obama supports his views. Rev. Wright has nothing to gain.

Posted by Lorraine | Report as abusive

Obama is the most electable candidate there is! No one cares about Wright, just the media.

Posted by Trudy | Report as abusive

Rev.Wright = poor judgment by Obama. If Oprah was aware of Rev.Wright’s hate, why wasn’t Obama?

Posted by goldenstate | Report as abusive

Clearly BZ comment is partisan and suggests that Oprah should kick Obama to the curb. The person should invite on her show if such an action is intended to take the high road would be to invite Sen. Obama to reinforce her support for his candiacy

Posted by Rogier Gregoire | Report as abusive

BZ: “Obama is unelectable”

A study in how to destroy the message of an otherwise thoughtful post by committing the same crime you accuse Oprah of: abandoning neutrality.

Posted by Andrew | Report as abusive

If it took Oprah only 2 years to see what Rev Wright is . Why did it take Obama more 2o years 0r 10 times longer . Wright had to show the public that Obama is just a polititian before he did some thing. How will he be able to make a serious decision for the Amercian people in a dangerous world ? Wake up Obama is not electiable he lack the judgement to lead Amercia

Posted by D Grace | Report as abusive

Each American due to their culture and experiences or their family ties have a right to choose the church that fits them for their personal reasons. That has always been our right personally and I absolutely resist any person, group or entity telling me where I should worship. That’s personal. So all of a sudden the press is concerned where folks worship and would like to guage Oprah and Barak in the “right” places to worship. Their faith and worship has nothing to do with the nosey public and media. At the end of the day if American public and media abandons both Oprah and Barak they know that a church like Trinity would be there in a supportive fashion because they are in the business of helping that sector of our society.

Posted by Angela | Report as abusive

When someone makes such broad statements such as “Obama is unelectable”, I wonder just where they get their information. Where?

Posted by Vee | Report as abusive

i disagree,oprah wont be hurt by any of this,this is strictly between obama and his pastor,she didnt endorse the pastor or else that would be a different story.

Oprah is a clear example how the majority of black people are,which is open to peace and non rascist,the reverend is the opposite and he is the example of the dark side in the community.
he WILL bring down obama because he is prejudiced and filled with hatred for not only the white americans but also his own.
we all know certain things he says/preaches may have been true or may be true even today as far as being oppressed as black people in america but his way is not the way to achieve peace,and thats what we need in america,not dwell on the past or putting eachother down,but we need peace

Posted by carmichael | Report as abusive

Obama IS electable. Alice Walker was on C-Span In Depth for 3 hours today. She has written 25 to 30 books. She should be Oprahs guest immediately! She lives in Berkeley California.

Posted by aca | Report as abusive

“if Oprah was smart” ?
I think we know Oprah is smart.
It’s shallow thinking to make decisions based on numbers of viewers and her “fans”.
“taking the high road” ??
translates to ‘keep me entertained” and keep your mouth shut.

I believe Obama will win the nomination but if Hillary cripples the Democratic Party with her behavior we can thank her for President McCain.
I’m an ‘older, white woman” and the polls may say I should fall into a category of support for her but I am ashamed of the Clinton campaign.

I support Obama but would have voted for any of the democratic candidates EXCEPT Clinton. She doesn’t seem to get it … IF she got the nonination, it does not mean she gets the votes. She has brought out the worst in politics.

Posted by Ursa | Report as abusive

Thats your opinion that he is not electable– Hillary or McCain fan. This whole Rev. Wright is blown way out of proportion. Obama does not stand for his thoughts nor his comments. Obama will make a good President. Hillary is a constant old school liar and McCain is G.Bush jr. Go Barack.

Posted by A.G.RADER | Report as abusive

“Bascially, Obama is unelectable”

You’re dreaming friend, Clinton has already lost the nomination. Come back to us.

Let me guess, you’re going to vote for McCain if Clinton doesn’t get it.

How petty of you.

Posted by Steve Barry | Report as abusive

Good try Hillary supporter. Oprah has enough money to buy Hillary and Bill a few times over so I don’t think the media can hurt her even if she went down as being part of Hillary’s sleazy campaign.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

She is a woman and an American Citizen first and she has the right to make a decision and support the candidate that she wants. Why should anyone have to hide who they support or endorse?

Posted by Musicisourhigh | Report as abusive

“One anymous source tells the magazine”……….This is nonsense! This article is meant to imply that Obama might have heard the messages but he did not distance himself? Why don’t you guys start coverage of John Hagee and the Catholic church whore issue?

Posted by Patriot Democrat | Report as abusive

Oprah is a citizen and has the right to take whatever political stand she wants to. Aside from having Obama on at the beginning of his presidential run, I don’t see how her political choices have affected her programming, and if she takes a hit for saying how she feels, I think it’s her viewers’ problem if they don’t like it. She’s not shoving her views on others or using her show as a pro-Obama propganda machine, and anyone who would suggest otherwise needs to consider what their political motivations are when they comment on the situation.

Posted by JC | Report as abusive

Oprah did more to animate Obama’s empty suit than anyone on the planet. In the end, her “religious” affiliation with Wright gave way to more material concerns. And her initial support of Hillary Clinton back in early 2007 gave way to her not being able to see beyond the color of her own skin after all.

Posted by Mandelay | Report as abusive

Obama is unelectable?

Those who underestimate Barack Obama do so at their peril.

Ask the 2007 presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, about the funny thing that happened on her way to the nomination.

Posted by Malama Makena | Report as abusive

What rubbish. Oprah has millions of fans. Many who support Senator Clinton, others who support Senator Obama, and still others who support Senator McCain. She has every right (and responsibility) as a powerful American citizen to let her voice be heard. Celebrities have done it before and will continue to.
To imply she is supporting Senator Obama simply because of the color of his skin is shear non-sense. Would she be expected to smooth things over if her candidate of choice were Senator Clinton? Or better yet would she have to explain or smooth things over if McCain were her guy?
Finally, unelectable? Says who? Those are the little subtle comments that are rooted in YES racism.

Posted by p. Christian | Report as abusive

So speaketh the Clintonista. Oprah is very smart. It’s why she backed Obama in the first place. The Clintons have 20+ years of baggage, dirty tricks and enemies. Bill Clinton the more popular and charismatic of the two never ever got 51% of the popular vote and managed to lose the house and the senate to the republicans. Hillary would be a disaster. Might as well elect McCain the result would be the same.

Posted by Darksider | Report as abusive


I agree that Oprah should allow Hillary Clinton on her show, if an opportunity presents itself. In many ways, Oprah transcends politics. Then again,she may really believe in Obama.

I take issue with your statement that Obama is unelectable, so she should do damage control. He is certainly no less electable that McCain or Clinton, who have a string of shortcomings as well. So, I believe she should follow her heart without fear.

Posted by OregonDan | Report as abusive

Amen. I was very, very disappointed in her as well and have not watched her show since. Oprah, it surely wasn’t a “light bulb” moment, was it?

Posted by Gloria R. | Report as abusive

I don’t think Oprah should have sent so much money & support to Obama. He may be a very good guy but he’s too inexperienced to be President of the United States. Support from someone so rich and powerful as Oprah gave unfair advantage to him.
I think Oprah has too much power in this country.
None of us will ever know if she and Obama share the distorted views of Rev Wright. Let’s hope they don’t.
America may be far from perfect, but travel the world and your eyes will be opened to the fact that most other countries are far worse.
Instead of slamming our country – let’s do our part to make it a better place!

Posted by Debbie | Report as abusive

So Oprah should endorse a candidate if he’s black? BZ, get real you sound racist. The only people who are tarnished are you confused Hillary supporters who think Ms. Clinton is more electable than Senator Obama.

Posted by BZ | Report as abusive

I disagree. If Oprah was smart, she’d stay out of politics for the rest of the primary season at least, and only butt her head in again to invite both the Republican and Democratic candidates to her show for short segments.

Oprah can do greater good by staying more distant from politics and pulling people together through her Angels network and other bipartisan efforts.

Posted by Judy | Report as abusive

Nice try BZ, but the idea that Obama is unelectable is only held by racists Rush Limbaugh people (same thing) and Hillary operatives (though of course even the operatives don’t believe it; they just say it).

If Hillary were to get the nomination, good-bye Democratic Party.

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

Oprah did not endorse Obama because he is black or thinks like Wright. As a matter of fact we’re ready to move on beyond Wright. He’s not running for President. Eventhough, Wright is a witness to racial hatred, and discrimination, and angered beyond belief. Obama like me did not have to deal with Jim Crow to the extent that Wright had too. Hillary won in PA where some older Americans still think that bigotry should be the social norm. PA is Hillary’s hometurf. She should have won it as impressively as Obama won Hawaii. Furthermore, when people that are willing to vote out of emotion rather than logic and common sense those who seek to suck the economic life out of us win. Being at the bottom of the pole economically and politically is what the definition of minority is. If being an elitist is what people call those who tell the truth, and try to the what is right then Jesus was an elitist. If you want to be told how great you are, talk to those who want to control you. If you want someone who want to be upfront, willing to suffer for his friends, and refuses to commit spiritual suicide for political gain, then vote for Obama. There is still plenty of time till I cast my vote in Nov. I always vote, never being a one issue voter. One thing is certain, I don’t vote out of emotion, and I don’t vote for stupid. I vote for the best candidate for the job.

Posted by Willie | Report as abusive

I agree with GMT, Oprah should have Hillary on her show to show to show that her backing Obama isn’t racist or one-sided. What about all the women who watch and support her show?

Posted by Cheryl | Report as abusive

AGAIN . . . guilty by association. ENOUGH ALREADY.
At my church, I eat the meat and throw away the bones and so do most of us.

Let’s talk about real issues.

Posted by marymarshall | Report as abusive

There are at least ten reasons to not vote for Obama, that do not include his lack of judgement in choosing Wright as a pastor:

1)Obama refuses to speak to reporters/walks out of conferences. He is not a transparent politician. 

2)He was involved with Tony Rezko, who was indicted for influence peddling and is a corrupting influence in Illinois politics. 

3)Tony Rezko got millions of dollars from the government to create affordable housing in Obama’s district, now 11 of the buildings he was supposed to fix are boarded-up and are unlivable. 

4)Obama voted “present” hundreds of times instead of taking a stand because he did not want to offend contributors, like Robert Blackwell, who Obama helped obtain state grants for. 

5)Obama chose as his mentor Bill Ayers and Dohrn, who are terrorists who detonated bombs on US territory and they helped him start his career. 

6) Obama lied about filling out a questionnaire that details his stand on many important issues like abortion, the death penalty and gun control. It has his handwriting but he said a staffer filled it out. Obama also lied about the Kennedy family helping his father. 

7)Obama also has acknowledged that he “voted by mistake” many times?! 

8)Obama made a statement that said his grandmother is “a typical white person” who has a “reaction bred” into her when she sees someone she does not know. 

9)Obama made a statement that small-town Americans are bitter and cling to guns, religion, and anti-trade sentiment.
10)Obama lies about the Clinton economic boom, if you go to, you will see that Clinton is credited for passing the 1993 budget that helped create the boom of the 1990s.

If you want to see it on YouTube, here it is: NA -s

Posted by LE | Report as abusive

As soon as you wrote, “one anonymous source said,” you completely through credibility out the window. This is just another disgraceful attempt to mislead the public and call it journalism. Shame on you.

Posted by jennifer | Report as abusive

Oprah….absoultely disappointing in her backing of Obama…

If Obama is here to transcend race then why are 95% of blacks voting for him and some of the things he has siad, if it were said by ‘white’ Clinton or McCain, they would be out of the race by now…Obama is a smooth speaker nothing more…

I am not black neither white…

Posted by Rakesh Sumit | Report as abusive

Oprah is not a politician. It’s not her job to unite the Democratic party. She has enough to worry about with her ratings, which have gone down since her Obama endorsement. Appearing partisan is not going to help her.

If the self-proclaimed ‘uniter’ cannot unite with his own pastor, that’s a sign of his (in)effectiveness or (un)willingness to bring about real change.

Posted by EV | Report as abusive

Because Oprah is smart, she got away from Wright in the 90s. Obama says he didn’t hear any of those horrible things being said in church. Obama is either an opportunist trying to create a coalition through solidarity with people he has nothing in common with or he is not being truthful. Neither of the other candidates would have survived this anti-American rhetoric. Why are we going soft on Obama?

Posted by LonghornMama | Report as abusive

So, just because you do not like Oprah’s pick, you believe she should not have taken a political stand?? Why do you think she should not take a political stand? Isn’t she a citizen of this country like yourself? I find your logic quite ridiculous. The “too many Oprah fans” – all 1 of yourself – can simply stop watching her show and you’ll be fine (of course you can’t, can you) – notice how she has not come begging you to watch???.

Posted by EO | Report as abusive

And if Hillary is smart, which she is, she would refuse to go on Oprah!

Posted by ChayaJ | Report as abusive

Oprah’s not running for office. Neither is Wright. Barack and Hillary are. If people are going to base their vote on what someone else says, then shame on them.

Posted by James Dively | Report as abusive

I have a number of observations. First, Oprah is her own person and can support who she wants politically. I think many people are now disappointed with Obama because they thought he was larger than life – he isn’t and neither is Oprah.

With respect to this election, Obama may not win either primary this Tuesday, but this is politics and anything can happen in the long term. A week is a month and a month is a year in politics. We never who is going to say what tomorrow or what we will learn about another candidate’s past affairs. It is dangerous to write anyone off just yet. Yes, my money would not be on the junior Senator from Illinois right now, but remember everyone was counting Senator Clinton out just two months ago.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

Oprah’s I’m Every Woman routine made her millions and then she turned on the first woman candidate for President. I hope women remember that next time they turn on the TV. GO HILLARY! She can’t stop you!

Posted by JTomorrowpureli | Report as abusive

I agree with you BZ. I have lost a lot of respect for Oprah since her endorsement of Obama. She is so influential and I often think of how many lives would have been saved if she had endorsed Gore in 2000 and the Iraq war never happened. I am disappointed in her. Now she endorses Obama seemingly only because of race.

Posted by CM | Report as abusive

I’m in agreement with the previous poster. One question I’m not finding an answer to was “Exactly how long did she attend Wrights church?” I have been a long time fan of Oprah, since she first began. I know that since this whole Obama mess came about… I had the utmost respect for Oprah but since… I don’t trust her at all… is there a racisit hidden behind that tv personna? A year ago, I would have said “No Way” but now… I’m not so sure. Oprahs star is more than tarnished for me. It’s rusted and crumbled. Trust is a big issue for me and once it’s lost, it’s gone forever.

Posted by Sue | Report as abusive

I agree with the comment by BZ above. I would have thought Oprah would realize that Hillary best represents the issues for women, that Oprah herself champions.

But I know my father was raised in the South, and he often was concerned about racism when I was young. It was only later that I learned he lived through the 50’s and 60’s in the South, that I understood why racism was such an overriding issue in his mind. I have to wonder if Oprah is reacting to things from her past, since she also grew up in the South and no doubt experienced some of the same things. Still, that memory can sometimes be distorted and used by current leaders in ways that do not represent the original concerns of the civil rights leaders.

Posted by Emily G | Report as abusive

Oprah turns her back on the mainstream who make her rich by supporting somebody whom she knows believing in the teaching that she herself ran away from.

Posted by vote4thebest | Report as abusive

Obama unelectable?

Only if you assume that the fall campaign will be about Rev. Wright, “elitism”, lapel pins and race. If it’s about Iraq, the Economy and 4 More Years, he’s a shoo-in.

Posted by Truesdell | Report as abusive

BZ, your comment is very manipulative and suspect. Hillary Clinton is staying in the campaign for personal reasons. In Paul v. Clinton, the judge issued an Order stating that Hillary Clinton does not have to be deposed until the election is over. If she were to drop-out tomorrow she’d have to attend a deposition and answer questions about her Senate campaign that allegedly defrauded Peter Paul out of millions of dollars in the biggest election fraud case in American history. Unfortunately, you Hillary Clinton supporters aren’t the most knowledgeable bunch America has to offer, so she uses you to prolong the inevitable deposition. Hillary Clinton’s political fate will be similar to that of Eight Belles. Watching her campaign is like beating a dead horse.

Posted by Edward Nelson | Report as abusive

Oprah is definitely not part of the Rev. Wright team. She has taken the high road by giving all of us the opportunity to discover who we are and to embrace peace and how to have unconditional love for everyone, including Hillary.

She has the right to endorse whomever she chooses because she is not a news anchor or editor. I distinctly remember her interviewing Bill Clinton who was endorsing Hillary at the time even though she supports Barack. I thought that was very gracious of her and can be placed in the ‘high road’ category.

Oprah is a beautiful person, and because of her deep involvement in the teachings of Eckhardt Tolle’s “The New Earth,” I can understand why she would be unnerved by the vitriolic ranting of her ex-Pastor. Her online class discusses how to attain true unconditional love for everyone. The Rev. Wright style of preaching will say that they believe in unconditional love and will quickly follow that statement will negativity.

We have to understand the cause and ‘cure’ for perpetuating negativity in our churches, in our media, and in our daily lives in order to progress to a higher road of well being. I understand your anguish because you want your person of choice to win the election. It’s wonderful that we can agree to disagree in America.

Posted by marymarshall | Report as abusive

I always liked Oprah and admired her but was very turned off by her campaigning for Obama against Hillary. I’m glad to hear she left Wright’s church but she endorsed Obama knowing full well what Wright was all about and how close Obama was to Wright.

Posted by SoularEnergy | Report as abusive

I quit watching Oprah years ago because she is so full of herself. when she came out to support Obama it didn’t surprise me at all. Two egotists patting each other on the back. Great. All they need to do is add Condosleeza Rice to the group and you’d have the 3 stooges.

Posted by Pam Giangrosso | Report as abusive

One respondent raised the technical problem of Obama’s place of birth in relation to his right to be president. I should like to point out that McCain also was not born in the USA. So each candidate, for different reasons, represents a challenge to a requirement that needs to be reconsidered anyway.

Posted by Richard Gustafson | Report as abusive


Posted by MICHAEL MORETTI | Report as abusive

I don’t know how any person who is a true American could even think of voting for someone who does not salute the American flag.Where do you think any of us got the freedom to sit here and type our beliefs if not from those Americans who fought and died for our country.And people are thinking of voting for someone who has supported a church that is so anti-american.Rev.Wright needs to remember if he was living in any other country he wouldn’t have the freedom to put America down. Yea, Obama I’m sure supports his belief. Has he ever came out and said what his changes will be? Why should we trust him? We don’t know anything about him. WAKE UP AMERICA!

Posted by melanie | Report as abusive

This is a great opportunity to show the world that America is a land of opportunity even during election time.
The world is watching and they are evaluating our intelligence. VOTE SMART and restore the American dream in the minds of millions of people in the world. Our economy and image are equally shattered now.

Posted by Addisa | Report as abusive

Obama! there is just way too many things fishy about this guy, a man who’s name is in Arabic, has a middle name ” Hussain” which is totally muslim BUT denies he is a Muslim!, a man who attended muslim fanatic religious school when he was young and has very close relationship with Black muslim extremist groups, friends with people who are terrorists or have harmed this country! Shall I go on…?? Wake up Americans..this isnt about race or religion..this is about electing the person who will hold the most powerful position in this world !! I would rather vote Hilary or even Mccain than to Vote for Obama and sleep with the enemies of this great nation!!

Posted by Abe | Report as abusive

Oprah left Wright’s church in the mid 90’s because of the radical preaching was offensive and would have a negative impact on her viewers if they became aware.

Obama didn’t find anything offensive and defended the preacher until it was an obvious political liability.

Posted by Al | Report as abusive

Jeremiah Wright appears to be crazy! Any reasonable person can see this. Those who are not familiar with Black churches don’t know many pastors say crazy things when they get caught up in the moment. Balance is needed in everything and I think Obama and others know how to balance what is said across a pulpit. White churches are a lot different – what is said is mostly scripted and carefully stated. These pastors do not ad lib per say. Obama is electable; some just don’t want to let their mind and heart believe it.

Posted by PLNL | Report as abusive

The Rev Wright is not only wrong he seems to embody many of the the most negative elements of religion and religious zeal.

The man has a big mouth and conveys the sentiments of a foolish egocentric. He is also a spouter of cant, devisive preaching and shows an abject lack of sensitivity.

And he calls himself a Christian??

Obama has been besmirched by this foolish reactionary, and I think the Rev. should hang his head in shame!

Posted by Keith M Warwick | Report as abusive

How in God’s name does anyone figure that Obama is responsible for words that came out of Wright’s mouth?

I sat in many classes in the University and heard my professors say many a controversal thing, but I was never held accountable for them in fact… I was rewarded for how well I coul remember and recite them

The whole idea behind church is the idea of free will. You have the right to accept or reject any statement

Posted by Kay | Report as abusive

I really just came in to read the comments, but when I clicked on the button…all I saw on the screen cuz I didn’t scroll up at first…was the signin screen.
I was caught in a moment because you know when you sign in it asks for ‘file of the word’ to ‘prove you’re a person – not spam script’.

Mine said: love

that’s all I wanted to share then….is


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