Obama chats with “Hillary” in Indiana

May 4, 2008

indiana.jpgELKHART, Ind. – With polls showing a close contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in Tuesday’s Democratic primary in Indiana, Obama, his wife Michelle and two daughters dropped by a neighborhood to try to make their pitch to undecided voters.

After the Illinois senator and his family initially went door-to-door, word spread that they were there and residents began gathering on the sidewalk to shake Obama’s hand.

As a few dozen waited to greet him, the talk was of higher gasoline costs. One woman remarked that it now costs $4 to mow a lawn. Some were interested knowing about his plans for the Iraq war and when he was going to bring the troops home.

But many just wanted an autograph or a picture with him.

“I have a question for you,” one woman said to Obama. Handing him her cellphone, she said. “My best friend Hillary’s obsessed with you and she can’t be here. Can you say ‘Hi’ to her?”

“Hi Hillary. … This is Hillary on the phone,” he announced to the onlookers. “Oh, this isn’t Hillary Clinton?” Obama joked.

“Hillary Van Dyke? I’m sorry, okay,” he said. “Well, it’s nice to meet you. Thanks for your support.” 

Photo credit: Reuters/Jason Reed (Obama speaks with woman on phone)


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I am taking bets as to what Hillary will come up with to get votes in Kentucky….. It will be interesting. She has pretty much used up everything including amending the Constitution to allow Guam to vote in the general election. She is testing that theory to see if it is popular and then she will promise the same to Puerto Rico. Since low level voters in Indiana don’t read, They will never know what a bad idea this gas tax holiday is. We have seen how Hillary intends to fight. A lot like George Bush.
It scares me that so many Republicans including Conservative media is pushing so hard for Hillary to win the primary. “She will be the best candidate to face McCain in November” they shout. If you believe that I have a piece of swamp land to sell you.

Posted by ron | Report as abusive

Give the elitist thing a rest. I ,as a voter, am quite tired of the trite attempts of using polispeak as a way to generate a bit of so-called controversy. Just report the news and leave the social commentary alone. Most of us voters are further along than “reporters”. Hillary made the elitist (net worth over one hundred million dollars) statement, voters gave it no thought until “talking heads” blew it out of proportion and now about every third or fourth story some uninspired writer tries to keep it alive.
If you listened, he corrected himself and he moved on. But some really thrive on living in the past.

Posted by Ervin Foulk | Report as abusive

Ervin ,
Being rich doesn’t make you an elitist , as usual Obama supporters are ill informed.

Posted by Tara | Report as abusive

Right, being rich doesn’t make you an elist. Going to an expensive university and coming out to work at a huge corporate law firm does. Being on the board of Wal-Mart sucking up a big paycheck while the workers are told how to get Medicaid does. Thinking you can tell us you were shot at by snipers and that we were all dumb enough to believe makes you an elitist.

But really, I don’t want a common trailer part redneck running the country. I don’t want my President to be someone I want to have a beer with. I want my President to be better than me and smarter than me. I want my President to be confident and a leader, not a follower. Hillary has had any original ideas. Even the gas tax holiday was a tag along from McCain.

Posted by tmks | Report as abusive