Clinton sees $$ in protestors’ wake

May 8, 2008

WASHINGTON – Hillary Clinton got a rapturous response from a mostly female audience at a fundraiser on Wednesday evening. Many in the audience urged her to stay in the race for the Democratic White House nomination against rival Barack Obama. 

But at least two demonstrators dissented, standing and interrupting her speech before being led out of the room. 

Clinton, a senator from New York, was not thrown off.  “I welcome that,” she said, saying strong opinions were part of the American birthright. “It’s who we are.” 

The former first lady, who disclosed earlier that she loaned another $6.4 million to her campaign, said she hoped the protestors made another kind of contribution in addition to disrupting her remarks.  “I hope they paid to come.”


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This is getting ridiculous people. There is no way for her to win. Hell, to shut people up, give her the Florida and Michigan count and she still can’t win. She’s still a hundred some delegates behind Obama.

I won’t vote for her if she gets the nomination out of my moral principal. You don’t reward a child that kicks, screams, shouts, cheats, lies, and tries to break the rules . So why should I reward Clinton for this behavior and encourage it. I’m not even going to list the things Clinton has done either for me to get this perspective because if you can’t see them then you’re far gone.

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Evidently the Clintons just cannot accept or believe they have lost . Seems to me they are only making fools of themselves at this point .

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I will rather vote for McCain than vote for Obama. I hope she stays on the race until EVERYONE has voted. Asking her to quit is like telling those people who have not voted that their opinions do not count. Is that the American way of doing things? If Obama was half decent, he would try to include Michigan and Florida and welcome the contest in the remaining states. The fact that he won’t shows that he is not acting any different from the old politics he supposely will change…

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Obama contaminated himself by trumpeting his endorsement by David Boren. Here are some facts about Boren: (1) he is a right-wing politician from way back, (2) he is a good friend of the Bush family and a member of Skull and Bones, (3) he was one of the most conservative “Democrats” in Congress when he was a U.S. Senator, (4) he is widely known as the mentor and sponsor of the discredited George Tenet, (5) for 2004 he was supporting the conservative Lieberman for the Democratic nomination, (6) as recently as January 2008, he was hoping to be a running mate on an independent ticket with Bloomberg. Boren flip-flops around like a mackerel on a beach. Bottom line: he’s just hoping that someone will reward him with a Cabinet office. He’s also a good friend of McCain. If McCain wins, Boren, a very deceitful man, will tell him that he endorsed Obama for the Democratic nomination because he knew that Obama would be easier to defeat than Hillary in November.

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1) Clinton would have clinched the nomination long ago if the Dems did things the way the Republicans do (winner takes all).

2) If Florida and Michigan had actually counted (maybe with a penalty of half the delegates) Hillary would have likely been viewed as unstoppable and clinched the nomination.

3) None of it matters now, and the Dems will likely nominate the weaker and less qualified candidate.

Great work Dems! I suppose I’ll either write in Clinton, or I’ll vote McCain, as I don’t see Obama having much substance. On healthcare alone he loses my vote–a universal healthcare plan that isn’t universal. Nice.

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This is getting painful, she’s embarrassing. She’s making it more difficult for the next woman. HRC is making it harder on the party and the nation than it needs to be. If she hopes to have any sort of future, she should try to show some class.

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If the press weren’t so in love with Obama, then I think Hillary could still have a chance. But they’ve been saying that Hillary is done for months and months now. Their dreams are coming true.

Nice going Chris Matthews, Tim Russert, Chuck Todd, Keith Olbermann, Joe Klein, Wolf Blitzer, Ron Reagan, (who lauds Obama at every step and then continues with the charade that he is “uncommitted”). You men have shown that you can pretend to be unbiased while eviscerating Clinton at every step and pretending that Obama is God.

These are the same people who destroyed Howard Dean and gave us John Kerry for the general election. That worked out well. NOT.

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Hilary Clinton is beyond redemption – so vicious and ruthless is her quest for power and money.

I think she is a disgrace to American politics and is making it unwitteringly clear that she is definitely NOT presidential material.

Obama is THE candidate: America MUST see that!

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To all Clinton supporters: Obama is the nominee. If you are considering not voting for him, think of what more conservative supreme court judges (McCain hs promised to appoint) would do to our country, hold your nose and vote for him. Just like I would while voting for Hillary.

Enough said.

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Hillary is a fighter and should be respected for her tenacity. Even though I support Obama I would like to see Sen. Clinton stay the course. There is no reason for her to drop out now. Several states have not had the chance to participate yet. The Democratic Party will come together soon enough. Think about it, in past elections we have never selected our nominee until June or later. Don’t allow the media pundits with their fear tactics to control our nominating process. It,s over when Hillary says it’s over and no sooner. The Democratic Party will be the stronger for it, not weaker. The Clintons have served the party well in the past should be trusted to support the party regardless of who the winner is.

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Hillary is in this to win get that clear! We who support her are doing our best but he problem is we are the poorest of the poor. We don’t have people orchestrating a big give away like Oprah with her millions doling it out to people to donate. The truth will come out the Clinton Campaign just can’t openly state what the problem is.

Some of us have heard that directly from his people and they are actually paying for votes. Now that low!

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OMG, graceful exit is not in her vocabulary. I am sorry I voted for her, she is REALLY hurting us (the democratic party) now. Sad, really sad.

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As Donna Brozilla said last night on CNN, the Democratic Party does not need white middle class americans anymore. College kids, blacks, and latte liberals are all they need.

That’s just fine. I will vote for McCain. Simple as that.

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Hillary is hoping she can lure donors to donate long enough to pay her bills. Hillary has only shown financial and political incompetence. And she’s just as hardheaded and divisive as Bush.

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The good part about this long drawn out self destruction is that she’ll be able to take over where Ralph Nader has been, minus integrity.

Posted by It’s ugly to see Hillary melt down | Report as abusive

this must be how Dr. King felt or was treated. She fights for civil rights, to make sure that every American’s vote is counted and she is ‘booed’ and ‘bullied’ for doing so. Of course, she gains something from it, just like Dr. King knows that he gains something from his fight too! Obama is blatantly oppressing the millions of voters in Florida and Michigan and people think that this is Ok? It is Obama and his supporters are the one who steals the election from Clinton!

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To GMT, To your comments:
1. on if the Democrats used the same rules as the Republicans HRC whould be the nominee: well the DMC doesnt so a moot point. I guess if the DMC used the same rules as the Socialist party the corronated one would have won from the get go.
2 In reference to Florida and Michigan Hillary Clinton agreed in the beginning that these votes should not count, many of her advisors including Harold Ickes were on committees that made the decision to not count those votes, so to change the rules now is disingenuous, and even with these votes even in the communist style Michigan primary she still would be behind Obama in delegates and the popular vote.
3 In reference to voting for the weaker or John Kerry type candidate, what does it mean to be strong? It means to stand up and fight for something if you think it is right, even if it is unpopular. So Obama opposed NAFTA, the Iraq war and the gas tax holliday to begin with. Hillary Clinton has flip flopped on NAFTA, the Iraq war, drivers licenses for illegal immigrants, and she pandered to try and repeal the gas tax even though she and even her staunchest supporters like Paul Krugman knew it would be counterproductive and would in the end RAISE gas prices.
What has she ever accomplished on her own? The only reason she was able to get elected to the Senate in the first place in a state in which she had no ties is because her last name is the same as a former President. This is the only reason she was in a position as the JUNIOR senator from New York that she had a legitimate shot at the Democratic nomination. Not to mention the fact that many of the votes she has gotten are from people who believe they are voting for a Bill Clinton third term. A candidate with any other last name would have been forced out after 11 straight primary losses.
HRC has never ever stuck to her guns on any issue of importance. She is interested in one thing an one thing only: political gain. This is what makes her the weaker candidate. Thank goodness it will be Obama in 08.

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This whole episode is painful for me to watch. The country is in desperate need for change after eight years of inept, corrupt leadership. We have a party in power that has squandered hundreds of billions of dollars as well as international goodwill on an unnecessary war; the country is mired in debt, the deficit is growing, oil is rising towards $200 per barrel, millions are without adequate access to healthcare, education standards are going down. The party in power is so glaringly out of touch with reality, out of ideas, and in complete disarray it’s unbelievable they still attract significant support.

All the Democratic Party needed to do was nominate a leader who possess commonsense, has enough experience, is non-controversial, down-to-work, and can show the country he can take a tough stand to uphold the country’s interests. Such a leader didn’t even need charisma – he/she just needs to get things done. And after months of bickering, what are we left with? The Democratic Party is about to nominate the one candidate who could possibly galvanize the Republican base. Many of these people are so disillusioned they were planning to sit out November to send a message to their party. Now, with a presumptive nominee who is thin on experience, whose actions in government haven’t matched the lofty heights of his rhetoric, who is connected to all manners of shady radical figures, and whose promise of talking to America’s adversaries without pre-conditions amount to capitulation – a tacit admission of defeat, the Republicans will come out in droves to vote for McCain because they are afraid of an Obama presidency. The Democrats are about to do the impossible: lose an election that ought to be unloseable.

I truly fear for the future of this country.

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I,m not an American. I am an Indian. But the (wierd) way things seem to be going in this run up, I see two possibilities emerging:

1. Clinton wins – then its a fair fight between her and McCain

2. Clinton loses (to Obama) – then quite abruptly, the folks who’ve seemingly rooted for Obama would realize that they were more anti-Clinton than pro-Obama….
And that would lead to a certain victory for McCain….

Fence Watcher

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dems down the tubes. i think it’s so hilarious how all the obamaniacs think he walks on freakin water, and hillary is the devil incarnate. everything that every obama freak touts as hillary’s sins, he’s done moreso, except she actually has the cojones to say it and stand up for it, where he lets his campaign do the dirty work and still say he’s waged the more noble campaign. he’s a dirty lying trickster, and you’ll get what you vote for. as a lifelong democrat, it will be very hard to reject senator clinton’s plea to bring the party together and vote for obama, but i plan on doing just that. i won’t support him, there are so many people who won’t who also think that, despite all the horrible injustices of the past 7 years, it’s nothing compared to obama’s pouty entitlement attitude that he deserves the nomination and the white house, not to mention the fact that he’s so wet behind the ears that he can’t make heads or tails of policy (yeah, let’s raise the capilal gains tax, even though it’s a proven fact that it lowers tax revenues and does absolutely nothing to help the middle class … what an idiot). he deserves nothing but a quick exit off the national stage. send him back to the state senate of illinois and he can vote ‘present’ all he wants.

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it is not the press ,it’s the people,look ,with all the Rev Wrights controversy,gasoline tax cuts,a Muslim being aired full time,was it againist Clinton?,it was againist Obama but still Americans looked beyond the media and saw reality,accepting defeat is what sets America’s democracy a class apart,JUST GET REAL.

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I had a lot of respect for senator clinton. but she is making it more and more difficult to maintain my respect for
her. I am 100% her staying in the race. But i do not like her campaigning anymore. Bill said obama camp play race card on him. But all i heard is that senator clinton saying women are more difficult to be successful than man. i will be the first women president and i am proud that i will be the living proof that girl can become president. is that playing gender card? i did not hear anything obama campaign saying blacks for obama. she said she had more experience. if she doesn’t know how to fold and how can i believe her judgement.

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Hillary all the way…SHE is the TRUE hero of this election cycle!!! I am disgusted, DISGUSTED!!! by all the RIDICULOUS and UNFAIR treatment of HRC. He drinks a beer and it ”cool” while HRC takes a shot and it is WWIII. Who is ”PIMPING” their kids…vote for Daddy! The Clintons are accused of ’pimpin’ Chelsea.

What is missed is…fact! HRC does not have the math…granted…but she has been treated UNFAIRLY! YOU silly OBAMA supporters don’t get the fact that YOU NEED OUR HRC VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For me and ANYONE that I can reach in my vicinity WILL NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!VOTE OBAMA!!!!!!!!!! MCCAIN ALL THE WAY IF NO HILLARY DAMNIT!!!!!

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Wow, you Clinton supporters are something else. Have you listened to Obama? You have not had a candidate like him probably ever.

Have you listened to Hillary? Does it not bother you that she was caught fabricating a ‘landing under fire’ story to boost her popularity. Someone who would lie about something like that on camera, at a podium, would lie about anything.

Be bright America. Elect Obama.


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I think we should Hillary a chance. I would trust Hillary much more than Obama. I think she would make a great president. She really knows what she is doing. She has been given some very unfair press. Continue fighting Hillary. You deserve to win.

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Has everyone on this blog heard of Project Chaos. Rush Limbaugh’s attempt to have republicans vote for the weaker candidate to drag out election. No real democrat would ever vote for McCain. Don’t be fooled by these bloggers. As far as Hilary she has lent her own campaign $11.4 million! Who’s the elitist? Take a seat Hilary, the only one that wants you running is yourself.

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Its Clinton, or I’ll stay home on election day! PERIOD.

Obama is a joke! And the GOP will rip him to shreds just as they did Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, and Kerry…watch and see…its gonna be interesting! lol

When will the Democratic party ever learn to put the BEST candidate up against the Republican machine. Its a shame!

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I admire Hillary for her tenacity and courage, despite the despicable attempts by pundits and some politicians to get her to drop out. She has every right to stay in until the end. The next two contests in VW and Kentucky will demonstrate why she should stay in. I’m tired of the media and political cowards trying to sway an election and disenfranchise voters. Hillary is such a formidable candidate and the best choice to go up against McCain. Obama will be another George McGovern and Michael Dukakis, and will go down to defeat in November.

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If Obama was half decent, he would try to include Michigan and Florida and welcome the contest in the remaining states. ‘

Well if Clinton was half decent, she wouldn’t include Michigan as Obama wasn’t even on the ticket.
There is no logisitical way for Clinton to win. The ONLY way she can possibly garner the nomination is if the Super Delegates over ride the voters and choose her over Obama.

If that happens, the citizens of America should revolt, because that would mean they’re votes don’t really matter at all.

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“We don’t have people orchestrating a big give away like Oprah with her millions doling it out to people to donate.”

Sherri, are you serious? This is total fabrication. I’ve donated what I can to the campaign, but I’ve donated a lot of time. I don’t expect anything in return (and I’m certainly not going to get anything) other than a potentially better country when this is all over.

Let’s be realistic: the years of political machinery that the Clintons come with constitutes far more of an advantage than a talk show host’s endorsement.

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I am a register independent voter. I respect that Mrs. Clinton chose to stay in the race. She truely shows her integrity at this difficult moment for her. She reminds me of my Mom.

Basically, I dislike the far left and the far right wings in either the parties. But I have to admit that I used to be lean to Democratic, and still am.

However, in the past several months, Mr.Obama’s violent loony “fans” (yes, Media, you are included) really turned me off. I’m not going to vote for someone who is so arrogant, looking down on the people (yeah, right, we all have a “broken” soul and he is the only one who can fix it), full of empty echoes of “Hopey” and “Changey” while he is comfortably one of the members of the Chicago’s well-known corrupted state government (how else can you explain he rose up so quickly with such razor thin resume?). He pretends to be a Washington oursider, but the truth is he is just one of them — maybe a bit junior one.

Bottom line — Mr. Hopey and his loonies can kiss my vote goodbye in the coming Nov. Period.

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Here we go again everyone yelling for her to quit. WHY? It’s an election for the presidency. It should go on as long as it takes and stop bullying her to get out. If this was a fair race Obama would have no problem counting all the peoples vote including Florida and Michigan (Talk about lying it is not an honest win if millions do not have their vote counted.

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I don’t think Obama has a chance. Their is a question of his Patriotism, his honesty, and his friends on everyones mind, This will be an easy win for Mc Cain.

Posted by mimi | Report as abusive

“We don’t have people orchestrating a big give away like Oprah with her millions doling it out to people to donate.”

Well Sherrie you don’t know anything about Obama’s contributors. I am like Rena (previous poster), I too donate to Obama as often as I can even if its in small amounts. I can’t vote, but I am doing it because I have a college student who needs to continue with his education but find college costs extremely high. Obama is my hope $4,000 a year per student goes a long way towards tuition.

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To Blessed,

You can be assured that about half of the Democrats do not agree with you. If we had winner take all primaries she would have alreay won.I not only would never vote for Obama, As far as I am concerned,the man is pure evil and he, Wright,Ayers, and Rezko can go to hell.
But if he steals the nomination and Florida and Michigan don’t count ebvery self respecting Democrat should leave the party.

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regarding mimi’s statement above about question of Obama’s patriotism, choice of friends…
if by patriotism you mean that mess about the pin, it has to be one of the stupidest arguments i have ever heard. Wearing a pin does not constitute a patriot.
as for honesty… at least he wasn’t one of the Keating 5(like McCain), or didn’t make up stories that he was under fire when he disembarked from an airplane.
as for choice of friends… have you heard about McCain showering John Hagee with praise when that wingnut announced his endorsement of McCain? Hagee makes Rev.Wright look like saint.

I’m not picking on you in particular, mimi, and if that’s what it looks like, then I apologize. I just want to point out that all 3 potential candidates have skeletons. the best way to pick a nominee to vote for is to look at their platform. Issues like health care, the battered economy are what’s important, although you would probably not see that in todays main stream media, which seems to pander to ratings, ratings, ratings. can we please have more news clips about obama’s bowling score, or hillary’s unforgivable sin of not kissing a@@ to the campaign reporters?

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Wow, there are a lot of sore losers posting here! Funny how most are quoting an obscure statement or factoid that is either out-of-text or just not accurate. Maybe Blogging is ‘good therapy’, but the reality is the Democrats need to learn to unite or they’re going to flop.

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The Clinton era is finally over. As a Democrat, I am pleased to see us moving beyond the era of Slick Willie and now, Slick Hillary. Hillary should NEVER be forgiven for voting for this God-forsaken war–political posturing to win bona fides as a hawk. Obama actually has a strong sense of morality, which is blatantly missing in the Clinton D.N.A. Good riddance. I have been voting for 35 years now–typically for the lesser of two evils. We finally have an inspirational leader–we will need one in light of the multiple problems facing this world.

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Thank you Democrats. By choosing BARRACK OBAMA, you have single-handedly given the general election to McCain. As a black man and republician. I really want to thank the media(Because they speak for you and i and know what is good for us) and my ever so ignorant African American population who will vote Baboon if it was black minus the experience. Thank you Democrats……….Love your ignorance. By benching your best candidates (HRC), you have missed the mark sadly again. HRC was your best hope for capturing the white house. I must admit i would have love to see a HRC and McCain show down than a Obama- McCain matchup. But after all it is your party, the same party that did not want to give African American the right to vote, the same party that has now defranchise Florida and Michigan for the sake of party politics and expendiency. …….So you deserve to lose the general election again.

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Obama ran a better campaign, he’s better organized, he has plenty of substance, he’s an inspiring leader, and he doesn’t have deep connections with lobbyist. it is time for change in this country. Clinton has ran a campaign that she’s kept alive with her own money. it has been a campaign that is not as well organized as Obamas. the only way she could possibly squeak out a win is by bending rules. i don’t think the people that followed the rules should stand for this manipulation. if this was going to be such a big deal, democrats in Michigan and Florida should have protested this a while ago… before it was decided their delegates would not be seated.

Clinton shouldn’t leave the race right away, but i’m looking forward to her campaigning on a friendlier note and bringing her followers over to Obama in order to unite the party. then i would respect her. but i find her unrelenting drive for an upset in the primaries as very “rove-ish.”

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I really believe that Hillary MUST STAY IN THE RACE!!!!!
I have spoken to alot of democrats, and they have informed me that if Obama is chosen as the nominee, they will not go out and vote in November, or THEY MIGHT
EVEN CAST THEIR VOTE FOR MCCAIN, INSTEAD of voting for Obama. I am of the same consensus. The Democratic Party will not and cannot be united if alot of Democrats feel this way. And we have to give this alot of thought, do we really want another Republican in office, I think NOT. This country needs someone who is truly for the WORKING CLASS CITIZENS. ONLY HILLARY CLINTON WILL DO AS PRESIDENT !!!!!!!!!

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I’m European with enormous respect for the America of my youth (born 1941 U.K.)and for the American people of today: not for the the present administration. I have followed the path of the Clintons and the rise of Obama. I do sincerely hope the super dees take the helm here and nominate Hillary Clinton. If they do, she will definitely have to offer the Veep to Obama since Bill has already suggested she will – and then my friends you have an unbeatable team. God Help America if any other path is taken. Obama is a brilliant and dynamic orator, a vigorous young and energetic junior. His place in history right now is to learn and earn the respect required for the Presidency, not to demand it …”because we can!…”

As Hillary said at the beginning, “This is not a game folks” America wake up! If you lose her now, you lose your best chance of survival because she won’t be around the next time and what then? Good luck and God Bless – you need it if you’re going to throw the presidency into McCain’s lap.

gill scott malaga spain

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I’m a 48 year old white male who is mystified with women who support Hillary but say they’ll stay home or vote for McCain in November rather than voting for Obama. What I have a hard time figuring out is why you’d do that when McCain (a) voted against the equal pay act, and (b) wants more judges like Alito and Scalia.

There are dozens and dozens of other reasons for not voting for McCain but those 2 alone would I think be of critical importance to any woman who calls herself a feminist. Would someone please explain and not just use the typical responses that Hillary is more qualified -because the delegate count isn’t going to end up in her favor.

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Hillary shouldn’t act so proud of her “win” in Indiana.
She only “won” because of the Rush factor.
Our county is almost exclusively Republican but had an unusually high number of democratic ballots cast by what I suspect were Republicans….

Indiana voter

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I’m a middle class woman who voted for Senator Clinton. I’m not alone in my thinking that Senator Obama is still wet behind the ears.What exactly is Obama going to change about the politics in Washington?Is Washington broken?What does Obama have to say about our environment and what does he propose to do about green house emisions?Just because someone can speak well doesn’t make him presidential material.I may just write in Clinton’s name or just sit at home this November, I haven’t made up my mine yet.

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I am only watching this election for that glorious, magical day when Hillary admits defeat with a smile on her face for her final humiliation.

Posted by Brian Wall | Report as abusive

A message for anyone, on either side, who claims they will stay home or even vote McCain instead if their own choice is not the candidate for the Democratic party: Are we as Americans really so petty, selfish, self-involved and petulent, that if ‘our’ team doesn’t win the battle, then we’ll sit out the war? Because a McCain presidency would be just that. More preemptive wars, more dead soldiers, more missing money, more squandered money, more extreme-conservative Supreme Court justices, more attacks on abortion rights, equal pay, free speech and privacy…

If we do not come together after this mess is resolved, and as the other poster said, ‘hold our noses and vote’ for our second favorite democrat should our favorite not get the nod, we will deserve everything we get.

Posted by David Rozgonyi | Report as abusive

Hi, What I think is that everything has a begining and its end. Clinton begun ruling since her husand was enthroned. Now, however, what I wonder is the eagerness that she still has to be among rulers. Anyway, I would not blame her, I believe that power is like money; “The more you have, the more you would long for” and this is a continueous course. If at all the American people wanted to know who is best to lead, they would probably check more on the intergrity of the individual rather than simply voting out of passion or favoritism. Remember, the one you vote for stands for upto about 5 years till you can think of replacement, unless otherwise. Hence, this proves the fact that CLINTON SHOULD REST, and a brand new era, generation and ideology should be embraced soonest possible.

You might doubt me now, b’cause anyway, it’s your “birth right”, but in the long run…Yu will find out that, we all need: “CHANGE”.



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Hmm, I still don’t see how Hillary is more experienced. She was elected to the Senate in 2001, Barack was elected to the state senate in 1996. Being a first lady does not necessarily mean she has experience! Should we vote for for Laura Bush next election since she has 8 years experience? Sometimes someone can make up for a lack of experience by using intelligence. Just because you lack experience does not automatically make you a bad leader and just because you have experience does not qualify you as a good leader.

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Also, if you the take time out of your Hillary worshiping and actually do some research on Obama, you’ll see how similar their political views are. You people who are saying you’ll stay home and not vote because Hillary doesn’t win the nomination are just lacking sense! You sound like a spoiled child who didn’t get what they wanted from the candy shop and are going to whine about it all the way home.

Also, to the people say MI and FL votes need to be counted. Why? Why change the rules whenever they suit YOUR political opinions? MI shouldn’t be counted simply because Obama was not on the ballots. Also, if you want to include both states, then split the delegates 50/50. There won’t be a change in Obama’s lead but they’ll both be closer to the required delegate count. AND please quit saying this is Obama’s fault! It’s not his fault that TWO states decided to break the party rules that THEY signed off on to begin with! This country needs to learn some accountability.

Posted by JosephB | Report as abusive

For Hillary Clinton voters
I know you really want Hillary to be president. I don’t blame you. She is an intelligent and strong candidate. When she announced that she was running I was excited about the idea of her and Bill being back in the White House. I was all about voting for her until I started to really look at Obama. He wants most of the same things as Hillary does. He might want to do them in slightly different ways but their ideals are very close. There are some differences between them I’m sure. But come November I will vote for either one of them if they are on the ballot because I know that they are both better than McCain. If you can honestly say that you would vote for McCain over Obama you do not believe in the things that Hillary Clinton wants for this country. The Democratic party will have it’s nominee very soon. We as Democrats need to stick together no matter who we have as our nominee. We can’t afford to have McCain win. I hope you all see that. If you are not going to vote for Obama if he wins why are you a Democrat? We all have our opinions and we want to see our favorite in the White House. Most Obama voters seem to think Hillary would be a great second choice if Obama was to lose. But it seem like most Hillary followers would vote for McCain or not vote at all instead of voting for Obama.
If you think That Hillary Clinton is the better choice over McCain. Logic would suggest that you would believe Obama would be better than McCain.
I’ve actually taken a whole college course dedicated to Logic….. seriously look into it.
Logic is wonderful. McCain does not agree with your way of thinking. He thinks you are wrong to believe we should leave Iraq. He believes in most of the policies of BUSH. A man that 91% of Democrats believe has done and is doing a horrible job as President. McCain will follow in the foot steps of a President who is widely known and believed to be the worst President of all time.
Im not going to start saying Hillary should drop out. At this point its wasted breath. She will stay in until the end and I say good for her. This election has been a great thing for the Democratic party. An African American and a Woman both coming this far is amazing. It will be a great thing if we all come together and vote for our Democratic nominee because we will take back the White House by a land slide.
We messed up the last two elections. Lets not lose this one.

We can tell our Grand Kids that we were there.
We where there when the First African American was elected President.
And our grand kids will ask why we called him an African American.
Because maybe by then we will all be simply referred to as Americans.
OR we might say we where there when the first Woman was elected President.
I know thats what Hillary Clinton supporters would rather hear.
That time will come.
Lets take back the White House as a united people.
Obama will most likely win the nomination.
Im asking you all to vote for the logical choice.
The logical choice is not McCain.
Thank you,
That’s all

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Logic, she says. Well this is our country and voting for the wrong person because it logical to do does not necessary mean it is the right thing to do. People i beg you take a look at this person Barrack Obama before you make that vote. I would personally tell you not to vote for Barrack Obama for the following reason:
You definately do not want to vote for Obama, i am very worried of the company he keeps. There is this saying” show me your friends and i will show you who you are”, “Birds of the same feathers definately flock together” and Finally ” a fly without direction will follow the corpse to the grave” From Pastor wright to Louis Frannakan(Anti-semetic), i wonder what plans Obama have for Israel and our national security as he meet with the President of Iran who is pledged to the destruction of israel and current sponsor of terrorism (Hezbollah in Lebanon and Sadr Miltia in Iraq). If Obama thinks he can negotiate with this regime? The same regime that humilated President Jimmy Carter( I understand why every attempt at negotiation fails with this fellow after all he could not secure the hostages seized by Khomeni cronies during America Embassy incident). Well, i just worry for the sake of this country.

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