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The county-by-county results of the Obama v. Clinton contests in most states (including Indiana) appear on the whole to show urban v. rural majorities, i.e., urban majorities for Obama and rural majorities for Clinton.

Isn’t this pretty much the way things turned out when looking back on the general election maps of 2000 and 2004, i.e., urban majorities for democrats and rural majorities for republicans?

Are these rural majorities of late actually republicans voting in democrat primaries? Nobody seems to know…no matter how often Rush Limbaugh rushes in to toot his fast fading horn.

I’m willing to go with a flip of the even-odds coin that it really won’t make much difference how rural democrats vote in the 2008 presidential election. They will be outnumbered by rural republicans for the most part…as they have traditionally been in recent years. That being the case, Mrs. Clinton’s rural base of support would be for the most part meaningless when pitted against the usual rural republican base of support, the latter for the most part going to Mr. McCain this November no doubt.

I’m willing to go with another flip of the even-odds coin and say that Mr. Obama will be the democrat presidential nominee…and that his fortunes will rise or fall depending on the usual democrat urban majorities.

It’s too bad, but I don’t think that Mr. Obama can overcome the polarization of the American voting electorate, e.g., rural v. urban; working class & lower middle class v. upper middle class & lower privileged class.

If Mr. Obama wins in November, it will be urban democrat majorities that put him over the top. If Mr. McCain wins in November, it will be rural republican majorities that put him over the top.

The real question is (and always has been) which way will the so called independent swing voters go?

Best Regards,
Oklahoma Jack

By: lin Thu, 08 May 2008 23:44:15 +0000 Mrs.Clinton “won” Indiana by 1.1%–and Rush clearly has a hand in her “victory.” The Rush effect was also evident in Texas and Pennsylvannia. For the Dem Party elders NOT to intervene at this point when it is obvious that Mrs. Clinton CANNOT win the nomination and allow her to spoil not only Obama’s BUT the party’s chances for a true victory in November is pure cowardice. The Clintons are not a caricature of power-lust gone mad. They are now a demented couple, caught in their cocoon of insane dynastic entitlement and denial, who are tearing down the party, the American citizens and the republic as they continue to tear down Obama.

By: AlexLawyer Thu, 08 May 2008 06:36:40 +0000 Hillary Clinton appears to suffer from multiple personality disorder with her consultant-prescribed persona du jour. Her new base is retirees and rednecks–who’d have thought? She will say anything, tell any lie, launch any vicious and distorted attack and hopelessly wound the inevitable nominee to get a long shot at the presidency. She’s a narcissist with no concern for the consequences of her self-serving actions, which may well be another 4 years of neocon rule.