Hillary the Fighter versus Hillary the Uniter?

May 10, 2008

boxer.jpgLOUISVILLE, Ky. – As Barack Obama gains momentum in his battle with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party’s 2008 presidential nomination, there are signs that the scrappy New York senator’s inner fighter may be giving way to the uniter who will knit the fractured party back together once the bruising nomination process ends. 

But parsing her recent campaign speeches from West Virginia and South Dakota to Oregon and Kentucky, Clinton does not appear ready to give up the fight just yet.  

At a speech late on Friday here, Clinton appeared initially to aim for a conciliatory tone toward Obama, only mentioning her challenger to draw comparisons between women and blacks — two groups that she said had suffered greatly under the original U.S. Constitution written by America’s founders. 

“Neither Senator Obama nor I nor many of you were fully included in the vision of our founders,” Clinton said.

“We’re here for one reason – to make sure the next president is a Democrat,” Clinton told the dinner held by the Kentucky Democratic Party. “Once we have a nominee I know in my heart we will come together as a party.”

But later in the speech she used very specific pronouns: calling for “a Democratic president who will roll up her sleeves and get to work for all of you.”

A day earlier in Charleston, West Virginia, Clinton had dismissed calls for her to drop out of the race as “déjà vu all over again,”  and recalled similar entreaties before she won the Pennsylvania Democratic primary. 

“There are people who said we need to end this before we get to West Virginia. Well, I don’t think so,” Clinton said. “I was never supposed to win Indiana.” 

Clinton has vowed to continue running until the voting concludes on June 3, but she and campaign aides have hinted she would step aside if it is clear that Obama will be the nominee. 

So which is it? Hillary the Fighter or Hillary the Uniter? Time will tell.

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Chris Baltimore (A Clinton supporter holds up boxing gloves at fundraiser in New York City.)


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Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

she’s a fighter. duh!

Posted by oSCAMa hater | Report as abusive

By remaining in the race Clinton has shown how out-of-touch she is with regular Americans who a looking for real change. I just hope she doesn’t do great damage to Obama’s ability to take on McBush.

Posted by Clarke D | Report as abusive

She has to fight on because she is the only Democrat qualified. Additionally, the GOP is just waiting for the other candidate to be the nominee before they let go with the WMD available to them for his political destruction.

Posted by Roger Thomas | Report as abusive

The fighter and uniter are one and the same. You can fight for our country and our citizens, and you can unite under the common good and our goals to lead for that cause. There is no “versus” here .. only in your headline.

Posted by Mandelay | Report as abusive

Hillary is the best qualified? She knows foreign leaders? Give me a break. Ask her who is the current president of Russia. Hillary’s answer is: Mr. Dmitry Whatever. No, hillary, it is Mr. Dmitry Medvedev, not whatever.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

Neither. Bill and Hillary are both placing high stakes bets against their political legacy — if they don’t take the nomination and McCain manages to win in the general election, their invaluable assistance in producing a third Bush term will not soon be forgotten. Call her Hillary the Gambler instead.

Posted by Bill and Hillary the Gambler | Report as abusive

We will see how Mrs Clinton devides West Virginians from the rest of the country.

We will see how many West virginian self-label their own state as xenophobic.

We will see how many tourism they un-welcome by self-labeling themselves as “racists”

We will see how many West Virginians comit political suicide by voting for Clinton

Posted by Alma ludivina | Report as abusive

Eww, Alma ludivina… Some of you Obama supporters are crazy!

I agree with Mandeley, the “versus” in the headline is unnecessary. She is both, and if and when Obama does clinch the nomination I am confident she will do everything in her power to bring her Party together.

Posted by Avishai | Report as abusive

History proves Hillery has NEVER been a uniter…her stock in trade is triangulate or destroy! Behind closed doors and get even….It is always someone elses fault—WONDER WHO SHE WILL BLAME NOW?

There is a large difference between working and working smart! Between fighting for the PEOPLE and fighting for her self delusion. All her experience is assumbed /borrowed. What has Ms. clinton fought for and won–except to keep her last name so she could run for the Senate and this trainwreck.

Posted by Docb | Report as abusive

The Clintons have both digressed to the filthiest political trends ever! I never was a Clinton supporter. when BIll was runnning for President, I clearly remember a woman asking Bill if he wore Jockey shorts or boxers. I was so stunned when Bill answered when he should have politely passed on the question. A small thing? Yes, but very telling of his morals an ethics….NONE. He is showing on a grand scale just how unethical and immoral he is; Hilliary is all showing her lack of morals and ethics. They have always been this way, people chose to wear their blinders and/or rosecolored glasses. We do not need those Clintons in the White House to disparage and shame the White House, the Office of the Presidency, and the United States of America and its citizens. Hilliary has sold out what little integrity she had to begin with! I imagine New Yorkers are totally fed up with her and her horrid behavior and dispicable campaign tactics that they are ready to kick her and her carpetbag ARZ out of New York!!

Posted by NinaK | Report as abusive

Which would you rather have as our president? A fighter for the middle class or a uniter who gets nothing done.
Obama will rely on the party bosses like Kennedy and Kerry for his decisions…there will be no change..just a new face…it will be politics as usual.
Hillary will get things done pronto and kick those lazy congressmen into shape. This is what I call change.

Posted by Joel O’Connell | Report as abusive

The metaphor of a fighter doesn’t work. She’s an old lady who has a big mouth, and an poor attitude. She’s not a fighter, just an elderly over-the-hill woman, that doesn’t know when she’s lost.

Posted by kevin | Report as abusive

Whatever! Obama couldn’t unite his shoelaces! He and the uber-liberals running the DNC have split the party into 2 angry, competing factions, and set race relations in the party back 40 years! You think things are getting ugly now, and that they’ll help the Republicans? Wait ’til Obama loses, can you imagine the infighting and blame-hurling there’ll be over the following 4 years? Can you say 0 for 3?


Posted by lightnin | Report as abusive

Hillary is a fighter for the voters’concerns, but she is a unifier when it comes to sponsoring or co-sponsoring a bill in the Senate. Obama claims to work across party lines, but Hillary actually does this. Republicans and people who actually work with her say Hillary isn’t divisive at all. Obama made very little effort to work across party lines and unify during his first year in the Senate, contrary to what he tells supporters. But…this is a pattern of his, so no surprise there. He also tells his supporters he doesn’t take special interest money…this has been clearly refuted by factcheck.org.

Give ’em hell Hillary!!!

Posted by kmb08 | Report as abusive


As to being asked about boxers or briefs…Your boy Obama was asked this as well. His response: He refused to answer except he acknowledged he would look good in either….I guess you won’t vote for him either based on your highly qualitative criterion.

These are simply silly little inquisitions people get a laugh out of.

Posted by kmb08 | Report as abusive


I think you are referring to the debate question when Russert threw the candidates a curveball on purpose, he later acknowledged. He also acknowledged because of the candidates gruelling schedules, they do not get a chance to stay up to date on all affairs.

But…I digress…If you recall during the debate, Russert asked, not as you say, who is Russia’s President, but who was in line to be Putin’s successor. Obama simply looked over at Clinton because he didn’t even attempt to answer. Hillary jumped in, and was very impressive, with just a tiny slip at the end. Russert acknowledged being impressed with her command.

Posted by kmb08 | Report as abusive

One thing that is clearly obvious from the Obama supporters…they do seem awfully young and uninformed.

Deval Patrick, another prophetic speaker, also led the masses with great oratory. He is now considered a very ineffective Governor.

Once a person gets into the oval office, the speeches matter less…the nuts and bolts of the enormous tasks take over.

For the Obama whiners who mimic what their messiah tells them about Hillary running a negative campaign. She hasn’t…she has been forced to play nice with the neophyte. The Republicans won’t feel so restricted. There is a big difference between negative campaigning and revealing truths that are negative. You all don’t want any truths to reveal themselves. Obama is now claiming McCain is using negative tactics. This has been his strategy all along…paint the opponent as being negative, all the while using subliminal negativity of the highest form. The lemmings will follow…..

Posted by kmb08 | Report as abusive

Hey — Alma ludivina — Old splinter in my eye and log in yours. White West Virginians are racist, but the blacks in North Carolina aren’t. You’ve got blacks who won’t vote for whites and they are in a higher percentage than whites that won’t vote for blacks. Who are the most racially controlled voters? I leave you to decide. I know what I think. When will the blacks (African-Americans) uphold the Christian tenet of forgiveness? 500 years ago some whites did them wrong, but the whites of today must pay, and pay and pay for it. When will the forgiveness come and how long do we have to wait before we forgive them for hating us for things we personally had no control over? I’m voting for Hillary because women are the group that suffer the most prejudice. If the African-American women banded with the White women and sensible men, this country would get fixed. But no, they have to work for black supremacy. It will all come to the same end as when whites sought supremacy.

Posted by Bevv | Report as abusive

It’s Sunday morning and I have listened/watched a couple of press panel shows (with guest commentaries) where multiple mindsets have presented 50 different possible strategies of the candidates as well as their own spins and…. now, me! This presidential primary has been the most exciting and unpredictable that I can remember in my 64 years. This is virtual stuff, and young and new voters everywhere should start keeping personal journals of political races so that when they go to the polls they will have a personal guide to “smart vote”. Don’t just count on press archives. Smart voters should “Remember”!

Hillary Clinton
She has been disappointed by her own party leaders and by notables once her comrades for her performance as a “by-the-book” candidate. She has suffered denial by a group she and her husband have long been loyal to… Black America because Black America has, for the past 10 years discovered that Black Nepotism — not Black Power — creates an appealing power base for them. It doesn’t matter what the candidate “of color” knows and how well he will do what he is charged with in public office: Just get him in there! Frankly, I think Hillary should strongly consider running as an Independent Candidate in the presidential election because the support she should rightfully have has failed her. Truthfully, this is a perfect time to create a new party! She has money problems while her opponent – someone with minimal experience as an Illinois State Senator — has so much money in his war chest he probably cannot keep count of it. There had been a lot of talk about limiting the amount of money that can be held in war chests. Whatever happened to that, or was it “loose” talk?

Something is wrong with this picture. Only the weak drop out and fizzle away and this is the picture (I suppose) many want painted of Hillary. Every action experiences a reaction, therefore, there now is an alienation of the American Female population on account of this unfair prodding of Hillary. [The preliminary consensus is the alienation exists among single females only and not married females. Black females have another candidate and therefore are not at issue. The true consensus is something that the presidential election will reveal.] Those who are not allies of Hillary have apparently forgotten (as the world watched) how Hillary at the most “visible” time in her life calmly and patiently handled her marital turmoil. This woman is rock hard. Should she throw in the towel? What an absurd proposition coming from anyone! It only is an admission of fear that a woman can do – and quite competently – a man’s job… which is, by the way, the hardest job in the United States. As an American Voter, I personally have no trust of any poll that would reveal a result that Americans view her as untrustworthy. She had her Whitewater, but Mr. Obama has had his Rezko (and that is not over until it is over), but Mr. Obama still shines as does patriarchy.

Barack Obama
“America the Trendy” is now beginning to refer to him as either “Barack” or “Obama”, or “Mr. Obama”, thank goodness. For a while there, I was concerned that he might be forced to change his surname to “BarackObama” because that is how he is recognized.

I have nothing against Mr. Obama except his youth and impatience. I love young people, and at some point they have to get their feet wet in politics so that they can become leaders of this nation. I just do not want an individual who has not yet fully explored his senatorial seat to man the Oval Office. I see a ‘give-the-kid-the-toy-he-is-reaching-f or’ notion here. I want someone in the Oval Office who is not surrounded by camps of intellectuals constantly telling him what he should do, I want someone who can “sleep” on a decision or idea at hand and get up the next morning with an original plan. Input is vital, but originality, chutzpa, confidence and sometimes blind courage are the proscribed ingredients for key leadership.

He is an expert in constitutional law, and of course, that ties him to expertise in civil rights. However, I have seen too many facial expressions of impatience, anger control, and verbal retaliation from him. People with his background and training (like Thurgood Marshall and Martin Luther King (also a theologist), did not have such temperaments. They were mild mannered individuals.) Again, this may be a display of his youth.

Lastly, this is something I cannot get past: His spouse publicly expoused over an issue (apparently in her husband’s favor) that ‘this was the first time in many years she was proud to be an American”. Well!!! This connects so very smoothly to the sermons served up on Sundays by the famous “Reverend” who sykes up his congregation so that they can go back into their offices on Monday mornings filled with piss and vinegar. She now speaks (when she does) from prepared speeches. This was something serious, but all of Black America… and the press has gotten past it. How nice.

I once worked with a federal judge. One day, I found an attorney and his staff taking their lunch period right in the courtroom. At this period in time, I began to notice how many people disliked “traditions” and wanted to do away with them. I am fearful that the next big tradition to be challenged will be the symbolism of the White House.

John McCain
I initially looked at Mr. McCain as a candidate with nothing to do but just sit there and wait for November so that he could lose to Hillary. Now I see Mr. McCain winning. He actually has a lot going for him! He and his wife have “the look”. He does have somewhat of a maverick nature about him and that is inviting to a voter. If he picks the right vice presidential candidate, Mr. Obama will not be able to catch up with him, no matter whether Hillary drops out now or in June. He will have many, many cross-over voters. And, here’s the biggy: There is a very real prospect that senior citizens nationwide – including the turning baby boomers – will support him.

Posted by Sandra Lewis | Report as abusive

It’s good to see some resolution finally, or light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. I’m a Republican who has decided to vote for Obama because I think he can help us out of the total mess that our country is in right now. I don’t cross party lines easily and did allot of thinking and soul searching before I decided to abandon the Republicans terrible handling of everything important to me.__________________I don’t trust Hillary Clinton Though._____________I never will.__________If she’s part of the Obama ticket after the primary’s are over then I’m right back to voting Republican.________I will not look back or reconsider either.___________Obama should be afraid of her too, especially as his Vice President.

Posted by Olddog | Report as abusive

Hillary Clinton is both. The fighter and the uniter..Obama will never be President. A vote for him is a vote for McCain..The time has come for not only the voters but also the superdelegates to realize that HRC is the only person that can beat McCain in Nov. and put a Democrat once again back in the Whitehouse..It is no longer a matter of which candidate you like best but who can actually win in Nov. Obama cannot..It takes more than beautiful rhetoric, very little experience and the Black Theology to run this Country. BRING OUR SOLDIERS HOME….

Posted by kaye c. | Report as abusive

tO: kEVIN.. I am sorry for you that you think HRC is just an old lady OVER THE HILL. You must be very young and full of yourself and think you know the world well….She has worked all of her life for the people, has not always been rich and I seriously doubt that you could have kept up with her even 1/2 way thru this campaign…There is nothing wrong with age by the way..At least one has had time to live and hopefully gain some of life’s experiences and had a chance to grow stronger in values…

Posted by kaye c. | Report as abusive

Mrs. Clinton is simply embarrassing herself at this point. Widely viewed as the favorite a few short months ago, she’s managed to let an unknown, but charismatic Junior Senator overtake her in a race that was hers to loose.

Unfortunately, there is a portion of my generation (40 and older) that always bite on the race or gender distraction de jour, and miss the point that most folks under forty don’t buy into the race and gender non-sense Mrs. Clinton and old-school Washington are pushing.

I for one am happy to see that this generational change is upon us – God is truly blessing America. Mrs. Clinton should step aside now and preserve what little dignity she has left, not to mention her political legacy.

Once upon a time I thought highly of the Clintons – now I honestly don’t know what to think of them and this desperate, fool-hearty attempt to hold on.

A friend of mine’s favorite phrase is “desperate people do desperate things.” From my perspective, Mrs. Clinton has turned into the embodiment of his mantra.

Posted by MB | Report as abusive

Hillary just bothers me. I live in NY and have seen the -wonders- she does here and am rather sick of her tooting her own horn. Bill Clinton was an alright president but for all the blame on Wright being prejudiced, it turns out Bill Clinton is just as prejudice for the remarks he makes. I am all for seeing anyone of either gender, ethnic background etc being president for a change, but Hillary is just a poor excuse for a female representative. She’s a horrid liar, she’s evaded taxes, never answered for the charges against her for Whitewater Conspiracy and more. She’s just not a nice woman and some of the things she has said and cleared to have on her site or in her commercials; just rotten. I am a female and dismayed at how she represents us.

Also, it’s not just -young- people that like Obama. Some of us are quite educated, thinkers and in at least our 30s, so it would be nice if we’d get some credit. Some of us did weigh the candidates and know what is going on as much as we can. This isn’t about race or gender or age. It’s about who people feel is the best candidate and if people are picking candidates based on those 3 things of race, gender and age…they are being pretty darn superficial.

Posted by Zarthus | Report as abusive

If you recall during the debate, Russert asked, not as you say, who is Russia’s President, but who was in line to be Putin’s successor. Obama simply looked over at Clinton because he didn’t even attempt to answer. Hillary jumped in, and was very impressive, with just a tiny slip at the end. Russert acknowledged being impressed with her command.

– Posted by kmb08

OOOOHH. Tim Russert acknowledged being impressed. Now everyone fall in line.

Is that how liberals make judgments about your leaders’ level of knowledge? Give me a break. We all know that if a Republican had done the same thing, it would be plastered all over the headlines as a major gaffe. Bush has been mocked for lesser errors.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

This particular US Presidential Election is about the future of the United States of America. It is about the rejuvenation of a great country that has become lethargic, confused and disorientated. It is about the resurgence and re-exertion of a World Superpower that commands the respect of her own people and the rest of the World.

It is not about maintaining the status quo. It is not about which political party is in a better position to win the election. It is not about race, gender, age or candidates’ connections to good or bad people, or how much funds they have to finance their campaigns. It is not about past personal performances and experiences, whether successes nor failures.

It has got to do with all the American peoples coming together as a unifying force of confidence standing behind a leader whom you, in your well-considered deliberation, is the best in the present circumstances to lead you and your nation into a better future and a higher standing (which is now deteriorating very badly and rapidly) in the world stage.

Looking from a distance on the other side of the globe, frankly speaking, I seriously think America, like what the Wind of Change is doing in many other countries of late, very seriously and urgently needs a new blood and a new face to boost up the nation’s morale and to make things happen in your favour.

It is your future but it also affects the rest of the world that looks up and towards the leadership of USA. That means it is also our future. So please make the right decision when you cast your votes in November 2008!

Warmest Regards,

Lionel Png – Singapore.

Posted by Lionel Png | Report as abusive

We are fortunate today in that we are much more connected to information than yesteryear. People are throwing off racism
and gender discrimination as well. It’s just not politics as usual anymore. We are educated and able to draw our own conclusions, and search the vast repository of knowledge that is the World Wide Web. That said,….I believe it’s time for someone of color or a woman to be the leader of our country. Anybody could do better than who is in there now, even without trying very hard. Even though I favor a female leader for the USA, I don’t trust Hillary at all. Our leader should be principled and she is not. She has held herself and her husband above the law repeatedly and so far, gotten away with it.

Obama is my choice for president because of his principles and his desire for change. America cannot go on as we are now. “Stop the madness” was at one time a funny thing to say, now it’s a critical necessity.

Posted by Olddog | Report as abusive

Your economy is rapidly heading for the ditch. If you want someone with a learner’s permit (Obama) to take the wheel at this time, then so be it. However, doubt he’ll win against McCain.

Posted by IT | Report as abusive

By clearly failing to come to terms with reality, Sen. Clinton is not only a big embarrassment to herself but to all of us Democrats. The whole world knows Sen.Clinton’s campaign is not only broke, hugely in debt, behind in pledged delegates,popular votes and states won; but it is also now the laughing stock and soap opera of the world.
As democrats, we are all very well aware of her strengthens and efforts in many ways but I hope she will come out of the state of denial and realize the importance of foregoing her wounded ego and support the CLEAR WINNER so we can all come together sooner than later. Should she stay in the race and continue her divisive language among democrats, she risks being seen in history as the one who destroyed the Democratic Party for nothing other than selfish ambitions and she may also risk her political career down the road. We would hate to see her as having been nothing other than Republican mole. She stands a better chance of becoming Senate Majority Leader down the road she can put aside what many now see as putting her selfish motives first at the expense of the party. She controls her destiny and name in history – only time will tell.

Posted by Julius | Report as abusive


A lot of neo-cons posing as Democrats are posting hate mail. They’re trying to drive a wedge between us!


Posted by sacto joe | Report as abusive

Hillary should be the VP.
Hillary brings centrists, women, and some working class whites.
Obama brings leftists, whites for change, and blacks.
They both will bring latinos.

Any other solution will lose a portion of this great 2008 voter registration.

Its Obama-Clinton in ’08.

Posted by BG | Report as abusive

Reuters: I get such beautiful “security” words!! Yesterday was Mother’s Day and the scent of your “bouquet” is still in the air.

Just some food for thought, you folks who are out there tapping on the keyboard. I do not know of any other Presidential First Lady who later ran for a political seat in current American history. Mrs. Clinton put on her pants suit, ran and won the race for Senator of the State of New York. Before the White House, she was First Lady in Arkansas where Mr. Clinton enjoyed more than one term as governor. Mrs. Clinton is a distinguished attorney at law. Mrs. Clinton knows the layout of the White House like none other. She has existing relationships with foreign dignitaries. From the sweat on her brow when Presidential First Lady, she now knows how to structure a definitive health care plan for the nation. Yes, I am a fan of hers, but all I have done here is tried to track who she is. When she says that she has the experience, she is not just “yalping”. [Yes, and I am a fan of WW also.]

Posted by Sandra Lewis | Report as abusive

Actually, Hill, you were supposed to win Indiana quite handily and barely eked out a W. Yet another example of your dishonesty and willingness to say anything no matter how factual it may be. Dream on, this race is ovah!!

Posted by Jemi Blue | Report as abusive

come on ladies and gentlememn , the best qualified to run the country is a woman, so I will vote for Hillary. It is the women that run the household, it is the wives that hanle the finances, raises the kids, all the man does is turn his paycheck over to the wife , see very little responsobility does he take on, that is why we are in the shape we are in now, It is time for a woman to straighten this mess out, viva Hillary!

Posted by virginia | Report as abusive

When does “Friendly Fire” become “Hostile fire?” Ask Pat Tillman? It doesn’t really matter now does it?

Posted by Cecil Jones | Report as abusive

Hillary Clinton is a fighter and uniter if given the chance for the latter.
She has been crucified by the DNC and old boys club in Washington.
The Democratic Party is finished as it is now , disorganized and mismanaged.
Hillary Clinton should turn her back on them all and run as an independent , she has a lot of support without endorsements which are just political pandering and the majority of super delegates who have based their support based on race and back room deals.
Come November , we the people will decide ..!!!

Posted by Daniella | Report as abusive

Julius ,
How can you speak for the rest of the world.?
I live in Europe and Canada and can tell you that Hillary and Bill Clinton are still enjoying great respect and are very well liked by many people all around the world.
They admire Hillary Clinton’s strenght to fight for what she believes in and are well aware of her struggle against gender bias , the old boys club in Washington and the well played race card by Obama’s campaign.
Germany has a female minister , Britain , Canada , Israel and Norway also had elected women for their leader .
We would like to think that we are able to elect the person best suited for the job , based on one vote and expect it to be counted.
Reading some of your comments , you are mean spirited and lack honest judgement.

Posted by Karina , Canada | Report as abusive

I truly hope Hillary Clinton is selected.

She represents everything that makes the US what it is:
stupidity, arrogance, violence, racism, and greed.

She is the perfect person for the job.

Posted by benjamin kulski | Report as abusive

If BO is nominated, it will bring true joy to the McGovern family because the ensuing Republican rout will remove McGovern from being the most thoroughly trounced Dem candidate in history. It will mean the end of the Dem party as we now know it, happily. It will send Howie Dean back to Vermont and oblivion.
Hillary will reign in the Senate, where Obama will pout and scheme in some cloak room, until he replaces mayor Daley in Chicago, where they really deserve him.

Posted by alderdice | Report as abusive

Miss Sandra Lewis,

While your commentary is quite elegantly written, the reasoning behind your opinion is incredibly flawed. While I read, I totally understood what you were saying (while disagreeing with the content), and as I approached the tail end of your commentary I could see the bias toward feminism. Then I reached your last paragraph about McCain.

You say that “he & his wife have ‘the look’…” and I read that to say “old, white, pretty couple”. In other words you are saying “how DARE the Obamas think they’re qualified to be president?” Let me guess what is behind this questioning… they’re not white? In fact, they’re (gasp!) BLACK? Oh… my… GAWD! How can people POSSIBLY support them?

Let me explain something that you dismiss as youthful ignorance; the young people in this country (& apparently you are including me, a white, 38 year old female scientist) are SIGNIFICANTLY less affected by the color of one’s skin or their cultural or ethnic background. Why, you ask? Because we have grown up on the internet, playing games with people in Japan, we have dealt with help desk personnel in India, our cubicle neighbor is from China or France or Belgium, and our companies send us to other countries to optimise our work in progress. We are truly a global society, and the fact that a half-black man who has been exposed to Muslim religion, whose father is from Kenya while his white mother is from our Heartland doesn’t in the least phaze us. He is like us, and we understand that his skin color & ethnicity are irrelevant to the position for which he is applying. He has been a gentleman through a destructive process, with most of the destruction originating from his own “teammate.” THAT, my dear, is why people like me are sending him our money. THAT is why we want him to be the one making the all-important descisions, and hopefully in the process, force some badly needed change in our government.

Go vote for the “Pretty, old couple” (or should I say “the pretty old couple”) with “the look” if you want. Your bigotry speaks LOUD & CLEAR to those of us who want to end the war, who want to bring transparency to government, who want to end the corruption that has dominated for the past century. I’M voting for OBAMA.

Posted by Ratgurl | Report as abusive

A win in W.V. only says Hillary may as well have been campaigning with a white sheet and mask on. It’s not a reflection of our country and quite frankly she should be offended by the reasons she’s winning not saying it’s the voice of all America!!!

Posted by Terry in NY | Report as abusive

I’m more worried about the Chinese Panda Bears than I am keeping Hillary, around especially in politics. She done MOVE ON people!!!!

Posted by Terry | Report as abusive

I think you may need to slow down and take sometime to RE-READ my article.
For you to say that am mean spirited because as a American Democrat (not a Canadian) I laid out the FACTS about one of our great candidates is quite an absurd comment from you.

Everything I wrote are the FACTS and I made NO MENTION anywhere about the gender or race card that you are suddenly trying to play here!!! And as a Democrat who is proud of both my party’s candidates, I will respectfully ask not to be drawn into that cheap talk.

Thanks for letting me where you have lived. That is a narrow list considering I have also lived in Europe, Africa and Australia – and are very well aware of the admiration the Clintons enjoy around the world. However,that has failed to change the FACTS ON THE GROUND here about her candidacy. The fact is that: Clinton’s campaign is broke, $20 million in debt, behind in pledged delegates,popular votes and states won.That is the latest news in case you missed it.

Also, last time I checked: Senator Obama is enjoying even more world wide admiration – without spending eight years in the White House. Did you get that news yet?

All in all, I love both my party’s candidates and will support whoever the nominee is – but we already have one. We are just waiting for a formal declaration.

Posted by Julius | Report as abusive

Hillary needs to change her tune,she is not in with the changing generation nor cultural trends.People,young intelligent people of every diversity are ready to change things and they are joined by wealthy boomers whom are no longer tied to the old eco/political dogma of the past generation.See this live video polling of what three highly educated young women think of Hillary


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This “lady” so reminds me of Nixon, he was a “fighter” also; he together with Kissenger illegally overthrew a democratically elected government in Chile and replaced it with a barbaric murdering dictator; he illegally bombed Cambodia resulting in the Pol Pot killing fields! Accountability of bad bad government, well America has a very poor record on this scale of judgment. Her husband disgraced the American People with his crude, emotionally undeveloped tennagerism. Why Why should America return this debased family unto the White House. That defiled man, he’ll be living there again if this “fighter” gets elected! Do you people honestly think that this evil corrupt disgrace sexist will not shape and influence American governance? He’s her husband for crying out loud! Who do you think will be her closest adviser??????????????

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OK Hilary! Everyone knows what a great fighter she is, but it is time to stop fighting and see how she can unify the Democratic party that appears to be so divided due to her tactics. She played the sexism and racism game to such perfection, that it almost seemed that a Republican was running for the nomination.

My friends and I, (including some Republicans among us!) who are mostly over 50 years old, are all Obama supporters, but we kind of understand why so many women in our age group are voting for her. I think many of them feel that if a woman becomes president it will somehow be a vindication for whatever sufferings they have experienced being women.

Anyway, it is time for all democratic women to come together and vote for our nominee, most likely Obama, in November. If they continue to remain miffed because Hilary did not get the nomination, they will be shooting themselves in the foot. If people really care about the future path of our nation, we need to set all the passions and resentments that this unusual campaign has brought about, and vote for what is right, good and decent.
Obama 08 !

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