Amid clamor to drop out, Clinton campaigns on

May 13, 2008

CHARLESTON – While Democrats fret over the lengthy nomination battle and pundits wring their hands over whether Sen. Hillary Clinton should pull out, the candidate is out campaigning as if all those political storm clouds were not hanging over her head.

On Tuesday, as West Virginia voters headed to the polls, Clinton stopped to greet people at an outdoor flower market in Charleston. She was met with enthusiasm, especially from older, white women who have proven to be a pillar of her support.

“West Virginia is behind you, darling,” one woman shouted.

Clinton shook hands, posed for pictures and cooed over babies as shoppers lined up to meet her. Shouts of “She’s here, she’s here” rippled through the market.

“I’m so excited. I just voted and here you are,” Julie Watkins squealed to the candidate. The 42-year-old social worker said she had to rush off to take her grandmother to vote.

Another supporter, Mary Lou White, cupped a lit cigar in her hand as she met the former first lady.

“I told her to keep fighting. That’s what you do,” said the 69-year-old plant vendor from Kenna, West Virginia, afterward.

Clinton stopped to eat a cup of Espresso Oreo ice cream from Ellen’s Homemade Ice Cream stand.

“I’m an equal opportunity ice cream eater,” she said. “I don’t think I’ve ever eaten ice cream I didn’t like.”

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I hope that Ms Clinton doens’t cave in to the democratic leaders and drop out. These middle of the road super deligates are only going over to Mr. Obama because it will look good on their resumes’. Some day a black president but not Obama, he isn’t qualified. I would give my vote to Col. Powel or Ms Rice but not him. I think that he has a few bones in his closet that haven’t come out yet. I have yet to hear him speak of pride about his white heritage, only that his grandparents used racial slurs. Maybe she could run as an independent, you know that she could.

Posted by Jack from Kansas | Report as abusive

The Americans of this country have all but clearly chosen the candidates they would like to run for President of the United States and those candidate are Obama and McCain. I supported Ms. Clinton and feels she is very qualified, but will back Obama if the Democrat’s select him based on a fair race to the National Convention. If you take the time to study their views on issues like the Economy, The War in Iraq, and Health Care you will understand that Obama and Clinton are both going in the same direction. McCain would be alright if he didn’t plan to adopt Bush’s fake War on Terrorism and drastic unfair economic policies that has left this country in a terrible debt, with no Health Insurance for many Americans as well as a Gas and food shortage. I’ve read some horrible posts regarding racism and discrimination. Being from the Great State of Texas I am one of the people who desperately wants to end discrimination as well as racism. It’s simple, the rules of the game should be followed. The game being the race for delegates, and the winners being Obama and McCain. If you want Health Care for all Americans, better paying jobs, and an end to the War vote for Obama. If you want to continue the War, a poorer economy, no health care at all, and no jobs except for the Federal Government vote for McCain. Good life is about making the right decisions.

Posted by D From Dallas | Report as abusive

I find it impossible to conprehend what on earth has possessed that Clinton woman that she has become so deluded, obsessed and fundamentally stupid.

Only a fool and a destructive one at that would continue as she has.

However, she cannot win and I predict she will disappear from the election trail whilst the media deem her as being too flawed to take seriously.

Truth is she needs to win due to her enormous debts: to lose would mean finanancial ruin and political ignomy.

Step downb Hilary you are blocking the road!

As for Jack from Kansas, go peddle your colour prejudice elsewhere!

We are NOT listening!

Posted by Keith M Warwick | Report as abusive

Mrs. Clinton reminds me more and more of Norma Desmond – all that’s missing is the cigarette holder.

Posted by Sally Morrow | Report as abusive

Sally Morrow you wag! 😉

Brilliant! – we can now call Hilary the ‘Norma Desmond of US politics’.

A priceless tag. Sally is absolutely spot-on!

If Hilary had any grasp on reality she would leave the race: but she has a decreasing hold on real life as she keeps telling her DeMille that she’s ready forever.

They shoot horses – don’t they?

Posted by Keith M Warwick | Report as abusive

Financial ruin?

The Clintons reported about $109 million.

Her campaign owes about $20 million and the Clintons have loaned the campaign about $11 million.

If the “poor” Clintons paid yhe debts of the campaign themselves and forgave the campaign the “loans,” that would leave them a net of about $88 million.

Poor, poor Clintons. They need a fundraiser to help them out of their low income status.

Having run a flawed campaign and insisting on rewriting the rules as the campaign goes against the previously annointed one, it is time to hang up the skates and break out the medical kits and start helping with the healing!

Obama ’08

Posted by Chriss | Report as abusive

Turn out the lights……Hillary needs to step aside and quit dividing the democratic party and uniting the republican party. She is appealling to un-educated white, slightly racist voters now and drumming up that group to be anti-Obama. Not too difficult to do…..just read the comment from Jack from Kansas above.

Posted by gk | Report as abusive