House Republicans won’t change ‘Change’ slogan

May 15, 2008

WASHINGTON – House of Representatives Republican Leader John Boehner says he has no plans to alter a new campaign slogan — “Change you deserve” — that has been widely mocked since the phrase is used to market the anti-depressant drug Effexor.

rtr1xlet.jpg“I think it’s working out just fine,” a smiling Boehner told reporters when asked about the slogan that has become the butt of jokes on Capitol Hill.

The slogan is part of a new effort by House Republicans “to fix Washington,” outline plans to help Americans and raise their floundering election-year prospects of retaking control of the legislative body from Democrats.

“Democrats, not drugs, is what the American people need,” House Democratic Leader Steny Hoyer said in poking fun at the campaign and antidepressant slogan.

Some Republicans have also complained, saying privately that the slogan makes them look foolish.

Others, like Rep. Jeff Flake, an Arizona Republican, say, “Another slogan doesn’t do much. People are more concerned about what we do.”

“We have to be bolder than this. If we don’t, we will get the change we deserve.” Flake said.

With polls showing voters favor Democrats on a host of issues, they are expected to increase their House majority in the November elections. This week, Democrats won their third straight special election to fill a vacant seat in a previously Republican district, raising their House majority to 236-199.

Rep. Tom Davis of Virginia, a former chairman of the House Republican campaign committee, wrote colleagues: “The loss of three straight special elections … are canaries in the coal mine, warning of far greater losses in the fall, if steps are not taken to remedy the current climate.”

Boehner said of the Davis memo: “I frankly thought it was well done, rather insightful, and really laid out the challenge that we face.” 

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Darren Staples (another anti-depressant medication.)


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[…] Pity the GOP. Not only will Republicans be fighting for their very lives this November in what has to be the worst climate for them since Watergate, but some deeply myopic soul in their ad shop thought it’d be super-sweet to try to co-opt Barack Obama’s “Change” message. How very fitting it is that said message — “Change you deserve” — is also the slogan for an antidepressant. […]

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“Change You Deserve” is a registered trademark. The brilliant Repubs can’t just go ahead and use it. Even if Wyeth does decide to let them use it (and we know that the Repubs are in the pharms’ pockets) what are they going to do–change all their Effexor marketing materials?

Posted by LaylahB | Report as abusive

Trademarks only apply to the industry they are in. As long as the Repubs are not using it to market an anti-depressant it’s not infringing.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

[…] the slogan is already the butt of jokes on Capitol Hill and in the blogosphere, House Republicans won’t change the […]

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