Baby gets baptised, with a visit from Clinton

May 18, 2008

hillary-smile.jpgBOWLING GREEN, Kentucky – Katelyn Jenkins got a surprise visit from Sen. Hillary Clinton on one of the biggest days of her life so far. But odds are, she didn’t even notice.

The eight-week-old girl was getting baptised on Sunday morning at the State Street United Methodist Church, where the Democratic presidential contender paused in her campaigning to attend services.

At the sight of the former first lady, the baby’s father said: “I was pleasantly surprised and amazed.”

As for the red-haired baby in her father’s arms, she slept a bit, looked around a bit and fussed a bit.

“She just knew there was a big crowd, and everyone was looking at her,” said the baby’s father, adding that he was “possibly” a Clinton supporter. The candidate briefly chatted with the baby’s parents after the service ended.

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Photo credit:  Reuters/Jason Reed (Clinton speaks at her West Virginia Presidential Primary night rally in Charleston, West Virginia on May 13, 2008)


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I support Obama justfor a our country is fully owned by bush and clinton families?

Posted by george | Report as abusive

Hey Ellen or anyone for that matter,

Did you notice the bad grammar our most undistinguished Senator from NY used in her speech on May 19th in Maysville, KY.? I quote from Ellen Wulfhorst’s article: “None of us is going to have the number of delegates we’re going to need to get to the nomination, although I understand my opponent and his supporters are going to claim that,” Clinton, a New York senator, said in Maysville. I do believe correct grammar is: None of us ARE…
Gee, where did she get her education? I would hope (and appreciate) the candidates running for the highest office in our country would speak PROPER English.

Sincerely, Christina

Posted by Christina | Report as abusive

I pray that HRC wins both States Tues and will become the Democratic Nominee…She is the only one that can beat McCain in Nov…A vote for Obama is a vote for John McCain….God Bless America…Bring our Soldiers Home Now.

Posted by kaye c. | Report as abusive

Clinton spoke proper English above. None of us is is correct.

Posted by Marilyn | Report as abusive

Christina, it is you that needs to go back to school and brush up your grammar. It is proper English to say none of ‘is’, just like everybody ‘is’. The word ‘none’ is a quantitative adjective and is used singularly, not with a plural connotation. Another example of the usage of none ‘None of the members is going’ rather than ‘none of the members are going’.
With mass nouns or pronouns, in this case object pronoun ‘us’, you use ‘none’ as a singlular. (ref.Mark Israel – ‘fast access FAQ’. Hope the brief grammar lesson helped. :)

Posted by Thangamma | Report as abusive

Christina: sorry! I should have written, ‘none of us is’

Posted by Thangamma | Report as abusive