McCain finds the coffee in Little Havana pretty strong

May 20, 2008

MIAMI – Republican John McCain’s “Straight Talk Express” bus took a little detour today, depositing McCain at a Cuban-American restaurant in Little Havana.

rtx5yjz.jpgMcCain, who likes to keep a cup of coffee at his side most of the time, decided to sample the espresso served up at Cafe Versailles, ordering a cup at a window for ordering items to go.

Taking a sip from the small ceramic cup, he must have found it a pretty strong brew. He pumped his fist as he tasted the coffee.

“Do I have any enamel on my teeth?” he asked. “Delicious!”

This was after McCain stopped at La Casa del Preso, a memorial to deceased and current political prisoners in Cuba. After a tour inside, he spoke to a group of Cuban-Americans gathered outside.

“Buenas tardes,” he told them, then admitted that was pretty much the extent of his knowledge of the Spanish language.

In English, he proceeded to criticize Cuba’s communist government and vowed that sooner or later the Cuban people would be free.

Somebody in the crowd thought McCain should pick a vanquished Republican adversary, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, as his vice presidential running mate.

“Romney for vice,” was one sign held up by people in the crowd.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Carlos Barria (McCain speaks at town hall meeting in Miami)


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I agree that McCain should pick Mitt Romney as VP. We need someone who understands the economy. We don’t need someone who makes off the cuff remarks like Huckabee.

Posted by John S. | Report as abusive

I’ve seen several pictures in media pertaining to this story and have yet to see an American flag behind him. Maybe I’m missing something. Maybe not. Living in South Florida, you get used to this.

Posted by Mark R | Report as abusive

hahaha. Mitt Romney and McCain….in the general election. oh sweet Jesus tapdancing Christ these just keep getting sweeter. I can simply just hear McCain saying “The cubans will be free!” in South Florida, the crowds coming up to hug him in a tidle wave…Though being a Floridian myself, and a former of University of Miami, I can’t quite argue with Mark. what a promiscuous load of protentious republican fun.

Posted by Izzy Glass (writer) | Report as abusive

No American flag pin on his lapel and no American flag behind him either: just two foreign flags! McCain’s lack of patriotism is as evident as when he voted not to give our Veterans their benefits. Of course, the media only notices when Obama doesn’t have a flag pin on…

Posted by Echoes of 2000 | Report as abusive

I can’t be trusted to rant on randomly at 3AM in the says 3pm. What can I say, I think kind of conservative and obnoxiously conservative is a, bad mix. Love, Miss Izzy.

Posted by Izzy (writer) | Report as abusive

Let McCain pick a suitable retirement home.

That’s what really old folk do – don’t they?

As President, he may last a year or so. I bet.

He’s just too old!

Posted by The Truth Is… | Report as abusive