Romney returns to the campaign scene

May 22, 2008

WASHINGTON – Former Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, who disappointed some conservatives earlier this year for unexpectedly dropping his White House bid, jumped back on to the political scene over the last 24 hours.rtr1ytqq.jpg

First we found out on Wednesday that the ex-Massachusetts governor and investment banker was taking a sojourn out to Arizona to meet with former rival and the presumed Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain — along with others who have been mentioned as possible vice presidential running mates.

And now Romney on Thursday announced he has formed a political action committee — Free and Strong America PAC — to help struggling Republicans running for Congress this year as well as his now-close friend McCain who has lagged the Democratic presidential hopefuls in fund-raising.

McCain raised $18.5 million in April,  less than the $21 million hauled in by rivals New York Sen. Hillary Clinton and $30.7 million by Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

“The PAC will support candidates running for all levels of office in the current 2008 cycle, starting at the top of the ticket with Republican presidential candidate John McCain,” the group said in a statement.

Congressional Republicans are facing a tough campaign this season, with more than two dozen members of the House of Representatives retiring or leaving to run for another office, far more than Democrats. Additionally, in the last few months Democrats have won three special elections to fill vacant House seats in traditionally Republican districts.

Besides McCain, Romney’s PAC identified other Republicans it plans to help this campaign season, found here.

President George W. Bush, whose popularity ratings are plumbing new lows, has been doing some fund-raising for congressional candidates, but many of recent have been behind closed doors.

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Rick Wilking (McCain and Romney at a news conference in March in Colorado.)


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As the nomination process slowly comes to a close, we can expect the last minute emotionally based mud slinging to start with renewed passion.

One new venture will be a pitting of the war records of each candidate in a twisted newer version of the swift boat approach (ala Bush vs. Kerry that sank Kerry) and the Bush vs. McCain senario that sank McCain.

It will go something like this: “I have more war service record than you, therefore my experience is better at war games.”

The retort will be: “Of all the last few Presidents (Bush II, Clinton, Reagan and Carter) we have had presidents who did not serve in the armed forces.”

The response will be, “That is right and see what happened.” (Allows the “war” card to be played while distancing from an unpopular sitting president.)

To which the answer will be: “We need a new direction to bring Americans together to overcome the many challenges we face.”

And the retort will be:, “We need to be strong to face our enemies and to protect freedom.”

The reply will be:, “That mindless strategy has seen Korea, Iran, the Arab-Islamic militants and the al Quaida terrorists grow stronger.”

To which…..

Etc., etc., etc.,

Meantime, meaningful discussion on issues facing Americans every day will be cast aside.

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McCain’s crew is out in full force on tv touting that he needs to pick someone young and inexperienced for the VP spot to counter Obama, like a first term gov from LA, because he is young and has dark colored skin. All this says to me is that in order to seek the high school vote, it doesn’t matter what happens to America if McCain should have a problem. His mother may be in her 90’s, but men do not usually live as long as women and anything could happen. We need someone who is ready to lead on day one, because McCain is an old man and that is a fact.

They have been pushing their electorate and those independents who sympathize with the conservative cause far enough in piling in behind McCain, despite what he’s done to us in recent years, and now this? I think it would backfire and the same goes for choosing Charlie Crist, whose behind the scenes shenanigans during the primaries will come to light if he is the nominee.

You’d better wise and stop thinking you can bully us into voting, just by pointing fingers at Obama. As long as we tolerate that, it will just be the SOS in politics and we are FED UP. And using Huckabee’s bigotry and personal assaults on Romney, who spent a lifetime building his stellar reputation, was beneath contempt. GET REAL or GET LOST.

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