McCain heckled by Iraq war protesters

May 27, 2008

DENVER – Republican John McCain tried Tuesday to convince voters a McCain presidency would not amount to four more rtx67yl.jpgyears of President George W. Bush, but he ran smack into hecklers bent on tying him to Bush’s unpopular war in Iraq.

“America must be a good citizen of the world, leading the way to address the danger of global warming and preserve our environment, strengthening existing international institutions and helping to build new ones,” McCain told an audience at the University of Denver.
The Arizona senator had barely uttered those words, charting a course away from Bush, when he was interrupted by hecklers chanting “Endless War! Endless War!”

The hecklers were shouted down by a larger crowd chanting “John McCain! John McCain!”
McCain no sooner started his speech again — announcing he would seek to reduce global nuclear stockpiles — when he was interrupted once more by anti-war protesters.
“What about Iraq? What about Iraq?” one shouted. Another unfurled a banner that said, “Iraq vets against the war.”
When the larger crowd shouted down the protesters again, McCain quipped, “This may turn into a longer speech than you had anticipated.”
“And by the way, I will never surrender in Iraq, my friends. I will never surrender in rtx67zi.jpgIraq,” he added emphatically to applause and laughter. “Our American troops will come home with victory and with honor.”

McCain, 71, also took the opportunity to emphasize youth.
“For much of our history, the world considered the United States a young country. Today, we are the world’s oldest constitutional democracy, yet we remain a young nation. We still possess the attributes of youth — spirit, energy, vitality, and creativity. America will always be young as long as we are looking forward, and leading, to a better world,” he said.

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 Photo credit: Reuters/Rick Wilking (Top: McCain at Denver rally; bottom: protesters unfurl banner)


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Both the hecklers and McCain demonstrate, clearly, the reason why America is still considered a young and at times infantile nation by the world. The hecklers demostrated the impatience, impulsiveness, and the tendency to be manipulated by their peers or popular slogans that make the young people of America the single-minded know it alls that they are. Let’s not forget that only a few years ago, most of them were voting for Bush too. As for McCain; a man of his age should know better than to spout such optimistic “Rah- Rah America can do no Wrong” garbage. If America is really a nation of mature people, then McCain should address them with a mature message of responsibility and accountability. McCain comes across like some high school cheerleader. not very impressive at that. Oh. P.S.- if America is so young and vibrant, why aren’t American astronauts standing on Mars today instead of glitchy robots? Answer; They’re afraid of a Real adventure and they’re waiting for someone else to shame them into doing it, by beating them there.

Posted by Tony Navarro | Report as abusive

I wonder how many of those who support McCain and the war in Iraq at Denver University are planning to join the military when they graduate. rec

Posted by Rod Cencich | Report as abusive

Senator McCain is against a G.I. Bill that would provide the same benefits to veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq that my father received after WWII.

And he speaks of his “support” of veterans.

Actions speak louder than empty words.

Posted by Jim Lyons | Report as abusive

In case some people have forgotten, John McCain is the guy that was deemed not as good as George W. Bush in 2000. Republican voters have just settled for leftovers. It’s too bad they couldn’t find somebody new. McCain is the nominee because he was the most prominent name on Republican Primary ballots. The Presidency of the USA is not something you earn just because you keep running until you eventually win. It is not John McCain’s “turn” because he wasn’t good enough to make it in 2000. I’m sorry, but the guy really doesn’t seem likely to lead us into a new direction.

Posted by jbdsm | Report as abusive

There were only about 100 people at this event. I don’t think I saw any students except the ones that were with us protesting. All the rest were older non-students. There might have been a small section of Young Republicans.


Posted by Garett Reppenhagen | Report as abusive

I agree with the one who commented about these people being one minded. They are, it’s a different world now. These people need to see the reality of the world. They can’t focus one one thing they think is wrong. Some of them will grow up one day and see how wrong they are now. I can only hope.

Posted by Dave W | Report as abusive

Even if they may be “one-track minded” that does NOT make them wrong for being opposed to the war now. If you think they’re entirely wrong now, go slaughter some civilians somewhere by bombarding their homes. See how many people suddenly oppose it if you do it on “american soil”.
War is wrong. And for being against it now, whether those protests get anything done or not, they are standing in the right.

Someday, Dave W, you may grow up to see how wrong you are now. We can only hope.

Posted by asher l | Report as abusive

My brother and I had a long chat after his return number 1, from Iraq. He, as well as a number of other men he work with are sufficiently given raises and support for the time and work they do. He, does not support the GI bill, nor do I. It’s something that will stress our hurting economy even more at this point, which no one wants.

Secondly, I’m getting very sick of my fellow democrats posting against war being wrong. War in itself is not “wrong.” War is physical power debate between countries and can be completely rational. WWII, was not wrong. Vietnam, The Gulf War, and Iraq, have been uneducated war mongered situations that do not truly have a reason. That is an international “fight,” and fighting, is wrong. It’s despicable to think America has stood further apart on the war than I can even believe. America’s “youth” is leaving us seperated and immature, like cliques in a high school. One of the most beautiful things about this country, is tearing us apart.

Posted by Izzy Glass | Report as abusive

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