McCain hails Clinton, notes she is still in race

June 2, 2008

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Republican presidential candidate John McCain, who aims most of his attacks at Democrat Barack Obama these days, noted Monday that Hillary Clinton was still in the rtx6fvz.jpgrace — and praised her for being a role model to women.

“Yes, Sen. Clinton is still in the race,” McCain said in response to a questioner, adding that people should not underestimate the former first lady or her husband, President Bill Clinton.

McCain, an Arizona senator who has wrapped up his party’s presidential nomination, reminded an audience in Nashville that he had many differences with the New York senator.

But like Obama, the Illinois senator who is close to clinching the Democratic White House nomination, McCain slipped into the past tense when describing Clinton and her historic campaign.

“She has inspired generations of American women to believe that they can reach the highest office in this nation,” McCain said.

“I respect the campaign that she has run.”

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Photo credit: Reuters/Jim Young (McCain at AIPAC meeting in Washington Tuesday)


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What he really means is Hillary please dont quit

Posted by renard | Report as abusive

McCain’s acknowledgment of Hillary Clinton’s campaign shows that he is respectful to women and is a gentleman-and that, in addition to his patriotic views and love of this country, he is respectful of the women leaders that are criticized by others (such as Obama and his wife). Real men are not intimidated by strong women. GO JOHNNIE!

Posted by megawoman1967 | Report as abusive

Something tells me that Mr. McCain’s nostalgic look at Mrs. Clinton’s campaign is much like his nostalgic look at his own campaign will be come November.

He and all republicans would much rather be running against her and all the baggage that she brings with her, e.g., her “immoral” husband. As we know, republicans are big on moral character…or is that only when it is convenient for them?

Mr. Obama is the man to beat. Mr. McCain knows this.

I think that Mr. McCain is “running scared” as they say. Today I heard that Karl Rove has been advising Mr. McCain for months. When one is “running scared” one purchases the services of the guy who assassinated one’s character just 8 years ago?

Well…I guess one can’t argue with success, can one?

Are we always going to have to deal with this business of the means justifies the end result, i.e., getting elected any way one can for the “greater good”? How self-righteous that sounds…and is.

With Mr. Obama, self-righteousness does not appear to be the case…and what a breath of fresh air that is (at least for me).


Posted by Jack | Report as abusive

Great to see McCain is already courting Hillary Clinton’s supporters!

We will be voting for him in November if she is not on the ticket or drops out this week, so it’s nice to know he is thinking of us.

The Democrats’ idea that women will fall in line behind Obama is a myth. We don’t dislike him (though we abhor his shockigly misogynist church). We just don’t believe he is qualified to be the President. We will NOT vote for him or listen to him. We know where he is coming from and we can not support him.

Posted by Nancy | Report as abusive

McCain has such wonderful things to say about Hillary Clinton – now that she is out of the race.
For the person who wrote that it show great respect for women, hardly. Ask his first wife about his respect for women. And, then, take a look at the woman he is married to, the one who stole drugs and forged documents and then attended court order treatment rather than going to prison.
McCain is a real smoothie
First he shows us a income tax return that states that he received %58,000.00 in disability payments. He explains that the US government has determined that he is 100% disabled. A few weeks later, he produces 3000 pages of documents claiming that he is in tip top shape
Which is it? Is he disabled or is he in great shape
Time will tell

Posted by npeebles | Report as abusive

McCain is courting anybody, male femal or otherwise who is too closed minded to look at the truth.
Hillary Clinton did a wonderful job AND she lost. Bill Clinton basically announced yesterday that it was over. Bill Clinton also helped her lose the primary

I wonder what would have been the outcome had she had the guts to throw him out and run on her own merits
For all you ladie that want to be angry and vote for John McCain GO ahead
But please do your research
If you want an intelligent educated well rounded woman in the White House, you sure better think twice befor you put Cindy McCain in ther
She got one foot on a bana peel and one in the jail house door

Posted by npeebles | Report as abusive


Posted by tony | Report as abusive

PLEASE Hillary, don’t give IN!

Posted by qu33nb33 | Report as abusive