Obama offers to meet with Clinton “once the dust settles”

June 2, 2008

WATERFORD, Mich. – Barack Obama praised rival Hillary Clinton as “an outstanding public servant” and said he hopes to meet with her sometime after the final Democratic obama1.jpgpresidential nomination contests take place on Tuesday.
Speaking to reporters outside a Rite-Aid distribution center in Waterford, Michigan, the Illinois senator gave more details about a conversation he had with Clinton when he called her on Sunday to congratulate her on her win in Puerto Rico.
“There aren’t many people who understand exactly how hard she’s been working. I’m one of them,” Obama said of their hard-fought race.
“I told her that once the dust has settled, I was looking forward to meeting with her at a time and place of her choosing,” he said.
Obama, who hopes he will rack up enough delegates this week to clinch the Democratic nomination, has been making a point of publicly praising the New York senator. His hope is to ease divisions that have opened up in the party during the months of campaigning.
Some Democrats worry the rift among Democratic voters may put the party at a disadvantage in the November election against Republican Sen. John McCain.
At a raucus gathering over the weekend, the Democratic party’s rules committee backed a compromise unfavorable to Clinton for the seating of disputed Michigan and Florida delegations at the party’s August convention.
The decision fanned anger on the part of some Clinton supporters. The committee rejected a Clinton-backed proposal to seat all the Florida delegates at full strength, then backed compromises seating both the Michigan and Florida delegations while cutting their voting power.
Clinton’s supporters were particularly angry about the decision to award Obama delegates in Michigan, where he did not even appear on the ballot.

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REUTERS/Jason Reed (Sen. Barack Obama speaks in Detroit, Michigan, June 2, 2008)


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The Clinton fans at the DNC meeting in Washington were
an embarassment. I thought the women jumping around the balcony gave feminism a bad name.

I hope the Clinton’s don’t get too big a hold on the Obama campaign once that’s really underwa because we’ll have more out-of-control nonsense.


Posted by Mimi | Report as abusive

I urge Hillary Clinton to take this all the way to the convention.
Everything else I have to say is to the Spineless Super Delegates who apparently felt selling Hillary out will get them further.
Well I beg to differ and when the November Election doesn’t reap the benefit they are looking for and they are forced to welcome in Mccain they will have no one left to blame but themselves.

Posted by mimi362 | Report as abusive

To mini362 –
The frustration is understandable. It would have felt the same way to the Obama supporters and actually it does as he ended up losing delegates in an election that wasn’t supposed to award any! Yes the DNC messed up, but to throw away a vote by not voting or voting McCain is no way to show any respect or belief in Senator Clinton’s causes. I am assuming you would rather have no health insurance coverage, or any middle income tax breaks or continue to fund two wars in the Middle East, allow global warming to become worse because you are mad at the DNC? I challenge that if McCain does become President it won’t be the DNC that will need to accept the blame. It will be those who choose to allow him to be elected President.

Posted by JG | Report as abusive

I wonder how all the “Hillary or McCain, but never Obama” folks will justify their position when Hillary endorses – and actively campaigns for – the Democrat nominee? How will they reconcile their determination against the video of Hillary giving one of the most powerful speeches of the election season (as she is certainly capable of doing) in support of Barack Obama at the convention in prime time in August, with shots of her holding his hand high amid the confetti and balloons? Don’t think it will happen? Just wait and watch, my friends….

Posted by AJBopp | Report as abusive

Maybe Obama will tell Hilary what he really thinks of her outrageous antics.

How dare she cause so much trouble!

I feel sorry for an American public who deserve better, and who have suffered enough.

STOP raining on Obama’s parade, Hilary! – it was a fair fight but YOU have turned it into a circus of the absurd.

Maybe Obama will direct her to the nearest shrink? 😉

Somebody needs to! 😉

Posted by The Truth Is… | Report as abusive

Go on Hillary, we all want you to represent us

Posted by vivian | Report as abusive

I hope people stick to thier guns. If barack wins .I hope clinton supotters fote mcain or stay home. I know i will………. thank you…

Posted by William Lindsey | Report as abusive

Sooner or later, we need to act like adults, and do what is best in a way that promotes and encourages the kind of atmosphere that is pleasant and gives all of us a good quality of life. HRC, should her conduct improved greatly, ought to be welcomed at the grown up table. Her supporters should calm down, and deal with the fact that HRC did not win, and it’s not her time, and it’s not her table…

Posted by CC | Report as abusive

Face it, Clinton supporters. Your candidate is venomous and unliked. All the merit in the world means little if you have no friends. She was out hustled and out-maneuvered by Obama’s brilliant and indefatiguable grassroots, steamrolling behemoth. Woe betide McCaain if he dares get in its way!

Set aside your estrogen rants and futile emotional appeals Clintonites — the game is over. Obama’s inertia is unstoppable.

– T

Posted by The Uncreated | Report as abusive

Of coursed Obama wants to work with Hillary. This is good old politics at work. He needs her to win. Guess what, I will never support him. I will not let my vote to a man who attends a church that preaches hate about whites or this country. If my church talked about blacks or my country in that way I would get up and walk out. There is no need for this nonsense.

I would rather have a war hero that loves his country than a person that hates America or me any day.

Posted by -Q | Report as abusive

Obama supporters need to realize you need Hillary supporters. Nope you are still bashing Hillary and her supporters to this day. Talking about madness that never ends.

You have claimed the Clinton’s are racist and then want her to support your candidate. Please!

I think Obama supporters need to wake up cause his time is running out. You cannot treat people any way you want and then expect their support. It doesn’t work that way.

Posted by -Q | Report as abusive

I will not support Obama, it will never happen. I don’t trust him.

The whole church fiasco was unacceptable. The list I have could go and on. If Hillary loses, I am voting for McCain. The first time I have ever supported a Republican. The Democratic party is a mess right now, it’s an embarrassment.

I’d rather support McCain, at least he is a war hero and still loves America.

Posted by jackie | Report as abusive

Here’s an idea Q…why don’t you try to get your Clintonites to act like civilized adults. Then they will be treated as such.

Posted by nancy | Report as abusive

Furthermore Q…you can’t lie about Bosnia, cheat, and throw the kitchen sink and think you come up smelling like roses. Somestimes it is what it looks like.

Posted by nancy | Report as abusive

Please try to remember that the CLINTONS asked WRIGHT to give them marital counselling after the Monica debacle. The CLINTONS asked WRIGHT to lead a prayer breakfast at the White House. So what about them bananas? What does that say about the Clintons or Wright. You can’t have it both ways or should I say one sided?

Posted by cheryl | Report as abusive

Sure clinton should be president. We all deserve a president who goes back on her word and can’t be trusted. One whose campaign debt is $30 million dollars. One who has to be bailed out by Obama. One who has the Clinton Fraud Trial….read up on it. One who has Bill as baggage and a personal agenda. One who cares about you so much thaty her universal health plan is mandatory and when you can’t pay for it, she;; garnish you wages…she said she would!. Let’s all run out and make she she cherats heself into the Whute house.

Posted by vote08 | Report as abusive

I REALLY ~DOUBT~ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by tony | Report as abusive