South Dakota voters talk issues with Clinton

June 3, 2008

RAPID CITY, S.D. – While pundits pondered the intricacies of how Hillary Clinton might drop out of the presidential race, voters in South Dakota greeted the candidate on Monday in a traditional style by talking about issues that affect their lives.

As she campaigned in a Rapid City diner, Clinton chatted with a nurse who asked about improving health care and a woman who wanted to talk about veterans’ care.

A few feet away, a young woman described a friend paralyzed in a wrestling accident and implored Clinton to support stem cell

Stardust Red Bow, 27, told Clinton she owed $90,000 in student loans after earning her master’s degree in social work.

“There are people with the same problems all around our nation,” Red Bow said after talking to Clinton. “Even if she doesn’t win, I’m sure she will still be active in politics and can still sponsor bills.”

At another table, Joseph Bryant, 19, asked Clinton her views on women in combat and the New York senator talked about the support and medical roles women fill in Iraq and elsewhere.

“I thought it was a great answer,” Bryant said as she moved on.

Margaret Dimock, 38, burst into tears as she told Clinton she works three jobs and
has no health insurance because she has had seizures since childhood.

Clinton asked her staff to take down Dimock’s name and address to help her find assistance. 

“Don’t get discouraged. Keep the faith,” Clinton told her. “We’ll follow

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Photo credit: Reuters/Rick Wilking (Clinton campaigns in Rapid City, South Dakota) 


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Hillary Clinton is gracious, brilliant, experienced, has established relationships with world leaders, and understands in depth the domestic and foreign policy issues facing this country. My hope is that we will not decide this nomination based on a personality contest, but on qualifications and experience. So far…

* 35.6 million people have voted (almost 18 million for Sen. Clinton)
* The 37 primary states account for 97% of that vote.
* The 13 caucus states account for 3% of that vote.

Bottom line: Clinton’s lead is from 34.5 million voters (97%) in Primaries. Obama’s lead is from 1.1 million voters (3%) in caucuses.


Posted by Steven | Report as abusive

Denial, Denial It’s Over. She Lost!!!
Back to New York She Goes!!!!!
Tomorrow is her concession speech.

Posted by MO | Report as abusive

The truth is they both have 17million votes….But again the Clintonista’s spin, spin, and spin the truth.

Posted by Yolana | Report as abusive

Thank God there’s a competent & genuine-by-heart daughter of America in the person of Sen. Hillary Clinton who is capable of leading this country as president & is quick enough to defend voters’ rights to be counted & heard starting from her own Dem party w/c Sen. Obama was not able to do & didn’t even denounce the crooked decision of the “UNRULY” Comm.on Rules on the Michigan delegation assigning an imaginary number to him even f no real votes were cast for him there.

Posted by gwyn | Report as abusive

Thank God there’s a competent & genuine-by-heart daughter of America who is capable of leading the country as president in the person of Sen. Hillary Clinton. She’s the right person to bring real change Americans seek for the country proven by her quick defense to protecting the Michigan & Florida voters’ rights to be heard. Change should start by correcting the “imperfections” of the & Sen.Clinton made a lot of moves to do it. Unlike her rival Sen. Obama who is just good in words for change but not in deeds, making an imp[ression of just exploiting the Americans willingness to replace the current administration. Sadly, Sen. Obama didn’t even denounce the crooked decision made by the now “UNRULY” Comm.on Rules of the on assigning an imaginary number of delegates for him in Michigan w/o even a single vote cast in his favor in the said state. That’s undemocratic obviously but the Afro-American senator took it coz it’s for his benefit no matter how fraudulent had his Michigan delegate been credited

Posted by gwyn pascual | Report as abusive

I may vote my conscience and write in my vote for Hillary this November.

Posted by Jan | Report as abusive

Sen Clinton has remained in this race for reasons no one can define. Not the most seasoned media veteran, not her closest political advisers or any other human being, save her family, if she’s been able to find the words to truly express her reasons intelligently.

Today, as in the history of this campaign, the democratic party and most of the media continue to give her leeway to end this race her way. I am old enough to remember when a politician was given so much defference that it became necessary to overly vet the other guy, just so there was something to talk about. To that end, I’m not going to speak to math and vote counts and Sen. Clinton being mistreated, etc., because in this world of technology, the real story will soon be told. What I want to understand today is this, why is Senator Clinton not willing to cure some of this divisiveness she has caused. According to her people, it appears that while Senator Clinton does not want to be told when to leave the race, she will not congratulate Senator Obama as the winner if he wins the nomination this evening. Also, according to some in the media and maybe people in her group, she’s staying in to force Barak Obama to make her his VP or she will not encourage her supporters to support the Democratic choice. How does any of this suggest that Senator Clinton is Presidential. Nothing she’s done in the past couple of months seem presidential. Especially words like “I am the best candidate, I’m in it, to win it”, just yesterday.

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I never want to hear again from any democrat how Gore won the popular vote and had it taken away. Shame on you Democrats. Go Hillary.

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Barack Obama The Mile High Messiah in Denver.

Baracks Speech was great democratic red meat. Im sure he spoke to the hearts and minds of hillarys people. By the way did anyone hear Chris matthews of msnbc? He basically endorsed barack obama on air. Whats up w that? Anyone who thinks NBC is unbiased is smoking large amounts of crack. By the way you should read “Barack Obama The Mile High Messiah in Denver. In the ntion-barack-obama-the-mile-high-messiah -in-denver/
Lets see what the Goverment Channel has to say at FOX News tonight. Looks like a successful Speech and will prove to be a strong force of change.

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