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•A Siege is an act of surrounding and attacking in order to cut off supply and aid.

•Israel is neither surrounding nor attacking Gaza, nor has Israel cut off supplies or aid.

•Israel has withdrawn from Gaza to promote peace, whilst facing a constant barrage of rocket attacks perpetrated by Hamas.

•Israel maintains a constant flow of humanitarian aid into Gaza to relieve the suffering of Palestinians under the Hamas regime, whilst admitting thousands of sick Palestinians into Israel for medical treatment in Israeli hospitals.

Hospital Access Facts: (Source COGAT, Israel’s Unit for Coordination of Government Activities in Territories)

o 2006 4,754 hospital entry permits given to Palestinians from Gaza into Israel
o 2007 7,226 hospital entry permits given
o 2008 2,317 hospital permits given in Jan to Feb alone.

•All permits include one family member
•Palestinians receive world class treatment in major Israeli hospitals.
•No distinction made by doctors between Palestinian and Israeli patients
•Hamas members are treated in Israeli hospitals regardless of their previous actions
•Barzilai hospital treated Gazan Palestinians whilst the hospital was under rocket attack.
•From Jan 2007 to Feb 2008, 14,297 Palestinians were treated in Israeli hospitals
•During the same period Israel suffered 1,110 rocket attacks and 1,384 mortar attacks.
•These attacks have a devastating effect on the 200,000 residents of Israeli towns near Gaza

The term ‘siege’ when applied to Israel’s policy towards Gaza is a fallacy. The Israeli Government continues to uphold its ethical commitment to providing medical care for Palestinians living under Hamas control, even whilst local Israeli towns suffer Gazan rocket attacks. This shows Israel’s high level of commitment to provision of hospital access to civilians in Gaza regardless of the constant attacks on Israeli population centers.

By: Beyond Images Sun, 24 Aug 2008 01:45:23 +0000 Israel does Provide humanitarian Aid

By: Lee Fri, 25 Jul 2008 16:34:11 +0000 Upon reading many of the blogs posted here, I must clarify something.
Most Americans agree with the lofty words and visions for world peace that Obama so eloquently pontificates in his speeches … It’s Obama we don’t trust. those of you who hypnotically fawn over Obama take everything he says as gospel. But, you don’t even know the man. You assume that because his words are worthy, he is trustworthy. People they are just words! Obama, the man who is speaking those words has a horrible track record. He did nothing as a senator. He spent the last 20 years accepting an anti-American racist as his mentor. His associations have been with extremely unsavory people. However, you Obamabots keep trying to characterize the rest of us as disagreeing with what Obama says … when it’s Obama himself we don’t trust … nor should you!

By: Zeyhilel Sun, 08 Jun 2008 19:21:58 +0000 It is a pity that Barack Obama had to declare that Jerusalem would remain the capital of State of Israel when it was the postion of previous US Democrat Administrations to leave that for the Palestians and the Isrealis to negotialte it between themselves in the future. But, the fact that Obama had to state this only affirms that the Israel Lobby, led by AIPAC, is indeed a King-Maker par excellece and that Obama defintely wasn’t to be left out from paying his homage to his TRUE masters. Afer all, McCain had to travel all the way to to Israel, accmpanied by none other than Joe Lieberman, to the same. As they say, the way to White House is through Jerusalem and the way to governing once in the White House is through — you got it, AIPAC. ********

By: Sarah Marie Sun, 08 Jun 2008 00:53:20 +0000 I’m of the opinion that no candidate, especially one battling rumours of adopting anything but a conservative Christian faith in America, will have a snowball’s chance in hell at the presidency in the next 30 years.
As America is tumbling around in this holy war it’s initiated, radical evangelicalism is finding new strength in political voices. Christians for years have been taught that Israel is god’s chosen people and that any country that threatens it is pretty much doomed. With this attitude dominating such a percentage of the US, it would be political suicide to not endorse Israel, as Obama previously experienced once Hamas took him in and almost got him shot. It’s pandering to the extreme right wing evangelism, which found a new source of kryptonite in the Bush administration.
Whether or not either candidate actually acts upon their campaign promises or endorsements is an entirely different matter. One that Americans don’t seem very concerned about. If elected officials were fined for failing to deliver to their electorates, this kind of pandering would be more of a liability.
As far as Israel and Palestine, both are behaving absolutley vile – almost a mirror image of Sri Lankan government and the LTT. Iraqi extremists and the US. All the same. Both refuse to give up the cycle of violence and vicimization and fear that keeps the others at their grassroots in the same cycle. A big problem in it seems to be government with too much power. This includes the power to instill fear into people and fail to bring about the peace leaders promise. They don’t have to be accountable!

By: Charles Smyth Fri, 06 Jun 2008 10:22:53 +0000 Israel accounts for 0.33% of the land area of the middle east and 1.98% of the population. To blame Israel for being the motivation for 100% of the violence of the region is ridiculous.

Even if Israel did not exist, the region would be a hotbed of insurrection and violence. As it is also ridiculous for Israel to be dammed for controlling the borders to the Gaza strip, whose administration is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and any other state inconsistent with its viewpoint.

By: Shelly Fri, 06 Jun 2008 00:19:56 +0000 I would just like to know when it happened that the U.S. and Israel decided they would rule the world and take what land and resources they wanted for themselves. And to hell with everyone else. Israel has no business controlling anyone’s borders, food or medicine, or anything else. They are not God, though it’s obvious they wish they were. As an American I’m appalled at the ignorance of what Israel is doing to Gaza and the assumption that everything Israel does is right, no matter how horrible. Wasn’t Palestine there first? Isn’t this their land that Israel has taken? Israel tries to control the people and whether or not they eat or have food or medicine or electricity. What gives Israel the right to play God with peoples lives? I don’t care what Gaza is throwing Israel’s way, no country has the right to completely control another. That is what Israel is attempting to do. That is what Bush is doing in Iraq. Both are wrong and immoral. Gaza must stop its use of rockets but they are pathetically miniscule efforts compared to what Israel does to Gaza every day.

The only pro-Palestinian liberal candidate that I’m aware of is former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney from the Green Party. I support her but unfortunately the media has completely ignored her candidacy. I mean, a total 100% shut-out.

By: Jeff P Thu, 05 Jun 2008 20:35:26 +0000 In response to regmaxi…

Read your history again, please. There has NEVER been a Palestinian state. It was part of the succession of Arab Caliphates from about 650 to 1099, then became the crusader kingdoms for about 100 years. From about 1200 to 1500 it was ruled by the Mamluks from Egypt. Then until 1919 the area was part of the Ottoman Empire, not even then as a single province called “Palestine”, but as a collection of smaller administrative areas. “Palestine” was the classical Roman name resurrected by the British during the League of Nations Mandate period. From 1948 to 1967 the West Bank was part of Jordan, and Gaza was part of Egypt. (Note that neither of those countries, who have both signed peace deals with Israel, wants their territory back)

By: Ransour Thu, 05 Jun 2008 19:14:29 +0000 Tyler J.,
Regarding your post (top), ask yourself WHY you “don’t have [a candidate] thus far” who is anti-Israel? Perhaps there is are fatal weaknesses to your position that prevents your view from gaining widespread, grassroots support in this country.

By: Statist Thu, 05 Jun 2008 19:01:38 +0000 Exactly how much security support does a nuclear power capable of maintaining 200-350 nuclear weapons really need?