Obama has trouble reaching Clinton for congratulatory call

June 4, 2008

 NEW YORK –  Barack Obama  had trouble reaching Hillary Clinton  on Tuesday night to offer congratulations on her South Dakota win and renew his offer to meet with her now that the Democratic votinghillary.jpg contests are over.

Obama won Tuesday’s primary in Montana and earned enough delegates to clinch the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

The two campaigns offered differing versions of the attempts to connect. Linda Douglass, a senior adviser for the Obama campaign, said Obama left Clinton two voicemails and that she returned the call a little over an hour after the first voicemail.

The Clinton campaign said that in the initial call,  the two candidates spoke briefly but lost the connection.

Obama communications director Robert Gibbs said that when the candidates did speak, Obama gave his congratulations on South Dakota and told Clinton he would like to “sit down when it makes sense for you.”

The Clinton campaign blamed the telephone woes on the less-than desirable technical conditions in the Baruch College building where the New York senator held her primary night celebration.

Due to firewalls built into the school’s communications system, there was no cellular telephone service and Internet access was spotty at best, conditions that also caused technical headaches for many of the hundreds of media on hand for the event.

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-Photo credit: Reuters/Brendan McDermid (Clinton attends her rally in New York)


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Tell me that wasn’t planned because making everything difficult is the Hillary way. Oh the games people play. She’s a scorpio and so was that guy on the Bachelor, remember how he gave with one hand and took with the other and treated the now new bacherlette as if she was non existent. Scorpio’s can’t play it straight. there are two kinds of scorpions. The kind that hide in thedark and the only way you know they’ve been around is when they sting you. Or there’s the Billy Graham type – full of Gods goodness and he an eagle. Sounds funny to say all this but it is the only explanation that explains how evil people like the clinton, H. gets through life = she always has and always will. She talks and talk. But are we to believe what we hear or what we see. And it’s too bad that those nice unemployed white collar/blue collar workers couldn’t discern that Cheney wrote the NAFTA that took their jobs outof the country and Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law and Hillary Clinton supports it. So does anyone that belongs tothe Trilateral Commission. Cheney (member), B. Clinton (member), Carter (member), Diane Feinstein (member), Bush Sr. (member), Kissinger (member), Charlie Rose (member) (google trilateral commission members 2008). My point is that it doesn’t matter whether republican or democrat the Trilateral Commission one purpose is ONE WORLD ORDER visa is NAFTA.
So what Kissinger was to Nixon, Bush Sr. was to Regan, what Cheney is to Bush Jr., B. Clinton will be to H. Clinton. Sometimes VP’s become President under certain circumstances. Notice the Kennedys are not members of the TriLateral Commission and they really haven’t come up against them since late 60’s early 70’s when the Trilateral Commission was formed by the Rockfellers. Be sure and google it.

Posted by MissClarity | Report as abusive

Well “MissClarity”, I guess that name of yours is like “miss-information”, “miss-understanding”, and “miss-leading”.

If you can’t get your facts correct, and your reasoning doesn’t work, can you at least lay off all the hate talk?

It truly is not productive.

Posted by TDH | Report as abusive

The phone isn’t the only thing where Hillary just doesn’t get the message. Woman President? OK, just not THAT one. If she had the dignity, grace and courage that Obama has, and weren’t in lobbyists’ pockets, I would vote for her. I pray Obama isn’t forced to take her as Veep.

Posted by beatrice day | Report as abusive

Mrs Clinton is a woman and should be forgiven for not showing grace under fire. Besides she is a good wife and a mother. But woe unto O bimbo if he, god forbid, should allow himself to be pressurised into taking her onto his bandwagon as a candidate for veep

Posted by Rufusd | Report as abusive

It is very disappointing that Hillary could not do the right thing and announce her support of Barack Obama on Tuesday night. Once again, Hillary talks about caring for the people, but her actions send a very different message. She had an real opportunity to be admired last night and did not take it.

Posted by Sherry | Report as abusive

Who cares. Obama will be toast in November. I am counting the days. No anti-American for me.

Posted by qster | Report as abusive

I Want Hillary to go all the way to the convention…. I hope she does…also news media should make it VERY public on Michelle Obama making the Whitey remark..as far as this being all about unity as Barrack Hussein Obama states… this election has caused the biggest divide thanks to Him..furthermore Michelle should at least comb her hair … IF first lady she better clean up better then she looks ,,

Posted by Rose | Report as abusive

People like Rose unfortunately are the reason this country/world is in the shape it’s in. It’s teaming with bigots and racists. Her comments seem like talking points most likely from some republican hack trying to further divide the democratic party. It is unfortunate that Sen. Clinton failed to congratulate Obama for his win. However, as I listened to her speech, I realized the speech was not about unity but only about herself. She wants the presidency above what’s best for the country. The last thing this party needs is have have Clinton blackmail her way on the ticket if it truly is about changing this country for the better.

Posted by Demsdale | Report as abusive

All the years that whites have criticized and put down blacks, as soon as one comment is made, all hell breaks loose on a charismatic black woman soon to be first lady. She looks great and has the style of Jackie O, which is something some can’t do. All the haters of Barack need to sit back, sit down and learn a little of how to handle a situation. He never had to come out of his face to disrespect someone, let alone throw stones for his own benefit. And all this coming from a black man qualified to run the United States. I’m glad there is going to be change because change is good!

Posted by April | Report as abusive

I hope the American people will not vote again for somebody who is just repeating Bush’s destructive and short sighted policies but will finally vote for the man who is not acting a part to reach his goal but is being himself, authentic and has a real intention to bring some peace to America and the rest of the world and is not simply talking all the time on how to “difend” America or how to “attack” the enemies but on how to AVOID HAVING ENEMIES… !! I think Mrs Clinton was not being totally honest and was on many occasions acting a part to reach her goal, i do not see this in Obama, i see honesty and deep belief and commitment to real

Posted by anna | Report as abusive

Hi rose

Senator Clinton should go all the way to the convention to do what, exactly? She doesn’t have the delegate votwes to win and she won’t have them in August. I assume you’ve seen that even hardcore supporters like Walter Mondale have moved over to the Obama camp in recognitoon of his win. You comments about Senator Obama’s name and his wife’s appearance are bigoted and sexist respectively and reflect the extent to which clinton’s more ignorant supporters have enabled her uglier campaign tactics. Shame on you.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

Didn’t she say no decision tonight? She may decide to go Independent ala Nader – which I hope. Did that ever occur to you? She got more votes than anybody so she wants to hear from her constituents to see if there would be any support for something like that. Thre are lots of us who gave blood sweat and tears to support her and to concede last night without even considering what that means to us as her supporters would have been a slap in the face to us! So believe it or not, its not all about Obama! Every move she makes does not have to be some conspiracy to thwart him! Why did she have to concede in that moment? Especially considering the votes for 2 MAJOR states were not properly counted. This is absolutely unprecedented. Because of a technicality – we ignore the votes of millions of people??? The Democratic Party is ridiculous! Didn’t she say that she would do what the party needed? Hillary had nearly 20 million votes!!! More than anybody and still you get the idiots who consistently bash her! Hasn’t the press/colleagues been asking if should would consider VP? Why should she take the #2 position when she can run on her own and beat them both!!!! I am so sick of the Obama people vilifying Hillary that I am PERSONALLY starting a grass roots campaign to pull support to McCain, if she doesn’t run on her own and all HILLARY supporters should do the same!

Posted by Pamela | Report as abusive

Is Obama the anti-christ? There I said it. Now discuss. Those who understand what that actually is, will offer an opinion and a counter-opinion. Please don’t vale your opinion, with ignorance. Just make your arguments and discuss. I have not formed an opinion yet, but I am merely reflecting what some people are thinking. Be nice!

Posted by Ra | Report as abusive

“Can you hear me now?”

Posted by Greg | Report as abusive

I hope that Obama remains as cool and gracious as he had been throughout this campaign. However, anyone can only take it so much on the chin before they clobber the other side. the Clintons have shown how classless they are, true characters of the “me, me, deserve, deserve, I want” syndrome throughout. No shame in losing, but totally shameful in their conduct. Their loyalty is only to their personal ambition – nothing and no one else. Lord forbid that she gets on the ticket. They are already training Chelsea to walk in their footsteps. We do no need any dynasty and watch out for when she will step into politics. Like father, mother and like daughter. Danger ahead. So go to McCain all ye “faithless so-called democrats”, the party does not deserve to have such souls anyway. Be sore losers, but let the rest of us abide by the rules and live by it too.

Posted by karuna bertam | Report as abusive

I am astounded and totally amazed at Clinton’s abject lack of grace and magnanimity, as well as the disgraceful behind-the-scenes reports that her and her disgraced husband intend to do everything they can to disturb and disrupt Obama’s Whitehouse race – if he fails to concede to her demand for the VP roll.

This is nothing more than a de facto piece of outrage based on Clinton’s cold intent to damage Obama.

We must THANK GOD that this person did not win the race to lead the Democrats.

Posted by The Truth Is… | Report as abusive

In reply to RA:

You really must stop posting silly comments.

I find your latest one offensive, demeaning and ignorant.

Post something intelligent for a change.

Posted by The Truth Is… | Report as abusive

In REPLY top this:

‘Who cares. Obama will be toast in November. I am counting the days. No anti-American for me.’

– Posted by qster

Qster – just what exactly do you mean by ‘toast’?

You worry me – people like you are so troubled by your own negativity.

Are you suggesting anything BAD might happen???

Posted by The Truth Is… | Report as abusive

I voted for Bush–both times. I am no longer a Republican. I also encourage all to do your own investigation of the Clintons. You will be FRIGHTENED! Also, go to Youtube and type in “loose change.” Form your own opinions.

Posted by larry | Report as abusive

what the hell are you talking about????
Obama the Anti Christ?????? you Americans have condemned the whole world to 8 years of total chaos and disgrace caused by your TWICE elected Presidend Bush and you are insinuating that Obama is the Anti Christ ??? you just had it !!! if you want to come up with this utter non sense than you might as well relate this comment to Bush…. It was written all over his face that he was a total disgrace and huge danger for the peace of this planet , not only of your country, together with the other criminals still in power in other countries doing damage like him….
the only thing he could do all the time was to think how to start a war and attract more enemies….
give Obama a chance he looks and sounds much more intelligent honest authentic and seriously committed to peace than anyone else

Posted by anna | Report as abusive