What’s the story? Clinton? Obama?

June 4, 2008

Two conflicting ideas surfaced this morning about the top story in the world of Democratic presidential politics.

Was the first black man clinching a major political party’s presidential nomination, Barack Obama, the lead or rather was Hillary Clinton’s future after she came up short in the fight for the prize?

Most news outlets focused on Obama’s historic win, but it appeared to be little more than a footnote on the Web sites for cable television networks CNN and Fox News. Instead those networks focused on Clinton angle prominently.

Is the media obsessed with Clinton or is that story line coming to an end?


(Screenshots taken at approximately 11:45 a.m. ET, June 4, 2008)

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Obviously, it was clear to us all, that Sen. Obama would emerge as the Nr. 1. Hopefully, he would stick to his promise of change, which means that without Sen.Clinton who
belongs to the old established Washingtoners. Mr. Richardson could be the best Vice-Candidate to run on Mr. Obama´s ticket.

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Hillary deserves something spectaular. She’s don a great job. She has molded Obama and made him better able to face John McCain.
But, the VP spot should not go to her. She wants the presidency too bad and then there’s Bill….
No way would she ever be able to not tep all over Obama

Obama would spend half of his time managing the Clintons

No, there are others who would bring the party together.
Hillary should take a long break (a vacation) take a look at her marriage and then figure out what she wants to do with her life.

In the meantime, she should free up Obama to go after John McCain

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Now that Barack Obama has won the Democratic Nomination (), I have a sneaking suspicion that he will cement his chances of winning the Presidency by offering Hillary Clinton the VP ticket. Both of them have become much nicer to each other during the end-run and both are united in their resolve to snatch the Presidency from the Republicans.

That would be a win-win for Obama, Clinton and the Democrats.

Obama would immediately get the support of Hillary’s constituency of White middle-class, women and some cross-over democrats who might otherwise vote for McCain. Which would give him an iron-clad lock on mainstream Americans of all ethnic and racial types. With his huge popularity among Blacks this would be the tipping point for him to go within a striking distance of winning the Presidency in November.

Hillary for her part will still keep alive her dream of becoming President, especially if Obama stumbles in the Office during his first tenure (then she can be the sure bet for the 2012 election) or if Obama were to have a mis-hap while in the office just like JFK. Hillary as VP would be able to influence Obama towards her issues and may also make enough money (like Dick Cheney) to recover her own investments in her campaign. And she can’t refuse after promsing that she would do all she could to see a Democrat elected as President. She would be in the envious position of having advised 2 Presidents from close quarters.

The Democrats would have a better chance of beating McCain with the Obama-Clinton slate than with Obama-Someone else slate. If they blow the chance this year (after the disastrous Bush Presidency the Nation is crying out for change) then it is difficult to get such an ideal situation/opportunity to remove the Republican Incumbent. The Super Delegates then will not have to agonise over their decision of whether to support Obama or Hillary.

It would be a nice touch of cleverness for Obama. Having trumped Hillary in the Primaries – then to use her as his Trump Card for winning the Game.

And think of the History they would make and start- A Black and A Woman in the Presidential Team.

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On an historic evening when an African-American had just clinched the presidential nomination, his rival, Senator Hillary Clinton, gave a campaign speech. She offered some praise to Barack Obama for the strong campaign he had run, but carefully avoided the word. “won”.

During the day, expecting Obama’s victory, Clinton’s campaign had stepped on the celebration of this milestone with, among other things, her statement that she was open to being the candidate for vice president. This gave extra meaning to her demand that the 18 million (sic) Americans who had voted for her must be respected.

Hillary’s speech was before a few hundred donors and supporters in a basement gymnasium at New York’s Baruch College. (Didn’t Obama once tell us that the word Barack was a form of the word Baruch?) With no television monitors there, some in the audience certainly had not heard that Obama had just won the nomination. They surely would not get this news from her.

Terry McAuliffe introduced Clinton as the “next president” and her speech was a mixture of farewell thank yous to supporters and campaign workers and vows to keep standing up and fighting for her beliefs and the American people. The Senator again presented her case that she was the stronger candidate and argued that she had won the popular vote, a notion disputed by the Obama campaign. She said she would work for party unity, but she had already been including this in her stump speech. No congratulations to Obama, no endorsement, no concession.

And no graciousness.

homer www.altara.blogspot.com

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I am disgusted at the intellectual and moral dishonesty allowed to pass as the ‘Clinton’ campaign continues …. Most repugnant is the unchallenged claim to having won the ‘popular’ vote with the use of funny math (A LIE) … She actually did not win on any field of measured metrics of compettion …. she was defeated by the votes and aspirations of those who felt otherwise …. by the millions.

I also would like to note for the record the great mistake that will eventually be recognized either soon …. or upon any future day when the Clinton name is mentioned …. Namely that 18 Million people DID NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY —- Those people too are deserving RESPECT and if Hillary supporters and pundits think that only a large portion of the over 50 female demographics are p’d off …. well then they should take note that there are millions and millions of “OTHERS” who have some claim to wanting a candidate of their chosing — AND MANY ARE VERY ANGRY AT HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON!

She had no grace … nor does she have any idea of the higher ideal that Barack Obama has presented to the nation … and she has most assuredly by her destruction of his historical moment last night assured herself a legacy that will have so a large ‘black’ mark upon it that she goes into “The Dustbin of History” as an unexceptionally narrow minded and cloying personality …

— Posted by Barrie O. Ward The Canadian Geezer

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Let get HIlary back ASAP

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If Oboma does not chose Clinton as VP, then I think he is too arrogant and full of himself to be President, rather considering the Dem. party .I would not vote.

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It seems to me that the nomanies are well matched and the race is too close to call this early. The deciding factor will most likely be their choice of running mates. If Obama bows to the pressure and puts Clinton on the ticket with him, she may prove to be a bigger albatross than Macain’s ties to Bush.

Personally, I will vote for Obama and anyone but “Hillary,” but if she is on the ticket It’s Macain all the way.

Uncle Dave

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Obama will be making a huge mistake if he puts Clinton on ticket. He represents change. She represents everything undesirable in the old order. People need to see him as strong and as top dog on the ticket. She will upsage him every chance she gets. And she carries too many negatives with her including all of the baggage from the her husband’s administration. Better he choose someone like Bill Richardson or Jim Webb.

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It’ll be interesting to see what Clinton does now to generate news stories. Up to this point she’s been using primary campaigns to address the democratic leadership and the larger electorate.
From here on all she can do is threaten, in more-or-less veiled terms, to take her supporters and go. There are limits to the number of times you can do this before the media gets tired of you. Newsworthiness is all about uncertainty, and the pros and cons of having Hillary as the VIP candidate are well-known.
In a few news cycles of cut and thrust between McCain and Obama, Clinton will be out of the limelight. Time is on Obama’s side: in order to stay newsworthy, Clinton’s only option is to go increasingly negative. If Obama can outlast the initial pressure to accept Clinton on his ticket, it will become increasingly easy to choose someone else. Clinton must either fade away or flame out dramatically.

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Hillary Clinton is STUNNING!!!

You have just witnessed the greatest political campaign fight in American history. One for the textbooks, and the history books. Hillary Clinton fought her heart out against all odds to win for all of the American people . While at the same time doing her best to prepare Sen. Barack Obama to win in November if he was the nominee. STUNNING!!! WELL DONE HILLARY CLINTON. WELL DONE! Your AMAZING! :-)

Sen. Obama could not have had a better opponent than Hillary Clinton. Nor could he have had a better opponent to prepare him for the battle royal to come against John McCain and the Republicans ahead of the November elections. Hillary Clinton was like a big Mama cat determined to teach her kitten how to hunt, and hang with the big dogs for the fights ahead.

And how about Bill Clinton, Chelsea, and th whole Clinton team. They were magnificent. They really showed their metal. BRAVO! TEAM CLINTON… BRAVO!

And how about YOU! my fellow Americans. I’m so proud of you. And proud to be one of you. You showed what you are made of. And what makes America so great. You never gave up on your Champion Hillary Clinton. Time, and time again you eagerly waited your turn to vote for Hillary Clinton. To pick her up and pass her along down the line to the rest of your fellow Americans.

You never gave up on her. Just as Hillary Clinton never gave up on you. No matter how many times they counted her out. No matter how many times they brutally knocked her down. You knew she would get back up. And you were ready to support her when she did. AMERICA LOVES A FIGHTER. AMERICA UNDERSTANDS A FIGHTER. AMERICA IS A FIGHTER. I’M PROUD OF YOU AMERICA!

Hillary said she would accept the VP spot on the ticket if ask. And I am thrilled to hear that. I think it would be crazy not to take her up on that offer. You could not have a better VP than Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is Sen. Obama’s best chance of winning the Whitehouse in November. And it is essential that the democrats take back the Whitehouse.

The American people are in a very desperate condition now. George Bush has wrecked America, and much of the world.



jacksmith… Working Class :-)

p.s. I really liked Sen. Barack Obama’s speech in Minnesota. I think he just maybe ready now for the Bush Republican attack machine, dirty tricks, and vote fraud machine. :-)

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Hillary is the only person strong enough and with enough power to beat McCain and she can do it without Obama. That said, I think she should be the #1 on the ticket w/Obama as VP. Obama is too green and to day has not even done one thing in the Senate in a cooperative way with the Republicans; Hillary has a long record of bipartisan efforts and cooperation and though the GOP may not like her, they do respect her, but they do not respect Obama. Obama said he was against the war, but was out campaigning for Leiberman who was/is a main supporter of the war and occupation of Iraq, and was running against Ned Lamont who is a true anti-war candidate who would end the war. He’s voted last week to fund the war including the $165 Billion to continue the war in Iraq until the next Admin. At the time of Rice’s confirmation as Secty. of State, Obama gave only adulation to Rice who was a main proponent supporting the war–56 fraudulent statements out of 925 verifiable false statements and he supported her and gave her a pass as he lauded her for her leadership. Now Obama has Axelrod as a top campaign advisors is a former employee of Exelon (largest nuclear power plant in Illinois–leaked triloium a radio active substance into the ground water without public disclosure) and he’s taken over $200+ campain dollars from the CEO of Exelon and he (Obama) is an proponent of nuclear power as well. Rezko who is a slum lord who has been indicted for his crimes sold Obama his home for $300K below market value and months later bought the adjoining land below market value as well. What more do you need to know that Hillary IS the best person–as it takes a woman to really clean HOUSE! Look this all up for yourselves and stop blindly taking the Obama Kool-aid.

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“Hillary deserves something spectacular”—maybe so, but the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution’s “cruel and unusual” clause probably bars deliver of what that is.

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I am a committed democrat. I worked for and voted for in order of appearance.. Al Gore in 92 and 2000. Bill in 96 and John in 2004. I liked Hillary going in to February of this year. BUT. after the campaign she has run, I will never vote to put another Clinton back in office. ANYOFFICE. Dog catch is to high. As much as I believe Senator Obama will do amazing things for this country, I could never bring myself to vote for a Obama/Clinton ticket. Granted, I am not a white female over 60 who has a selfish ambition to see a woman elected president, and damn the country to hell, but I do have a family with young children whom I want to have a good future, with out bimbo eruptions, sniper fire, and racism.

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I won’t vote for Obama without Clinton. I’d rather have someone with experience than Obama.

Posted by S P King | Report as abusive

It’s a simple choice of his story or history.

Posted by E.R. Juppin-Davies | Report as abusive

How can some Obama supporters claim to believe in his vision of change when they spout the same hate filled words of former Bush supporters. How is this country going to change and be united when Obama supporters, on this blog and elsewhere, continue to be so hate filled about his opponent?

If Obama is to change the country, YOU must change. Every one of you who has entered “I hate Hillary” and a variation on that theme cannot pretend to embrace a change in this country. It will not come until YOU change.

Why should any Clinton supporter vote for your guy in November? And if you say ‘good riddance’, then Obama doesn’t win. Is that what you want? Some sort of ridiculous pyrrhic victory where you look down on 18 million voters, ridicule their sex and their age, and then claim to embrace a different kind of America? Because if so, you aren’t part of it. You are part of the problem. And change won’t come. And that will be a shame for all of us.

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Suppose for a moment that we suspend the notion that the “party” is an inviolate component of the process. Suppose former Republican Clinton took her 18 million fans over to John McCain and cut a compromise deal on the platform, and ran as his VP? Thats the kind of CHANGE that they have both been talking about. She gets a heavy hand on the agenda. He gets the first 4 years and she gets the next 8. What say?

Posted by V. C. Maine | Report as abusive

Hillary doesn’t need to be on Obama’s ticket. But he desperately needs her. Pelosi needs her. Reid needs her. No one needs Dean. Please leave her alone,you, Obama followers. If you don’t win the General Election,there will be a big revolution in the DNC. Victory is sweet when it is earned, otherwise it is just an illusion.

Posted by Rico | Report as abusive

Mrs clinton has left the democratic party vunerable with her presence and with her abscense.

The damage has been done, Toss a coin.

By threatening and defying to go to the convention or to go independent does shows the way she will want to control the american goverment.

She already is controlling the media by not allowing the closed room conversation.

we are giving her to much power to anger us by allowing her to form her theather. People from “above” needs to sit her in the right corner, where she belongs, and do not give her too much credit to her “cuteness”.

The Lion that eats human meat pass that to the cubs.

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Hilary Clinton represents our political tradition at it’s most malignant. Last night, Obama’s speech was based on the ‘audacity of hope’, while Senator Clinton’s was about the ‘tenaciousness of narcissism’. That he has quietly deflected her attempts to draw him in to that miasma, speaks volumes about the fundamental change he represents for our country and the world. I did not realize until this morning when I began to read accounts of the election from around the world, how many billions of people have been watching this contest and hoping for this outcome. Yes, our media must of necessity cover the ugly details of the campaign, but the weight of world opinion and empathy for this historic election bodes well for the future of our planet.

Posted by ted in pdx | Report as abusive

god bless bush and his ideals. long live mcain. down with hillary and obama – what a disaster. we thought bush did a terrible job, can you imagine either one of these two?

Posted by nomis123 | Report as abusive

Well said Danby, people need to grow up and start realizing that THEY ARE THE REASON that the party is split. Whether they like it or not you cannot ignore 18 million people WHO DID VOTE for Hillary neither can Obama.

If these so called followers continue with this rhetoric they are going to drive those millions right into the hands of McCain. And each and everyone deserves exactly what they get in the coming years.

Many of Obama’s groupies are too young and inexperienced in the political world and the way it works. By continuing this nonsense you are going to drive away more and more of the constitutents he needs to beat McCain in the fall.

Chill out, and let Obama and the party do their thing and you will see it will all come together. We need to work together from this point on and stop picking on one candidate or the other rise to make that CHANGE possible.

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Personally, I think that Mr. Obama is the big news. Mrs. Clinton will of necessity fade into the background…albeit kicking and screaming apparently.

This must be a “girl” thing.

I don’t know if this is also a “girl” thing or not. However, didn’t Mrs. Clinton ask her supporters (and by extension) the television viewing audience (and by extension of that) the 225,000,000 eligible voters in America (and by extension of that) the roughly half that number who vote…didn’t she ask the following question (in a tone of voice that indicated we are all assumed by her to be as interested in the answer as much as she is):

“…what does Hillary want?”

To me that was downright self-serving. Also, she was assuming an awful lot about me personally, as a member of the voting electorate.

Perhaps she was caught up in the moment. However, I think that she knows exactly what she is saying every time she opens her mouth.

Wouldn’t it have been less arrogant to ask, “…what do those who support me want?” Of course, that happened to be the later theme in her remarks…but too late for the initial arrogance.

I noticed that Mr. Obama wasn’t dancing around the stage with Mrs. Obama, like Hillary Clinton and Tipper Gore once did during the early 1990’s…as if they were a bunch of teenagers celebrating a high school event of some sort…instead of the clinching by their husbands of the democrat nomination for president and vice president of the United States.

Mr. Obama wasn’t smiling when he “announced”. Unlike the Hillarys and Tippers of yore, Barack Obama takes his new role very, very seriously. I think he knows perfectly well what is at stake here.

Perhaps this is a “guy” thing.


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